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  1. Trademark: 1793848 Initially lodged in September 2016 but looking to be approved by March 2018 (shortly). What does this mean? Could this prevent the fans/ club from Fair-use? Is this legally correct for the governing body to protect our fans IP, from improper-use, abroad or locally? https://search.ipaustralia.gov.au/trademarks/mobile/view/1793848?q=1793848
  2. From what I gather, it's a Nike thing. Melbourne city has no women's Nike jersey either.
  3. Just at Nike Birkenhead point, yesterday: Mens - polos womens - polos - tracksuit pants kids - home and away jerseys
  4. Interesting conversation about the WDYSF after wins. I feel that there is a lot of heart and determination to win from most, if not all of the players. I'm really excited about this year.
  5. Oh my god. It's the first match for crying out loud. And people are already calling for heads to roll and money back.
  6. Even after all this time, the GWS joke that the AFL made a few years ago doesn't get old Thanks AFL for cheering us all up in our off-season. 😄🔴⚫
  7. I sent merchandise an email this morning after they replied to you.. I haven't received a response..Typical. I just received a reply from WSW RE: The Jackets Hi (pseudo), The jackets will be released Monday morning 9am online at www.wanderersshop.com.au. Hope this helps. Kind Regards Not sure if their word can be trusted, I bet there will be another delay. Haha, this is WSW club standard. I hate it when I'm right, it's past 9am and still no sign of new merchandise on the website. FAARK, the club should get their act together. There are always delays and issues with t
  8. Btw, this season's barca Jersey proves that no Club regardless of how big you are is immune from kit suppliers getting what they want. We can't really say that Nike doesn't give a **** about us when they don't even give a **** about their biggest Club team.
  9. Thank you Shaun. Always going above and beyond.
  10. Pablo & da boyz are in da hood Wiziwig is good for the pohang game kicking off now, Hopefully it's good for the wsw game
  11. Sobkowski

    Merchandise S3

    The players had n98's on for the jersey reveal. Watch the video. Black with red trim Btw, Id love to know when the white large text WSW t-shirt is going on sale !!
  12. No date as yet, assume it will be through ticketmaster. Wonder if they will release all tickets for every round like they did last year. Cheers
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