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  1. Article also mentions Lopar going back to Switzerland for personal reasons
  2. How does it work with current season and transfers? Are we in a window? Or can they only play from next season unless it's an injury replacement?
  3. With the shift in season dates as well, doubt any of the Americans will be available to come here now
  4. Cox cleared to leave quarantine tomorrow. So we're just waiting on Schwegler to arrive now
  5. He was in Sydney last week so you'd have to think a personal emergency came up for him to fly back to Switzerland
  6. He's not contracted for next season though
  7. So salary cap to be halved then? Interesting to see what this does to teams that have already re-signed most of their players for next season
  8. Just came here to post the same thing "The club has offered an extension to October 5 but the former Socceroo reportedly wants a one year deal " An injury replacement may not be enough to get him here since it'd be basically the same as staying there till October. And I doubt we can offer a longer deal with Lopar returning next season and Vedran still on books
  9. I swear JP did a double take when asked on status of Raddy. Probably forgot who he was for a second
  10. Didn't we get an injury replacement for Suman recently too?
  11. Rumours were 1+1 based on amount of games played
  12. Great news, so looking like we'll have everyone available.
  13. Cox was on a plane to Sydney 9hrs ago according to his instagram.
  14. Cox was on a plane to Sydney 9hrs ago according to his instagram.
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