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  1. You could set your clock to something **** happening in a derby
  2. Ziegler out would be a massive blow...
  3. I hope we're talking to AB10 regarding an extension, other clubs will surely be approaching him in Jan
  4. Mitchell Duke was released by S-Pulse. Seemed to have been playing as a left winger for them but very few goals/assists. He was decent back when he was at the Mariners playing up front
  5. If Babbel can get some players off our hands in Jan I would be happy with bringing in Brattan and Fornoroli
  6. wswnick

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    We're gonna win the league
  7. In!!! Finally a "home" game 4-1, Riera hat trick
  8. Pfft, Popa was lucky to get 1 pt against the worst team in the league
  9. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/stats-preview-citys-peculiar-hoodoo-muscats-golden-run
  10. "Wanderers' duo Alex Baumjohann and Oriol Riera have been enjoying a league-topping connection through the first three rounds, with the German teeing up the Spaniard for six scoring opportunities." When the ball starts ending up at the back of the net it could be a very fun season...
  11. He's not fully training yet and is expected to be back for the round 5 match against Newcastle in 2 weeks.