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  1. I hope we get Faghani again. Want to see him telling Baumjohann to get off the floor every time he crumbles at the slightest touch.
  2. Arrives Friday morning. Won't be involved in derby
  3. He's coming here with his family so may slow down his ability to arrive in time to play in the derby but Babbel is hoping he'll at the very least be in the stadium to watch the team play
  4. 🎶 This is the best trip I've ever been on 🎶
  5. Landed in Melbourne. Just passed Marvel Stadium, hopefully a good game tonight!
  6. Georgievski has travelled to Melbourne so reports of him being injured were probably incorrect
  7. Hoogland out for Victory along with Kruse I believe so at least we're not the only ones running a hospital ward
  8. If Babbel doesn't work out in a coaching capacity we should keep him around for recruitment :p
  9. God, I'd hope we didn't play him right after a 24hr flight. We can wait a week.
  10. The Kamau and Elrich injuries may change that
  11. Could be an option with Kamau out... Meier Yeboah Duke Muller Schwegler Baccus Georgievski Jurman Tass Russell
  12. Apparently we tried to get him earlier in the off-season. Sounds like the time that has passed since then made it easier to convince Frankfurt to release him for free.
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