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  1. Don't worry guys, we'll have Georgievski
  2. Majok signed with Mariners on 2 year deal according to goal.com
  3. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/english-championship-clubs-preparing-to-swoop-for-sydney-fc-star-20190418-p51fdq.html "The Hairdryer understands centre back Tass Mourdoukoutas and goalkeeper Nicholas Suman have attracted the interest of clubs in The Netherlands and Belgium eager to sign them at the end of the season."
  4. This game has no relevance on anyone that still has a chance to win anything. Let the kids play and give them a taste of senior football (assuming the Mariners present a senior challenge)
  5. The person who tweeted it said that it's someone he thought would have got an extension, so it's someone off contract.
  6. And which of our players is he taking home with him to his daughters as promised by him in midseason? 😂
  7. Part of me hopes he'll be chatting to some players while in Germany
  8. Vedran also apparently told he can pursue other opportunities
  9. Wanderers coach Markus Babbel plans to rebuild underperforming squad With his first season in Australian football all over bar the shouting, Wanderers boss Markus Babbel is preparing for a significant turnover of players as he bids to fashion a winning team for next year. Babbel revealed that the futures of more players than the dozen or so off contract are under review, in the wake of missing the finals for the second season in a row. Western Sydney have two more games to navigate, more or less assured of finishing eighth, before the squad disperses for its holidays. Babbel said he intend to hold talks with players over their futures in coming days, before returning to Germany for a vacation himself. Though the clear out will allow Babbel to reshape the squad in his own image, he admitted that the limitations imposed by the salary cap and foreign limits were a unique challenge. “Of course we have to start now, but it takes a time to get together with players,” he said. “We have ideas (about recruitment), now we have to find out if they are possible. “It is not so easy with five foreigners, two marquee players, only 23 players. It's a great challenge for us to find the right players. “We have to, because no one is happy in the club. This is the second season without the play-offs, and next season we want to.” Quite how extensive his squad surgery will be even Babbel himself is not yet certain, as he waits to see which players elect to leave even when they are under contract. “It is difficult for me now to say something,” Babbel noted. “Not because I don't want to but maybe some players have a contract but I am not so happy with them. “I must ask, is he leaving or not? That could make a gap to give the money to someone else. This is a very interesting story for us, we are working and I am pretty sure we will have a good team next season to fight for the playoffs.”
  10. https://www.goal.com/en/news/my-last-derby-riera-reveals-wanderers-exit-looming/kf9znfhgwfy012dj11ge0aigt “I want to score but above all, I want to win the derby after three years - I want to win my last derby,” Riera told Football Nation Radio on Thursday. “My contract finishes at the end of the season and to make a decision the club has to give me an option. “It’s part of the business of football, I can’t make any decisions unless I have an offer. “I’m not waiting, in football you can’t expect anything, I’m not 20 and sometimes if you don’t receive an offer it’s because the club doesn’t want you or is looking for another option, that’s just part of the business. “You have to move and go, I had offers from Spain in January and maybe they think I will move I’m not sure.”