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  1. After finishing wooden spooners the least Victory could do was save their members $15
  2. Victory and Perth started their preseason last week
  3. Season ended more than 6 weeks ago for us and we're still announcing departures...
  4. Surely 400k/season would have had other clubs in the race to sign him as well.
  5. Yup, unless there's some really exceptional youth elsewhere, the pathway should be through our academy otherwise what's the point.
  6. Good news for us then since it could suggest the Tony Sage conversation is fake
  7. This is the 21yo winger/striker being referred to by Tony Sage in the leaked conversation about Ikon
  8. Donachie signed with SFC so there's another Aussie CB not available
  9. So you're saying we're still a chance for Ruka?
  10. Are there actually any decent Aussie CB's available? Think we'll be looking at visa's for this position
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