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  1. Lopar was out of quarantine before Cox and Ziegler which is why I've found it really odd he hasn't played in any friendlies yet. October 29th to be exact. Janjetovic had surgery on his shoulder again around the time preseason started so he'll be out for a while longer.
  2. Why is Lopar not playing in any of the friendlies yet?
  3. Dorrans doesn't arrive till December and still has quarantine to do
  4. 1 goal and 9 assists in 44 games (35 starts, 9 bench) for us, so a contribution every ~5 games... How much you can put that on being played at wingback, I'm not sure
  5. He has the talent but has always been hindered by injury which definitely does not help with consistency. If we can actually keep him fit for an entire season we may actually see the best of him.
  6. Official now. We're signing quite a few kids...
  7. Takeru Okada doesn't hold Australian citizenship right? Looks like he's only been here a couple of years. More proof we have a spare visa slot?
  8. Robinson trying to work out which of the kids will be good enough for the first team
  9. Does this suggest Ziegler does have citizenship now or did we try this before getting Dorrans?
  10. https://talksport.com/football/787803/arsenal-jack-wilshere-tottenham-revelation/amp/?__twitter_impression=true "[There is an] interesting story coming out of Australia this morning, my contacts over there tell me he’s had an approach from Western Sydney Wanderers. “They’re a big club over there by all accounts, rich with cash. They’re managed by former Wales and Portsmouth player Carl Robinson. “They do have salary cap regulations there, but Jack Wilshere would have bypassed them, he would be classed as a marquee player. “He’s turned down that move and it’s my understanding that MLS is his preferred destination.”
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