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  1. Seems to still be applying on my price since I got a 10% discount on last years price. Would have been no change in price if they removed the foundation discount.
  2. My red foundation membership last year was $415 ($50 deposit then $365 balance). It's $370 next season which is ~10% cheaper.
  3. Membership email has come through. Auto-renews on 1st October and club are discounting costs by 10%. Would rather they took full price and paid the players....
  4. I think they meant instead of standing players down until agreement is reached. All clubs will have to adhere to new agreement once it's in place.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised if Lopar doesn't return on the back of the pay cuts news.
  6. Wanderers medal night tomorrow so expect the cull announcement on Friday
  7. Johnson confirmed season start to be delayed to early 2021, pending discussions with Fox Sports on new start date. https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/johnson-lauds-a-league-season-completion-552632?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=insidesport_autopost Probably will hear about exits this week with quite a few of the other clubs already having announced departures the last couple of days. Don't expect to hear anything regarding re-signings or new signings until FFA and PFA sort out new salary cap...
  8. Number of contracts expire today and club have been super quiet on any re-signings besides Jurman
  9. Did the club even confirm he had left?
  10. wswnick

    Perth Glory

    Franjic gone too
  11. Lederer finally opens his wallet and the club goes bankrupt.
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