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  1. So final visa likely to be a striker until Ziegler has his citizenship I assume. Then potentially another CB or RB visa to complete the strengthening at the back
  2. That just looks like something that happened last season. Previous seasons he's almost always been AM. 127 games at AM, 33 at CM and 32 at LW. 18 of those LW games were last season.
  3. Oh, is it the Kopczyński guy who was on loan to Phoenix last season?
  4. Milos Krasic or André Martins?
  5. It's a nothing story. Every player says yes when asked if they'd like to go overseas again
  6. These aren't new rules. They've just modified the exemption to be unlimited now (was 200k before). As FCB has said, we've never had a player that could fit it. Hamill and Sotirio would have been able to if we had kept them this season.
  7. Jedinak just for his penalty and free kick abilities
  8. Macarthur can't sign anyone till Jan 2020 so not sure how they're even in the mix
  9. Our continuous turnover has put us at a huge disadvantage
  10. Ah right, forgot there's a 23yo age restriction on homegrown players rule
  11. So do these changes mean Baccus is not included in salary cap whatsoever as long as he remains with us? That's pretty huge
  12. If they got him on a 3yr deal within cap as both SBS and SMH have said then that's a pretty good deal for them...