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  1. Let's make it official then!
  2. Not quite. Have to be a free agent during a transfer window to be signed by a club outside a window
  3. Yeh, just not sure how transfer rules apply there...
  4. Or Ziegler done for season
  5. Can play CB and CDM, I would not be surprised if this mutual termination is related to a call from Babbel...
  6. Worth a look? He's a west Sydney boy
  7. A-League schedule doesn't get sorted/announced till May/June so we won't be listed for a while still
  8. Baby Baccus signed a 3yr deal!
  9. If Roly had spent his previous time at an Aussie club so he could have had citizenship by now he'd prob be worth keeping, but as a visa.. no thanks.
  10. It was an ankle injury from memory
  11. Gatty also saying Mileusnic is heading our way next season
  12. Risdon off to West Melbourne according to Gatty