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  1. Just waiting for a match fixing scandal involving the refs to be uncovered and investigations revealing that none of the Wanderers matches were compromised
  2. 5 game ultimatum which he got a 3/1/1 record during?
  3. Bozza said he was going to talk to his bosses to see if he could get a single camera put on the goal lines
  4. It wasn't over the line. Lopar is the line. Has to pass him completely to count.
  5. I really hope Schwegler is in. Midfield battle will be key to winning. That and Lopar being a beast again.
  6. Keeper of the week for the 4th week running
  7. Western United may cause some damage if we don't organise ourselves
  8. Home team is usually on the left side of the score 😛
  9. i really hope we gave Lopar and Schwegler 1+1 deals like Majewski. And we need to give Duke an extension pronto
  10. I thought he did say even though it looks like it crossed the line from above it's nowhere near over the line.
  11. I was centre line and they were only louder a couple of times
  12. If you're replying to me, I'm not Nova hehe
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