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  1. wswnick

    Kerem Bulut

    While on bail for common assault and larceny...
  2. Hard to believe someone would do that and then forget they do that
  3. 7 games now without conceding a goal from open play
  4. Robinson reckons he'll need 2 weeks to get up to speed
  5. Apparently a few other players have picked up some niggles during the week that haven't been reflected in the ins and outs.
  6. These preps will happen regardless of Olympics going ahead.
  7. Maybe even Margush if his form keeps up (he's 23)
  8. Olyroos preparations scheduled for 22nd to 30th March (coincides with A-League regular season) and 25th May to 15th June (coincides with A-League regular season and finals). Currently we don't have a WSW match during the first window. We have 1 match scheduled in second window against Wellington, and any finals game we may be part of.
  9. He was good against us and has since conceded 7 in 4 games...
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