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  1. Have Bulut and Wesley ever been seen in the same room together?
  2. We reached 100 pages and the club made 5? new signings
  3. Can consider it once Ziegler's papers are through, hopefully this decade
  4. Transfer windows don't matter if we're only signing free agents
  5. So, is it Jedinak, Sainsbury, Meredith, someone else?
  6. I could see Popa beating us to him. They're currently down 3 CB's and have some spare cash with Keogh off their books
  7. wswnick

    Aaron Mooy

    Mooy likely wanted to stay in the PL and less likely to renew his contract with Huddersfield (he had 1 year left on contract) if a PL club could get him on a free next season. This way Huddersfield are able to retain him and if they're promoted again he can play for them next season, or decide to loan/sell him if they're not.
  8. Was confirmed earlier today. 28th Aug 7:30pm at Campbelltown
  9. It's been 5 days since that interview was published and we have no clue how far progressed they already were
  10. Perfect, was pretty much the only night I could actually make it haha
  11. Yeah, I've got no issues with the announcements of scholarship signings. I just wanted our new #9 to be announced!
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