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  1. JP is only caretaker. Can't get much worse than now.
  2. Cox got given #10. Raddy won't be happy
  3. Should have done triple sessions in preseason
  4. Working on Optus 4G again. Not sure what they're doing on their end
  5. Jan window is still open for another 2 weeks. We're likely to try release Vedran as well (to Macarthur?).
  6. Looks underwhelming? Also, not an AM. Sigh
  7. Bossi alert! https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/wanderers-dig-heels-in-over-baccus-rejecting-transfer-to-danish-club-20200116-p53s5h.html Western Sydney could be forced to deal with a wantaway player as rising star Keanu Baccus agitates for a move overseas despite the club rejecting a third offer from Danish club Aarhus. The Australian players' union is involved in the transfer impasse of Baccus who is seeking a move despite the Wanderers refusing to enter negotiations over the highly-rated youngster. Sources close to the negotiations suggest the Wanderers rejected an offer from Aarhus this week valued at $350,000 and would not entertain selling the player in the January transfer window. The Wanderers are eager to retain hisservices but are also holding out for a significantly larger transfer fee for Baccus, whom they value at close to $1 million. The Wanderers declined when contacted by the Herald on Thursday. That stance appears to have unsettled Baccus, with sources close to the player suggesting he is unhappy at being denied a move to a European club likely to provide him with regular first-team football. A PFA spokesman confirmed the organisation's involvement but would not comment on Baccus' matter. The PFA often plays a role in transfers of Australian players. The youngster is regarded as one of the brightest talents produced by the Wanderers' academy and is one of the few to become a regular starter in their A-League squad. Baccus has made 52 appearances for Western Sydney in the league, scoring four goals. Aarhus sporting director Peter Christiansen travelled to Sydney in mid-December to gain a closer inspection on Baccus before submitting a transfer offer to the Wanderers. That initial offer was in the vicinity of $250,000 including potential on-sell clauses and was immediately rejected by the Wanderers, who refused to entertain a second increased offer. Baccus has been in camp with two of Aarhus' Australian players throughout his transfer saga with Zach Duncan and Alex Gersbach part of the Olyroos squad at the the Asian Under-23 Championships in Thailand. Aarhus has been a popular destination for Australian players with Socceroo Mustafa Amini having spent the past four seasons with the club, making 119 appearances. The club is sitting third on the table of the Danish Superliga and on the path towards reaching the championship round and qualifying for European competition.
  8. We better replace him properly and get an AM. Not saying it'll solve all our problems, but it'll patch up that massive gap we have in the middle of the park and actually let us realise Muller potential on the wing.
  9. Victory are set to look at a local coach, so may take away a potential future coach for us
  10. Marco Kurz may be available by end of the day...
  11. Corey Brown has Wilmering injury replacement written all over him...
  12. This started happening again on my Optus 4G today
  13. Meier was unfortunately a failed risk that came from desperation after all other strikers we attempted to grab fell through and season had begun. Babbel tried to get someone that was too good for the league and flew too close to the sun.
  14. Hopefully this means they're not going for Lopar
  15. Waiting till we're out of reach would be the worst time to let him go. We need a plan put in effect now while finals are still possible.
  16. Exactly right. And it won't be an easy feat to replace him within the cap as well, so makes sense to seek more compensation.
  17. Losing Lopar and Schwegler to them would be disastrous. They're the 2 visas we'd want to build a team around with or without Babbel.
  18. Can't be sure. I assume he just wasn't given a deal so chose to say he wanted to go back to Spain. He seemed to enjoy living here.
  19. Will be surprised if he's not gone by the next match... Honestly, this is likely the best time to do it with the Jan window opening and still with a chance to make the top 6. Just not sure who we'd look at getting and if it can happen quickly enough. I'd opt for someone local if possible that actually understands the league.
  20. Rojas is a visa spot we don't have and not really the answer to our problems right now
  21. Camp starts 31st Dec. We're also missing Schwegler due to 5 yellows
  22. Baccus and Tass selected for u23 tournament. First match is a friendly on 3rd Jan. Not sure when they have to fly out but we're currently going to be without Schwegler on 1st Jan due to suspension so will get interesting if Baccus/Tass are gone for that match too... Sullivan and Grozos midfield? Edit: camp starts 31st December so unless our players get to leave late we won't be seeing then again till end of Jan
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