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  1. If we are going for Danny Graham then the news being broken is probably the worst result for us.
  2. At least this semi-confirms we're looking at contracted players. Gives some hope we can still nab some quality as the free agents list was drying up
  3. Does the payout count to our cap for the season?
  4. Looks like their keeper kept them in it. Yeboah with a fair few chances
  5. Match reports sounded like we were dominant, just couldn't finish some good chances. That plus the fact we were playing a somewhat rested side, I wouldn't panic.
  6. It's been no secret that Babbel has been after a quality #9 all preseason. Doubt he gives up now. Our depth in attack isn't great especially if we have any further injuries
  7. Average still puts us at 21 pages per signing
  8. My comment was tongue in cheek haha. Won't be surprised if we try to offload Vedran in Jan and Nizic's contract runs off this season.
  9. So all focus is on a striker now. Options are limited unless we're planning for someone to leave their current club
  10. 1 year deal? Thought we'd give him at least 2 unless it was his preference to only do 1
  11. Have we ever announced a signing on a Saturday?
  12. So what you're saying is, striker by page 140?
  13. There will definitely be a signing as we've past 120 pages. It's the law of averages.
  14. We haven't signed anyone but we all have a new found appreciation for flight stalking
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