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  1. Hey guys, Looking for 2 active tickets to tomorrow night. Legitimately thought I'd bought them earlier in the year but apparently not. PM me! Thanks
  2. Nevermind Lookers, sorry thought Bay 4 was an RBB bay. I'm aware you could still get RBB tickets but thought I'd give preference to helping you out.
  3. Might take you up on that Lookers! I'll let you know
  4. PhoenixK

    Martin Lo

    I don't own this page but I will peddle it https://www.facebook.com/MartinLo.tseg?fref=ts
  5. Tears; I was actually crying last night. I felt dizzy and my head hurt. I have never been happier of any sporting-related anything, ever.
  6. I thought Poljak had a pretty good, though understated game. Did everything he needed to and had a decent shot on goal. Freaked me out when he lept into that tackle though - how he didn't get at least a talking to I'll never know.
  7. Don't worry, it'll all be air conditioned. People will only die on the way to the ground. And while they're being constructed.
  8. ROMEO effing CASTELEN????!1!!11oneEFFING11one! Sheesh... Non believers amongst our midst. Off with their heads. BTW his name is pronounced Row-Mayo Sorry, I should've been clearer, I meant NO MORE big names... My bad ):
  9. Haha, was only having a laugh seeing as how everyone had joked about signing him as our marquee.
  10. that was depressing.. what's happened to everyone?
  11. PhoenixK

    Vitor Saba

    Haha love that he signed the poster!
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