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  1. I thought the Generals were due! He's spinning the ball on his finger! TAKE IT!
  2. I remember when a friend was in the UK or US at the time the episode revealing the who did it was on. She came back to Aus and held the secret from me for weeks or months until the episode aired here and blurted out Maggies name seconds before the show did. I look back at it and think how bizarre that it could be kept a secret for that long and how nowadays we would know instantly. Mind you i was 10-11 at the time too. Ahh simpler times.
  3. My local EB has them in stock maybe twice a month? Perhaps not the Series X tho. Also, since my last post about FM20, I've pumped over 200 hours into it. After leading WSW to 2 FFA cups, 2 titles in 3 seasons, it wasn't enough to get any interest from any notable English Championship sides or US sides - I also learned that I had to load other leagues as part of my game to have any sort of visibility to and of them. After a dozen failed interviews I landed on a role at Salford. Now just to keep them in the top half of the league.
  4. HA! Someone dig up the thread which was the playoff of the worst players. Good times... sort of.
  5. Signed Jordon Mutch
  6. teddies

    Jordon Mutch

    Has decided to not re-sign. Thanks, Jordon.
  7. teddies

    Dylan McGowan

    Signed with Kilmarnock on 2 year deal. All the best.
  8. I downloaded the FM phone app on my android and its a much better UI thats for sure. Apparently some of the features are lacking between the PC and Android version, but nothing sticks out as yet. At least I can gather by the warmth of my phone on these cold winter nights.
  9. Also, which football manager game is the better one? Top Eleven? Football Manager? Edit: I noticed top eleven is free and has in app processes.
  10. is this PC? or mobile? I hate the UI interface on Pc.. looking for a phone friendly version because my laptop is a bohemoth
  11. Also, Duke being a royal title, Sha Nen could also just be setting us up for disappointment.
  12. teddies


    I've tried the Australia's Own brand "Like Milk" milk from Coles. Its made from pea protein and tastes like soy milk, and I don't mind soy milk in general depending on the brand.
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