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  1. Announcement: Release of restricted view seating named '2014 Club' to pay homage to the victorious AFC championship in our 3rd year of existence.1/3 of the view, 3x the cost, but you get a cool* hat. *open to interpretation
  2. Can I also add that my abuse was more like witty banter. I never got personal and threatened to sue or kill anyone. lol
  3. I give credit to all you guys (girls included) out there in the local leagues running around with whistles in your mouths. You get unwarranted abuse regardless of whether it's related to your call or the game in general. The abusers are like real life keyboard warriors. Like, half of the things coming out of their mouths you wouldn't say to anyone outside of the pitch, right (maybe those who have road rage? and I also get the feeling that hurling abuse is now seen as part and parcel of being a spectator? (not all spectators). anyway, all the power to you. You all deserve a lot more match fee and a lot more respect. Yours truly, former abuse hurler. Teddies
  4. depends on the relationship.. if it were me and my FIL I'd play against him in a heart beat, damn it, I'd manage against him. Hand out WSW merch to the nephews and nieces and everything. EDIT: btw, I have a healthy relationship with my father in law, I love stirring.
  5. Great! Exactly what I want to hear!
  6. What were peoples thoughts on Watchdogs 2? I picked it up cheap today and thought I'd give it a go considering I enjoyed the first one. The only problem with the 1st one was that the map was too small.. and the baddies didnt respawn in the open world.
  7. Have I got this right; with GTA onlines introduction of the Casino, players are basically gambling with real money with any return to only be spent in game?
  8. hahah wasn't it determined that it was an older dude???
  9. Theres anticipation of 25k tickets to be sold by kick off. Stadium capacity is 30k. RBB not on hiatus. They've been promoting the pub and march actively over the past couple of weeks. My only concern is the health status of the active group as a whole. Do we know the words anymore? What's the new songs?! also, does anyone know the expected turnout of Leeds supporters? Have the main contingent travelled from the Land of Eng?
  10. Nike arent going to provide bespoke designs to us, unlike clubs like barca, right? So we only have a choice of a few hoop variations I remember this being mentioned a few years ago. Mine's framed! Havent bought another one since.
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