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  1. teddies

    The all purpose Videogame Thread

    No spoilers pls. I've been chipping away at RDR2. I've just hit chapter 5 and I can sense my heart is going to break any time soon! And on the plus side.. NBN has been installed, so I can use the internet to update my xbox and not my phone.
  2. So, hypothetically if these guys were all (or half) to go and they're replaced - how quickly would we expect positive results on the pitch? How much time is enough time to give them to "gel"?
  3. teddies

    Vedran Janjetovic

    ...is that you, Mr D'appuzzo?
  4. teddies

    Memberships 2019/20

    Ohhh! thanks for the reminder. I finished my (TAFE) course last year. My student card expires at the end of this FY. Still valid right??
  5. teddies

    Animals/Pets thread

    So we've bought a new place and inherited the chicken coop and the chickens. I have no idea what to do. Right now youtube is my best friend.
  6. teddies

    Gaming Thread 2

    A guy I know bought all the parts needed to build a PC. Shopped and bought everything online and obviously saved a heap. When it came to putting it together he wasn't all that successful and brought it into a really well known shop here in Canberra to do it which they were happy to do but at a cost of $100? $120? Which I thought was reasonable. You're paying for their time from install, testing, calibration etc. + they're not making any profit from parts. The guy scoffed at it and decided to try it again. He did do it eventually... 2 weeks later.. dozens of posts on forums, hours of videos, Anyway, I dont know what the point of the story is. Happy gaming I guess!
  7. No, that was actually Slater.
  8. He could perhaps provide some sort of leadership and direction on the pitch assuming he fits in with Bab's plan? I can't really say much for his fitness levels now though, I would guess that he would be alright for A-league coming from the Championship??? But if he's pencilled in for the new Sydney team then I don't think I could handle him playing (and most likely suceeding) for another club after seeing him our colours. I'm such a pessimist.
  9. teddies

    Vedran Janjetovic

    I saw the play start to unfold on live TV and looked away and down into my hands as it happened. The commentary did enough to paint the picture. wtf man.
  10. teddies

    Merry Christmas

    PSA: Also, for anyone who is alone this Christmas, please feel free to reach out It's not always the best time of the year for all and I get it!
  11. teddies

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    Has anyone seen any of the kit at the shops recently? Are the sponsors still just pressed on?
  12. teddies

    Why can't we score?

    That's really interesting. I' I can not only see it this season, but also in previous seasons too when we had much different personnel on board. Am I right? What's the common factor? Or is it the WSW way?
  13. guys! This means more derbies! Every week! Imagine derby crowds on TV every week!
  14. Would Bankwest had any financial input into Bankwest Stadium from the start, or was it purely just apply to invest, win naming rights?