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  1. I'm all for it. I would love to just sit down and play, and even if Google did get its sh!t sorted and were able to deliver the product as intended (assuming that its not as intended atm), the infrastructure around me is just horrific. I never preorder either, so I think that came into play too.
  2. I'm betting that WSW will be given a pen against the Nix next week as a consolation prize. "There we go. All even." *dusts off hands* - FFA probably
  3. Aww thats a shame. I was looking forward to it, but I can't even get Netflix streaming without buffering so I lost interest in the purchase of one. Remember the Ouya? lolol. I remember following the hype and ALMOST contributing to the kickstarter campaign.
  4. *Thief simulator https://store.steampowered.com/app/704850/Thief_Simulator/
  5. I've always been a fan of the simulator games. There was a burglary simulator too, right? Nowadays, I just watch walk throughs on youtube haha
  6. I had $70 to spend in EB and almost bought MW, but opted against it and went something a little left off centre .... Car Mechanic Simulator As a car guy this is pretty fun. It's something I can pick up and put down and not too get immersed in the story line which I havent even scraped the top off. The controls are a bit fiddly, but maybe I'll look into getting a mouse or keyboard on the Xbox.
  7. @Neverbloom thanks for posting all these vids. I'm not 100% into gaming anymore so its nice to see what other people are looking into!
  8. We need to keep getting these names out here. No disrespect to the other guys from the States who are in a similar position to Lamelo in terms of age/draft eligibility, but it just proves that if we have the right person here they can sell tickets. It obviously helps that the Ball family are who they are, but the NBL should be more mainstream.
  9. If you listen to the replay (without commentary) you can hear everyone nearby calling out "Kubi!", assuming for the pass and not to take the shot. Credit to him that it was actually on target.
  10. penny bungers, $10 bags, super charging! SOOOO Much nostalgia. what about orange guns?
  11. Dear ESFC Yours truly, Western Sydney
  12. Was that Sullivan giving the tackle a clap?? So good.
  13. Schwegs got some right proper ***tage in him. I love it.
  14. So, no tour or duty to watch northern qld fury?
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