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  1. This is promising. If sponsors are still unsure about committing (based on the current circumstances) then WSW may be forced to ship some out without a sponsor to meet shipping deadline (lol, k) of December. If a sponsor comes on board then they'll probably heat press the sponsor on vinyl (as per JD last season?) if Kappa can't sublimate the sponsor, ship to Australia and distribute to stores in time.
  2. WRGMG is receiving spam calls from Australian landline and mobile numbers. I've learnt to identify and block the numbers but the numbers change often. When I do answer one the conversation, if any, is very minimal. What are they verifying? What are they capturing?
  3. Football Manager 2020 is currently free for PC via Epic Games.
  4. I am so glad you brought this up. I'm actually seeing a start of controlling behaviour towards very close relation to me. I'm worried about him and where things may end up within a few years. I strongly believe, and witness (along with many others), there is a strong psychological bullying towards him. A lot of people would pass it off as "oh he's just pu55ywhipped!", but I see the start of a lot more. They've got a baby on the way too, and the timing of the pregnancy is very suspect too. Anyway, I could rabble on about them for hours. I've already written and deleted paragra
  5. Knowing our track record, the deal probably won't go ahead, or our trusty recruitment team inadvertently signed the 2nd tier version of Kappa, Capper.
  6. Assassins Creed 2 is free on uplay! I loved 1 and 2 but never got into the others.
  7. I jumped onto the ES via Skyrim as an Xbox player. Loved it! So, I'm gaming on PC and its really difficult! hahah I really underestimated how difficult it was to use the keyboard or maybe im still transitioning.
  8. haha the old red ring of death. yes, I had that happen to me. The 360 was a good time particular in the earlier years. "hacking" it to play copied games and even playing those games online, ripping and playing games from a HD. I even got involved in some shady dev boxes that were being sold online. Oh mmaaannn... memories. I've got a One, but will look to get the new PS. I've always been drawn to PS but just loyal to xbox. Speaking of being unloyal, I've bought a new laptop, a Acer Nitro 5. My intention wasn't to game, but because I do a lot of photo and graphic stuff this particula
  9. highly doubt it. Its an opt in thing, right?
  10. I guess its about perception. But there's a time and place for everything. Messaging a girl who is attending the school that the players were participating in an official event at was not the best choice. There will be heaps of people - especially the media - who jumping on board the 'sex scandal' train, and that was enough for the their main sponsor to pull out (no pun intended) and bulldogs to sack the player.
  11. Simon Cox featuring on the Fox Football Podcast
  12. Our injury and suspension should make this a test of how deep this confidence goes in the squad. I'm glad we're "only" playing Brisbane and not a team further up the ladder. Hopefully it's enough to push us over the line.
  13. I received the ins and outs email at noon of game day, along with all their other email correspondence - so no problem with that. I'm on Gmail if that makes a difference? But haven't received a line-up text since 19 Jan. It could possibly be the fault of service provider distributing those texts or Wanderers HQ saving some pennies and scrapping it all
  14. Tbf... he's got a point.. considering the earth is flat and all. (not serious)
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