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  1. I really did enjoy a football manager game on my phone (the name of the game escapes me). It wasn't licenced (ie not real teams or player names) and it was really simple and addictive. Problem was that you could only progress quickly by "purchasing coins" to level up and make upgrades quicker to benefit your team. You could progress without paying though. I got FM2020 for free too from Epic and it's realllllly detailed - too detailed for me! I spent about 20mins setting things up and I hadn't even held a training session.
  2. I didnt know they stuffed up BF5 that bad, mind you, I never played it because I committed to CODMW/CW/WZ over the past 18months. The gameplay trailer looks amazing and chaotic a refreshing change from the COD series which is getting quite stale and repetitive with the sprinting and jumping and shooting and headshots. lol There's a lot of talk about hackers on COD, or players using aim assisters.. which add to the staleness. They say theyre dealing with it, but are they really? On another Im currently playing sea of thieves! Its such an amazing change up and really getting into it!
  3. anyone excited about Battlefield? I might bite the bullet and get a console for it..
  4. btw this was said in jest. I have no idea.
  5. He was on channel 10 (have you been paying attention? (the TV show, not having a dig at you)) so surely they know his situation? Maybe he had an interview with C10 to get the gig and just hung around for a cameo. But I get my S-Hill fix on SEN via podcast.
  6. Very under rated moment in Australian football.
  7. ...annnd you've jinxed. Melbourne (probably) will now discover they have a mutant strain of the vid.
  8. Surviving Mars is free on PC via Epic games is pretty fun if you like builder games, if not, you'll just have to persevere with it.
  9. This is promising. If sponsors are still unsure about committing (based on the current circumstances) then WSW may be forced to ship some out without a sponsor to meet shipping deadline (lol, k) of December. If a sponsor comes on board then they'll probably heat press the sponsor on vinyl (as per JD last season?) if Kappa can't sublimate the sponsor, ship to Australia and distribute to stores in time.
  10. WRGMG is receiving spam calls from Australian landline and mobile numbers. I've learnt to identify and block the numbers but the numbers change often. When I do answer one the conversation, if any, is very minimal. What are they verifying? What are they capturing?
  11. Football Manager 2020 is currently free for PC via Epic Games.
  12. I am so glad you brought this up. I'm actually seeing a start of controlling behaviour towards very close relation to me. I'm worried about him and where things may end up within a few years. I strongly believe, and witness (along with many others), there is a strong psychological bullying towards him. A lot of people would pass it off as "oh he's just pu55ywhipped!", but I see the start of a lot more. They've got a baby on the way too, and the timing of the pregnancy is very suspect too. Anyway, I could rabble on about them for hours. I've already written and deleted paragra
  13. Knowing our track record, the deal probably won't go ahead, or our trusty recruitment team inadvertently signed the 2nd tier version of Kappa, Capper.
  14. Assassins Creed 2 is free on uplay! I loved 1 and 2 but never got into the others.
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