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  1. Are we doing a player rating, MOTM voting thing for each game anymore? Or is that soooo 2016?
  2. Oooft! That pic of Rudes. When I was watching the highlights of the game, and saw that he scored.. I didn't know how to feel. One hand I wasn't surprised, other hand I was happy he was back, the other hand I was angry that he was still able to find the back of the net.
  3. I would love a babb hat in next years membership pack.
  4. Probably starring in Friday's end of week parody video. I really hope they do Family Matters next. Can we sit back and admire how well they've formed and held that shape? Also, similar camera angle to FIFA.
  5. they brought a fantastic atmosphere and a wonderful attitude. They already knew they were beat from the draw, but that didn't deter them from coming down in droves, faces painted, flags waving and bringing more culture and vibe from the home (Canberran) fans. My daughter was getting a bit bored but perked up a little when we scored and heard the crowd errupt. She also really wanted to join in with the Nepal chants throughout the game. It was great to see some Socceroos in action in real life - particularly glad to see Mooy and Ryan make the trip - and good to see some young guys get a run. The weather was so cold last night that my nepals were -- well, you know.
  6. There was a gremio dude on the forums... that was a fun time.
  7. That's a great idea! I also wouldn't mind it going back to the club to spend on bills, facilities or paying players.
  8. Our insurance premium must be through the roof!
  9. Received my membership pack yesterday! Now the season feels real!
  10. No problem. Let's look into the plethora of keepers as a replacement.
  11. @ManfredSchaefer you should also apply this to other HAL teams... then top 4 from all teams to be included in a Champions league type tournament!
  12. Well, you have a choice. 5 wingers, or 5 keepers? There should be an ointment for that I hope. Well, we have our striker! Really looking forward to seeing the squad focus on Round 1... duke, zeigs, meier potentially starting? At least for the derby if all pistons are firing. *breathes deeply*
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