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  1. No, that was actually Slater.
  2. He could perhaps provide some sort of leadership and direction on the pitch assuming he fits in with Bab's plan? I can't really say much for his fitness levels now though, I would guess that he would be alright for A-league coming from the Championship??? But if he's pencilled in for the new Sydney team then I don't think I could handle him playing (and most likely suceeding) for another club after seeing him our colours. I'm such a pessimist.
  3. teddies

    Vedran Janjetovic

    I saw the play start to unfold on live TV and looked away and down into my hands as it happened. The commentary did enough to paint the picture. wtf man.
  4. teddies

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    Has anyone seen any of the kit at the shops recently? Are the sponsors still just pressed on?
  5. teddies

    Why can't we score?

    That's really interesting. I' I can not only see it this season, but also in previous seasons too when we had much different personnel on board. Am I right? What's the common factor? Or is it the WSW way?
  6. guys! This means more derbies! Every week! Imagine derby crowds on TV every week!
  7. Would Bankwest had any financial input into Bankwest Stadium from the start, or was it purely just apply to invest, win naming rights?
  8. teddies

    Why can't we score?

    we leave those guys for the other clubs in the league.
  9. teddies

    A-league 18/19 Rd 7

    Wow. Mid table in the yellow card race too? #teamcommit
  10. teddies

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Soo... just swap the attackers for defenders and vice versa? You're welcome, Babs.
  11. Some obvious ones like: the early derbies - not because we won a couple and actually looked like we competed, but purely the atmosphere we brought and, what I felt, the energy we gave the players and what they gave back. Shinji in general and his goal off a touch against Victory. Poljaks goal against Seoul Bridge's open goal miss against Newcastle Ahh, the glory days.
  12. teddies

    RD 19 - Adelaide - Sat 16 Feb 2019

    tbf it doesn't say 24 hours it just says 24-7... which may just be the date of the day that it's open. lol Edit: I am aware of the bright neon lights in the original image
  13. teddies

    Jaushua Sotirio

    Hopefully Babbel can work his magic on him.