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  1. i used to have to share a bay with those *****, they are like 50 ******* years old too i could understand if they were ******* children Its funny, all the booing those guys do when someone rips a flare, but pity the first real injury one day will be a kid who turns around and cops one in the eye at 40km's an hour. They actually ARE dangerous.
  2. Anyone else suffering short term deafness from that PA system or was it just in the GA section .....
  3. Oh well, was good to be at a football game but if we're going to be successful this year, there will have to be quite a few 4-3 wins. Honestly after seeing our defence in the cup ..... I went tonight with low expectations and came away disappointed.
  4. Extra 4 tkts and a couple parking spots sorted. IN pricing is reasonable I think, i grabbed a family black and white for $80
  5. There is a pool right next to Allianz Stadium. Surely thats a pool for all of Sydney.
  6. Could they independently audit the wages and publish them without names, just the cap break up ? Some would be obvious and maybe it would defeat the purpose, just an idea. We could all play 'guess who'
  7. " * Stands that adapt for rugby league, football and rugby union. " I'll take that.
  8. Lol I'm slow .... i was about to look them up at work earlier but got distracted.
  9. Hey, can anyone recommend a GOOD kennel I can keep my dogs in when I'm away for three weeks later in the year ? I hate the thought of it, I really do and with some luck I might not need to. I have two foxies with the oldest turning 16 nearly two weeks ago, so the thought of leaving him at all, let alone a kennel is not a great thought. BUT ........ alas I have no family and after my splitsville experience last year I'm a bit stuck. The best I can see so far is at Marsden Park and its about $50 a day and $1300 all up ........ ouch Any recommendations or avenue I could look into I might not have considered would be really nice.
  10. That was more an in-joke for Marron C. He knows why. Generally speaking though, it's far from bullshit. I can plot you a timeline of the rise and prevalence of cultural relativism leading to postmodernism and subsequently infecting many faculties of study. Alot of the history stuff that comes out these days is litter box lining at best and you know it. Having said that, I really want that Rommel quote to be true though. I accept it doesn't make it true, however I have seen those quotes (or similar ones to that effect) in some old WW2 AIF literature. I couldn't say where. It may have been in my grandfather's regimental book '2/2nd purple over green' but that doesn't strike as a place for quotes from Rommel. I've definitely heard them in one or two docos over the years, but again that alone doesn't prove them accurate.
  11. Opens up Pandora's can of worms there. I am unsure as to what current specialist historians think however from what I have heard anecdotally from some writers (e.g. Max Hastings), and what I would consider to be the case in terms of actual influence on the course of WW2 in all theatres, Australia's war effort on the battlefield was crucial in the period 1941-43, and less so outside those years. In fact it may be argued that our war effort had its most value strategically in terms of the economic and logistical support we provided nationally to the Yanks and to a lesser extent the Brits, through the provision of major bases (e.g. Freo's sub bases, the Empire Air Training Scheme run in dozens of regional RAAF airfields) and food and resource supplies. Unfortunately, unlike in WWI where the AIF was in a position towards the end of that war to fight as a single large army unit in decisive battles against major enemy main forces (e.g. Villers Bretonneux, Hamel, Amiens), the Australian war effort during WW2 was spread thinly across multiple theatres, and was (through no fault of its own) often in sideshow battles or campaigns. Take as a case in point the invasion of Syria and Lebanon. The 7th Division was a major constituent part of the Allied effort in that campaign, however fighting the Vichy French in the Middle East was hardly the stuff of great strategic victories. Even our greatest achievements in land battles (Tobruk, El Alamein, Kokoda, Milne Bay, Gona/Buna) were limited in their scope and overall impact on the course of the war. The Nazi leadership and OKW viewed North Africa as a sideshow, and as for the Japanese invasion of New Guinea, that was more about negating Australia as a viable base for US offensives than actually conquering that island and then marching on us. By the way, I write this not out of any disrespect to those who fought for us in WW2; I'm just trying to put our war effort in a more historically accurate context than what sometimes gets fed to us around ANZAC Day. Yes, the RAAF were very important for the night bombing campaign against Germany. Yes, our army, navy and air force were both effective and necessarily deployed in defeating the Japanese in their hold outs of Borneo, New Britain, Bouganville etc in 1944-45. However we never saw (unlike say the Canadians in Normandy or in the Battle of the Atlantic) the AIF/RAAF/RAN form a semi-autonomous national military force that had a vital and direct influence on a campaign in World War II that could've, if lost, led to an Axis strategic victory. For what were mostly political but also economic reasons Australia's crucial role in the Allied war effort between 1939-1945 was best wrought in individual battles or small campaigns which were at their peak in the period 1941-43. Manfred, I take it you have come across some of the quotes from the Desert Fox about fighting the Australians ? I'll stand corrected but if memory serves a couple Australian victories were labelled British or Commonwealth victories. A bit like Andy Murray when he's winning
  12. Even more so in WW1. How have I not seen this thread before. Manfred next time we're having a stein, remind me to tell you a couple stories my grandfather told after WW2. they're not for the internets ....
  13. First game i could get to in nearly 2 months, the relief is REAL. Hopefully all next week the news will be about how we humiliated the smurfs on and off the pitch. All positive. But alas should we go down THAT path ..... well if we're gonna walk on thin ice, we might as well dance, so if that time must (and I hope it doesn't) come lets at least go out with a bang and have one person in distress in every single bay on the Southern side of the stadium. Something out of Galatasaray or Hajduk Split. Na jokes, God it will be great to be back
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