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  1. i feel more bad for his daughter tbh, at least he had a good life while she was only 13
  2. i ended up playing about 20 minutes then gave up, so much parkour which bores the hell out of me, yay lets watch my character shimmy across a wall for 5 minutes but i do want to play more because i know its not all just that but its the same issue i had with god of war, tomb raider and many other games climbing is just not interesting to me
  3. watching the episode marge in chains which starts with springfield getting attacked by the Osaka flu while obviously not the same country seems relevant to today with the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak
  4. yay a creepy mystery but its Australian this time
  5. i dont understand any of the lyrics but i assume they are friendly
  6. dont you remember we are going to win the season right?
  7. I don't mind storms but at least come with rain
  8. thank you i appreciate the help on another note games coming out next month
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