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  1. nah i am over her, she is called Anna, tbf she didnt directly ask for credit card details but i am sure that request is going to happen soon if i did reply
  2. thank you, i think in some ways i have matured quite a bit...........in other ways not so much and that is true thank you i dont think season 1 will ever be repeated i just was kinda hoping i would feel more than i did, passion is something i can feel sometimes about specific things but usually i dont feel that much, i agree it was a hell of a gift i am very sorry your family member is going through so much, but not only that i am sorry its something you have to be going through and i have been buying sydney fc gear in secret seriously though that is true on the relationship thing though i just got an email from this women who wants to get to know me, she only needs my credit card details so this is a promising relationship for me
  3. i dont know how v8's are going to survive RIP holden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI_J6uGbAas
  4. even though they beat CCM confidence is still a bit down for them because they got humiliated in the ACL, our last match was confidence building, i still think we will get destroyed but there is a chance we wont, really looking forward to this one
  5. no problem sorry my reply didnt give any actual solutions i just think its a problem with the wanderers right now, just got an email(well at 6:36 PM on Sunday) which tells me the ins and out's for the wanderers squad for the Adelaide match, very helpful
  6. honestly i should be passionate no matter how we are doing, being not passionate because we suck is not a good excuse especially because i am usually pretty loyal(i mean i do **** up from time to time but usually that is my positive) that said i did feel a tiny bit during the Adelaide match but its not anything like it once was, i do wonder what my passion level's would be if we were winning anything i would hope similar to now because passion should not be based off results, thank you i know my sleep needs to be better, i go through phases on that but i am not too unhappy on my sleeping pattern however i agree it has affected my energy level's and thank you losing the power was a nightmare but its something people have to deal with. i have come to the realisation that i complain too much about my financial situation and of course i would love it to be better but i have a playstation 4, a decent computer, foxtel, a number of television sets which are pretty good, i can go from time to time(to the movies for example), i got a wanderers membership, so while i am not rich by any mean's and not well off and in the past it was so bad that we didnt even have the fuel money to drive 15 minutes sometimes so in the past it was far worse than it is, i have been too focused on this when its not nearly as much of an issue as i feel it is, sometimes a new perspective can be very helpful when it comes to these things. its funny in the past my entire depression was about the fact i couldnt get a girlfriend and looking back i cant think of a more ridiculous reason for depression i used to only think about that and then i would dwell on past relationships that didnt work out, and while i still think about that kinda stuff from time to time its not a common thing for me to feel down about, so while i got a tonne of work to do to improve at least my priorities are much better and i focus on things i cannot change a lot more, plus my friend who came back from holidays is back so at least that is a huge positive for me. how are you doing right now?
  7. i didnt expect much from this guy tbh but so far very impressed
  8. its been very mixed for me, i dont get team line up's via text however a member of the club did call me and ask how things were going and asked for feedback about the gameday experience, they have done some good things but communication with members can still be very poor or non existent, i did get an email about the Adelaide match a day after it happened, got a few emails sent twice, so at least for me there are some weird stuff going on like that
  9. **** both these people ******* agree with rose though
  10. its nice to see Anita Sarky losing relevance
  11. the wanderers just sent me an email 10 minutes ago telling me not to miss this match........
  12. i have never related to something more in my life
  13. to be fair my last dig at popa was a sarcastic dig at him because JP has a better winrate then him considering at the time he only had 2 matches with us at the time its way too early to judge and compare, people tend to judge way too fast and it was more about that than it was popa i never actually hated popa he is insanely talented and gave us so many great times i just criticised him for signing some terrible players and sticking with them for too long(jumpei for example) but he did sign a lot of great players too, even when we were going terrible i was never a popa out person, i just got frustrated seeing jumpei in the starting line up match after match but again not really the topic for this but i was never a popa hater, still am not, thought it was shitty how he left but that is really about it
  14. i dont think many people gave us a chance tbh
  15. its weird having a better 2nd half then our first half...........its not something that is normal for us
  16. he does have plenty of negative traits.......but he cant reach scott in terms of negative traits
  17. was great to see the players enjoying the **** off east sydney chant and it was a great match to watch, Kamau had his best match in the red and black i have seen for a long time if possible ever however we really shouldnt get too far ahead of ourselves, east sydney will be a huge challenge
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