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  1. another one of these because why not
  2. this could work in the music topic but its not so much about music but i been excited for the new joyner lucas album, very talented guy but his new album has known woman beater chris brown on it, he isnt even talented i dont get why(even though this was ages ago) so many people gave this odious pile of **** a pass, not that being talented is at all an excuse lil dicky even created a song where he pretty much compliments chris brown and ******* ed sheeran decided it was a good idea to be involved in that song
  3. this is an awesome brutal/slam death metal vocalist..........seriously those sounds would work for that genre
  4. one of my dogs i am very proud of(well i am proud that i was able to help her) was scared of humans but especially males, she would flee from us and avoid us so much she obviously been abused by some piece of garbage male, got her to the point where she feels very comfortable with us, she hates flies so pretty much if she see's a fly she will run head first into you at full speed because everything becomes invisible apart from the fly lucky have not been hurt too bad yet but she really doesnt like flies
  5. kinda about video games but more about creepy merchandise
  6. lol np, i was worried that cat eating was going to ruin the entire thing but lucky it didnt
  7. i just got a confusing email, the header says my vocal lesson has been scheduled which is fantastic since i dont sing and dont have any vocal lessons but hell a free lesson and then i click on it and apparently she lives in my neighborhood and wants me to nail her later........(her words) then it gives me a link to a viru.......i mean video which i am not going to click on
  8. both work together, you can infect people with your disease by being all in this together
  9. lol same here, terrible song but it works right now
  10. i didnt do this because i was young but i remember having a modded playstation which my father modded or got someone to mod to play games, those were the days i dont know enough to mod anything, i got a plan to help you out when it comes to deciding on both, you buy me both consoles and buy me a few games for each console and i'll tell you which one you should buy for yourself.......... i always recommend this partly because its an australian but also because its a ******* good game but hollow knight might be looking into, that said if you are a casual(i mean hell i am) then there is some content that you will just not be able to complete but that is optional DLC content, maybe wait for overwatch 2, apex legends is always fun(and free) all the games i am either playing or going to get soon are huge games(persona 5, final fantasy 7, borderlands 3 ect) so while those games are easy enough maybe the length wouldnt be casual friendly
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