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  1. thank you will look into it also a new video game for men of culture
  2. i love finding out about weird, unique and interesting albums that i would have never heard of before might check out some of these albums
  3. Maybe if the government didn't neglect infrastructure then my NBN wouldn't be down for so long, same with power which I have now but lost a few days ago, not too much to ask to want internet and electricity
  4. Neverbloom

    Sydney FC

    honestly not sure i know they were playing mooy, i dont know if he is a first team player for them
  5. Neverbloom

    Sydney FC

    i am only half watching but holy **** that scoreline
  6. 4000 houses in my area has lost power, somehow my house didnt lose power, feeling so lucky so far
  7. thank you i remember looking up prison architect and thinking about buying it on console, sounds like its a much better deal on steam
  8. yay its windy again which most likely means we will lose power again, cant wait to lose the power for 3 weeks in a row
  9. i played civ 2 ages ago, will look into it because i enjoyed it back then .......despite being terrible at it(ages ago being 20 years or more)
  10. i know talking about mental illness is kinda my niche here but demand for mental health services have skyrocketed but nothing has improved so while i doubt they will they need to invest some money into the sector in a way that things actually improve that was going to be my entire post but i actually have an article which somewhat back up my opinion https://www.sbs.com.au/news/thousands-of-young-australians-who-died-from-suicide-did-not-have-mental-health-support-new-analysis-shows Young Australians who have taken their lives are typically disadvantaged males disengaged from work, study and mental health services. That's the picture painted by Orygen researchers in an analysis of coronial records that revealed 3365 people aged 10 to 24 died from suicide from 2006 to 2015. The research suggests two-thirds of the suicide cases were not in contact with mental health services when they died. Getty Their analysis, published in the Medical Journal of Australia on Monday, shows 73 per cent of young Australians who died by suicide experienced mental health difficulties before their death. However, two-thirds of the suicide cases were not in contact with mental health services when they died. Jo Robinson, leader of Orygen's suicide prevention research, says that specific finding was a worry and demonstrated the need to address the role of mental illness in youth suicides. "The fact that so many of the young people who have died by suicide had a diagnosed, or probable, mental health problem, and many had sought help for their mental health yet were not in contact with services at the time of their death, is extremely concerning," Associate Professor Robinson said. The researchers say access to mental health services is only part of the solution, encouraging policy-makers to consider other ways to support. Getty "There are tragic consequences for missing obvious opportunities to intervene early to support and treat young people with mental health challenges." The data also shows 73.5 per cent of the youth suicides were boys or men, while about four in ten were not engaged in study or work and from the nation's bottom-most socio-economic areas. Nicole Hill, lead author of the study, says cases had often dealt with past suicidal behaviour, economic disadvantage, adversity and mental ill-health. Despite ramped-up investment in prevention efforts, Professor Robinson said the number of youth suicides has not dropped substantially and there are fears the COVID-induced recession may fuel rates. Ms Hill believes access to mental health services is only part of the solution, encouraging policy-makers to consider other ways to support Australia's youth. "We must continue to reach young people in school settings, and identify other settings - such as tertiary education, workplaces and online - that would be suitable for suicide prevention activities," she said. The federal government's mental health productivity commission and Victoria's Royal Commission into its system are accessing the availability and quality of specialised youth mental health services. The authors are hopeful the inquiries and their research can breed change and save lives. "This analysis puts mental-ill health in the spotlight as a significant target for service reform in youth suicide prevention," Ms Hill said. Readers seeking support with mental health can contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636. More information is available at Beyond Blue.org.au. Embrace Multicultural Mental Health supports people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
  11. what is a good game i can buy on steam for less than $20 for a **** computer? because i won a steam gift card accidentally and i dont even use steam but i am sure there are good games on there my computer can run
  12. i agree, had i seen it live i would have worried i saw a fatality, the halo saved a life he was also very lucky that it was the first lap and the medical car was on the scene in seconds
  13. heard about the massive crash didnt see it thanks to endevour energy being **** but glad everyone is alright i heard it was huge, will watch it in about 45 minutes
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