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  1. This is somewhat about onefour but mostly about censorship and honestly it's something that worries me, they don't like it they try to censor it and even get it removed from the internet https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-13/australian-drill-rappers-onefour-battle-police/11779746 And of course it's ******* raptor squad, the Sooner the likes of Trueman can **** off the better, really complaining about violent lyrics, stop being a bitch
  2. My internet is ****ed, thank you Abbott....to be fair might not be his fault but I am blaming him anyways
  3. in my opinion they are not that much difference tbh, i mean they are in a few key area's but both sides have ****ed up a lot, i feel they are much more different now than when turnbull was prime minister though but maybe that is just the impression i got
  4. i really hope the next star wars has Tax E Vader as the antagonist
  5. Gombau's team is winning 2-0.......if we remove all context to this statement gombau is the better coach because gombau is winning 2-0 currently while babbel is most likely sleeping and not winning a football match 2-0
  6. and people say hip hop isnt meaningful
  7. i know a video game but this is more about the amusing/disturbing reviews than the actual game
  8. lol well given how we have done in most sports the past 10 years it make sense now lol seriously on the initiative its actually a very good idea i might actually bring a friend(if she can make it), i just wish it was for a more interesting team than western united
  9. lol i was more thinking maybe tony abbott's wife, she must enjoy suffering ...........however she is kinda already married so i dont think she will let me date her is your wife English? because that might explain why she likes to suffer
  10. i actually got a good plan now, i'll use this as a date, any women willing to date me obviously loves to suffer so she can be sitting next to me while watching the wanderers play, double the suffering ........now i just need to find a women who loves suffering
  11. I'm sorry I didn't see your post, I must of missed you Don't think I did that **** intentionally just to diss you i am lucky i get both the fire and the smoke, best of both worlds
  12. i like how the wanderers let you give a friend a free ticket for the match on the 20th, its very bold of the wanderers to assume i have a friend though
  13. my brother is watching nine news and it was only a 30 second story but they showed the wanderers going to a children's hospital so it was a nice story and not something i expected from nine
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