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  1. for the most part it was just the didgeridoo and some of the music that was too loud, i pretty much couldnt hear the people talking pre match which was a pretty big positive imo
  2. my only complaint about that is just how loud the speakers were during the ceremony but i dont like how loud the normal noise is but it wasnt a huge issue just kinda loud for a few seconds
  3. **** off shane......just saying
  4. start delay, already weird stuff happening i just wish it was shane breaking down
  5. lol i didnt forget about bathurst i just wish they would **** off with that religious bullshit, blessing the circuit isnt doing ****
  6. first thing i have to say was how great it was to see so many familiar faces again, at times felt like a family reunion, apart from having to see goat again it was nice seeing everyone really reminded me of the old days, on the stadium holy **** i knew it was going to be steep but not that steep i planned on going to the top but with my fear of heights never going that high i loved how steep it was, we were pretty terrible but so were CCM most likely didnt deserve the win but i'll take it nice to be back at parramatta
  7. i have never actually been to the stadium yet, walked near it with a friend 2 days ago but never been inside very excited to just see what it looks like in person, very excited to be near the RBB again its been a while do we know if we are going to have buses going from the stadium to the station? we had 2 at parramatta before
  8. he gives off the same vibe as saba did tbh, the difference is saba did show passion once or twice
  9. alex king has been a great signing for Sydney fc, easily their best on the pitch
  10. honestly not sure its been such a long time since we had a march thank you
  11. RBB posted 4 pm on their official facebook page,but this link says 3:30 https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/match-day-guide-wanderers-v-mariners
  12. i trust the RBB a lot more than i do the club but i just thought i would make sure does the march start at 3:30 or 4? RBB says 4 club says 3:30
  13. i go to bed at midnight ish to wake up at 7:20 am..........i wake up at 2 am.........fantastic
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