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  1. Neverbloom

    Abraham Majok Chant

    my internet search history?.......
  2. the past 2 matches i complained about riera on facebook when they announced riera was starting and both times we won, so you can say roly lead us to victory........but it was all me
  3. its funny how i didnt notice that in the live broadcast but when i look back its clear to see :p
  4. what the hell was that? really liked roly
  5. i have not been this confused since i saw a shirtless picture of kerem bulut
  6. riera is a god........i never doubted him
  7. oh ******* riera is starting but at least we are in black and gold
  8. i am so nervous that riera is going to start
  9. really hope black, that is a class kit, no one likes the white kit
  10. just saw a video of them making the stadium lighting red......i approve