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  1. RIP Sean Kennedy(i know there is a condolences topic but it fits here too) https://tonedeaf.thebrag.com/sean-kennedy-former-i-killed-the-prom-queen-bassist-dead-aged-35/
  2. i only just found out that bathurst is starting the season
  3. thank you so much its going to be an interesting season soon(if you ignore hamilton dominating because bottas is trash but i am mostly focused to the mid field)
  4. I sadly am not home yet so can't watch yet but oof, not a good start scoreline wise
  5. Neverbloom

    Kerem Bulut

    it starts with using offensive language then the next thing he is doing is joining onefour and stabbing people, its a slippery slope
  6. always love Jim's videos that said i am going to buy mass effect for the 3rd time(well 6th time if you count all the individual games) so jim wouldnt be happy with how much money EA is getting
  7. Mclaren have unveiled their new car, looks very similar to last years for me but i have zero observation skills
  8. so much face kicking today and for some reason kruses face remain's unkicked, the world is not a fair one
  9. lol that is a good point, i mean his double standards have always been part of his commentary but at it was the ball not in play part that annoyed me when it was clearly right there and true i agree it was a clear trip but wow to say the ball wasnt in playing distance was delusional
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