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  1. Pio and Saba were such sad cases for us because both could have done a lot better but it just didnt happen
  2. thank you i might try via usb or just try to pause it and restart, lucky not a huge issue but still would prefer its in sync
  3. thanks maybe its just my cheap speaker or my crappy computer honestly doesnt bother me too much but i just wasnt sure why it was a few seconds behind
  4. yesterday i got myself a cheap wireless bluetooth speaker just so i dont have to use headphones all the time, what i have noticed is the audio is usually a few seconds behind the visuals, is that normal? honestly its not a huge issue at all i was just curious
  5. in borderlands 3 there is a character called Marcus and you can make your characters head look like a bobble version of his head and i think its name is Marcus Bobble.......the first time i looked at that i thought it was a reference to our coach for a second
  6. lol i hope so seriously though no hate for toll i asked if they could send it to my closest pick up point and the package is already 15 minutes away from me so cant complain about them i just thought their depot would be closer cant wait to play my new game that doesnt exist though
  7. i have a package Toll currently has, i thought that is fine i'll just pick it up from their closest depot to me, i live around windsor........their depot is at bankstown airport......so yea....no
  8. this looks awesome, doesnt mean it will be awesome though
  9. i been having dreams more often recently at least remembering them, i had a dream that there was this new video game which i really enjoyed playing, woke up excited to play my new video game.......it wasnt real....i didnt play it because you cant play things that dont exist
  10. Neverbloom

    Music Thread 3

    finally a vocalist who doesnt suck
  11. while i am not hugely into WWE games shut your mouth was such a good game, i'll watch if i happen to be up at the time
  12. at least one turned out alright .......well on the current race that was sucky
  13. i just googled it to make sure it wasnt fatal and then watched it......just wow i feel bad for Wayne he kinda just decided to run head first into his bike, i mean i understand his reaction he was just trying to get off the circuit as soon as possible which makes sense, glad the guy recovered i am surprised that kinda thing does not happen more often i remember the crash with marco simoncelli that was hard to watch and sadly came the same week in which dan wheldon was killed, very sad week for motorsport
  14. i have decided i want to watch more moto gp, i was watching moto gp 2 just then and remy gardner falls over in the middle of the circuit and for a few seconds is sitting in the middle of the circuit with other riders passing by at full speed, i was ******* scared there because i was expecting the worst
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