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  1. dont get me wrong the kids helpline is a very good service the more mental health services out there the better however why am i always seeing them advertise at like 2 or 3 am? it just seems like a very weird time considering they are trying to reach children
  2. eddie is one of those few people who could dress up as hitler, do the nazi salute and then murder a few immigrants on national television and not even get a slap on the wrist not to downplay how he said gays are going to hell i know that is the focus but he mentioned a number of groups but gay people are the people who are the most attacked out of all those groups
  3. pretty much this, anyone breaches their contract they get fired, same for him, now he is contract free he is allowed to spout the same crap that got him fired
  4. that is true, its honestly pretty depressing because there are people out there who are trying to raise money for things they need to help them, imagine how many people could be helped if money went to those people instead, folau can pay for his ridiculous crusade with his own money
  5. the israel folau go fund me page has almost raised 2 million, i want to jump off a cliff just how many stupid mother****ers are out there
  6. another one of those mysterious videos i like
  7. why does toys and colors keep appearing in my recommended videos for youtube? i'm not a pedophile
  8. can we just get rid of religion in general? a lot about free speech its a very difficult topic i am a huge fan of free speech but i find myself understanding the other groups point of view more especially for those groups who have high rates of mental health issues
  9. but i have never said anything amusing i know this is kinda about video games but i love a good mystery so its not really in the video game topic because its more about mysteries
  10. pretty happy with this tbh, a solid pick up(i hope)
  11. lol glad i can amuse you Erimus i hope things get better for you soon
  12. there is a new proposal which is about helping people with chronic pain which i think is fantastic hopefully it happens
  13. hell yes new south wales is the drug capital of australia, ben cousins must live in new south wales
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