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  1. seeing all the red flags in the moto gp is worrying i could be wrong but i think they had 2 serious red flags with the ambulance called and all
  2. could have put this in the music topic and while i love the music its mostly the music video that floats my boat, i spent way too much time laughing at this stupid thing
  3. honestly never lost faith in Daniel, glad he get's to gloat even though he really didnt gloat that much
  4. same here, it got insanely close there, that said i really dont think max deserved a penalty it was a 50/50 thing imo
  5. she is also a fan of Daniel Ricciardo, she is a very good judge of character seriously though i dont really follow tennis too much i do a bit but she seems rather humble and pleasant in the few interviews i have seen
  6. ******* go Daniel, hell of a race but halo maybe saved hamilton's life there
  7. i would agree if i searched up stuff like how to get better at talking to women and such but i dont look up anything like that......i mostly look up video games.......so maybe they just assumed i cant talk to women based on that which is fair enough
  8. youtube just gave me an ad which pretty much said keep getting rejected by women? watch this to become more interesting to women or something like that, didnt watch it but youtube knows far too much about my interactions with women to give me that ad
  9. to be fair most most of the media coverage is just about people laughing at them, that said sadly i am sure there are those at home not laughing at them and supporting them so maybe media coverage isnt the best idea
  10. watching abc news trying to avoid afl then some afl garbage happens and they said how the afl grand final is spiritual and contributes to the soul of the city........dont make me gag, its some bogan crap
  11. honestly i was against the BLM protests when covid first hit because i thought it was going to make things worse in terms of covid, but there were actual reasons for that protest it should have happened i just thought the timing was wrong..........but at least those had a purpose about real things that are sadly still happening, the anti lockdown protests are nuts, i mean yes the lockdown is happening and its not fun but protesting it is about the most stupid thing possible, the people in power ****ed up but save your protest for the next election, i very much doubt anyone in power cares that
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