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  1. Neverbloom

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    i thought he wasnt blind, surprised they got away with so many blind jokes tbh
  2. Neverbloom

    Off Topic Thread 4

    i actually like vegemite(well a bit of it) but .........wow
  3. Neverbloom

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    apparently its foxtel who buggered this up, when my brother is watching it on digital tv its ******* becker
  4. Neverbloom

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    10 minutes into a becker episode i like a lot on 10 peach or whatever the **** its stupid name is it goes to an ad break, that is fine, this ad break goes on for 10 minutes, then 15 minutes, ******* long ad break no its not an ad break they have randomly switched to some ******* cooking show..............yippie
  5. its depressing **** all has been done since then, every government has failed in this pretty much
  6. the thing is he got emotional(angry) and said some really stupid things when he was angry, i know plenty of people here dont like him but take jordan peterson for example when he was asked that question which was just a personal attack disguised as a question he kept his cool, he was rather respectful all things considered, he didnt yell, he didnt show much in terms of emotion while whoever that liberal guy was he got angry so fast and yelled when he did, even if the content of his message was good(it wasnt) he looked far too emotional to be good when it comes to politics, you do not want overally emotional politicians, obviously they need some level of emotion or they will just be robots but you need some level of control for example Julia's misogyny speech directed at abbott was one of those few times she actually showed emotion in her entire time as PM, it worked she was retrained but at the same time got her point across, it wasnt overally emotional and incoherent
  7. jesus christ just watched Q&A, the liberal guy does not come off looking good there, malcolm roberts looks sane in comparison but most likely cause that he talked a lot less
  8. Neverbloom

    Off Topic Thread 4

    well its not the exact same thing as the opera house isnt owned by a bunch of religious nutcases but i do agree that its such a historic and iconic building so its sad because of that, lucky i am pretty sure it will fully be repaired but that wont be a fast process and i know there was stuff that was lost which can never be replaced sadly
  9. Neverbloom

    Off Topic Thread 4

    in a way i dont care because its just a rich religious organisation losing money but its such a historic and beautiful landmark and building and that is very sad
  10. i agree with something Malcolm Roberts said.........time to jump off a cliff
  11. in a few episodes of the simpsons marge pretty much forces homer to have sex with him........one is meant to be a children's cartoon the other is meant to be an adult tv show i personally dont watch game of thrones because i couldnt keep up with it tbh but context is everything so i cant really judge it but game of thrones is meant to be a brutal universe, just because something is shown doesnt mean its glamourised , i have seen some of the death's of characters in that show and they were brutal and not shown as a positive but i doubt anyone is being raped because of a tv show anyone ****ed up enough to **** someone else is not going to have their mind changed by a television show either way
  12. would prefer David tbh......dont like either though
  13. Neverbloom

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    i never noticed them in any other stadium tbh
  14. Neverbloom

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    that is a good point
  15. Neverbloom

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    prayer rooms are pointless but other than that i am impressed