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Everything posted by Neverbloom

  1. makes me feel like i am 15 again
  2. lifehack, dont behead people in the name of your imaginary friend and you most likely wont be arrested as often
  3. he is such a disloyal ****, hope he ****s off to nascar one day he will fit in there looks like scott will be off to indycar next year, honestly will support him over there(hell i support him in v8's)
  4. this song taught me that if you kidnap a women and tie her to a chair in a forest and just yell at her then she will fall in love with you which is just fantastic advice
  5. its bathurst day, as long as someone who isnt shane wins then i'll be happy
  6. that is going to be a huge payout when we fire him in the first 6 months
  7. fantastic its Gosford drill, cant wait to see them at a central coast mariners match
  8. honestly my memory is shot i agree with that, i do remember some boring matches so i guess that is what i am basing that off but the league is(well was at the time and still is) full of boring matches i wouldnt complain about Merrick
  9. i would have posted this in the topic about how we just lost our coach but didnt want to **** post too much in there but i wonder how much us being **** is going to help these guys
  10. it is the world game so dont know how much we can trust it but seems like something our club would do
  11. honestly i was mostly thinking about his victory and wellington sides which were imo boring, forgot about newcastle
  12. that is true, i always found his kinda football boring but it mostly worked
  13. seriously what do we think of Jurgen Klinsmann? he was great in actua soccer 2 and has some decent coaching credentials but i cant imagine our club wanting to spend any money
  14. Markus Babbel doesnt appear to be doing anything........just saying
  15. thought this could help any male who wants to be able to effectively communicate with women with some of these smooth lines take notes i know this is an old topic
  16. i forget her name but i remember someone mocking a women driller over being murdered, seems like a very english thing to do, so they are out there but not very common and at least one of them is dead, in UK drill they dont **** around especially the likes of zone 2
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