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  1. i am thinking if someone gives one away its Troisi and yay we are already losing
  2. i guess its mostly because i was discovering my own musical taste back then so its kind of fond memories for me(not that i am a 2000's kid) such as song number 296 and 289 are songs i always enjoyed, maybe i wouldnt enjoy them if i didnt somewhat grow up with them though
  3. lol to be honest much of it i didnt like either, i dont acually have issues with coldplay tbh
  4. not sure what i am seeing here, but i'll take it, still could easily lose from here though but at least we are winning, great run from Bruce
  5. i agree but the main thing i really enjoy about that song is how she uses her voice in the chorus, just a huge ear worm(a good one) they are terrifying
  6. WARNING, this list contains a few seconds of a coldplay song, watch at your own risk
  7. Our goalkeeper has been amazing this season but that wasn't fantastic
  8. i just cant wait for him to race at monaco turn 1
  9. yay Celly14 is being released from prison earlier so going to be hearing him sooner than expected
  10. i have not heard this song for pretty much 10 years but i remember it a lot, great song
  11. lol i love all the amusing facts you are bringing us Davo if the guy wasnt a massive tool(for example if it was Yuki crashing out on the 3rd corner of his first race) i would feel really sorry for him but since mazepin is a horrible person all i will do is laugh speaking of yuki tsunoda, i am so glad he is in the series, seems like a really nice guy
  12. lol Mazepin did have a great race though, he almost lasted 3 corners
  13. while he did get a decent amount of luck oscar piastri won his first race in formula 2 in only his 2nd race, impressive, i was just happy for him to get a podium while i said he did get a good amount of luck and he did if he wasnt there then he obviously wouldnt have been able to take advantage of the luck and Daniel got 6th in quali which is pretty good but Max got pole so hell yes
  14. I mean we will still lose but at least that goal didn't count
  15. You would think so but it is the a league I heard a swear word on the telecast I am offended
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