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Everything posted by Neverbloom

  1. he is doing a really good job so far
  2. speed and harper are painful, agreed our goalkeeper did very well
  3. we dont look very good but we still look better than that stupid haircut
  4. looks like it might be another Lopar vs sydney fc moment..........but without Lopar
  5. i could easily just post the text of this joke but her reaction makes it funnier
  6. great song but i associate this song with 2 deaths
  7. this guy is a knob but he can really rap
  8. jay-z added pretty much nothing to this song
  9. dido is an awesome singer
  10. lol i miss the chaser, the chasers war on everything was such a good show all seriousness i never thought i would see anything like this
  11. that is true all countries bullshit, just china at the moment does it slightly more than most speaking of bullshit, trump fans have gone rabid, well more rabid than usual
  12. i feel so sorry for china, they just couldnt quite get the paperwork ready for the investigation team, must be a very embarrassing accident
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