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  1. Neverbloom

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Russia love their creepy radio transmissions the first woman in space is really creepy if its not fake
  2. Neverbloom

    Mental Health Thread 2

    well for every given year i get 6 months doing work for the dole, 6 months not doing work for the dole
  3. Neverbloom

    Mental Health Thread 2

    its the goverment's decision i think abbott might have implemented it, pretty much 6 months i do 4 days a week from 9 till 4 ish, your job agency picks where you do it, they pick your days, they pick what kind of work you do, you just kinda turn up and do whatever you are meant to
  4. Neverbloom

    Mental Health Thread 2

    nah work for the dole is over, honestly for me i had to do 4 days a week which isnt too much but the problem with work for the dole at least for me 4 days a week is exhausting for me right now, 0 days a week means i just stay home and do nothing and isolate myself, if i could do 2 days a week for the entire year instead i would prefer that it would force me to go out but not overload me but sadly its not that flexible and yes i know 4 days a week really isnt that much
  5. Neverbloom

    Mental Health Thread 2

    the past few days have been a bit less good but not bad, life feels so empty and meaningless, its the same stuff over and over and there is not much i want to do so its not like i can have fun doing other things because there is not many things that i enjoy, but things are not too bad just life is boring i guess i can see things from both points of view, a lot of people with mental health issues are convinced that the world and their loved ones are better off without them, while most likely not true they have convinced them self, its a fact to them, i am not saying this is for all people but its a very common thought for a lot of people in that mindset, i am not excusing his actions but sadly for people with those thoughts they can get tortured by their own thoughts that everyone hates them and everyone would be better off if they were dead, even if a loved one is constantly saying nice things to you its easy to convince yourself that they are being nice and dont mean what they are saying its even worse for people who hear voices(lucky for me i have had some auditory hallucinations but they are rare as in 3 times in my life or so) but some people get constant voices usually very negative or insulting voices
  6. Neverbloom

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    looks like the cove is out in force, about 6 people sitting down making no noise
  7. Neverbloom

    Motorsports Thread

    Official MotorSports Thread General Discussion Thoughts on all things motorsports. The incoming teams in the V8s, racing happenings and the results of the latest finishes. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ i love motorsport so feel free to talk about it in here very excited about this year, with indycar having new cars, formula one is so open this year and so exciting, V8 Supercars is good as usual and FIA GT1 World championship is good too anyone a fan in motorsports? if so which?
  8. in his defense he made the same impact off the pitch that he did on the pitch
  9. i do feel bad for greenwood, not the debut he deserved, there was a plus i am happy that fathead scored for us again it just feels right for him to score our goal.......not much else to be positive about
  10. that is what you have to look forward to mariners fans next season
  11. Neverbloom

    Jack Greenwood

    despite conceding 3 i think he had a pretty good debut
  12. these fans are idiots, what do they think we are doing time wasting? .........it would be different if we were ahead but these people are idiots
  13. that tackle was painful to look at, kevin muscat would be proud
  14. its a sad state of affairs when you are happy majok is coming on
  15. i love public humiliation usually, being put on a leash and walked down church street like a dog naked that kind of thing, but this kind of humiliation just doesnt do it for me
  16. what the hell is happening? getting destroyed by the mariners is not what i expected i actually feel bad for greenwood
  17. well yes but it happens a billion times a match so maybe some consistency would be nice
  18. matt simon scored against us........we need to fold as a club