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  1. Neverbloom

    Lachlan Scott

    i thought aspro was a massive loss.........but then i saw some of his recent performances
  2. honestly its weird for me because i was born in liverpool, partly grew up in cabramatta, spent quite a bit time around prairiewood, so i do have a connection with south west sydney so i think for me they will kinda be a team i support whenever they are not against the wanderers, wont buy any merch, will not buy a membership considering their stadium is further away for me than sydney fc are but i think i'll just kinda watch them on tv and support them from afar also will be very excited for the derbies
  3. Neverbloom

    Lachlan Scott

    yea mate i am very embarrassed we are losing him because he is signing with real madrid right?
  4. Neverbloom

    Lachlan Scott

    told you he was always a trash player
  5. Neverbloom

    Abraham Majok Chant

    my internet search history?.......
  6. the past 2 matches i complained about riera on facebook when they announced riera was starting and both times we won, so you can say roly lead us to victory........but it was all me
  7. its funny how i didnt notice that in the live broadcast but when i look back its clear to see :p
  8. what the hell was that? really liked roly
  9. i have not been this confused since i saw a shirtless picture of kerem bulut
  10. even our medical staff are stylish
  11. honestly he has had a great match
  12. bugger he should have caught that imo
  13. riera is a god........i never doubted him
  14. oh ******* riera is starting but at least we are in black and gold
  15. i am so nervous that riera is going to start
  16. really hope black, that is a class kit, no one likes the white kit
  17. just saw a video of them making the stadium lighting red......i approve
  18. that lighting is sexy as ****, seriously looks good though
  19. Neverbloom

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    agreed honestly if you look at my posts last season(i dont recommend you looking at any of my posts ) i hated him he was terrible(this season its reira) honestly i think our entire squad is inconsistent sometimes we look decent other times........not so much
  20. Neverbloom

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    he is one of our best players right now
  21. Neverbloom

    The Matilda's, Australian Woman's national football team

    this is such a ******* weird story
  22. Neverbloom

    Babbel Out?

    to be fair it wasnt our best ever win