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  1. for me the main thing i have noticed is AI.......good god the AI is terrible, the issue i have with the Mako is its so slow(even with the new boost) and climbing mountains can be horrible, and pretty much every section using the mako is repetitive as hell and has zero story but its somewhat improved with some of the DLC(at least the asteroid mission, but the proximity mines in that is terrible so some good with some bad) when it comes to the Mako i just put on some youtube and listen to that while playing through those mind numbing sections, just like i do with borderlands 3(that s
  2. i personally just cant get enough of mass effect 1, 2 and 3(especially 2 and 3 along with the DLC), as much as i loved apex legends and years ago overwatch i cant see myself returning to anything multiplayer anytime soon, put too much pressure on myself which is not good for my stress levels but despite it being very dated(well 1 at least, 2 and 3 hold up pretty well) i remembered why i have played so much mass effect before, yes some of its nostalgia but its still a great series imo, i do wish some of the more major decisions had more impact though
  3. you know why the A-league has had decreased crowds and ratings recently? its the ******* A league all stars, they have not played for many years and suddenly ratings and crowd numbers are down, the clowns in charge dont have a clue that we need to use the love and admiration for the A-league all stars to start dominating the sporting landscape here
  4. that would have been an amazing goal oof keeper might be down
  5. indy 500 starting soon, i mean for me its just another race but i happen to be up, MOTO GP was pretty good, so hopefully so will Indycar, got a coffee ready because i am tired
  6. honestly i did a bit of research before i posted, i didnt mean to sound disrespectful saying i didnt know him i just dont know anyone from Moto3, i just didnt want to sound like one of those leeches who pretend like they knew they rider forever and using their name for attention 19 is way too young, lucky we dont have to post about deaths often in this but sadly it sometimes happens
  7. RIP Jason Dupasquier, honestly never heard of him but any death in motorsport is sad
  8. would anyone know how to put together a simple slideshow for a youtube video? for some reason my father wants me to put together a slideshow of old ambulances and put it on youtube and i am not sure where to start, i assume its not going to be too difficult but i dont know
  9. i like this Aboriginal guy on Q&A, what has happened has happened but all we can do is make the future better for all of us
  10. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ExaltedThinIcelandichorse-mobile.mp4
  11. we have had dodgy form for like 6 seasons straight so not much has changed there
  12. younger me would have been against facebook shutting down conspiracy theories about vaccines because i thought let everyone talk and sanity will prevail but sadly its been proven that is not how things work, still if they block conspiracy theories or try to give facts that prove the theories wrong it wont make much a difference so its a lose lose situation
  13. sorry it took a while to reply, first of all thank you for all the support it took me to get me to my lowest to get to a much better place, dont get me wrong i am not dancing around all happy but i dont feel bad, making changes to especially improve my health with most of my family support(my 2 parents at least), i have decided to focus on relaxation since anxiety is what got me to call the emergency services, very much limiting my alcohol intake but not for the actual alcohol but for the caffeine i have because i always have it with pepsi
  14. honestly not feeling much about this loss so yay, i remember when they used to hurt
  15. this match scares me, but last derby scared me so what do i know
  16. thank you i know my mind is never going to be alright, i mean depression and anxiety has existed since i was under 7 years old and i have issues i have not dealt with which i didnt even know were issues until recently but while its a slow process i am on new meds which help me so far, i am more taking control of my diet, i no longer fear a mental health ward if i ever need to go back, and i feel pretty calm, this calmness wont last forever and maybe those extreme panic attacks will return however i got a lot more resources and hope and i only got positives from that trip
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