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  1. i know what you mean at the end of the day its the scams i hate the most not because i am getting caught out but because i know others are getting caught out, i have counted at least 10 calls from telemarketers today even if the conversation is only for 10 seconds its exhausting with so many
  2. i want to throw my phone at a wall(home phone) just endless calls and all of them telemarketers, i have anxiety leave me alone
  3. i will donate if i can you are doing good work
  4. that does make sense i did read about how it has a lot of resources and then it clicked but at first it seemed very random which honestly a lot of his idea's feel like, but at least this one made some sense
  5. the hell is with trump trying to buy greenland? this guy is more scatterbrain than me
  6. this is a nice jacket https://wanderersshop.com.au/nike/mensanthemjacket
  7. what the hell is death stranding? all i know is you can pee and i like that
  8. dont give me false hope........need for speed looks good again maybe reminds me of most wanted combined with underground, liked both
  9. honestly i didnt know about the interview all i saw was him hitting smith and then laughing and making jokes but i have not been paying full attention so maybe my post has been created from ignorance..........in my defense i didnt read anything to do with news LTD so credit where credit is due
  10. i dont know if this has been mentioned but i really do not like archer at all, ******* scary considering what has happened to hughes but nah he just stands at the other end laughing and making jokes.......pretty much all the other english players did show some form of class at least
  11. do orgy's count as team sports? because that would be a sport i would very much like to be involved in seriously though thank you i should honestly do some more team sports, its not the most physical but i used to do lawn bowls and it was very fun(and it is a team sport), i currently do go karting which is not very team based but i'll try to get involved in team stuff next year, right now i am more focused on trying to make and keep friends i know i am not the most easy person to get along with hence why i have no friends but i also know i have improved and i can improve more
  12. Pio and Saba were such sad cases for us because both could have done a lot better but it just didnt happen
  13. thank you i might try via usb or just try to pause it and restart, lucky not a huge issue but still would prefer its in sync
  14. thanks maybe its just my cheap speaker or my crappy computer honestly doesnt bother me too much but i just wasnt sure why it was a few seconds behind
  15. yesterday i got myself a cheap wireless bluetooth speaker just so i dont have to use headphones all the time, what i have noticed is the audio is usually a few seconds behind the visuals, is that normal? honestly its not a huge issue at all i was just curious
  16. in borderlands 3 there is a character called Marcus and you can make your characters head look like a bobble version of his head and i think its name is Marcus Bobble.......the first time i looked at that i thought it was a reference to our coach for a second
  17. lol i hope so seriously though no hate for toll i asked if they could send it to my closest pick up point and the package is already 15 minutes away from me so cant complain about them i just thought their depot would be closer cant wait to play my new game that doesnt exist though
  18. i have a package Toll currently has, i thought that is fine i'll just pick it up from their closest depot to me, i live around windsor........their depot is at bankstown airport......so yea....no
  19. this looks awesome, doesnt mean it will be awesome though
  20. i been having dreams more often recently at least remembering them, i had a dream that there was this new video game which i really enjoyed playing, woke up excited to play my new video game.......it wasnt real....i didnt play it because you cant play things that dont exist
  21. Neverbloom

    Music Thread 3

    finally a vocalist who doesnt suck
  22. while i am not hugely into WWE games shut your mouth was such a good game, i'll watch if i happen to be up at the time
  23. at least one turned out alright .......well on the current race that was sucky
  24. i just googled it to make sure it wasnt fatal and then watched it......just wow i feel bad for Wayne he kinda just decided to run head first into his bike, i mean i understand his reaction he was just trying to get off the circuit as soon as possible which makes sense, glad the guy recovered i am surprised that kinda thing does not happen more often i remember the crash with marco simoncelli that was hard to watch and sadly came the same week in which dan wheldon was killed, very sad week for motorsport
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