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  1. anti domestic violence song, music can be so powerful
  2. sadly i can imagine this is true, disasters bring out both the worst and best in people and right now we are seeing a lot of the worst
  3. i remember after rodney king there was a truck driver called reginald denny, bunch of people swarmed his truck threw him out and started beating the hell out of him they were angry and had every right to be angry but why take it out on some random truck driver, if you are going to riot and beat the **** out of someone make sure its not an innocent person because that just makes the situation worse
  4. in the current climate this song works perfectly(well at least in the US climate)
  5. lucky people have posted resources but i hope you are alright Kitto
  6. i love both songs so i have to like this now this is just funny
  7. good, the fact that the queen herself wants those palace letters impossible to read till 2027 is dodgy as hell
  8. lol its funny how most people dont know what its about speaking of which here is the original version with lyrics it was created in 1337 A.D so it has to be the original version
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