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  1. for a change hamilton had a right to complain about his tyres those last 3 laps were nuts
  2. earlier i made a post like a week ago complain about the BLM protests, complaining that its too soon and i stand by that but in germany thousands are protesting against covid 19 restrictions are you ******* kidding me? at least the BLM's protestors were protesting something that is a massive issue, yes restrictions are not ideal but its more ideal then getting covid 19 and dying, complete and utter lunacy and considering my personality i know a lot about lunacy
  3. who else wants a science lesson by nick cannon? apparently melanin comes with compassion and soul......... and people who dont have as much lack compassion its science
  4. i agree to an extent, we were **** but the referee wasnt good either we really need to learn how to kill off matches when we are up a man
  5. honestly never heard of futurefunk but i'll check more of it out, oddly enough reminded me of sludge metal somewhat as the beat has a specific kind of repetition but a repetition that is kind of hypnotic
  6. dont care how **** this song is, i am really vibing with it the japanese version is also awesome
  7. how was Prendergast in our last match? tbh i missed it and its not repeated because of how much foxtel cares about the a league
  8. i am sorry i didnt know such a condition exists, i hope the best happens because no creature deserves to have to go through that, you are a saint for trying to help him so much
  9. posted it in the music topic but here it is honestly somewhat disappointed me but purely because i don't remember the audio sounding quite as low quality but maybe its a youtube thing, just not as clear sounding as a remember
  10. trying to find a specific obscure song by a japanese rock ish band is difficult when you dont understand any japanese especially when they have billions of songs EDIT: yay found it
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