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  1. i am a bit late but hopefully this can be helpful in the future, looking at the mensline website it does have a lot of different resources, have not actually read any of the resources yet because right now i dont need them but still worth talking about because it might be helpful
  2. my dog who had a seizure has been prescribed puppy food which is food to fatten her up(she has lost 7 kg in the past year), tastes better than normal food apparently so my dog is over the moon with her new food
  3. trump doesnt even pretend to be christian so its weird people think he is
  4. yellowstone has had 11 earthquakes in the past 24 hours, this could get far worse very soon, that said apparently they have somewhere between 700 to 3000 earthquakes a year there so maybe its nothing but i read they are getting a bit stronger so god knows
  5. so far i have seen one video of police being good and de-escalating a situation which would have gotten bad and about 50 of them being abusive and making things worse, they are not even trying to hide their shitty behaviour, its tiring enough just to watch this from the other side of the world
  6. i heard people say it was a right wing tv station faking the entire event to stir up trouble but i honestly doubt that, there are shitty people on any side politically but yes not a huge fan of antifa, they should meet trump and his nutcase fans and have a good fight for our amusement
  7. saw a video of rioters setting fire to a homeless person's possessions because **** that guy i guess
  8. i felt mean for finding this funny but there is a video out of a couple being stopped by the police(about 10 of them in full riot gear) and the couple were returning from a protest and they kept using the taser on them despite them cooperating and lucky a few of the police were fired for the incident but the mayor of the area said they found the video shocking really? that is the word you wanted to use? i found the word amusing because of the situation but not the situation funny because that is yet another case of police brutality then there are videos of police using rubber bullets on people who are in their front yards just sitting there, they are not really trying hard to make things better for them
  9. anti domestic violence song, music can be so powerful
  10. sadly i can imagine this is true, disasters bring out both the worst and best in people and right now we are seeing a lot of the worst
  11. i remember after rodney king there was a truck driver called reginald denny, bunch of people swarmed his truck threw him out and started beating the hell out of him they were angry and had every right to be angry but why take it out on some random truck driver, if you are going to riot and beat the **** out of someone make sure its not an innocent person because that just makes the situation worse
  12. in the current climate this song works perfectly(well at least in the US climate)
  13. lucky people have posted resources but i hope you are alright Kitto
  14. i love both songs so i have to like this now this is just funny
  15. good, the fact that the queen herself wants those palace letters impossible to read till 2027 is dodgy as hell
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