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  1. more racism from the AFL? that is a big surprise, and yes they should be charged
  2. wendy on her typical power trip Telsta had to post a video about how 5g does not spread COVID-19, it annoys me how they actually needed to do that
  3. He must have gotten angry that I gave Duke the title of Australian Messi
  4. honestly she isnt bad to look at while the wanderers are really bad to look at
  5. this post is brought to you by raid shadow legends
  6. here is my deep and well thought out analysis of the match we were not very good
  7. on the podium with his car would be lucky but would also be a hell of an achievement, its a pity he got so close cant stop watching this video both daniel and lando are awesome
  8. for a change hamilton had a right to complain about his tyres those last 3 laps were nuts
  9. lets all mock kayne west
  10. earlier i made a post like a week ago complain about the BLM protests, complaining that its too soon and i stand by that but in germany thousands are protesting against covid 19 restrictions are you ******* kidding me? at least the BLM's protestors were protesting something that is a massive issue, yes restrictions are not ideal but its more ideal then getting covid 19 and dying, complete and utter lunacy and considering my personality i know a lot about lunacy
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