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  1. Swarth

    Vedran Janjetovic

    canning a player for one on field mistake is harsh tbh, should we have canned bridge for missing that pen in the derby?
  2. far too much positivity...........doesnt work on the forum
  3. if vedran didnt lose us the match something or someone else would have tbh
  4. honestly this, i cant imagine us making the finals this season, on the plus side that means they will fire babbel because they set the precedent with gombau
  5. i knew we were going to lose that derby, i know we will lose the next derby its hard to have any passion when your team is completely hopeless, i wish i did care more but its difficult to
  6. the cove are doing the poznan and its the 82nd minute, they must feel very silly right now
  7. do you like pain? do you like feeling hopeless and like nothing will ever improve? then become a wanderers supporter today with your membership pack you will get bleach, lots and lots of bleach
  8. sydney fc dont look very good considering
  9. i should be angry and depressed about this......but i am really not
  10. we're dominating the game-corica well obviously you are a man up captain obvious
  11. honestly i never seen the bloke play but he cant be worse than our defense