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  1. Maybe it's his job to look at it 24/7 smh these days..
  2. Maybe ty as well fam. But ive had enough of him blood. Wenger out blood.idgaf robbie wenger out now fam.
  3. But one person saying meh ill pay its only x amount. Means there are 3000000 ppl who would be saying msame thing. It all adds up
  4. I may be late but does anyone still play destiny on ps4? Not looking for any hate comments. Just a few raid friends to go through a few raids. Cheers.
  5. Currently playing witcher 3. Best game. The gwent mini game is a game in itself! When you start off dont forget to collect gwent cards from merchants!
  6. My gc is lagging now when i built my pc it was a beast!. 2x gtx 580s Core I7 2600k overclockd to 4.5ghz 16gig ram 1tb ssd (found anything less was a waste) 2tb hdd backup No,you can just see more of his bs but in 4k and crystal clear
  7. How many times till ppl understand. ea.. they wont change until you ppl stop buying their games. If you see an ea logo dont buy it!
  8. its called EA...ill let you know about my review of the game but thats in the dlc part of the review which you must purchase to find out... possibly the worst gaming company to exist. them and ubisoft. money hungry.
  9. You need an answer for that? Really? Its the ffa..
  10. Swear that gwent game on witcher 3 is another game in itself..quality
  11. I think this console generation has been poor.. lacking quality games.
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