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  1. I have been asked to watch injury time in the other room. Lol. Victory lap around the house coming up.
  2. There's nothing like an ageing overlapping fullback collapsing with a torn hamstring.....
  3. Will take that. Any win is a good one. Thought Duke was very good with and without the ball when he came on. Time for him to start...
  4. it's probably cheaper to laundry black shorts........
  5. we can solve everything in one day...but the window is closed...bugger https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/turkish-club-elazigspor-break-record-by-signing-22-players-on-transfer-deadline-day/news-story/ac064bc0273404ffb9826dff0e380612
  6. Am home and dry with a strong drink and a keyboard.....I know this is a rant, but if you care deeply about something you cannot standby and watch it slowly die. I went early tonight to watch the Y League GF and watched a team that tried hard but unfortunately was outclassed on the night. Well done boys on a fine season, the first team could learn a lot from you. As for the the first team.... Newcastle had scored fewer goals than anyone this season so I was hopeful. All I witnessed was a 7th straight loss at home and the worst performance I have ever seen from the club I love. I cannot comment on the 2nd half as I was on the train home...but the first half was a disgrace. That is the first time I have ever left at half time, despite threatening to do so before. It was without doubt the most insipid, gutless and clueless performance I have seen in my 7 years as a Wanderers member. In my somewhat educated footballing opinion Roly and Bachus were the only ones having a go. Everybody else should hang their heads in shame. The atmosphere tonight was more funeral than football. God only knows how many ESFC, the Tards and the Glory will score against us As for the management.... The club is rotten from the the head down. Mr Lederer please walk away, and take all your mates with you. In 4 seasons under your watch we have gone from Asian Champions to the joke of the league. The track record under your ownership is pathetic. We have gotten progressively worse every year under your regime. Poor coaching appointments, even worse recruiting, allowing our best assts to leave or selling them and the shameful treatment of our most passionate fans is a reflection of your lack of understanding of football. You make Mike Ashley, Ellis Short and Ken Anderson look like gods. Large corporations in our situation restructure from the top down. Now is the time to start, with yourself at the head of the queue. I see the crowd posted was marginally over 7000 again. BULLS**T, lucky to have been 4000 and I reckon half of them were there for for the Y League game. Earlier in the week I posted that we as fans should NEVER GIVE UP. I still feel the same way. I feel much better now, and have talked the better half into attending next week against Mariners. She has concerns for my safety if I go on my own again.
  7. This made me feel better, we are not alone...#2 is my favourite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtsFr4L82KI
  8. That is a very, very good idea
  9. I am watching Sunderland till I die, same **** different continent.
  10. And that makes it 4-0. Heading to the station. Lucky it's raining, will hide the tears. Enough is enough.........
  11. Then there would have been 2 people sitting quietly...in different rooms. 1 rocky relationship is enough at the moment...😁
  12. At 11pm last night, after sitting quietly on my own for an hour, the better half asks "if they make you so unhappy, why do you keep watching them??" I still don't have an answer to her question or to any of the many other questions in this topic..........but I will be there Friday night. Our team needs us more than ever. NEVER GIVE UP.
  13. Agree 100%. Not going to comment on VAR. In the NFL they review every scoring play, why not do the same ? Or did they? If they did, that's even worse. However, for me the real issue is as follows... Friday nite was the 4th home game in a row I went on my own. In my row I counted 20 consecutive vacant seats on my left and 12 on my right. I pay for 4 season tickets for my family. Even allowing for Wanderland 2.0 next season, 2 members out my 4 have indicated they are not interested in being members anymore. It appears, based on last 2 home games, that 1/2 (maybe more) of our membership can't even be bothered turning up anymore, let alone attracting casual supporters. It's all well and good to trumpet on about spending $30mil on HQ's, acadamies and youth for the future, but remember..."it ain't a party if no one shows up". Last 3 home game crowds were 7,062 v Tards, 7,288 v Phoenix, 7,104 v Adelaide. I call bullsh!t on all 3 figures. Checked records and could not find a club that had 3 home games in a row with crowd figures so close together in league history. Was at all 3 games and IMO there was nowhere near 7000 at any of them. Does anyone else think there was more people on Fri night than against tards in round 11? Or that the Phoenix crowd was bigger on a stormy nite? Is 7000 the magic number we can't go under for attendance at SOP?. Are they that dumb that they thought no one would notice? Dear Mr Lederer and Mr Tsatsimas what is your plan to correct this problem? Do you acknowledge there is even a problem? If not, start a 2nd career A League refereeing, you'll fit right in. I do not blame the players for everything, have been happy with performances since xmas. Casuals come and go according to team results, but when the members stop coming.... Houston, we have a problem. Won't be standing by waiting for a reply from either, may be walking the other way.........and as a foundation member that breaks my heart.
  14. I still have faith too. But it's not easy. Wet and sober at pergatory with about 5000 others at most. Only like coming here when socceroos play.