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  1. When I saw our squad I was going to be happy with a 0-0 draw. Especially after the first half. Urawa were smart. Like others have mentioned they started wide in the first half then attacked directly and with speed in the second. Their crosses and first touch attack on ball the pummeled our lackluster defence. My thought is that Popa wanted to play the B squad who haven't had much (or any) match time against the team most likely to top our group and see how they go in game 1 as he has 5 other games to sort his squad and show the players how defensively deficient they were. After we
  2. I did just spend an hour of my work day watching it. Will watch it again when I get home. Great work Erebus If anyone from the club reads this. If this is on DVD I WILL BUY IT!!!
  3. yes, likely we'll be restricted I've already got a 3m x 1m Western Sydney going, so most of rest will be smaller I've sent to PM about registering with club great you are part of our away tour see you in Riyadh Hi Pablo. I'll be taking a regular small flag (sans pole) with me as well. If you need a hand with taking anything I think I'll be travelling pretty light so should have some kilos in my luggage available. Just PM me with anything. I'm in Katoomba so can do a pickup. I don't fly out until Friday night (Sydney time). If not I'll see you in Riyadh.
  4. Flights booked for Japan. Just waiting on reply for accomodation and tickets package from Sportslink I'm normally non-active but I'll try pull my weight for this one
  5. I'd be interested in this. Flights already booked. I arrive Monday 31st and depart Friday 4th April. Single room. I'd also be interested in a day tour to Mount Fuji I've sent you an email from your website.
  6. Just PM'ed you the code for the presale. Thanks LMC Tickets in the Away Non Active are already up to Row H in Bay 22
  7. Ok this is getting annoying. I havent received an email with the code. I think it's because I didnt make the first Jets away game this season. Plus they have delayed the ticket sales until tomorrow now. What's up with their ticketing system??? "Match day ticket sales for Western Sydney Wanderers Supporter Bays (Bays 10, 11, 21, 22) will be on sale Friday 17th January"
  8. They mauled us again like in the pre season with the quick transitional counter. Plus turning our defenders inside. Brisbane did the same. If you dont play Spira don't play Heffernan.
  9. I never want to see this back line combination against any AFC match. They are just sooooo slow. Why didnt he bring Allessi?
  10. Dez

    Tomi Juric

    Came accross this Channel 7 interview this morning from the weekend. Didn't see it posted anywhere else. Comparisons are made to Mark Viduka http://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/20717288/tomi-juric-the-rising-star/
  11. New update. Just went onto PROticket and the date has changed "Match day ticket sales for Western Sydney Wanderers Supporter Bays (Bays 10, 11, 21, 22) will be on sale Thursday 16th January"
  12. For all the nerds in the audience I did find this article which may explain some of the Eden Park "smarts". Brief article talks about interactive displays for supporters and sponsors "improved fan experience" through technology plus improved ticketing. Mentions reducing the 27 entrances to 4 key entries. Maybe someone who has been to Eden Park recently (since the 2010 upgrades) might comment if it has worked. http://www.istart.co.nz/index/HM20/PC0/PVC197/EX245/AR214035 Thanks for comprehensive update Mack
  13. It's really about the Victory trying to build it's member base more than anything. Especially playing the "glamour club" Western Sydney (not my quote from article below). Be good to show them what a real football team is like. Looks like they are acknowledging the lack of seating too: The Twin Ovals do not have a grandstand, but Boulous said work with the council would see temporary seating and marquees set up around the ground. "We'll configure the ground so that it is friendly to where people will be sitting along the major hill area so that it creates a decent atmosphere and a g
  14. Sorry to get back on topic. But this might have been missed as it was in the SMH and a Mariner's article. But you might have more company in Gosford if the RBB receive an official invitation to attend. The Mariners are hoping they can pull some out-of-town support to Bluetongue Stadium for the first leg against Guangzhou on May 15. Turnbull said he will pen a letter to the supporter groups from the three other NSW A-League teams, urging them to get behind the Mariners as they aim for the quarter-finals. ''We are happy if they wear their club colours, and in fact it would be a great sign
  15. Every away game I've worn my away jersey to we have won. Since it's at the smurf village I'll be wearing it again. Hopefully for the win. I'll wear the home jersey the rest of the weekend
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