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  1. Sime11

    West Coast Collapse

    I swear there were multiple shirt pulls on us when we countered in the 2nd half and they also went unpunished, how the **** franjic didn’t get carded is beyond me.... nishimura curse is well and truly alive peeps 😤
  2. Sime11

    West Coast Collapse

    Ziegler to DM? I reckon he'd do the job on Friday
  3. As we grow into the game without conceding, we get better, however once we concede, the floodgates open.... conceding 3 at minimum tonight.
  4. maybe Vedran has a trust issue with Hammill... it doesn't seem coincident that majority of goals conceded come does his side or he's involved somehow....
  5. its gonna be beautiful when it happens
  6. Its happening Announcer: Oriol Crowd - RIERA !!!!!!!!!!
  7. im feeling good today - we're gonna win !!!! those who are still deciding whether to attend - not an option, get to the game - boring as batshit watching at home - the Bloc's atmosphere since moving further back in the stands is working a treat - good to hear the Bloc sound intimidating
  8. my sister works for his Dad - she told me that Paul was very disappointed that Jonathan didn't stay at WSW.... i take it that Jonathan wanted to get out on his own and make his own way. hopefully he'll come back to the Red n Black
  9. Victory still paying $2 to win - free money peeps. #playtheyouth would be good but wont happen, if we hold Victory to less than 3, would be the best worst result.... i genuinely fear 5-0 is on the cards..... everyone who rocks up deserves a scarf from the club at least... this will be hard
  10. Sime11

    Unhappy New Year

    we still have a selfish player mentality, no selflessness or "for the team" mentality, the difference in team attitude in watching us go a man down compared to Adelaide & City doing the same speaks volumes.... we were very lucky to get a point against Adelaide, we were being dominated yet had an extra man advantage..... I don't like being Critical but Baumjohann has really disappointed in the past 2 games, extra man advantage, he has the skill to run riot... yet he doesn't.... and can someone cross a fn ball into the box.... they train for hours every day of the week in preparation for a match, surely its not that hard to deliver a half decent ball into the box... and Riera looking up just as he's about to hit his penalty, talking about giving away your Poker hand....
  11. you'd always take a draw playing away but yet again we do everything we can to bottle it ....
  12. we're fn ****.... total fluke our 2nd goal - we done absolutely fk all since that goal.... even with a fn extra man - and a 10 day break ffs....
  13. its different tonight, finally luck going our way with the pen recovery & the red card. ours to lose from here - id take a point but we really should be getting 3 points here now. adelaide used all subs - only an injury away from going down to 9 COYW !!!!!