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  1. If he persists with 3 at the back, Ziggy Tass and Natta isn’t atrocious, the fact that McGowan and Ziegler are gone gives me confidence.
  2. Can Schwegler come out of retirement and back to WSW?
  3. no to ABJ - we need to weed out the lazy players in our club that have come through the past 5 or so years. get your defence and that dreaded word "mentality" right and you're already a shoo in for the finals. need more leadership and holding everyone (coaching team included) accountable. throw a few more youth in this season - it was refreshing watching Natta, Aquilina & co getting regular gametime this season.
  4. If that’s the case, we should build a squad that the majority represents local players from Western Sydney. If the quality is going to be bad, let’s at least have a team where the players represent our area.
  5. Go back to our roots, someone from Western Sydney, hell give Dean Heffernan a crack, the way he has turned around the w-league squad is no fluke.
  6. Majority of the squad should be sacked too, if your coach falls on his sword, your not doing enough to justify your contract at the club. The lack of effort in chasing was evident yet again tonight, the fact that we needed another VAR drama to fire the squad up shows they are mentally weak and not deserving to wear the shirt.... it’s a disgrace
  7. More than babbel should be sacked imo, too much mediocrity with on field performances since old parra was demolished - I think if babbel goes, so should Tsatsmatis.... Change for the better though imo - don’t change just for the sake of it ... next manager has to be better than babbel and realistically available and wants to come here...
  8. Every year I live in hope that a-league players will develop their first touch to a reasonable standard... and every year I’m disappointed 🤬
  9. Taurus is impressed - the player comes with decent pedigree 🙏
  10. impressive for either to come in and gain captaincy within pre-season, but does seem frustrating that existing players havent done enough to warrant captaincy (Duke the exception)
  11. Duke - the way he demanded effort since coming in January and the corresponding response from the squad, its a no brainer IMO
  12. i needed 1 more card to complete my 5 leg multi.... that brisbane challenge that went unnoticed late in the first half..... if that was one of our boys, its a red....
  13. Surely jets, Nixs and city looking over their shoulder now. If we beat Nixs, we should be pulling a decent crowd against City...
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