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  1. Duke - the way he demanded effort since coming in January and the corresponding response from the squad, its a no brainer IMO
  2. Fc to score a penalty paying $4.50 - free money peeps
  3. i needed 1 more card to complete my 5 leg multi.... that brisbane challenge that went unnoticed late in the first half..... if that was one of our boys, its a red....
  4. prefer Brattan to Troisi personally
  5. Surely jets, Nixs and city looking over their shoulder now. If we beat Nixs, we should be pulling a decent crowd against City...
  6. Quality shining through already, the duke Already on the way to become a club favourite - potential legend status... 4 years extension.... wouldn’t say no 😝
  7. Return of Poljak, disciplined, naturalised Aus and showed passion for the club On the other hand - when does Ugarkovic’s contract end with the jets?
  8. are we getting a Best & Worst this week ATB? pleaseeeeee
  9. Happy as a Schwein in Schweisse!!!! those pessimists with the 10 in a row; I’m starting to believe ⚫️🔴😃
  10. 3 year deal - MB indeed has huge faith 😝. With Baby baccus retained, likely to see O’Doherty moved on?
  11. at the half I noticed him encouraging every teammate as they were walking off the pitch, his enthusiasm is infectious and hopefully that will spread throughout the team. and then for him to show that enthusiasm when he came on was super refreshing, slowly but surely already winning the fans over
  12. I was in the same boat, but im attending this game... so to offset me attending (loss) to you not attending (win) = Draw on Saturday. tbh id take a 0-0 bore draw - I will celebrate a clean sheet as if it was a win
  13. with NYL now over, should we expect to see Grozos given a run?
  14. Babbel In - good luck trying to find a coach with a better pedigree than babbel - only replace if you have something better lined up. questions must be asked about his defensive mentality. He was a defender as a player, surely that would be the easiest part for to coach as that’s what his trade was... not expecting miracles with this squad defensively but just some solid defence that digs in and becomes a nuisance to opposition, not just dying in the arse like the past few months....
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