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  1. It seemed fine whenever I checked in (probably every 15 minutes or so). No lagging.
  2. Apologies if this has already been covered, but why is that the officials, with the assistance of the VAR, rule that for offside calls a ball is played when it leaves the foot, not when it’s first touched? I have heard some of the talking heads query this before, but didn’t catch an answer. I’m keen to know given split seconds matter and the VAR is taking some of the fun out of watching a striker beat the offside trap. If it’s just the way it is and the offside rule is based on when the ball leaves the foot and not when the kick commences, then so be it.
  3. At least they kept hold of your pack for you to collect. Mine was left fully exposed on the front doorstep, which led to let another complaint to AusPost 🙂. That said, at least with the availability of the digital membership cards I know the club could hopefully cancel a physical card and give me a replacement link for the digital wallet if required.
  4. Cool, I hoped it was something like that and not a worthless piece of metal (and knowing this club, the latter was a real possibility!)!
  5. What’s the deal with that key? Can we actually have it cut into something useful like a house key, or is it just another wasteful gimmick? Meanwhile, Canberra United in the W-League has flagged that we will be able to opt out of the membership pack and instead let the club make a donation to one of its community partners. I don’t mind this as an option, subject to knowing who the community partner may be - I’d much rather fund something related to local football or support a worthwhile women’s charity than get another pointless membership pack.
  6. Today must be Canberra-based fans appreciation day because they called me, too, and I let it go to voicemail given I was busy at work. They left a nice message but I couldn’t help wonder why they called... And now I know. At least I already bought my ticket to that game!
  7. He must be bored tonight or he has been tasked with getting out there on social media, because he has liked a bunch of my #wswanderers tagged Instagram posts dating back to April 2018
  8. The other point being missed here is that unpaid internships are also more likely to benefit those who have other forms of support or existing wealth - it’s a lot easier to work for free and “be strong enough mentally to break through” when you’re not constantly worried about your finances.
  9. We did get interrupted! There clearly wasn’t a separate online stream for the main TV game, so when they switched that broadcast it also stuffed around those of us on the app (me) and Kayo (others). I do understand why they switched things around on the TV stream, but next time I hope they do something to keep the online stream going so that we aren’t in a world where the rednecks and sea bogans are being shown on two streams at once.
  10. Yeah, not at all happy about the switching of games also impacting on the My Football app feed (Foxtel main game I get, but not the app). If I wanted to watch the sea bogans play the rednecks, I would have selected that feed in the first place! Edit: sorry, should have said that I was happy with what I saw (before Foxtel intervenes). I now wish I had planned ahead and made arrangements to drive up the Hume for the game.
  11. CM 01/02. Original player file. Selected Wolves in the old 1st Division. Everything started well. Finished second and achieved automatic promotion to the Premier League in my first season, despite expectations of simply being a mid-table Championship team. Second season, finished 16th in the Premier League, securing safety with a game or two to spare, which again outstripped the Board’s expectations of simply battling bravely. So far, so good. Third season, finished third in the Premier League and qualified for the Champions League. Again, the expectations were simply to not disgrace the team on the way back down. This is when things changed. The stadium expanded, I made a few too many acquisitions (Saha... I should have known he was always rubbish) and the heady heights of Europe pushed the Board into a different realm and expectations were high. From this point on an ongoing presence in Europe was a must. Near the end of the season I received my death note: “We are worried. Fans are protesting. But you have our total support.” By the end I finished 14th, comfortably avoiding relegation. Unfortunately the players, who for some reason could dominate games in terms of shots on goal but never put the bloody ball in the back of the net, played their hand and the Chair acted: “Players have lost confidence in you. The Chair says goodbye, effective immediately.” It has since been impossible to get another gig, possibly because I created my account with an Australian nationality. Not even the new Conference team accepted my application. It might be time to restart the game, or add a new manager account... Anyway, the take home message is - don’t over-reach and overhaul the squad with too many changes. Also try and avoid Europe for as long as possible, because once the Board gets the taste, they will never go back to life as it was before. TLDR? CM 01/02 is still a fantastic game, even after almost 20 years.
  12. Sorry, duplicate post.
  13. Eh, there’s something about Brattan that I don’t like, but he’s a good player with a winning attitude who would at least be playing for our team if he were to sign. Yeah, he looks like he is constantly whinging, but that can be overlooked if he’s frustrating other teams on our behalf. All that matters to me is that a player is committed when they sign a contract with the team. Whether it’s as a fallback or first choice, I really don’t care, so long as they perform on the pitch. I also don’t buy this concern about an ESFC attitude, because for me that means a desire to win, even if it means annoying other teams and their fans. Our club could use a little of that attitude.
  14. Re. the pitch, hopefully it’s not going to be a long, long time until it’s back to spec. But, at worst, the reputation of the ground as a premier location will still be standing, better than it ever did, after the concert. #itriedtoohard #butillstandbymyeffort
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