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  1. Brand new club, and their first game is ‘away’ in a derby that, in any other season at least, would attract many fans from the home team. What the hell is wrong with this league? Why not give the south west bogans a round 1 home game against a decent interstate team that will draw in a crowd but not be overloaded with opposition fans?
  2. Forget the sentimentality. Is a decent coach, or at least have the potential to be a decent coach? Hopefully he has either shown some potential (or even demonstrated ability; I have no idea what he has been doing since he stopped playing) or the salary is low enough to be worth a punt.
  3. I feel a little ripped off in terms of venting some false outrage - I only received the correct email advising that membership sales would be open soon (one that acknowledged I’m based interstate in the ACT, too), not a mistaken email suggesting I had already renewed and a pack is on its way ☹️. Anyway, I decided not to renew. Not worth it based on the team’s performances over most of the club’s life and the antics of the club over recent years. I may revisit my decision a few rounds into the season, but that’s unlikely. That all said (long sentence alert), the membership team seem to be doing the best they can in the current situation, so I really can’t fault the club staff on the frontline, no matter the decisions made by those higher up the chain to empty as many fans’ wallets as possible before coming out with alternative arrangements in light of the pandemic.
  4. I received a nice, personalised email from the club this evening (see further below). Autofill functions are always better when they go awry 🙂. Seriously, I have long wanted an option like this, so now it’s available I guess I should make use of it. How they went about this is terrible - relying on laziness or the romantics out there to renew at full price, and only then come out with a means to get the rest of us to consider our ongoing engagement with the club. I still don’t think a club that does something like this to its fan base really warrants our cash, but I really want those membership trinkets (plus it would be nice to maintain my foundation member status for another year).
  5. 27 December is the official start date - just received an official email from Canberra United advising both the A and W Leagues will start on the same date.
  6. I’m no doubt in the minority of minorities, but I’d take Arnold. It’s a mercenary game, and so long as the old whinger brings success I’ll be happy to have him on board.
  7. At least they were quick to also send an email to members this time around... Anyone have any additional intel on what’s going on?
  8. Yeah, but no. They are taking money because they know plenty of people will open their wallets out of a misplaced sense of loyalty (and because the clubs and league are up the creek full of crap without a cash injection), not because there’s a secret plan to restart the league sooner rather than later. It’s a reasonable business decision, if I’m honest, but also one that I am not willing to support at this time. Agreed on the membership team, though. They are just doing their job, and possibly only to the extent it’s covered by the JobKeeper payment.
  9. Rugby Union might be the one sport that’s a bigger basket case than football at the top level here in Australia, but they get it right at the local level, starting with Facebook streaming of local competitions (I’m fairly certain rugby league does something similar at the lower levels, too).
  10. Online (free) via NPL.tv, which I’m sure everyone else knew already about. https://www.npl.tv/en-au/playerpage/234432
  11. I almost missed Monday’s membership email update - Google could sense my disdain (or more accurately they monitored my email exchange with the club!) and sent the email to my junk folder. From the email: “We launched our renewal process to ensure that we can deliver membership packs on time, fulfil any seating allocation requests and respond to any general membership questions leading into the season.” In time for what? It looks like the club is doing all it can to address feedback from previous years regarding membership pack distribution, but without any regard to the fact we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and that people might be worried about other things (like their bank balance or certainty around what a membership will actually provide in terms of seating) and not whether or not their trinkets will arrive on time for a season that doesn’t yet have a start date. And that’s the positive spin, too, and leaves aside the fact that the club could have easily achieved all this with a deposit style scheme with full membership costs to be settled once seating arrangements and timing are confirmed.
  12. I thought I’d made the decision to go for a supporter membership to maintain my foundation member status, but would pay later (ie once there’s solid information on the new season). I then realised my donation to the owners would cost me $80. $80! It was $88 for a GA membership with Canberra United last season (W-League, yes, but it still came with a ‘seat’). I definitely don’t think this club is worth $80 at this stage.
  13. I received a very public service response to my email asking the club to confirm that we won’t be guaranteed a seat if we do renew - they simply said I’d be guaranteed a seat ahead of the general public. Very deliberate what was not said, which is that unfortunately there is no seat guarantee for renewing members, despite us being asked to pay for a full membership. I won’t be renewing, at least not now and not for a black category seat.
  14. How many nails can be hammered into the coffin before we all just give up? Kit stuff-up the latest fail from the FFA in the lead up to Australia (and NZ) hosting the 2023 Women’s World Cup.
  15. Mack has installed a language filter, right? Charging a full membership renewal fee for 15k plus members (at least I think that’s the number) and they might not be able to guarantee us all a seat once they factor in corporate attendees and away team tickets (that’s if the announcement of stadiums being at 50% capacity holds, too)... I’m approaching Malcolm Tucker levels of expression right about now. Extreme frustration aside, thanks for reaching out to the club and sharing your conversation. Much appreciated!
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