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  1. It was onside. Foxsports removed any doubt when they showed the lines on the local TV broadcast.
  2. Why didn’t we sign Berisha again? Too old? Over the hill?
  3. Interesting comment at the end of the ESFC game - under the new rules the handball in our game was a penalty, but a defender using their hand to inadvertently control the ball after the ball bounces up from their boot, in the box, is fine? I get why the handball rule changed to remove the notion of intent, but the remaining inconsistencies make no sense. And yes, Martin, Canberra May not make it, but at least I know they’ll score some goals along the way!
  4. Harper: “the ref should have let that go, and not try to be a hero.” Harper is a bloody fool, showing his bias quite clearly. The ref told Ninkovic to leave the pitch, and he didn’t, so the card was a reasonable outcome.
  5. As others have said, it wasn’t a robbery, it was an appropriate award for no final product in the first half and a poor tactical change near the end. I also think the ref was generally pretty reasonable and let the game flow for the most part. Even the penalty I accept - his lower arm was out sufficiently from his body for the VAR and ref to overturn the original call. Anyway, at least I can focus my attention on Canberra United for the remainder of the W-League season. Great imports and no six hour round trip.
  6. Yeah, that’s a penalty under the new rules. A yellow seems harsh, but bloody rules are bloody rules.
  7. Yeah, that’s fair, Mack, but I wouldn’t call that a bad, accidental challenge. The player’s arms were close to the body and Duke stepped under him when the player was in the air. The outcome for Duke was hardly great, but a red would be a bridge too far.
  8. Wellington might be allowing it, but we’re looking alright at the moment. Agree that the ref is generally letting the game flow, too. Now let’s wait for the implosion...
  9. Perfect night to watch some football down in Canberra, but somehow I forgot all about the match (despite it being on my mind every other day this week) until 30 minutes had been played. At least Fox Sports have a couple of cameras at the ground... And Raso scores. 2-0 to the Roar.
  10. Christmas party season meant this weekend wasn’t a great time to head over to Auckland for the match, but Wellington in January is a possibility... Anyway, what happens will happen, and I’ll be watching it on Kayo with a drink in hand a voice ready to complain about the referee. I’d usually complain about the commentators as well, but any Kiwi-based team has to be better than the usual dribble from Slater.
  11. Carrying on the conversation about rock pools (because we’re all over the football by now)... The pool down at Merewether beach is fantastic. What I’d give to be able to go for a swim there every morning.
  12. A silver lining - that final shot was a little too high. Edit: in the manager’s defence, it’s hard to imagine 3 or 4 players going to sleep on the pitch. Twice.
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