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  1. Bloody Brosque! Might as well go back to Game of Thrones (just finished season 1; I finally buckled and accepted the books will never be finished). I could still keep an eye on the game via PiP or the My Football app, but that would just be a distraction.
  2. If it’s the best stadium for the games, then just play it there. I’d rather the A-League get a good spectacle than worry about ESFC playing a couple of games at the stadium before the Wanderers (and if that makes me a traitor of sorts, then do be it :)).
  3. I’ll put forward the counter argument - 5.35pm on Saturday strikes me as the best time for a an away trip to Newcastle (or an way trip to Sydney for Newcastle fans) given it allows the majority of people a chance to return home at a semi-reasonable hour on the one day they both don’t have to work early or worry about work the following morning. If it means some people have to choose between playing or watching because the chosen Saturday coincides with the amateur season, then so be it, especially if it’s in the cooler part of the year. That all said I won’t be there - it’s a bit too far from Canberra.
  4. Generator

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Let’s see what happens next season at the ‘Nix, if Rudan remains at the club. Merrick did well for a year if I recall correctly, but things as per usual with Wellington went to crap in Merrick’s later seasons.
  5. So many pre-game posts... The excitement is infectious! I’m calling 7,356 through the gates tonight.
  6. Hopefully it’s not a terrible game. That’s about all I ask.
  7. ... brutally pragmatic. Hopefully they get something of value from the AFC for this given they have pissed all over football here in Australia in the process.
  8. Generator

    HAL 2018/19 Round 22

    That was insane.
  9. Generator

    Football Media Discussion 2

    It is on FTA... Just not until 12.30 tonight for some reason that I do not understand - it could be the SBS-Foxtel deal only covers competitive matches being broadcast on both channels live, or SBS made a bad call and decided not to screen it live on any of their channels. At least it’s being broadcast on Foxtel/Kayo/My Football app, plus the ABC is covering it on NewsRadio. Not perfect, but at least it’s an improvement on yesteryears.
  10. Generator

    A-league 18/19 Round 21

    2-0, and the Cove break the stadium (think Campbelltown...). I don’t really think much of security guards who staff sporting events, but I hope that one wasn’t hurt too bad by the collapsing fence. I try not to buy into the grand A-League conspiracy theories, but how the hell did Ninkovic escape a yellow for that challenge a few minutes ago, especially with the ref seemingly right there... Actual game aside, I don’t mind Leichhardt Oval. Limited capacity, yes, but perfect for the A-League and W-League (and games like last night’s internationals, at least until the hordes catch on that the Matildas can play and they need a bigger stadium). Grounds like this aren’t always easy to reach, but at least there was a light rail line that allowed for an easy-ish escape... Anyway, Leichhardt wouldn’t be a stadium for us, but I still definitely make regret my vote for Spotless back in the day.
  11. The slight lag between the live broadcast on Foxsports and the digital stream in Kaysports is kind of annoying... I was just messaging a friend about 1-0 not being too bad against the runaway leaders, only to receive a “WTF” the moment I hit send. Anyway, good to see Elrich get the goal! And I’m happy that Bridge didn’t leave with an injury 🙂.
  12. Watch him get an injury... I give it 7 minutes.
  13. Generator

    W-League 2018/19

    ‘Twas a good game. Always good to see national team players in action for a club side here in Australia. I’m not so anti-Sydney FC outside the A-League, so I didn’t mind their victory. The stadium wasn’t too bad, too (and sitting in an eastern grandstand with full shade was amazing!).
  14. Does anyone here listen to The Ticket? It’s Tracey Holmes’ weekly investigative report/podcast on various issues in sport. The Matildas have been the topic of choice in the last few episodes, including the episode broadcast today. Well worth a listen. My only comment on this issue is this - would Stajcic have this much public support if he’d been sacked from coaching a men’s team? I doubt it. This is very much a gender in sport issue, both in terms of managing the evolution of women’s sport from semi to fully professional, and how men react to the changing landscape (those within the system and those outside, including me, who feel the need to comment).
  15. Fans ejected at half-time? Harps made a reference, after swallowing yet another thesaurus, when commenting on our second goal...