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  1. Generator

    Vedran Hands Sydney FC Derby Win

    “When you’re one player down, you can afford no luxuries.” I’m one of those ‘not a real fan’ type people now - when the additional delay was announced I walked out given I didn’t want to arrive home in the dark hours of the morning. I’m glad I did leave, though, because it was bad enough listening to the game on the radio. I can’t imagine what it would have been like hanging around to watch that and then drive home, or be one of those poor fools stuck on public transport. Anyway, I’ll next be up for the Victory game. I can’t wait to see that frontline in action, even if it’s at the expense of our team. Whether I make it to the game against Heart is still to be determined, but I guess it depends on whether or not I want to start the year on a bright or downcast note.
  2. Battle of the basement! Double header, too, with the W-League on at 5.20pm. I had hoped to attend both games (I’m also a Canberra United member), but like many the games overlap with the work Christmas party. It will be interesting to see the final crowd figure.
  3. Generator

    The Refereeing Thread

    This can be a bloody frustrating game, even after the action on the pitch has concluded - video evidence of an attempted eye-gouging is apparently left alone because the incident was ‘dealt with’ on the pitch, but a straight red-card given in error can’t be overturned because at least one of the match review panel thought a card, not even a red if my understanding is correct, was warranted. I get that it’s just a game and player safety is a priority in the case of the Lowry challenge, but the apparent inconsistencies that we see from week to week can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
  4. Generator

    The Refereeing Thread

    So I’m sure I read this correctly - a Wellington player cops a red because the VAR and on-field referee don’t know what they doing, the A-League boss admits they got it wrong, only for the match review panel (which is independent) to then uphold the card and the suspension. If it wasn’t the A-League, I’d be sure this was some farcical dream spawned from the magic tea of the Mad Hatter. What the hell is going on?
  5. Generator

    HAL 2018/19 Round 6

    Hah crutches and a moon boot, yet he somehow made it onto the pitch. Lazy afternoon up in Gosford, it seems.
  6. My strongest memory - missing the only goal in the Asian Champions League final because I was just about to step into my seating bay and return to my seat with the dodgiest of ice-creams when I heard the cheer after the goal was scored. That was fun. As for positive memories, travelling to Melbourne to watch the Wanderers beat Heart in what was both Kewell’s and the Heart’s final game. That was cool.
  7. For what its worth, I think the coach has somehow extracted a reasonable amount of quality out of an average group of players. The signs are there that things will get better... But to be honest I’d happily take a goal or two over potential for the future, especially when there’s an open invitation to put the ball in the back of the bloody net. As for Newcastle, they looked scrappy in various parts of the pitch, but at least they grabbed their chances when they came.
  8. Generator

    W-league 18/19 Rd 1

    What a difference the absence of VAR and a decent ref can make. Canberra 2, Heart 0. The ref let things flow but pulled out the card when warranted. Two good goals to Canberra, and the Heart had one ruled out for offside on the confirmation of the assistant on the sideline. The quality of play continues to improve with each passing year, too. It was how the game should be!
  9. I always like the long drive up from Canberra to watch the Wanderers play, especially when a large part of the action is settled off the field on a tiny screen. At least I caught up with a few friends earlier in the day - that was good.
  10. You’re right! For the maximum length, at least.
  11. Unlikely - a union field is only 2m wider than a league field. That said, there’s currently no western Sydney team in the rugby championship (they willingly abandoned the west, which is pretty pathetic) and the Waratahs will also never leave the east, so it’s unlikely that rugby union would make heavy use of the new stadium.
  12. Each to their own. A four goal difference is my breaking point - after the 2016 semifinal against Brisbane I find it hard to walk out when we’re three down, even if there are only a few minutes to go and the team looks like their minds are already at the pub. As for the game... It was good to be close to the pitch again. It made me realise just how much I miss my seat at Parramatta, and that I’ll have to pay a premium to get a similar one in the new stadium. Apart from that, what was with Grant’s mullet?
  13. If only I had checked the A-League app and known this was tonight’s live game. Oh well, at least I turned it on in time to see the winner! The app seems ok, by the way. It lacks on-demand replays of full matches, but otherwise it’s not too bad (especially when you get it free with a Telstra mobile plan).
  14. Generator

    A-League 2018/19 Draw Released

    Thanks, all! It’s good to know there’s a reason for the apparent madness 🙂.
  15. Generator

    A-League 2018/19 Draw Released

    Are the Wanderers the only team to not have a proper home game until round 5? Is it something to do with ground availability at Olympic Park, or just the FFA being the FFA (ie trying their best, but missing the mark)?