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  1. Football in Australia is known for its highly toxic politics at all levels, but the issues with the Board are all the fault of the CEO who came in from outside the game? Right. I don’t mind Gallop. He seems to have built a career as a sports administrator who somehow manages to adequately handle hospital pass after hospital pass (and if he doesn’t manage it he usually takes the hit for the Board or broader organisation). The game could do a lot worse.
  2. Hopefully both teams will again be fighting it out for the title one day soon, but, until that time, a win is a win in the bogan derby. Edit: what was the crowd? I know It was at least two down on normal...
  3. Generator

    Babbel Out?

    As rubbish as the results have been, I’d like to see Babbel remain for another season. The younger players and those that try (who aren’t defenders!) seem to be playing to a plan and I like what they are trying to achieve. A little steel and a little more ability in a few key positions, and I can see the team jumping up the table next year. That and I’m also generally keen to give coaches in the A-League time to assemble and guide a team of their choosing in the coaches’ preferred tactical formation and style of play. If the coaches can bring through a youth player or two each year, trade them for a profit and build a warchest for half decent international marquees, that would be great, too.
  4. That goal tells a tale for both teams, even if it kind of flatters us in the process.
  5. What’s everyone watching on Netflix at the moment? I don’t really see the point in bothering with the Kayo stream for any longer tonight.
  6. The Fox Sports commentators seem tired of talking about how poor the team is at the moment. Or more accurately, they are tired of saying we play well in patches but otherwise have no clue.
  7. At times like this it would be interesting to see some stats on the usage of the Sydney Trains website. No doubt there are a few people wondering what trains may be departing from Olympic Park in the halftime break...
  8. Glad I didn’t make the drive north for this one (and thank you to Saturday morning plans in Canberra for giving me a valid excuse!). Not a good start at all.
  9. You have to admit that was a good goal. Just a shame we don’t have someone who can reliably pull that off.
  10. The forum was a little slow in loading a moment ago. Most likely because so many of us want to vent at once, but, as someone said last time, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Mack had finally rage quit and pulled the plug. The players’ reaction at the end said it all. What the hell. Yes, Brisbane were on top, but to concede like that... Now we get to watch the national team play later tonight and no doubt be just as frustrating as the Wanderers! Not a good night for football (in my case Canberra lost in the W-League, too).
  11. There goes another one... And Franjic, it’s good that you care about O’Doherty, but a hard rub to the side of the head of a concussed player probably isn’t the smartest thing to do.
  12. Hamill’s comments were spot on - sloppy defending, and the team needs to do better. I have never been one to worry about a player bleeding for the club (all I care is that they try, be it for the badge or the money), but as people have said he before, he really does show his pain whenever the team stuffs it yet again. That all said, at least the attacks continued through to the end.
  13. I’m glad I didn’t put down any money on the Victory to win by 2+, but even if I had I would have happily written it off based on that performance. A substantial improvement, even if it was just getting the team to play properly for the entire game rather than the 20-30 minute spells we have witnessed previously. Of the players, I’m liking Kamau more and more, and simply having multiple players agressively move into attacking positions (even if two of them were Riera and Roly) was a very pleasant change. If only we had the players to make the most of the all the goal scoring opportunities that we created... Finally, it was good to hear people clapping in the stands after the game! That has been absent for quite some time.
  14. Honda is out, so that might limit the damage by a goal or two. Hopefully.