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  1. Toure is bloody good. Probably can’t say much more; haven’t really been paying too much attention to the game.
  2. Shame that the clear and obvious part of the VAR system is still being applied in weird and wonderful ways.
  3. I feel like I made the wrong call to walk away and clean my cooking pot. Yeboah. Wow. Homer Simpson might actually catch his flying pig now.
  4. Heyman is on fire at the moment. Maher is playing well, too, and Flannery’s overall play has improved from last year (to my eye, at least!). A couple of years ago I thought that Canberra were falling behind after being one of the ‘big’ spenders and a generally well run organisation since the competition started, but the pandemic and movement of some Matildas over to Europe has definitely evened things out in the W-League again. Now for the rant, and for once it’s not about the Wanderers! I’m somewhat annoyed at the club (Canberra) for not even emailing members about the last
  5. And here’s the answer to my question:
  6. It’s bloody hot down here in Canberra for Canberra vs Perth, so more than understandable it’s a fairly low key game (as at 57 minutes played)!
  7. If you missed the match - McDonald’s mini match (10 minute highlights package).
  8. Hah biggest cheer from the home crowd so far isn’t for the goal, but for the steal from Ibini. I love this game.
  9. Yet another look at the supposed penalty! Fox Sports commentary at its finest. Edit: Bosnich was pretty emphatic with his view (no penalty), it’s fair to say!
  10. VAR ruled in the Wanderers’ favour. Stranger things have happened.
  11. Anyone know if David Squires will continue to produce cartoons for the local edition of the Guardian now that the seasons for both the A and W Leagues have resumed?
  12. I’m told the club is ringing around former members who haven’t yet renewed. A mate (who, like me, is a foundation member who has generally lost interest in the team and league) said the membership team were pretty passive, and didn’t really try a hard sell. Makes me think it’s a combination of both market research (an exit survey of sorts) and a hopeful call that some may renew if the club reaches out directly. I’m keen to see/hear if I get a call... I have sent some polite but firm complaints to the club over the years, so they may have me on file as a letter-writer who’s more pain than the m
  13. Facebook is reminding me of a few experiences back in the day. Here’s one of the old stadium from just before the team really grabbed the attention of the masses (December 9 2012): As much as I liked my sun-soaked, half-way line seat from season 2 until they demolished the ground, I do miss sitting in the north east GA corner.
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