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  1. A currently unemployed coach with a media profile, and someone known for being a pretty straight shooter, speaks his mind when asked for an opinion by a journalist. Shocking, isn’t it. There’s no doubt an element of “it’s not my fault” to Babbel’s comments (the more he blames the league, the better he looks to future employers) and I don’t think the league is that bad (the Wanderers, in the other hand...), but at the same time what Babbel says does ring true to a certain extent. Maybe he’ll stop once he’s fully employed again, but until then he’s a lazy option for any journo wanting an easy quote on the league. The above is all based on the fact he’s either still travelling around Australia or is back in Germany but not yet employed in a football capacity.
  2. Don’t try and over think the tickets. I’m sure those people just buy the best ticket they can as a member of the general public, rather than pay for a supporter seat in the corner. And I might be in a minority, but this is a good thing - we should be enlightened enough to sit next to someone who’s only real point of difference is that they support another team, especially in a league this young that thankfully doesn’t have the baggage of the older leagues and clubs overseas.
  3. I’m glad that storm blocked my path north and that I turned back at Goulburn and went home to Canberra. At least I was able to buy a few things on my way back home and then watch the game on the TV, which meant I was able to do a few unplanned but productive household chores rather than just sit around in the rain up in Parramatta. On the game, it seemed like another Babbel performance - good for a time, then nothing but ordinary. Cox looked pretty good, and Kamau was good until he faded, but apart from that I’m not seeing much different despite weeks to prepare.
  4. Re: Müller, that he is being played out of position is something I often forget.
  5. Going back a few minutes now, I can only guess that Müller still isn’t used to playing with a mobile striker who knows how to find space, otherwise he would have passed that ball to Cox. That or Müller is just selfish, which is OK in an attacker so long as they score a bloody goal.
  6. This is relevant. Well, it just makes the cut, I think. For those watching the game remotely, be thankful there are some professional standards expected of co-commentators like Slater when on TV. The latest mid-week edition of the Fox Football Podcast made the mistake of including Slater, and it was one of the worst podcasts I have listened to in recent times. I don’t mind a bit of swearing and strong opinions, but Slater was acting like he was on the air with Alan Jones. It definitely wasn’t his finest hour, nor Peacock’s as the supposed host.
  7. Yep, the rain that hit down south earlier this afternoon was pretty intense - at around 4.30 the skies to the north were black and full of lightning, so I pulled into Goulburn for a short break only to find flash flooding all over the place. I decided to turn back, rather than continue north given the storm cell was tracking the same direction as the Hume! Definitely looks like I made the right call. Edit: I live in Canberra.
  8. This is a pretty significant rain event, people. The postponement is probably one of the few things that we can’t, or at least shouldn’t, pin on the FFA, A-League or ESFC.
  9. Nice to see Ticketek is on the ball - their automated system sent me a message about 20 minutes ago with a reminder to download my ticket for a smooth entry to the ground 🙂.
  10. Is that the same Optus that purchases existing broadcast packages, and to the best of my knowledge hasn’t as yet demonstrated any desire to create the sort of local, physical broadcast presence maintained by Fox Sports? And the clubs want a reasonable amount of money that at the very least equals the current deal? I wish the clubs luck with that.
  11. Call will be made tomorrow morning. https://www.sydneyfc.com/news/sydney-fc-assess-netstrata-jubilee-stadium-pitch
  12. Hmmm, I’m on Kayo so I completely forgot about the SD vs HD divide on FTA. That’s definitely a valid complaint! How we survived without HD... The days of SD TV, let alone analogue TV, were dark times indeed.
  13. Are some still complaining about ‘secondary channels?’ Most people are surely across the fact there are multiple channels for each broadcaster these days, and given the ABC is one of the broadcasters that actively cross promotes across its own network, I really don’t see what the problem is if a game isn’t shown on ABC 1. It’s only the old fogies who don’t get modern day broadcasting who won’t know what to do, and they aren’t the target audience, anyway. As for me, I’ll happily be watching the game from my undercover seat at the ground. That it’s with the Sydney FC fans does not bother me.
  14. I’m a bit over the articles putting the blame squarely on Babbel. Yes, he clearly couldn’t adapt to the Australian football environment, but you can only do so much with a rubbish group of players in a backwater league. I’m still a fan of the league, by the way! I’m just over expecting anything more than mediocrity (at best). From the Wanderers, anyway.
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