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  1. They bought the club as a longer term investment, not a personal vanity project. That said, I have significant issues with wealthy owners passing the buck (quite literally) when it comes to supporting and protecting their staff during the pandemic. The owners bought a football club, which in few countries gives the owner/s a licence to print money. The owners are clearly playing the long game here, but that game requires a lot of goodwill from fans (current and future) in order for the investment to be a success. People are going to remember how the Wanderers treated its players and supporting staff during the pandemic and economic crisis, and the odds of some people* giving more money to the club down the line when the owners themselves couldn’t be bothered to do so now is a real risk. *I suspect many will forget in time, but I certainly won’t.
  2. I’m torn - I enjoyed watching the Matildas play at Leichhardt and I don’t mind Marconi (it has been years since I was there, though), but I really like the fact the Wanderers play in Parramatta, with its accessibility and local amenities being a big part of the appeal. If the club were to shift to a single tin pot little stadium I’d adjust, I think, but it would have to the right stadium.
  3. I just cancelled Kayo (2 days before I was charged for another month! Just in time). Might renew when the sporting world starts to live again. Then again I might not renew. I’m leaning towards the not at this stage. On the A-League, I’m already over it. I’ll come back for the W-League (Canberra’s team is supported by the local federation, so it will survive in some form or another), but when freedom of movement returns I’m unlikely to travel north for a Wanderers A-League game as often as I used to, especially if it’s a NPL grade team that starts playing out of tin pot little stadiums across greater western Sydney. For my own sake I hope Canberra gets an A-League team out of the ashes of this mess, which might be possible in a new world where they act to constrain costs as much as possible!
  4. I wonder if I’ll be back... To the forum, yes, because I have it bookmarked, but as a ticketed member of the club/A-League team? I have a foundation membership, but my commitment to the club, or more accurately my commitment to discovering what cheap trinket we will get for 10 years of membership, was already on shaky ground long before the pandemic. I honestly don’t think it will survive an extended offseason.
  5. Done! One of the things I can try now that I suspect I’ll have a little more spare time up my sleeves.
  6. And the last game of the round is tomorrow, not today, between Newcastle and Heart. It’s safe to say that game won’t go ahead.
  7. AFL competition will be suspended (finally). Hopefully the A-League follows (and the NRL, I guess). I also hope the Phoenix players with families over in Wellington can find a way home.
  8. I made a gif of the Yeoboah goal (about 1.8mb... I’m getting better). It’s not as satisfying as I hoped it would be; unfortunately the frame rate suggests it was deliberate.
  9. Tracey Holmes’ radio show The Ticket is pretty good. Actual in-depth analysis of the politics and issues in sport, not some shallow puff piece parading as analysis like you’ll see in the Fairfax rags. Holmes’ coverage of the Sun Yang affair is a case in point. For those who only take seriously those journalists with some level of football pedigree, Holmes has a long background in the sport, which has included covering Men’s World Cups with Les Murray back in the day and most recently anchoring the coverage of the Women’s World Cup
  10. On the one hand I think Mack is being a little too negative, but on the other I realise we have come to expect so little from this team. Agree the crossing was poor, but overall the performance was decent. I’m happy enough with that game should it be the last of what has been a pretty crap season overall.
  11. Just noticed the digital hoarding. A store in Mount Druitt being advertised around the world. What a time to be alive.
  12. Have some faith, Mack! 3-0 is always a possibility. Edit: it would be unfair based on the performance, but I’m no longer surprised by anything involving these two teams.
  13. We’re losing, but it has been a reasonably entertaining game so far.
  14. Hopefully the above links work. If it doesn’t, last night the ABC commentators were criticising some AFL players for “not setting a good example” after shaking hands at the end of a game and after scoring a goal. A game that involved players tackling each other over and over. Leaving aside the absolute stupidity of the commentators (both in that moment and in general), the broader point is sound - if these distancing rules are to apply to all, professional sports where players come into close contact (including our sport, not just Aussie rules/AFL) should set an example and suspend all operations until further notice. Actually, it should cover all sport.
  15. Edit: I’m going to express myself through reasonably sized gifs from this point on. It might just improve my contributions to debates on the football on the pitch, too!
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