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  1. How many nails can be hammered into the coffin before we all just give up? Kit stuff-up the latest fail from the FFA in the lead up to Australia (and NZ) hosting the 2023 Women’s World Cup.
  2. Mack has installed a language filter, right? Charging a full membership renewal fee for 15k plus members (at least I think that’s the number) and they might not be able to guarantee us all a seat once they factor in corporate attendees and away team tickets (that’s if the announcement of stadiums being at 50% capacity holds, too)... I’m approaching Malcolm Tucker levels of expression right about now. Extreme frustration aside, thanks for reaching out to the club and sharing your conversation. Much appreciated!
  3. Email arrived tonight. Membership renewals to open on 1 October. 10% discount off last season’s price, so $300 for my black category seat. TLDR? It’s time to decide - renew or not to renew.
  4. We should aim to attract the best players we can, but we also need to own the fact we have a domestic league that’s, in terms of top talent, a feeder league. It can still be exciting and fun to watch and, I hope, give players the prospect of a productive career with national team options and enough cash to support their post-football lives, but there’s no point aiming for the impossible.
  5. The youth contracts are good - about time we saw something from this fabled academy, and it’s time accept (and embrace) that the A-League will be a development league where we celebrate the stars of tomorrow (and hopefully the best of the rest).
  6. A little over a week old, but here’s James Johnson on The Ticket: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/newsradio/podcasts/the-ticket/the-ticket---6-september-2020/12634246 (from 22:40)
  7. I think we (myself included) can be too critical of the referees, but sometimes it’s warranted. And for some the criticism comes a little more frequently. That was why I did a double take when I saw this... I had to check the date and was surprised it wasn’t the beginning of April. Edit: stuffed up the tweet. Beath is referee of the year in the A-League.
  8. [placeholder for prices and deets once available] Thought I’d get in early... Has anyone heard anything, informal or otherwise, from the club about memberships for the coming season? I don’t expect anything will be settled any time soon but even advice to that effect would be useful, if just so people are aware of when the club might launch its annual strike on our credit cards.
  9. Re: Canberra, it would be good to support an A-League team without the 3 hour drive each way. I could even ride my bicycle to games, too. I’m sold.
  10. Boo hiss. The wrong team went through, especially after that pathetic piece of play acting from Reddy at the very end.
  11. Cramps on what is probably the coldest day of the year up in Sydney? Come on.
  12. And then he missed what looked like an absolute sitter!
  13. Sotirio almost set up a goal. He did reasonably well, actually.
  14. So was the Grozos run and miss the party we have long been promised? I appreciate he’s still a kid and most players need some time (and games!) to develop, but surely we would have seen a little more by now if he was as good as some believe.
  15. Always a team effort when the Wanderers are out to ruin a game 🙂.
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