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  1. There's 4 of us here now ........only lol
  2. Yes it's been sorted Though not all are back in the RBB I think some seated in the stands .
  3. First game I'll take the 3 points considering in our last 7 seasons we've drawn or lost all round 1 games except a 2-1 against Perth in season 5 I think As for the rest .... Keep winning and they'll come
  4. I remember friday October 5th 2012 sitting in the truck waiting to get unloaded,thinking and thinking and thinking how WSW is gonna perform on their first ever game. Not so much the team but more so the fans,will they turn up because rain is forecast tomorrow? Are we in the RBB gonna be heard on TV? Can we pull off a result? Fast forward to today 11th October 2019 and I'm again sitting in a "different" truck feeling very similar to our first ever game but in a good way of course I'm going with the attitude of a clean slate , a new era if you will ,and forget those 3 füçking years of hell Good luck tomorrow hope to see you at the pub
  5. I remember talking to Shawn M the Friday before our first game v CCM and he said there were a little over 2k members We blew up once we won that away derby,i knew a few people who signed up the next day
  6. YES YES YES Spent last 2 days singing "We all hate Leeds scum"
  7. I heard they're not gonna spend any $ $ like always and will be giving some of our academy players 1st grade contract's
  8. It's game week 🔴⚫🔴⚫ Fire up.... new coach,new team,new beginnings... I have a season 1 type feeling in me
  9. I asked Nico's agent about the rumour and he reckons it's bs. Not sure what to tbink.
  10. Would a derby ever be on a Sunday? I heard something I hope it's as unreliable as I think
  11. Maybe they snuck back into the RBB for 1 game only !! Most of us were not in Sydney,the ones that went sat throughout stadium with family and friends
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