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  1. Even if it does rain we still should get 12k+
  2. It's game week 🔴⚫🔴⚫ Fire up.... new coach,new team,new beginnings... I have a season 1 type feeling in me
  3. JayArgosy

    Squad Development 2017/18

    I asked Nico's agent about the rumour and he reckons it's bs. Not sure what to tbink.
  4. JayArgosy

    2017/18 A-League Draw

    Would a derby ever be on a Sunday? I heard something I hope it's as unreliable as I think
  5. JayArgosy

    One One on One One One Seven

    Maybe they snuck back into the RBB for 1 game only !! Most of us were not in Sydney,the ones that went sat throughout stadium with family and friends
  6. Dimas taking free kicks like he's Pirlo
  7. Lol again ..... season 3 is upon us
  8. Ok stupid questions here Do we get all the gate takings? Does anz still give 100k ?
  9. Redmayne shouldn't be in any of the conversations about how poorly we played So when the first 6 in fronf of the keeper cant make 3 passes, turn over the ball cheaply, the keeper has little to do with the result. What he had to do, he did well. He'll be the keeper for round 1... It's the others have their spots at risk He's still shaky with crosses and not commanding enough in the 6 yard box,that was shown last year
  10. JayArgosy

    Spare/Selling/Request Ticket Thread 2015/16

    Spare ticket in Bay49 row B Paid $50 sell for $40 Ended up getting an active ticket so I don't need it
  11. We don't know any of that for sure to be fair.Hearing talks about the 10 games at spotless and 3 at anz being more likely Regardless of weather,if we get under 16k tomorrow night then that's poor and I believe we ought to stop using "best fans in the A-League" motto I think ...don't quote me but I think people know that there are another 7 teams other than victory and esfc
  12. That's what my dad suggestedGreat idea,though how long before you're told to move along from "Mr policeman"
  13. This game was a perfect example of what champions do We dominated possession and the game only to cop a freak goal and go down 1-0 We then comwhack and score 2 goals to take all 3 points home back to sydney against a strong jets squad. Our team,players and fans showed great character and I hope this is the beginning of the wanderers we all know. I personally think that a good result next week away to city will give us a gauge on our season Well done to everyone yesterday Now on Pio,I don't wanna delve into this too much but i mentioned after the first game that his status of being marquee is gonna put him under the microscope alot more hence why alot of people's concern above .... it's not hate For a player with his calibre shouldn't be found offside so many times That's basic u/6 stuff you get drilled into your head And to think we offered Bulut (who was scoring for fun in a team with low morale) 100k a year lol