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  1. Our goal was amazing. The young kids showed potential. For a game of Football a lot of the ball wasn't played with the feet. Inept play is contagious. We're gunner get smashed next Derby. We're at a rebuilding stage. New coach new players new stadium. We've kinda been in that zone since Papa Popa and Chairman Gorman left.
  2. I wondered about the humidity and did they get up there early enough to acclimatise. Managerial decision. I used to be okay with just winning Derby's for the season but this was so important it hurt. Georgevski is a welcome counter balance to the sulking Jurman princess. We'll get wiped last Derby and it's goodnight from him.
  3. Oh how useless was that. Beer hold my beer whilst I pee
  4. Well actually there was an FC member who donated to a WSW member $50 to "make the back page" arguing "any publicity is good publicity" so oddly SBW ain't that out there only that the suits aren't the ones pushing the levers.
  5. So the club now puts an equal sign to the ignition of flares and police violence. Yes like Trump there are good and bad on both sides. Antifa and Nazis. Other than creating atmosphere please explain the harm of pyro. Don't even go to "their illegal" sermons. In any case is any of that comparable or justify what the police did. Who did the RBB push shove baton or abuse. Please explain. The club in asking members to finger others will nail to the cross the pyro murderers and do zero to the cops. Of course why bite the hand of the Rottweilers protecting your precious property.
  6. I've got an Adelaide mate who's been to two games. Last year's RBB Adelaide TOD and yesterday's Derby. Both times Active have walked out in a blaze of pyro. Both times we've won and not seen the winning goal. Both times he's faced an overwhelming police presence. He thinks it's always this good. But we know it's distorted thinking based on limited experience. Sigh.
  7. All good. I expected that and just tried to force the issue. Not a victim but a volunteer.
  8. My indiscretion was to walk back in and join the goal celebration after we walked out. One young secco decided holding me back by the throat as we wrestled was a bright idea. It's in moments like those post game the curtain on how society really functions gets opened. None of this is the revolution just pantomime practice. It's refreshing to be feared on and off the field once again after such inept mediocrity even if it lasts one night.
  9. The violent pushing shoving throwing baton beating way the police treated a large contingent of supporters who walked out was filthy. It was out of some unruly crowd control playbook. You can't begin to imagine the fear in some younger eyes being steamrolled by a police line of 'men' and horses. I'm sure stuff will be posted and once again peoples opinions divided unless you were on the receiving end of move on blows.
  10. Glad normal service has been resumed. Of course once a capo or any central figure is evicted like that it's the responsibility of others to defend him. That's a simple principle. The way the police then pushed and beat and frog marched us back to Carlton Station was insane. As was the line of police on horseback batoning anyone in front of them not moving fast enough or protesting. The thugs were in blue. Fantastic win. If the season ends now I'm content. At last we became something to be respected on and off the pitch.
  11. For all the verbal fog one clear issue emerges for me. There is a Derby at a small suburban ground in the midst of another shite season and we're not marching. When have we never marched for a Derby. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
  12. Why people have opinions about other people's personal lives is beyond me. And since when did popular opinions or majority votes represent something healthy or progressive. I'd be left with Trump Titanic Eye of the Tiger A Current Affair and Manchester United.
  13. At least they'll be marching at Mardi Gras but yeah this one needs to be called out for the cheap blow that it is. Could of called them out for getting smashed by the J League champions but nuh let's keep scraping our knuckles whilst walking
  14. Don't even begin to toy with the idea of no Derby march. It was painful enough not marching away to Newcastle.
  15. I couldn't give mine away last Derby now everyone wants the extras. I think many cashed theirs in instead of giving us first bite.
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