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  1. Sunday morning Babbel was still in Geelong and still angry. Even the homely weather didn't put him at ease. We should never go back to that stadium again. It's that bad. Went to watch V v Nix next day at a great ground and substantial Active support older than twelve.
  2. Ask Babbel for the three points. We've got no control over the pitch. We can only deal with what's in front of us. All power to those that travelled, marched and endured a three to one police security ratio. Our luck ran out but we'll be a slow burn welding this squad together. Watching Derby gift Forest a win afterwards didn't help.
  3. Kudos to all those that travelled and suffered through that mess. We froze but sung till the end at a miserable ground for Football. Sure they got the points but we got their precious tifo banner.
  4. 4am start on a cold Sydney morning for a first flight to Geelong for a colder day to pit our German machine against a refurbished Dad's Army. An RBB TOD against a new West team. How good is life.
  5. West v West @ the Cattery RBB TOD freezing cold. How good is this. Someone will step up to shine. It has thus been and henceforth will be so.
  6. I'd join you but have no reserve of empathy when we hopefully roll your mob
  7. This is going to be more than an injury replacement. How did the club pull this one off. Now we're going places this season
  8. Maybe they've just become more shifty like putting undercovers into the march to catch those ripping pyro. Well that didn't work. This time. ACAB.
  9. I thought when we won the flag in 2018 we would win three in five years and make it Tigers Era. Here comes Number 2 after the knuckleheads knocked us last year. Grew up playing League. Active football now in the blood. Love watching AFL more than anything. Go figure.
  10. Duke as captain is a rudder that will steer our ship more so than an okay striker. Wonderful decision. It also means Tarek can start on the bench every game. Happy days.
  11. When Brisbane Berisha faked for the penalty that won them the GF v Perth I gave up on Football in a country raised on contact sport. There's nothing mongrel about such low acts. Whatever else he had faded two years before he left MV.
  12. We've got form with Turkish strikers. We should stick with what we know. He also sounds three rungs above Juric.
  13. All of a sudden Jetstar's Avalon Airport actually means something.
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