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  1. Purchasing tickets for this game is nigh impossible. Why the **** does the club and Ticketek make it so hard to hand over our money. Why the **** are we discussing a game against Dirty dirty Leeds on our new stadium thread. No I ain't starting a Leeds thread.
  2. Oh yeah it's The World Game aka The Peoples Game. Funny how some people are more than other people. And here comes Santa Claus for the six year olds who still believe.
  3. We were other than Ziegler mostly shite against CCM. It's just that FC were shitter. Shite v Shitter. Should be fun. I wonder what Babbel will be wearing. It will probably be humid and restrictive in that regard.
  4. I cannot see one positive move from the new FFA. Same **** different bucket. The Game of Thrones has shifted a state regional bias to an A League club bias. Melbourne Victory are protected by keeping out ready to go yesterday South Melbourne. For what. A team with plans for a "purpose built stadium". I'm wetting myself with the crumbs thrown our way. Sydney FC is protected by not allowing the Wollongong Wolves or a Shire based team. At least everyone hates Cronulla and a club there would generate passion but Campbelltown? Really. It cuts into our territory and after a year at our new fortress there won't be anyone left for the MacArthur Rams. If Gosford can sustain a club why not Canberra or Wollongong. Then let's stagger the introduction of two clubs. Brilliant How anyone can see anything positive I mean anything - is beyond me. It's like getting spat in the face and saying oh I was thirsty anyways. Idiots run football. The king is dead long live the king. Stop being peasants accepting crumbs as jewels. **** the lot of them and worse - their apologists.
  5. DamnedUnited

    Wanderers Bounce Back Over Mariners

    No mention of Zeigler Mack.
  6. I like the Mariners away strip. Nice black and yellow lines. So much better than that palm tree look. A little Nix a little Dortmund a little Richmond like. Nice. Babbel is also dressed nicely tonight. Mulvey looks good too. His clothing sense didn't suit the Brisbane humidity but down south it's okay.
  7. DamnedUnited

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    What's wrong with Kamau and Babbel hasn't a squad.
  8. DamnedUnited

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    As a matter of course a bunch of us book Victory away when the draw is announced and as a matter of course I expect a 3-1 loss the only difference this time was they also scored the fourth goal. There was nothing Active on and off the pitch. Tired of being embarrassed on and off the pitch. Another wasted season waiting for the second coming.
  9. DamnedUnited

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Either on the pitch or as our new capo the club needs to pay for Bulut to return and we all must accept our flawed hero is part of the furniture.
  10. DamnedUnited

    Markus Babbel Is New Wanderers Coach

    Impressed. Now we build a squad and prepare to boss the ACL when we return to Parra. Now all we need is a capo.
  11. DamnedUnited

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    At full time I ran to the perimeter fence yelling at Muscat for being such a dick and doing everything possible to undermine Victory and hand FC a GF place. Victory fans got angry shouting I wasn't a true V fan till I lectured them about the RBB and they got in my face but **** them. The city of Newcastle will ambush them and complete a fairytale whilst the undisciplined nongs that are Victory s coaching staff could learn a thing or two from their former manager Merrick. Like shut the **** up sit down and don't change a winning combination. **** the Victory.
  12. DamnedUnited

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    Muscat handed this game to FC by taking Berisha then George off to give the kids a run. This guy is a total **** wit of a manager. Victory had this game. I cannot believe they pay people to be so stupid.
  13. DamnedUnited

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    On that new survey poll thread thingy which you can't comment on where the **** did the name Kewell come from ? Are we looking for someone good at Playstation ?
  14. DamnedUnited

    Wanderers Season Ends Against Adelaide

    And Papadopoulos from Roar got suspended when he should have received a trophy for spitting at Matt Simon. Otherwise I agree with Lloydy on that football tactics stuff thinga.