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  1. DamnedUnited

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Kerem Bulut is back ?? Oh the Lord doth have mercy !!
  2. At last an RBB Tour of Duty trip. Months of angst finally comes to a head free to air.
  3. DamnedUnited

    Sotirio Secures 1st WSW Win In 2019

    Whether Babbel highlights the positive or states the obvious doesn't change what is an iota. Inept players don't come good because a coach loves them back to life with kind words. I honestly hope we get the wooden spoon so we can have first draft pick next season.
  4. DamnedUnited

    Sotirio Secures 1st WSW Win In 2019

    The only fun was when we spotted Gallop standing and watching from one of the entry tunnels. The few of us in Active promptly moved to within two meters of him and gave him some advice. Acting unnerved he copped it for five minutes before walking away.
  5. DamnedUnited

    Sotirio Secures 1st WSW Win In 2019

    The second last placed team beat the last with goals from J.Sotirio & T.Elrich whilst the RBB silently watches on. Hail our season.
  6. DamnedUnited

    Babbel Out?

    The Germans are all we've got. I'm very clear why Popovic left. Above the pitch and manager there are greater forces at work. Babbel must stay. He's our only marquee putting in a shift. Duke came on and give a **** and we looked a different team. Didn't take much.
  7. DamnedUnited

    Let's give this a shot.

    The FFA held back .......Wollongong Canberra Cronulla in defence of Sydney FC and South Melbourne in defence of MV. Then they cut a slice out of our cake and fasted a year before eating it. That aside the sauce ain't Twitter.
  8. DamnedUnited

    Let's give this a shot.

    The FFA have decided to in no way promote the Wanderers or the RBB in ordee to facilitate growth and support for the new franchise. This I'm assuming will be to not generate new fans for us from the 'region' and encourage present one's to split. To not promote goes right down to their photographer's capturing Active WSW support. There probably is a fine line between not promote and dish and dissuade. Tears are not being shed for our present predicament. It suits a greater purpose.
  9. DamnedUnited

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Okay. No Santa Klaus before midnight.
  10. DamnedUnited

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    I so don't like Elrich. Sotirio and he need to be flipping burgers at some truck stop in Dubbo. It's their calling.
  11. DamnedUnited

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    Babbel was again stylishly dressed and both team jerseys complemented each other handsomely. The kids are alright. The larger the crisis the more likely the fat cats response. Three years on it ain't gunner be okay just cause the new house is ready.
  12. Season officially over. Babbel would be a miracle worker if he could lift us up after this. Psychologically this will kill us. We had them and we handed it back.
  13. DamnedUnited

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    Oh dear. Leeds were really that good. No team in the A League comes close to this mornings first half performance. And the kid Clark. Wow. We'll be playing a promoted Leads at Parra.
  14. DamnedUnited

    Wellington Steal 3 Points Late On

    Elrich is now my new Sotirio. He is beyond useless. I agree with Mack. Elrich Vedran and Hammill must be added to a list of must go. I have lost belief in Riera and Vedran this last fortnight. I get it we needed journeymen like Elrich at the beginning but to bring him back. Seriously Tarek get a job not involving a round ball. I have also lost belief all will be okay when we return to Parra. This club is in crisis and their humiliating capitulation to FC over the Southwest FFA nonsense shows the beggars they've become. Lederer has reaffirmed my atheism. There is no God there is no saviour and Popas busy building Fortress West.