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  1. DamnedUnited

    Tarek Elrich

    I just take it that he was the media snitch and part of a cleanouut. Lack of ability may also be a factor but that never stopped the club recruiting him from Adelaide then god forbid making him our elder statesman captain. Where's your Vedran.
  2. Oh wow. Babbel is gone and we've recruited a fourth rate striker. Our season will now definitely be salvaged. Hail the quick fix kids. Enjoy the high.
  3. That's the ticket. Sack the striker who isn't scoring the goals we need rather than the best dressed and inked gaf in town. Yay. Babbel got his wish. There is a second division. It's called the trip back home. Babbel in.
  4. Cut your losses used to be my default advice to couples now I'm advocating last man standing and heroic lost cause blindness. Let's squeeze this lemon dry as bitter a rhine it may be to some. Let's show them we're not the lemon they think we are. popa we're coming. Sparta.
  5. The more managers others sack the better we are for sticking with Babbel because we're just that kinda of a club and I love being that kinda of a club.
  6. I'm for playing dead / paralysis and comatose dreaming of two Derby wins to make it okay. Unpopular as my position is, it will become majority view if the other mob now starts suggesting (after deep thought) that Harry Kewell could be the answer. And that, it couldn't get worse. Ooo Em Gee
  7. If we just freeze and play dead maybe the bears won't attack.
  8. Ssckwatch Thread Two. Epic. Like Marvel. I'm still for let the season play out in the face of overwhelming evidence of deteriorating. Insanity is etc etc. I'm for once with Generator on this one. JT called me last year after I once again complained about something and I said don't worry next season with the new ground we'll be the hottest ticket in the country. He didn't share my enthusiasm and it perplexed me. Guess he anticipated something I didn't. Let's claw back a draw with Perth and win at Kogarah then all will be forgiven.
  9. Kogarah will be the pre semis highlight of our season. Cannot wait.
  10. I thought the sacking of Merrick mid stream would make it obvious that doing the same to Babbel was insane. Except for Iran there is no crisis. Sacking Babbel doesn't prevent catastrophe it creates it. I was at a loss to explain how terrible we were last game but the sacrificial lamb trick rarely works. Enough of the quick feel good fixes.
  11. I'm in disbelief at that lack of effort / creativity and ability. I thought we had the cattle & coach & stadium to boss the comp but wow. There must be some serious miscalculation at the top for this to unfold. There won't be any need for dramatic changes at seasons end as this story has an obvious outcome. Still not Babbel out just caring less.
  12. Looks like the Babbel Sackwatch thread has carried over here morphing into Wishful Thinking. We will continue to turn the corner and hold our place in top six. Nothing spectacular. Just plod plod
  13. By wrapping his arms around himself in an act of self love Georgevski made himself unnaturally smaller. He actively anticipated and took off the table in a split second reaction the possibility of a handball. Why some still defend the penalty is beyond me. "But it made contact" is a dumb retort which will satisfy those types only by the arms being unscrewed from the body. On top of that whatever happened to blind one eyed support for ones club. The cold "balanced" objectivism of these lawyer types we can do without. Fck being fair.
  14. Where is Mack's match review. Am I wrong to say this is the latest an analysis has been posted. Once again. If Duke isn't pushed there is no reaction. I punched him your honour because he punched me twice first. Mitigating. Georgevski wrapped his arms around his body actively taking steps to avoid a dumb handball call. Are people seriously questioning that. Some here are taking a second frame out of a movie reel and drawing skewed conclusions. Lastly. I'll take back everything I've said about Tarek over the last three years. Now you take back the Babbel blubber.
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