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  1. Duke as captain is a rudder that will steer our ship more so than an okay striker. Wonderful decision. It also means Tarek can start on the bench every game. Happy days.
  2. When Brisbane Berisha faked for the penalty that won them the GF v Perth I gave up on Football in a country raised on contact sport. There's nothing mongrel about such low acts. Whatever else he had faded two years before he left MV.
  3. We've got form with Turkish strikers. We should stick with what we know. He also sounds three rungs above Juric.
  4. All of a sudden Jetstar's Avalon Airport actually means something.
  5. The sound of a hundred flares being ripped whilst the stands chant WEST till it crescendos into a blood curdling Sparta. That's a walkout song. Everything else has the elegance and subtlety of chicken pizza.
  6. I want a Thurman v Pacquiao live stream atm. Pre season friendlies. We do have two damn good keepers and a three legged table of a stadium.
  7. Others better qualified can comment on the game. I was underwhelmed by our efforts in Active. We have a long way to go before the type of atmosphere Parra used to have is rekindled. The RBB is lacking an intensity as is the interaction with the stands. I fear we are going to have to do a whole bunch of winning to reclaim past glories because the move alone to a shiny new stadium ain't going to be enough. At the beginning of the second half the capo walked out maybe he took offense at comments he missed our goal I don't know but the second half was essentially rudderless despite the vain efforts of some. I think we will have a squad to do well this season and tonight's game made clear a lot of work needs to be done on and off the field because average attendances of 12k is going to make Parra a lonely planet of a ground.
  8. I am an Elrich hater. Isn't there a bakery somewhere he could learn a new trade because footballer he ain't. And captain he definitely isn't. Trying and training hard aka Sotirio doesn't cut it. He's the last piece of deadwood left from last season.
  9. Derby County won the Derby @ Elland Road so I'm not quite sure what's left to do except sing Leeds Leeds Leeds...are falling apaaart again
  10. Has The Collector turned around and refused the RBB the right to stage a pre game event and begin the March from there Saturday night. Have they reacted to stuff being said about Leeds supporters or other unspecified "security" issues. Pubs used to fall over themselves to accommodate us but getting an alternative may not be so straightforward. I'm just speculating of course in line with the squad development rumour mill. For what it's worth. All the other stuff I'll reply to when I have an hour.
  11. I too hope the situation becomes normal again. Season One & Two normal. It's the sensible fans that made this club what it became after all. Those moron fans. It's all about them. Like paper that flies too close to the sun. Then they complain. Really. Oh em gee.
  12. What's on the pitch will be mostly irrelevant and I for one have little interest in any result. That it will be our first game at our new stadium with safe standing and a march is all that really counts. I won't be wearing any casual kit but dressed in as much Derby black and white to remind them who put 4 passed them at Elland Road and killed their dream. The Red and Black Actives will ensure this on field circus doesn't hijack what really counts in football.
  13. Same sh#t gilded bucket. Of course the first gronks to "break the rules" are those that make them.
  14. Firefighters and Pyromaniacs. Some watched like a Nero L.A burn during the King riots. Was there a proposal club marshals were to wear body cams "for our protection". I feel so protected in this nappy state.
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