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  1. DamnedUnited

    English Championship & Football League Thread

    Where is Lloydy where is Lloydy Leeds Leeds Leeds are falling apaaaart again Sing x10 to Love will Tear us Apart Again and you'll get an inkling of the heaven we've been on over the last day. Villa is ours. There is something about a squad that pumps 4 at Elland Road.
  2. Seems half the squad were told Tuesday they'll be moving to Gosford next season. If they're lucky. And they sulked. Majok with a silent j thankfully got on with it by kicking balls indicating the size of backyard he wants.
  3. He had no idea where he was once he crossed the bridge at Brooklyn. He could have stood and acted like a defender come scarecrow. Unless both legs were broken I buy no excuse for Captain Courageous coming off. In any other contact sport no mas is heresy.
  4. Did the captain walk off uninjured with 5 to go to balance the ledger back in the Mariners favour with no subs available. Did his feelings have a feeling. I'm only here for the badge on the front of jumper not the surname on the back. Insipid and spineless performance.
  5. DamnedUnited

    Brendan Hamill

    Is he still here? ffs someone should lock him in the sheds at Gosford.
  6. Hamill should be sacked immediately. League players have stayed on with broken jaws and arms and this f%## walks out. Keep walking to Centrelink you d$#=
  7. What a low life coward captain to walk out on us
  8. DamnedUnited

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    Our finals hopes were extinguished months ago as we clearly had a squad incapable of making a sustained impact. A ruthless Popovic style clean out surely is in order. Riera ignited and looked ready to jump the fence post match when someone in the RBB called him out and asked "the money is good in Australia huh". His teammates luckily for him held him back and his sensitivity certainly surprised me but then again maybe it's a sore point. The Derby next week will reveal the lowest point in the club's history on and off the pitch.
  9. I care so much for this game I'll spend the weekend in Melbourne after watching Richmond v C#@× Thursday night. Having said that I just got 8 tix for Newcastle away given that it and Mariners away are the only Active games left.
  10. DamnedUnited

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    How did Perth blow that one. The decision to not be Active come Derby isn't universally supported. Captain Elrich secures us a point. It's come to this.
  11. Silence sounds so loud. The last rights in this funeral pyre begin. Popovic's empire returns skeletal. This is shameful.
  12. The RBB is not beholden to anyone and answerable to it's various sub groups so the accusation of self interest isn't new but nonetheless misplaced. The club attempts at creating neutered performing puppets as a marketing tool are well documented. If the club is left with mediocrity on the pitch and silence in the stands then it may want to reconsider the "match day experience" it delivers at Fortress Parramatta. This is the other side of the Zero Tolerance stick. Let's see how the dark side of the moon looks. In the meantime Gosford and Newcastle away will be a treat.
  13. There will be no Active support for the remainder of this season in Sydney. The RBB will be present but not Active. The reason has finally been put on RBB FB. Active will be Away Gosford & Newcastle. Otherwise silent derbies v MV & SFC.
  14. Everyone's pumped except Active.....and the rest....
  15. DamnedUnited

    Bonevacia Leads Wanderers To Victory

    Technically the RBB weren't there