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  1. TheSweeper

    Wanderers Bombed By Newcastle Jets

    When i see an email for 25 tickets for $250 on match day i know the people in charge are completely ****ed . I am struggling to give away free member tickets days in advance and to think these idiots think someone is going to arrange 25 people on match day .
  2. TheSweeper

    Wanderers Bombed By Newcastle Jets

    Cant comment on the merits of keeping scores for junior footballers but this is not why Riera and the rest of the wanderers cant score or defend. Recruitment was very poor that is all We were never going to finish above 6th with this squad .We all new it before the season started and all we can hope for is that whoever is in charge learns from these mistakes .
  3. TheSweeper

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Might be because we have signed Bobo for next season ?
  4. TheSweeper

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    You can’t blame baumjohan he just wants to experience the other side of the VAR .
  5. Don’t understand the Mahazi hate . Some around us were giving him heaps . He’s our 4th choice centre mid on low money who hasn’t played in ages . If he was any good he would be playing elsewhere.
  6. i recall a few 5pm games at parra well into the 30's and victory at aami a few years ago was a cracker 37 at 8pm
  7. TheSweeper

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Took Babel 6 months to figure what we all knew already .
  8. Just saw a bit of the Babel presser something like he is worried evertime the opposition gets the ball on our half and he’s not sure why we are conceding so many goals . i think we all know why we are conceding so many goals .
  9. TheSweeper

    Unhappy New Year

    Forgot to mention the great assist from Joyce for the first goal . Reminds me of the assist Popa gave for a goal against us .
  10. I was sitting right next to them as they came up to the tunnel yelling . No swearing but was really an appalling verbal attack , very aggressive in your face . Personally im quite happy for these negative ****s to be banned , sick of these cocks whinging like babies every time something goes wrong on the pitch .
  11. TheSweeper

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    I wonder who that player was ?
  12. Choose any 11 we are still probably ****ed
  13. TheSweeper

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Total failure at our club .The people in charge have no F idea about recruiting these characters . Its pretty simple ( to me anyway ) Quality older but not too old player in a key CB or CM position that is looking to return back or move to Oz . Don’t skimp offer decent money and 3 year contract with coaching role for the 4th year if they wane . Smurfs did it with Wilko and the Vic with Valeri . Topor has it , Larocca had it as well and Cornthwaite 1-2 years earlier would have been good I loved his passion. Surely there’s some of these players out there .Should be getting the spine right instead of focusing on a no 10 or striker who usually let us down . You can’t get leadership with ridiculous player turnover , youngsters ocupying all the key roles and a constant caravan of average visa players coming in for 1-2 years .
  14. TheSweeper

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Risdon could miss up to 9 games for Asian cup so Tarek will get a real crack at right back . He is a good player but you know a 32 y.o coming back from an ACL is not going to be the answer to any of our problems .