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  1. To be fair to Babbel every coach who loses usually blames everyone but himself , it’s just that we have had a lot more losing press conferences than most
  2. If it deflects off your body to hand it’s not a pen
  3. Can’t agree with the sentiment that we were second best .We smashed them in the first half not so much in the second . Aside from the fact it’s struck from 2m away from our man , not sure how the ref could be sure the ball didnt first touch Schweglers chest/shirt . Another bullshit penalty that’s cost us points.
  4. Trying to stream this thru fox sports . Logged in but there’s no link to click on . No ******* wonder nobody’s watching .
  5. Maybe a smurf but his work is ******* hilarious .Peaky Babbel with Bulut tatts to save his job cmon enjoy it .
  6. Anyone see müller at training ? Does he look ready to start or will he be eased in ?
  7. They are lucky to have Ninko he is always their best player and probably one of the best imports ever in the league .He also works really hard defensively. The key is to nullify him and the smurfs are in trouble . Brattan and ABJ cant really do any damage to teams and they are liability in defence .
  8. Full credit to Meier chasing hard at 90 mins he will be a beast in a few weeks
  9. He’s right though could easily have lost to the probable wooden spooners at home and if we’d lost 3-0 last night nobody would have complained .
  10. Fantastic from shwegler I love this guy . Any chance you can do the one in the confrontation with grant ? . Corica is yelling in his face Schwegler ignores him and flashes a cheeky smile and wink at Brattan and I think maybe even blows him a kiss
  11. Not a slater fan but to be fair he said the ball may have spun in near the post but when the keeper picked it up even though you can see a grass gap from distance when you look from above it wasn’t over the line .
  12. Not sure why there is talk of Ziggy playing ? Surely would be insane to start him in a derby when we have 3 fit centrebacks .
  13. Agree when you play well either formation works and a lot of players played better this week .
  14. Great performance but probably not a technical masterclass .Every man and his dog on this forum was suggesting we go to 4 at the back .
  15. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but from Goalkeeper to Baccus goal was 14 passes before the strike what a great team goal .
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