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  1. Nah it won’t be an embarrassment we aren’t at the level (yet ) where we can guarantee wins against them . The mariners have got a couple of goals in them and if they get a bit of luck they will win the odd game this year .
  2. I wonder how many career games Ziggy, Jurman and McGowan have played with 3 at the back ? Not getting a good feeling about this , 3 at the back is a high risk high reward strategy .Worked well at glory last year mainly due to Davidson ( esp ) and Franjic getting up and down really well . Not sure if Bruce and giorgevski are at the same level . 2 centre backs can start developing a good understanding after a few games with 3 it becomes a little harder to gel . Hopefully Ziggy and Jurman class will get us thru
  3. Not sure if posted elsewhere some kickoff changes https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/kick-times-changed Saturday games moved from 5.15 to 5 pm kickoff . With the abc news at 7pm I think we will be starting right on 5pm rather than 10 minutes late . Good first game for the ABC WSW at home in the new stadium with hopefully 25000
  4. Adelaide are ok at the front adding Troisi will make them a top 4 contender . Central coast have zero depth that’s why Stajic made no subs They have the budget Visa Ospeth, Blackwood still only 22 I think will have a breakout year , Halloran can play as striker or winger , the 19 y.o Toure who looks to be a very good prospect , Mileusnic who gets a few goals and assists and Mcgree always pushing forward and scoring as a number 8 . Meier, Duke, Yeboah , Adam , Kamau and baccus from midfield doesn’t look a whole lot better than Adelaide
  5. Sat 1pm at Geelong . https://mobile.twitter.com/wufcofficial/status/1179326071428321281?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  6. We were probably better off with Simon playing .
  7. You a spot on about Duke looks to be made for the A-League . I like Duke I think he is going to be good for us but honestly can’t see a Johnny Warren medalist there , if he is top 5 it’s going to be great season . Stringer my original comment that Duke was a J-League reject was a bit harsh but 12 starts out of 42 games in 2018 tells the story . Also Subbed on 15 times for a total of 1 goal 3 assists . 2017 was his best season always starting or getting subbed on but in 2016 only 3 starts and hardly made the match day squad . Jumpei had a very similar resume in J1 league 2013 and 2014 and his team was relegated to J2 in 2015 and then to us ( unfortunately)
  8. Could go either way duke was a j league reject but so was jumpei
  9. Surely Ziegler too fragile for midfield . If he makes it on the park for 10 consecutive games I’ll be very surprised .
  10. Indeed . There’s a lot of “ if we get a decent striker we will win the league “ which is hilarious. We can only win the league if we have a decent striker on the bench . If baccus has a guaranteed midfield spot we are pushing for 6th . He needs to be fighting for his position . Another centre mid is needed before we can even think of top 4 . We saw last year what happens when you have 2 inexperienced centres mids and again tonight it was clearly a problem .
  11. Fox talking up the city youngsters but they are only playing 2 and we have 4 .
  12. That article isn’t too encouraging. Coach says he is suited to long balls pumped up to him and not an “athletic “ attacking style .
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