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  1. Choose any 11 we are still probably ****ed
  2. TheSweeper

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Total failure at our club .The people in charge have no F idea about recruiting these characters . Its pretty simple ( to me anyway ) Quality older but not too old player in a key CB or CM position that is looking to return back or move to Oz . Don’t skimp offer decent money and 3 year contract with coaching role for the 4th year if they wane . Smurfs did it with Wilko and the Vic with Valeri . Topor has it , Larocca had it as well and Cornthwaite 1-2 years earlier would have been good I loved his passion. Surely there’s some of these players out there .Should be getting the spine right instead of focusing on a no 10 or striker who usually let us down . You can’t get leadership with ridiculous player turnover , youngsters ocupying all the key roles and a constant caravan of average visa players coming in for 1-2 years .
  3. TheSweeper

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Risdon could miss up to 9 games for Asian cup so Tarek will get a real crack at right back . He is a good player but you know a 32 y.o coming back from an ACL is not going to be the answer to any of our problems .
  4. TheSweeper

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Agree we are totally ****ed . What we need to finish 4th or 5th is a good centreback , a solid centre mid and a winger that can scores occasionally . Ziegler may be the CB but an aging Bridge coming back from injury is unlikely to have much impact until mid jan . Roly is ok as your second best winger or second best mid but way too inconsistent to rely on . Sad to say but without any January reinforcements we will be 6th-10th .
  5. Draw at $4 is great value . Taking victory to win by 2 goals+ today ( 3.30 ) was easy money , the only good note on a poor night .
  6. The only positive is that football is full of **** teams getting an undeserved late equaliser.
  7. When you are a **** team you can’t afford to gift goals , Vedran you dick , you have a young centreback on debut don’t put him under pressure .
  8. TheSweeper

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Either would be awesome
  9. TheSweeper

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    His contract expires at the end of the year but the MLS runs March to November and his team only has 2 more games left so he could easily be here early November and match fit . Chicago have had a poor season this year so they are unlikely to give him another year on big money at his age . Welcome Bastian.
  10. TheSweeper

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Schweinsteiger 34 y.o chicago fire $US 4.5 million/per year ?
  11. Looking at the ratio of the gap to the length of the awning I don’t think anyone is getting wet . Anyway this air conditioning will definitely be a bonus for us in summer not so much for the eels in the winter .
  12. TheSweeper

    Wanderers Survive Hellenic Cyclone

    I hope our policy is not to pay any ransom .