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  1. Don’t recall us letting go many quality players apart from O/S moves
  2. It’s a shame my request for a full orchestra pit in front of the RBB at BankWest was rejected .
  3. Can we assume everyone signed so far is under the cap and we have 2 more outside the cap players to come ?
  4. Just watched his 55 minutes for Hannover on the weekend . Played as the deeper of 2 defensive mids in front of a back 3 . Good skills very comfortable on the ball some good hard tackles and moved the ball forward quickly . Maybe slowing down a bit at 32 got dispossessed a couple of times but with the drop down in level should be very solid for us .You never know how the Europeans will cope with summer football but I like the look of him .
  5. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/afl/we-pronounce-it-with-the-australianism-in-it-taylor-won-t-follow-suit-on-fantasia-20190511-p51mce.html Bogan commentator refuses to use the proper pronunciation of a players name , you can’t make this stuff up .
  6. Yes was just making fun of him for blaming the penalty end when you can’t expect to win a shootout if you miss 4
  7. Got no problem with penalties at the home end looked good on tv and is a good reward for the home team . Kurtz should be more worried that he coached his players to miss 4 pens . His sideline antics every week were starting to wear thin , threatened the cameraman for filming the huddle was embarrassing.
  8. Everything you say makes sense but.. if roy is an in cap striker and we can get 2 marquees of some quality then I’d probably take him . Having said that if he’s on 500k it makes the rest of the salary cap tricky . where are the quality Aussie players that Babel is keen to sign and how much will they cost ?
  9. Maybe Tsatsimas should focus on poor team performance over the last 3 seasons wth the smurfs on 55 wins and 22 for us . If we had been any good this season we would have a bankwest game next month . Personally I don’t give a **** if the smurfs play finals at parra but I do care about how easily they have beaten us for years now .One win in 16 is a ******* disgrace Tsatsimas .
  10. Kamau is too weak to be a right back, surely if we are manufacturing a right back Sotirio should be a much better option . Stronger faster and a better defender on low wages with loyalty salary cap exemptions. Hopefully Babels instincts are right but my instincts say otherwise .
  11. Beat me to it Prydz also when I mistyped in Vedran it read “deranged. “
  12. Interesting article interviewing Vedran in the guardian about penalty science https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/mar/18/penalties-football-goalkeepers-mariners-ben-kennedy But the best part is one of the comments by cuidad marron “Good read. I'd like to see Janjetovic apply some scientific thought to areas beyond the 6 yard box though, just quietly.”
  13. What’s happened to sotirio ? Not in the squad not listed as injured .
  14. If BJ is one of our marquees next year we are in big trouble . There are no better players , he is supposed to be the better player and so far he has done SFA apart from get injured .
  15. Thanks I didn’t get the seating offer email but I got one today reminding me the Monday deadline is approaching . Logged in to the account and my seating offer invoice was there . Happy with the seats so all good .
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