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  1. End of first half Muller fires shot into Warland in the box . Muller makes handball motion and the commentary mentions it . No replay no further comment . Compare every other ball that hits wsw in the box they replay the **** out of it . At least show a replay ffs
  2. Yeah I hate it when people dress up sing songs and march in a parade to celebrate their team .
  3. Brilliant stringer wasted on this crowd 😀. Theres a great XTC cover band that plays regular gigs around . The bass player is a smurf but a top football guy .
  4. Thought Yeboah has another year on his contract?
  5. Also no email or text from the club yet . Surely someone had one written this morning and all they had to do is press send . Only as small thing but perhaps indicative of the way the club is run .
  6. Yeboah started 6 games for roar 5 years ago so hard to tell if he’s improved or not . Personally I’d rather have Sotirio .
  7. Yes I prefer not to be in a position to choke in a grand final . Leaves me free to book up my social calendar in May .
  8. Also **** our club for promoting this Herbalife MLM bullshit . If you want some electrolytes just go to the chemist and buy some for 10 bucks .
  9. Obviously a political statement by Dylan .
  10. Schwegler suspended for New Year’s Day not his first yellow for dissent I think . Is Baccus available for this game ? Olyroos play on the 8th in Thailand and I reckon he would need to be there for training before the 3rd .
  11. One thing I keep reading is that we played so well in preseason with 3 at the back . Is this really true all I remember is getting thrashed by city and a couple of crappy draws .
  12. maybe Babel sees him everyday at training and doesn’t rate him ?
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