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  1. from club email: "Patrons are strongly encouraged to wear face masks when entering the stadium and moving around the venue, including whilst buying food and beverages and using the bathroom facilities"
  2. 6 point game in terms of making finals + our two other fixtures against United will be in Adelaide If I had time, I make a banner along the lines of "It's a game of two halves!"
  3. "A free cup of Bovril for every dual citizen with a UK passport at Bankwest stadium"
  4. City signing him might be an outside chance if the club and fans are annoyed by Kisnorbo
  5. People attended an ALeague game, waved flags and chanted for a player they like I don't see a problem with that Good on 'em and the Nix for working out transport
  6. Yet again WSW go into a game against an easier opponent and botch it Our last game was 11 days ago, so I don't see why a squad of players can't put in effort for both halves of a game In terms of finals, destiny is out of our hands. From here on out WSW will need to get points while us fans cross our fingers and toes for other results to go our way
  7. Those are some very nice Merseyside kits
  8. Can't wait til those referees officiate an ALeague game next week ... not
  9. Fixture change for WSW Same date/time - different opponent
  10. For some reason my mum watches those Viking shows too Normally she doesn't like violent TV shows She got us to do the Ancestry DNA thing solely to figure out "how much Viking we were". She was about 10% and my siblings and I were about 25% (my dad's family are German)
  11. Shameless plug: "Coming up on SBS tonight at 7:30 - Michael embarks on a scenic thousand-mile rail journey from the Swedish capital, Stockholm, to Abisko in the northern reaches of the Arctic Circle."
  12. https://www.smh.com.au/national/all-show-and-no-respect-a-night-with-the-nickheads-20210214-p572cz.html#comments
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