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  1. Yeah the better parallel would be with the US election of 1824 No candidate wins enough Electoral college votes John Quincy Adams wins after a contingent election is held by the House of Representatives Andrew Jackson and his supporters criticise the result as a "corrupt bargain" as Henry Clay encouraged House delegates to vote for Adams
  2. I mostly agree with Mack and Marron My difference is more to do with how information was presented I think Sally Rugg's tweets (and the replies) here are interesting - concerning to what extent the Four Corners team were able to show sexual harassment Also ...
  3. FFA Cup 2021 https://www.theffacup.com.au/news/stand-alone-final-and-afc-champions-league-prize-headline-rebooted-ffa-cup-2021 Notes: FFA Cup Semi-Finals & Final earmarked to be on stand-alone weekends for the first time. Final to be played at neutral venue. FFA Cup Final Rounds will feature an open draw for the first time. FFA Cup 2021 winner to be awarded a preliminary round slot representing Australia in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League. FFA Cup Final Rounds Slot Allocation for A-League clubs and Member Federations to remain unchanged. i.e. 10 ALeague clubs plus 22 NPL clubs FFA Cup Final Rounds Play-Off matches between the bottom four (4) placed A-League clubs from the A-League 2020/21 season will be played to determine the final two (2) A-League teams to enter the Round of 32.
  4. So if he is in Scotland, would he make his debut about 6 rounds in? Two weeks quarantine plus time to acclimatise plus not starting debutant in Sydney derby?
  5. WSW three time opponents: Sydney FC, Brisbane, Adelaide and Wellington everyone else we play twice
  6. "How's the serenity?"
  7. https://lithub.com/rebecca-solnit-on-not-meeting-nazis-halfway/ Nevertheless, we get this hopelessly naïve version of centrism, of the idea that if we’re nicer to the other side there will be no other side, just one big happy family. This inanity is also applied to the questions of belief and fact and principle, with some muddled cocktail of moral relativism and therapists’ “everyone’s feelings are valid” applied to everything. But the truth is not some compromise halfway between the truth and the lie, the fact and the delusion, the scientists and the propagandists. And the ethical is not halfway between white supremacists and human rights activists, rapists and feminists, synagogue massacrists and *****, xenophobes and immigrants, delusional transphobes and trans people. Who the hell wants unity with Nazis until and unless they stop being Nazis?
  8. https://amp.abc.net.au/article/12908354
  9. New Kids on the (Red & Black) Bloc
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