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  1. thanks - thought that might be the case I heard about issues with the surface at Campbelltown and wondered why no-one had considered Penrith
  2. I suspect it'll be a ballot where a portion of each membership category are picked per game e.g. let's say the first game back allows for 6000 people inside Bankwest 1st priority - 55% Foundation members (all tiers) Red members 2nd priority - 35% all remaining full season ticket holders (Black / White / General admission / RBB) 3rd priority - 10% all part season ticket holders (3 game / 5 game) as the Foundation and Red members take up their ballot for the first game, then the percentages might be adjusted again The idea being that every member can go to at least one more game
  3. How would people feel about scheduling games on Thursdays and Mondays to get access to Bankwest for certain rounds? Ultimately, I support going to a winter season from 2022 But I imagine, we won't get all home games (I still think the FFA will stick to 13 home games per team) at Bankwest If only Canberra could replace the Macarthur bid, then both WSW and Sydney FC could use Campbelltown
  4. Better to go to winter Bushfires and 40 degree heat will take its toll I'm guessing we won't have Bankwest for every home game
  5. (looks out window)
  6. https://twitter.com/2ndHandBookery/status/1269715061746085888 Oasis, Queen, Metallica
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