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  1. Socialising? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-17/union-training-to-help-hairdressers-manage-client-trauma/100080914
  2. 0-1 Sydney I was expecting WU to cop a goal. I think the awarded penalty would not have been given in a time before VAR.
  3. Hmm, for this fixture (Perth away) - the historic stats don't look good HBF Park - Perth vs WSW Played: 11 WSW - 2 wins, 3 draws, 6 losses Our last win against Glory in Perth was February 22nd, 2014 0 - 2 (Poljak 12" and Juric 70") The draws against Jets and Wellington, plus the losses to Adelaide and Brisbane hurt now
  4. Following on from this - I was given the first dose of Pfizer vaccine on Thursday Apparently, family members of staff at Westmead Hospital are allowed to register for jabs Mixed feelings - on the one hand, relief that I can get it but on the other, concern as a lot of people are missing out
  5. pseudonym

    Simon Cox

    Thanks for your time at WSW
  6. If I was offered the AZ vaccine tomorrow, I'd take it I'll be in the last stage of a vaccine rollout but as I take blood pressure tablets, I'm nervous about what happens if I contract Covid I suspect that by the time I'm actually offered a vaccine, domestic production will be a public/private mixture as businesses get frustrated with the lagging economy I.e. you can wait in line for a Govt funded AZ jab or pay $100 for a Pfizer jab at the GP
  7. Lara Worthington (nee Bingle) = model Laura Tingle = journalist
  8. Good to get the win The 3 at the back really doesn't work with our squad Even at 3-0 I was worried we would concede a goal
  9. Twice in the ALeague The 6-1 win against Adelaide in Season 1 and tonight's game Overall we have three five goal margin wins 5-0 win in the ACL against Giuzhou Renhe
  10. I was looking forward to posting this: then Ibini had to score the 5th Guess I'll have to settle for this:
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