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  1. It is the tale of two draws. Last week, we should have won and done so convincingly. We didn't and it hurts. This week we outplayed a good team, snatched an equaliser and might have got a winner. Jumpei is so much better than Romeo, but he needs to stop trying to beat a whole team before passing. Personally for mine, we played football, showed ticker, and got the draw. My world looks more postive after this week.
  2. Has anyone got the confirmed dat/ time for the Semi- Final
  3. The commentators were doing my crust in tonight. We had 64-66% of possesion tonight, but apparently Perth were the talking point for most of the game. Seriously? For me that was one of the best, gutsiest, westy game of the season. I think we staked our claim for the premiership and the championship tonight. I for one can not wait. COYW.
  4. Manfred> I believe he has moved back to Sydney. I bumped into him after a game at Pirtek last season, but haven't seen him since. Hope that helps.
  5. Xmas would have indeed come early if this happened. Sorry I'll get my coat.
  6. The squad is starting to really take shape. Now for a strong goal hungry striker. The thing I am most looking forward to is the combinations of the new players and the rest of the team. How Gol Gol, Santa, Bridgey, Romeo interact and combine with the new players will be be really interesting. I think we will be surprising a lot of the other teams, who will be expecting the team from last season.
  7. Cole is not a fullback left or right. He plays best on the wings. He has pace going forward, a great cross, good passing accuracy and can deliver some top class dead balls. Cole has been forced to fill in time and again and did his best. You won't find a harder working or more passionate player in Red and Black.
  8. What I really want to see the new players integrated into the team, as soon as possible. Whoever we recruit and wherever they are from, they need time to start to cohere with the rest of the squad. This pre- season is important for the team to get used to playing together. The rest of the team will have finally had a decent break, so should be raring to go. I am keen to see the new players announced, just so we can bring them in early before pre- season starts. In other words Wanderers, please announce the new signings.
  9. Is it me or despite the God-awful conditions, we are playing well. Where has this team been all season.
  10. A poor way to end the season but I am kind of glad it is over. We need a proper rest, we need to recruit some players to fill the gaping holes in our squad and we need to sort out team cohesion with a consistent pre-season. With careful player selection, whilst retaining the core of the team, then season 4 could be our best yet. Looking forward to surprising the haters once again.
  11. Haliti taps that in and it becomes a different game. I am not sure how he missed, but he managed it. Should have won that one. Bulut just gets better and better.
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