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  1. A lot of unhappy fans already but politics aside, he is one of the better strikers of the league
  2. I honestly think this is a good signing. This guy can defend and attack and best yet he is not scared to take on defenders. I don't think the kids were good enough this season, bar Russell, Aqualina is good in spells however just decision making frustrates me (i know will come good in time)
  3. except we got the Wish.com version of the Griffiths. Mr Ryan "Judge me on the field' Griffiths
  4. A united chant with the RBB and NT should be done for the full 90 minutes. wwwwwweeeeerere fknnnnnn shiiiiiiitttttttt
  5. Although non of the goals were murgash's fault, I definitely miss Lopar. That guy just had the ability to stop 1s on 1s I also think McGowan is a huge liability
  6. Ziegler’s distribution from the back is pretty impressive I think he probably has the best distribution skills out of the our centre halves His defence is picking up and hopefully will improve as time goes on. to think we still have duke Muller and Mitch to add in to this team we have a squad that can win that dreaded toilet seat.
  7. This is what happens when you have every player playing for a position...you bring out the best of players eg Georgivski, kamau The exception being yeboah who I would gladly swap for Marc warren
  8. I really enjoy Margushs fast releases
  9. I was scared and upset when we lost pirmin and thought no one could replace him but fk me Dorrans is doing a good job
  10. good business maximising our visa spots considering the current pandemic albeit it being a 6 month contract
  11. Watching at home was pretty crap. Everytime Murgash had a goal kick, fox would show a reply then when it was back live, Macarthur would have possession.
  12. You just need a solid defensive line. FC makes Redmayne look like Manuel Neuer. He is still the same **** keeper.
  13. INTERVIEW WITH PIRMIN SCHWEGLER IN AUSTRALIA: KANGAROOS, BRUSH FIRE, POISON SPIDERS AND "GREAT PEOPLE" Pirmin Schwegler in the Hannover 96 jersey was a guarantee of great commitment in every game for two years before the popular midfielder ventured into a distance adventure after the end of the past season. Since then he has appeared for the Western Sydney Wanderers in the Australian A-League. In the exclusive interview with hannover96.de , he gives great insights into his first six months down under, talks about encounters with kangaroos and the ongoing bushfire - and reveals why Baccus i
  14. we need a like for like replacemetn for Mier.. whats ryan griffiths doing?
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