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  1. I really enjoy Margushs fast releases
  2. I was scared and upset when we lost pirmin and thought no one could replace him but fk me Dorrans is doing a good job
  3. good business maximising our visa spots considering the current pandemic albeit it being a 6 month contract
  4. Watching at home was pretty crap. Everytime Murgash had a goal kick, fox would show a reply then when it was back live, Macarthur would have possession.
  5. You just need a solid defensive line. FC makes Redmayne look like Manuel Neuer. He is still the same **** keeper.
  6. INTERVIEW WITH PIRMIN SCHWEGLER IN AUSTRALIA: KANGAROOS, BRUSH FIRE, POISON SPIDERS AND "GREAT PEOPLE" Pirmin Schwegler in the Hannover 96 jersey was a guarantee of great commitment in every game for two years before the popular midfielder ventured into a distance adventure after the end of the past season. Since then he has appeared for the Western Sydney Wanderers in the Australian A-League. In the exclusive interview with hannover96.de , he gives great insights into his first six months down under, talks about encounters with kangaroos and the ongoing bushfire - and reveals why Baccus i
  7. we need a like for like replacemetn for Mier.. whats ryan griffiths doing?
  8. I think we need to get over result and really spent time to appreciate and admire yeboahs first goal celebration It was fabulous *hair flick*
  9. in other news. i gained a habit of following/stalking footballers wives on IG after ABJ and seems like our foreigners partners are getting along well and hanging out. They posted a photo of a group of them having lunch with Manuel Nueur's wife in Sydney
  10. depends what starting 11 we put in im hoping for lopar, ziegler, mcgowan, georgievski, kamau, schwegler, baccus, muller, duke, yeboah, meir If we put kids in there, their experienced players will run riot...our youth should be subbed in when their old legs tire!
  11. I came across an Asian housing estate. i lol'd
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