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  1. With over 2.5 goals in my multi...I would of been very upset if this didn’t happen this game should of had 8 goals
  2. dont worry, we will get them back by signing van der linden
  3. his twitter mentioned that financially it was too good to refuse, so makes me think it may be marquee money, unless he was getting paid peanuts.
  4. Pretty sure he grew up around the area... as far as I remember Birrong to be exact.. went to primary/high school school with him Was in his team in our soccer gala day in year 5/6....put it on my resume
  5. He might go for it if the club decides to splash just a little bit more and get him the one the unit blocks overlooking James Ruse Drive and Hooters
  6. Plot Twist. The supposed free agent winger we signed is actually Appiah Kubi
  7. when you click on the link they reference that move too.. this comes up https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3701817/scott-brown-western-melbourne-celtic-contract-reject-transfer-news/ i think some have their wires crossed?
  8. When you click the link they reference the move, it actually says it’s western Melbourne
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