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  1. coachcarter

    Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    I'm not so sure I want Gombau after seeing this photo....... I don't think it would be good for team morale. (Although I bet Goodwin plays for Australia soon).
  2. coachcarter

    Coach and Staff Thread 2017/18

    The assistants are just that..... they have no say in the set up of the team or strategy. Ante will run sessions based on what Ange wants to work on. He even has to present a PowerPoint to Ange on what will happen in the session (I've seen one of these that Ante produced at a coaching course I did.... it was simply outstanding).
  3. coachcarter

    Popovic Abandons WSW On Brink Of Season

    If Popovic got the offer at 10pm last night, I really doubt that Carrasco, Foxe and Kalac have all signed on so quickly. I know Popovic had a "get out" clause in his contract but I would be staggered if all of the others had the same thing as well. Doesn't quite add up.
  4. coachcarter

    Squad Development 2016/17 Part 1

    "freeloading Spartans".... by that you mean the local kids (whose parents pay rates) kicked off the grounds by council so that a commercial enterprise takes priority? There's different ways to look at the same thing.
  5. coachcarter

    Squad Development 2016/17 Part 1

    Bottom line is Cole is too slow to play as a fullback. Whilst he isn't really quick enough to be a winger he has enough skill to hold his own and play as more of a link player. In the modern game you need quick and fit fullbacks.
  6. How about a left field solution to the left fullback problem. There is a stream of thought that D'Apuzzo is not up to the standard of the rest of the team..... our alternatives (Cole and Heffernan are both too slow). Yet, we have 3 good players fighting for the 2 defensive midfield roles. Now, remembering that Polenz came to Aus as a defensive midfielder and has since been converted to right fullback. How about we try Poljak at left fullback and leave Mooy and LaRocca at defensive mids?
  7. Carlos Hernandez out (broken hand).