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  1. This is good. Gives time for our injured players to return and for Mutch to be involved (maybe Duke as well depending upon when it is rescheduled)
  2. Watched the game. Mueller worked really hard and was by far our best. Tass and Ziegler shaky in distribution. Pelekanos looked very composed (and is an imposing figure on the field) when he came on. Wellington very compact and hard to break down... plus they had flair (piscopo) and speed (sotirio) when breaking forwards. Margush is a real worry. Sotirio's goal was a scuffed shot from outside the box that trickled out of his reach and into the net at 1kph.
  3. I do understand both sides to this. Pirmin wanted his contract honoured, WSW had less salary cap due to covid. The thing that I'm staggered by is why this wasn't sorted out BEFORE his return to Australia. I'm sure this has cost us the opportunity to sign other visa players who were available and have now signed elsewhere.
  4. One report (I think SBS) said player was keen to move on but the club knocked back offers from A league club.
  5. At the trial game, Troisi sat with Georgevski in the stand... hopefully getting the low down (but it seems the club is the obstacle, not the player).
  6. I watched the game.... 2-0 was a fair scoreline. Adelaide looked much better organised and probably had 60% of possession. Cox always looks 5 kg over weight but I was surprised to see how much fat muller was carrying. Adelaide's last goal was a free kick that Lopar would have stopped (Margush assumed it would be crossed for oncoming players but Kon.... went direct for goal).
  7. Would have preferred Ibini.... we might still get both if Newcastle lets him loose.
  8. Slightly left field.... but I would love to see Ruben Zadkovic get the job.
  9. I've seen suggestions like Year 12 come Monday, Year 7 Tuesday, etc. and we split classes in half to get social distancing. It's just not that simple. Some teachers have multiple year 12 classes, some have none. Chemistry needs labs but if you have all the same year on the same day there are neither the labs nor the qualified teachers to cover the classes. You might be able to social distance in the classroom but once the bell rings there will be kids hugging each other all over the playground. New York is now estimating that 80-90% of kids are infected (but asymptomatic).
  10. I was really doubting McGowan during pre-season but, since shifting to a back four, he has been terrific in defence as well has his distribution. Any word on Schwegler's injury? It was hot and humid.... that is a real advantage for a team like Brisbane who are acclimatised to it.
  11. Lopar McGowan Mourdakoutis Jurman Elrich Baccus Schwegler Georgevski Wilmering Duke Meier
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