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  1. Usually The Gov, last tram stop, near the stadium
  2. The Gov is the best away pub ever!! They actually have decent, friendly staff! And they have us about a dozen free shots last season!! Just don't urinate in public down there, the cops don't like it!! Or jaywalking!
  3. Details on this game to be announced on Wednesday.
  4. Ibis, Travelodge, or the Crowne Plaza? We always stay over the night for this one Crowne Plaza again. Fri and Sat night.
  5. Without knowing for sure, I believe the RBB may have negotiated with the pub to open especially for them. When there is a sizable contingent of traveling fans, agreements with the venue need to be made so there is enough staff to handle us. This is exactly what happened. Gov will open at 12, bar and kitchen. We march at 3.30 with police escort.
  6. So which pub has been chosen?The Gov, Port Rd
  7. Free...like Melbourne trams Nah, they're ACTUALLY free in the city area. At least they were last season, just checking with a mate to make sure it's still the same.
  8. Remember that the tram from the City to Hindmarsh is free. And the pub is next to the last tram stop.
  9. Wasn't that on the Friday? Or did ye go the day after the game?
  10. Workers won't let any chanting and have been know to refuse service for big groups of people. Be warned.
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