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  1. Staying in the Hotel Richmond which overlooks Rundle Mall ( their equivalent of the Pitt St Mall ). Just had breakfast in a local cafe full of Wanderers fans and the next door Macca's and Hungry Jacks was also full of red and black. Also was woken up at 3am by someone walking didn't the mall singing at the top of his voice RBB Ole Ole Ole !! I can hear some drums and singing closeby as well so the atmosphere is building
  2. What a pleasure it is to see that the Saturday after the Grand Final you can enjoy a nice little flight to Adelaide from Sydney for $129. Many flights still available !! It is nice that the airlines haven't ripped us all off. Thanks Qantas and Virgin.
  3. Having just paid $2,100 for 3 return flights it is really pi...ng me off seeing flights there and back for about $250 in the mid week............aaarrrggghhh !! Can someone invent one of those Star Trek things that just transports you there in a couple of seconds. Virgin doing flights back on the Monday now for $250 if you are quick
  4. When we played Brisbane in the last GF I tried to save money by flying to the Gold Coast on Tiger airways on the Sunday morning. Big mistake. Get on plane with 200 Wanderers fans only to be told that the tyre needs changing which then took close to three hours. Kick off in Brisbane was 4pm and we landed at the Gold Coast airport at 3pm and then did a mad car dash to Brissie and missed the first 25 minutes of the game. We were lucky to get there at all as they kept telling us that they may have to cancel the flight and Tiger only has one flight a day. The most stressful day ever. This time booked to go up on Saturday with Virgin who at least own more than one plane if there is a problem BEWARE THE CHEAP TIGER AIRLINES FARE OR PURCHASE AT YOU PERIL !!
  5. We are all wrecks after that. I am not sure if I enjoyed it or not. Too stressful
  6. Tickets flight and accommodation booked for three in active area. $2,700 but after that effort from the boys we all have to go Cheaper flights are already going fast and by 'cheaper' I mean $600 return. It is going to get expensive for late bookers
  7. Credit card just smashed. $2,200 for 3 return flights, $400 for 2 nights in 4 star hotel in cbd and $150 for three active tickets. After that performance from the boys you just have to go to the GF and f..k the cost. You only live once. By the way what just happened. It was all a blur !!
  8. Looks like a stuff up. I have two sons and myself to buy for. Have done three separate transactions but my sons have both been given the same seat.
  9. Same issue with me. I have bought tickets but can't print them off from my account. Anyone have any suggestions ?
  10. I live in Sydney Olympic Park so I am happy. Let's hope the new stadium remains on track for opening as I am not sure yet if it is all approved by the state government is it ?
  11. I don't know why they ask us to take our hats off. What could you possibly hide under there. I refused and the hat was whipped off my head and then thrown back at me once I went through the turnstiles.
  12. Watching it live I was glad that the weather evened it up but now looking back on it, I would have preferred good conditions so that we could have seen how well we can or can't play against a quality team from outside of Asia. Any bets on when will be the next time we are a couple of minutes away from playing Real Madrid !! Shannon Cole is Wanderers through and through and has scored many match winners for us. Go Shannon.
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