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  1. Wanderboy

    Memberships 2018/19

    I'm actually wearing grey and blue today, but if you mean membership, yes, I'm in Black.
  2. Wanderboy

    Post-Season Post-Mortem at Parra Bav

    So happy that it was a raging success by the sounds of things. I'd love to be there for the next one if I'm feeling up to it. Well done Andrew for organising.
  3. I seriously love your honesty mate.
  4. I'm more than happy about this appointment from all I've learnt about Babbell over the past 24 hrs. I knew about his playing career, not so much about his management history. I'm confident about him having the contacts to bring the right players to the club. I'm not so confident about the club forking out the $$ to enable that. Time will tell if our club leadership and financial backers are prepared to fork out the bucks to ensure that they are ******* serious about hitting the new stadium running in 2019/2020, and also them sorting out the shite with active support. This is their big chance to get this club up and running again. With a new stadium imminent, we won't get another opportunity like this for a very long time to re-establish ourselves as a major player in the A-League After this upcoming season, it's time to put behind our shite years at Olympic Park and start moving forward to where we should be. Up with the best year after year. Also with expansion on the cards, and with no one knowing where that expansion will take place, we need to ensure we consolidate our current rusted on supporters and also the band wagoners, to ensure we have the solid supporter base to take us forward. We need to be far more successful and positive to make it happen 2018/2019 is it. Let's do it.
  5. Apologies that some of those photos are a bit blurry.
  6. Thankfully, whenever I've been there, I haven't come across any strange old odd ****ers. Just a couple of magpies and council workers.
  7. Wanderboy

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    Yep. All happening under Gallop and Lowy's watch. They have no ******* idea about OUR sport.
  8. Yep. Of course, when there is blowing rain, some of the lower seats will get wet, but it's pretty decent roof coverage.
  9. It extends not only over the upper tier, but the lower concourse as well.
  10. Wanderboy

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Lederer has that in change in his wallet. I'm sure he'll splash out.
  11. Couldn't agree more. I hope they fix it because it looks shocking. As I said a couple of weeks ago, it's looked as though they needed ironing before installation. Absolutely terrible look. Maybe it'll look better when the sun does it's job and they are white? Doubt it though.
  12. Having seen the pictures above, and the first Bunnings plastic tarp go in a few weeks ago, I went back through the original images and videos to see if this was the final roofing solution. I thought this may be a "ceiling" below the roof but apparently not. It looks as though this is it, hence the tarps falling to drainage outlets. The roof trusses above are exposed to the weather permanently. Hope they've used a decent rust proof coating. I agree with others. It certainly appears a "cheap" option at this stage. I'll await the final outcome to reserve judgement. Also, I've been wondering where they'll be installing the lighting (for the upper deck, not the field). I can only see it going in between the gaps in those Bunnings tarps.
  13. Wanderboy

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    I'm so excited. The dream GF this season.
  14. Wanderboy

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    I didn't read it that way Mack. I don't think BFTW meant "made them champions" literally. Maybe he could have chosen his words better, but I think his point was that Merrick turned a **** team into a very good/great team.