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  1. Yep, it would be because there's an NRL game there tomorrow.
  2. I wasn't panicking. I was just surprised to see his name on the team sheet, when for so long now he hasn't even been on any injured list or anything.
  3. So, some comments I read from 442 in the past few days, from unbiased fans from other clubs.... - "Natta is such a talent. 18 years old - he was the best defender on the park tonight, particularly in the second half, despite having missed last game with a concussion. Outstanding passer, very composed in defence " - "Natta impresses me hugely also." - "Natta is an absolute gun for his age - maybe too young & inexperienced to make the Olyroos squad this time, but wouldn't disgrace himself if he was in a back 3 with Souttar & Deng next to him. I would've said he was the p
  4. I'm fine mate. Thanks for the hugs. eetswa was funny at first. It get's boring really quickly when repetitively repeated. It's like hearing your grandfather telling the same joke every time you catch up with him.
  5. Yeh, I know. I'm always trying to keep a positive spin on things. We should have won in Wollongong. We should have beaten Adelaide at home and Brisbane away, and probably even the Mariners the other night with a bit of luck. That would have given us another 9 points on the table and we'd be leading the comp. It's these games that have destroyed my confidence and optimism. We seriously have underperforming players and questionable tactics. Week after week. Our squad, playing at their full potential, should be destroying this league. Alas, it is just more mediocrity week after wee
  6. Looking at the table and the amount of games that other teams have in hand over us, we are in serious trouble if we don't start picking up 3 points weekly. I'm not happy to say that unless things change drastically, we'll be lucky to make the top 8, let alone the 6. With the depth of talent we have in our squad, this is completely unacceptable. I'm not CR out yet, but **** me, it's really not good enough. A-League 2020/2021 # CLUB P W D L PTS
  7. He shouldn't be fined for being right. The refs and the A-League have a lot to answer for. The inconsistencies in decisions is astounding. CR was right the other night. So was Garcia last night.
  8. I'll be pissed off if all the other sports go ahead but out game can't because we did **** all about re-arranging.
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