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  1. That nob is actually a great bloke. I also met him in Adelaide at our grand final there. I had a great conversation with him before the game. You need to get over yourself. He is extremely passionate about his team, like we are about our team. I'm not sure why that is a problem for you?
  2. .....or climbing onto the roof of that church in Adelaide, across the road from the pub.
  3. Tamil family to be re-united in Perth tomorrow. Hopefully, their next flight is off to Qld, not Sri Lanka. What a disgrace this issue has been to our country.
  4. Feel sorry for the Mariners. They've had a great season tbh. Good crowd tonight in Gosford so it was good for the A-League. Would have much preferred them to win then those ******* cowbell ringing hicks from somewhere south west of us.
  5. Sold three years ago when they went into their nursing home. Would be worth a lot more now. Land value only.
  6. Also, we both got breath tested at an RBT on Anzac Parade - and passed!. Furthermore, some silly old bitch nearly reversed into us along the street to Bronte adjacent to the Centennial Park sporting fields. If I hadn't have lent over and blasted the horn there would have been a collision. She was trying to reverse park, but we had no idea what she was intending as there was no blinker indicated. A good lesson for my daughter to be aware of the loonies on the road who are fully unaware of their surroundings. Thankfully, the beach was pretty and lunch was delicious. Some quality f
  7. Dad's old home. FFS Mack, you need to extend the editing time.
  8. WFMB? Taking my daughter on a driving lesson today, from Castle Hill to Bronte - my dad's old stomping ground when he was a kid. Such a beautiful day!! His little old family home from the 1930's is looking a little the worse for wear these days....
  9. Indeed. I've actually seen snow falling in temps of 7 degrees in the Pryenees. Obviously, it was the ******* Spainish side of the border, but yeh, it DID happen. Adiabatic cooling?
  10. 10 - 15 cents in higher parts of Jindy already. 5 to 10 in the town itself. Snowing in Cooma, Jindabyne, Bombala, Nimmitabel, Bredbo, Crookwell, Orange, Blackheath, Oberon, Barrington Tops, and soon to be Armidale, Walcha, Glen Innes and even possibly just over the QLD border. Some Southern Highlands places like Robertson, Moss Vale etc.... may get some flurries overnight, and the snow will continue down south on the Snowy mountains. Over 35 cm's since 1 pm today at Perisher Valley. This is quite a unique event. I've NEVER seen a forecast max for Richmond or any Sydney subu
  11. The "paid for" articles in the media for AFL really sicken's me. I won't go into detail, but Lord Rupert himself said, when he renewed the last AFL Fox broadcast deal, that he would make sure that the "Northern States" publications would be getting far more coverage of AFL to promote the Suns and Giants. **** Rupert and News Limited.
  12. What a fantastic article, and it gives a great inside into the kid. “Who’s that kid at the back?”: The story behind Mark Natta’s breakthrough season – Kick 360
  13. Yeh, Lake effect snow fall is a real thing from the English Channel. The best example of this is across the sea of Japan. Causes masses of snow.
  14. Yeh, pretty much. When you Poms get your snow, it's normally from the north, or east or NE, originating from Russia/Siberia by large high pressure systems squeezed against Lows. Hardly ever from the west or south, due to the Gulf Stream and warmer Atlantic ocean temps. If only we had a land mass south of our contintent, (like Canada is to the USA.) We would have seasonal snow in Sydney every winter.
  15. Savage!! Look where the winds are coming from feeding straight into the low. Antarctica.
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