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  1. Wanderboy

    Memberships 2018/19

    I know you're being sarcastic. I actually look sensational with my cap on, but I'm not sure it's got anything to do with the cap. On a side note, both myself and Wanderboy jnr had our caps on when Wandergirl younger sister (who isn't a member) came home from school today. She ignored us till we made a comment, to which she replied...... "Yes, I can see your caps!!!!." She wasn't in a good mood. Lol. Wanderboy and I both had a good chuckle. Hehehehehe. Now, I have hours of making up to her. God forbid, the sucking up I need to do. Lol.
  2. Wanderboy

    FFA Failure: The CRWG Looms Large

    The irony in this proposal is that the FFA are proposing a restoration of the active support that they themselves killed off with self admitted draconian laws, yet they then propose to kill it off again by playing loud music at inappropriate moments in the game, which, again kills the moment that the active support is rampant. Who are these people supposedly in control of OUR sport? Have they no idea at all?
  3. Wanderboy

    FFA Failure: The CRWG Looms Large

    You want to see the return of something that you yourselves did everything to discourage. FMD! What is wrong with these people?
  4. Wanderboy

    FFA Failure: The CRWG Looms Large

    Australya. What a ******* embarrassment that article is. They killed off active support, and now they want it back again because, guess what?...…..Wow (who would have thought?), active support was one major element that differentiated our sport from the clap clap clap pathetic cheer squads of other sports. And it is now that they realise this??? This just proves that forever and a day we have had the wrong people in charge of football. The whole lot of them should **** off now.
  5. https://twitter.com/WestsTigers/status/1040770927758401537/photo/1
  6. Wanderboy

    Memberships 2018/19

    I know. I hate that. It is sooooo AFL.
  7. Wanderboy

    Memberships 2018/19

    Now if only we can just get them all to turn up to games.
  8. Wanderboy

    NRMA Gone.? Who's next.?

    Might look crap on the shirt but imagine how cheap we'll be able to buy pain killers.
  9. Wanderboy

    FFA Failure: The CRWG Looms Large

    They might if it was South Melbourne.
  10. Latest photos. Use arrows to scroll through pics. Looking ******* sensational. 15 pics in total. https://culture.ftbl.com.au/gallery/hell-yeah-a-glimpse-inside-the-new-parramatta-stadium-512109
  11. We're talking FFA here. Nothing weird about that scheduling at all.
  12. Clearly changed his tune mate since he hasn't got govt funding for his own stadium upgrade. Remember how much pressure he was putting on the state govt for funds for Penrith?
  13. The Tigers are interested but the Panthers don't want a bar of it. I'd be very surprised if Penrith move any home games away from Penrith Park to WSS. They are adamant they are staying out west. Which is a good thing - not only for WSS and over use, but the fact a club actually identifies with its roots and its fans and wants a true home.