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  1. Maybe Mack or someone smarter than me can post some pics of the development.
  2. Parra Leagues Club 17 story hotel has been submitted for determination. http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=8800
  3. Wanderboy

    Abraham Majok

    Yes, it was a nice first touch and good finish. But seriously, I could kick a ball to an elephant's back left foot and it would have a better first touch than Majok. The kid has a lot of work to do. In saying that, my pass to the elephants back left foot would probably be 10 metres wide of the mark or go over the sideline.
  4. Imagine the **** the people in the safe standing section will get! I feel for you Captain Jess. I'm not a Twitterer, but if you complained about the issues you experienced last night on Twitter, could you not complain again about the response you received today from the venues management via the same social media platform? You have every right to do so. You are a paying customer of that venue, and the position you hold in your professional career should have no bearing on your personal experiences at that venue.
  5. Wanderboy

    Brisbane Roar: Season 2018/19

    Absolutely. This is the diplomatic method of announcing it.
  6. Wanderboy

    Brisbane Roar: Season 2018/19

    Aloisi has resigned. Effective immediately.
  7. You know things are at rock bottom when we are regretting not having Sotirio available.
  8. So, when will Obafemi Martins start banging them away for us? Vs Victory?
  9. Oh dear. We are starting to resemble the Parramatta Eels if any of this is true. Perennial losers with an occasional good season. All the while, ESFC continue to be the Sydney Roosters of the A-League - always in contention one way or another, with the very rare poor season with always a doubt about how they can be under the salary cap.
  10. I reckon that's the best pic I've ever seen of that stadium. What a stunning location.
  11. Yes, but he also had a bar named after him at Pirtek. That's my point. A football player recognized at a RL ground. Long may that tradition continue.
  12. It should also be remembered that Joe Marston was awarded recognition at the old Parra Stadium. He had a bar named after him. I know the following links are only Wiki, but at least a football player made it into the original Parra stadium. That recognition should also continue for our sport in the new stadium.
  13. I wasn't sure whether to like or laugh, but I decided on like. Because it's true. I knew none of you bastards before the Wanderers. I now have so many new friends. And....I like flares too.