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  1. Happy wedding anniversary mate. 18 years? You're doing well!
  2. Well, there goes the new pack of bog rolls.
  3. I would suggest that the owners of ESFC and MCFG are significantly more wealthy than the owners of our club. Those two clubs will survive regardless and can carry small fry losses. We are living through times none of us have ever experienced before (except maybe Ed who has lived through a couple of World Wars ) I'd prefer our owners to be prudent with their spending to ensure our club survives. If that lumps us with the Charlesworth's from the Mariners of this world, so be it. If and when the A-League starts up, I'd like to be there wearing my Season 2 jersey knowing I still have a club I passionately support. Everyone is taking a hit through this Covid-19 shemozzle. Why should normally generously paid professional footballers be any different?
  4. With all this working from home angst that some on here are suffering, I've gotta say I have been quite lucky. I'm still able to go to work daily. Building sites have not closed. It's keeping me sane. Getting out of the house 5 days a week, trips to Bunnings and Hardware and General and stuff. Being self employed, it is at least keeping an income going for me. Otherwise, it would be zilch. In saying that, I have a painter on site atm. He's about 70, and he's one of these blokes who lives in the old world. Hasn't taken on board one tiny bit of info about social distancing. He's also one of those people that likes to stand in your face when he talks to you. I reckon I've had to tell him about 6 times to take 4 steps back when he's talking to me. Each time, I've politely explained the reason why. You know - Covid-19 and stuff. It ain't rocket surgery you stupid old prick. I can still hear you from 2 metres away. If he does it once more, I'm going to ******* deck him. Generally though, most of my tradesman have been good and obeyed my instructions. Even my request to bring their own toilet paper. As I said, I've been lucky to pretty much continue life as normal. So far. My heart does however go out to those that are struggling with their change of working regime. Stay strong peeps.
  5. Finally you have stated what you were thinking. That makes more sense.
  6. I liked your post but I'm not sure you understand how serious this situation is after your comments. It's not just about Lederer and his apparently deep pockets to pay staff. It's about the sport as a whole. And not just our sport. It's about sport all over the world. You said it yourself. We are a community club. A community club doesn't have endless funds to pay staff when there is no income and in reality, they'd be paying staff to do what? Nothing? You tell me. What do you expect the club to do, when there are no games, no income, no guarantee when the competition will re-start, or more pertinently, no guarantee there will even be a competition to return to, considering Fox Sports are looking at cutting funding? If you were Lederer...…?
  7. Yes, they probably can, but beyond that? This isn't the EPL. It's not the NFL. When all this is over, I hope there is still a Western Sydney Wanderers to support at Bankwest. I hope there is still an A-League to go and watch. We're not just talking about how deep Lederer's pockets are, we are talking about the A-League and the whole sport in this country. Just look at the NRL and AFL and how much they are struggling to deal with this, and how they have been begging for funds. Beyond that, the ARU are a complete basket case as well.
  8. But what else can clubs do? They have no income atm . Comparing to Pio's wages is a stupid analogy.
  9. Sorry Stringer, I'm not even going to click on that link. The link title gave it away.
  10. You should join. Your knowledge and live updates would be welcome.
  11. Have you joined ski.com since the demise of WZ?
  12. I heard on the radio earlier that there is a movement to thank all our medical staff happening in the Hills district tonight. Apparently, at 8 pm, people are meant to park their cars on the street (even take them out of their garages) and blow their car horns in appreciation of all their work, similar to the clapping thing the Poms did last week, and the Spaniards and Italians have done on their balconies with music. Because there are not many apartments in the Hills District, whoever proposed this thought this would be the better option. It will be interesting to see if it works as I'm not sure how much traction it has received via social media yet. I certainly haven't seen anything on fb.
  13. Yes, they'll do that when you smash them with a hammer.
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