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  1. Same with the Springboks. Apparently we play them next week in rugby as well.
  2. KFC is the best chicken ever. Everyone can argue over that instead.
  3. Was still feeling **** this morning but another day in bed and I feel much better this afternoon. I didn't expect it to last two days but I suppose I am getting older so no surprise there that I am more susceptible to such things. I managed to garner the energy earlier this afternoon to prepare a lamb casserole slow cooked meal with a shite load of veg. Spuds, onions, leeks, mushrooms, celery and fresh tomatoes, beef stock and canned crushed tomatoes. Some garlic and herbs as well. 30 mins prep and then nothing to do for 6 hours except the occasional stir. Oh, and lamb. It's been on for
  4. So, had my 2nd Pfizer shot early yesterday morning. Felt ok last night except for a sore arm. Woke up this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. Have spent all day in bed and have just got up out of boredom. Made myself a cuppa and had to lie down again!! I was exhausted - Ha. Not much fun when one lives on their own and kids can't visit. Anyway, I should feel better tomorrow or Sunday I suspect. The nurofen has to kick in at some stage, doesn't it?
  5. You're an ideas man FCB. I'll give you that!
  6. I'd rather catch the metro into the city and enjoy the sunshine and vibe on a beautiful Spring day at Circular Quay and/or Darling Harbour than go to Bunnings on a Sunday and deal with all those home handyman experts.
  7. It was, but enjoy it while you can. You might see some snow on Tuesday.
  8. And, I have to set up the Paramount+ stuff now that my membership has been renewed. I'm sure the password that has been emailed to me won't work based on other's experiences, so I'll have to deal with the same shite fight that everyone else has. I was planning on getting Jnr over here to help but that can't happen atm due to Covid shite restrictions. Oh well, there's still a few months until KO.
  9. I'm not really sure what it means for me but I am looking forward to getting my 2nd Pfizer jab this Thursday. There is so much uncertainty in my life at the moment it is doing my head in. Rules are changing by the week.
  10. Yep, both jokes are as boring as ****.
  11. 11 days till my 2nd Pfizer jab. Counting the days down.
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