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  1. Agree with the ABJ dive. What a piece of turd he is for that effort. In saying that, it pisses me off no end to see the quality of football tonight - from both teams. It's been at least 4 seasons since I've seen the Wanderers play like either side is tonight. I would have been better off going to Bankwest tonight to see Cold Chisel. At least, for a change, I would have seen a decent performance at that stadium.
  2. Yep, got the dust. Skies are quite orange looking. And the smell of smoke abounds.
  3. Fair dinkum, can this summer really get any worse? 3 firefighters lost their lives this afternoon when their C - 130 fire fighting aircraft crashed in the Snowy Mountains. They were volunteers from the USA. It distresses me immensely that so many lives have been affected this summer. Nearly 30 lives lost, and getting close to near 3000 homes lost across all states. Not to mention the devastation to wildlife - over a billion lives lost just there. The wildlife that survived will probably die anyway due to a lack of food and water. I'm feeling so sad tonight. Lost for words.
  4. Why isn't Marcus's farewell video on the club website? Or is it and I can't find it?
  5. I'll be disappointed if it isn't on sale in the merchandise van at the next home game. Along with the cap. Red and black versions of them both.
  6. To be fair, I'm not sure why they left in the first place. Things just didn't work out like they claimed they would. So be it. That is football the world over. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. We are all Wanderers.
  7. No doubt. And, well done on your performances tonight behind the microphone. Yes, it's loud, but it's professional, and it's actually great to see and hear commentary from actual ground announcers who are fans.
  8. He hasn't announced the new time frame and only announced it today (or yesterday). He's being a typical politician. No detail about anything until they think it might get them re-elected. Both sides are as bad as each other really. It sickens me. Oh, for the days of another Hawke or Keating. Even Howard to a lesser extent, despite his policies.
  9. That presentation annoyed me. It was just JT grandstanding in an attempt to quell the uprising unrest. Half the crowd didn't even know who Cox was or that we'd even signed him. The applause was muted at best. There was a bigger cheer for the random fan cam when the dopey bastard realized it was himself on the screen. (Apologies if that random fan is on this forum ) Desperate times at the club me thinks.
  10. Mack, correct me if I'm wrong, but I get the impression from the tone of your match report that you'd like Babbel gone. Is that correct?
  11. In + 1. I'm guessing I'll regret it. It's been a very unpleasant season at Bankwest. Maybe I'll go earlier and the girls will cheer me up.
  12. Scraping the bottom of the barrel with some of the names on that list but could we be any worse off than we are now? I doubt it. This season has been a ******* disaster with arguably our best squad ever. Heads need to roll.
  13. This picture made me shed some tears tonight. From near Batlow, from yesterday. Panic, stampede, death by fire.
  14. Nope, the link is just a generic NSW one. Zoom in to the area affected. Stay safe everyone.
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