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  1. Wanderboy

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Great story. I love hearing that and personally sharing the same experiences. Unfortunately, you left out one region - The Shire. One of my sister's sons was playing State Cup a few weeks ago and it just happened to be at young Wanderboy's home ground - Ted Horwood at Baulkham Hills. My sister lives in The Shire. Of course, young Wanderboy and I went and watched the match to support a cousin and nephew. I couldn't believe some of the comments from some parents (incl my sister and her husband) regarding how many ….. mmmm …….. how should I put it - "culturally diverse nationalities were in other teams and watching the games". I've tidied that up. WTF??? This is Australia, what did you expect? Oh that's right, you're from the Shire. ****heads.
  2. Wanderboy

    Daniel Lopar

    19/04/85. Now that makes more sense Mack.
  3. Wanderboy

    Daniel Lopar

    Born on the 19/04/19? 1 month old and already our club see him as better then Vedran! Our club knows how to spot talent!
  4. I couldn't agree more. It's disgusting but it is the world we live in now. It's just a shame that there are so many stupid ****s around today that swallow every word of it.
  5. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance. Or even a 3rd. When were the charges that Taurus referred to? 1986? I think he's done his time tbh.
  6. That may be so, but I would judge her on her political capabilities rather than who she has chosen as a life partner. Anyway, she has chosen not to stand so it's a non issue now. The sad thing is that you are correct. News Limited would hammer her for the point you raised, which would then send the Twittersphere and FB into meltdown. What a sad world we live in.
  7. Tanya Alphabet has decided not to run for the leadership apparently. Just tweeted by a SMH journalist.
  8. Wanderboy

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    I thought it was funny, that within the first 6 minutes of coverage on Fox, they showed the Glory fans and their march to the ground. They didn't hide the fact that within that march, there was a FCK FFA sign in the background. They gave it plenty of time on air.
  9. Wanderboy

    Birthday Thread

    Thanks guys and girls.
  10. Wanderboy

    Team Name

    I saw this today on another website. Apologies to any females who are offended, but the likeness is uncanny!!
  11. Wanderboy

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    I understand your cynicism. I was at the Arsenal match and went to some of the others you mentioned. They are nothing but glorified exhibition matches. At theArsenal game, I was in the RBB with my kids, yet we had a ball that night as the RBB were in superbly fine voice. I've bought tickets for the Leeds game as I want to see and hear a repeat performance from our actives. I'm not sure whether they will be there or not, and I'm not sure whether the stadium will set up the safe standing area. I also want to be there for the first Wanderers game at the new stadium. The stadium should look great at night and it will also be mid winter and cold, so far more conducive to watching football than in the height of summer. Despite how plastic the match will be, I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe it's time for Mack to set up the Leeds game thread, so this discussion can go in there.
  12. Wanderboy

    Pirmin Schwegler

    I wonder if they promised him and his wife Baumjohann's apartment at Circular Quay as a sweetener?
  13. Wanderboy

    Team Name

  14. Wanderboy

    Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1

    Some info about him here..... https://forum.insidesport.com.au/2787787/WSW-sign-Pirmin-Schwegler
  15. The FFA can kick the bee hive all they like. The only people getting stung are the fans.