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  1. That's what we think, but Channel 7 are the kings of AFL in Sydney. They've paid a fortune for it. Very unusual for them not to mention it and then go ahead and give the NRL and our game massive plugs. For them to not even mention the AFL, on a Friday evening is highly unusual. It's normally about that time when they do, that I start farting so I can't hear it. I'm probably going to have to change to Channel 9, whatever is on, to relieve the pressure.
  2. Wow!! Channel 7 news sport tonight. In order. 1. NRL 2. Wanderers vs Leeds. 3. Womans Ashes test. 4. Netball world cup. 5. British Golf Open. 6. Tour de France. Then some other basketball ****. No AFL!!! Unbelievable!!
  3. I hope the RBB do what we did vs Arsenal. Sat there quietly for the first 5 minutes, listened to their shitty chants, and then blew them out of the park for the next 85. There'll be 20 k's of us vs 5000 of them. We should smash it if the stands get involved.
  4. You're from Middlesbrough. Make sure you smell as good as your scarf.
  5. I always buy mine at the end of the season when Peter Wynn sells them for 50 bucks. That might change in future though when I know with the new Independent A-League, the clubs will get a greater cut from kit sales. I'd rather my money go to the club than the FFA or Nike.
  6. Yeh. We're not hearing about the "20000 Wanderers fans"!!!
  7. Drove through Parra today and quite a few Leeds fans around already, although I reckon a lot of those schmucks would be staying in the city doing the Sydney touristy stuff today. Tomorrow though, expect most of the pubs in Parra to be full of rotund middle aged Yorkshiremen from opening time, spilling beers, singing crappy songs and generally making slobby arses of themselves. It's going to be 19 degrees and clear tomorrow. A repeat of today. This will equal the one summer's day that they usually get back in Ol' Blighty. COYW!!!
  8. Nope, the orange one beats this by a mile.
  9. Well, there goes my plans to roller blade into the stadium with my pet dog under my arm, a six pack under the other, a backpack full of confetti, a laser light for the Leeds goalie and to film the match via my drone. ******* party poopers.
  10. Channels 9 and 7 wouldn't. They are content to satisfy the absolutely dopey masses with brain dead shite.
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