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  1. Wanderboy

    Mohamed Adam

    I understand that. Yeboah is total shite and will be unlikely to play much part in our future, like many that have preceded him. Mo at least offered some potential. Anyway, I hope his studies go well, as the club suggested was his reason for retirement. Oh, wait....
  2. They are. For some reason, when I posted the pic it spun it around on this site. I tried to spin it back. No luck. Geez you lot are hard critics!! I think I'll give up posting any more food pics and trying to enliven this thread.
  4. Chicken Tikka Masala. My version anyway. With matching cutlery ffs!!
  5. Wanderboy

    Mohamed Adam

    That's very true but it must be disheartening for a kid to be given the arse when someone like Yeboah (probably on a higher $ contract) is kept and offers nothing more than him other than a bit of experience. I agree that a season in NPL1 may be the best thing for Mo. It's his chance now to raise to another level and prove himself worthy again. He has age on his side. Yeboah doesn't.
  6. Lol. Fork is standard issue and the knife is one of my fav's. It's a sharp ****er. You're a harsh critic of my pics. Concentrate on the food ffs!! Next you'll be complaining about my choice of place mat!!
  7. An air fryer roast done last night. 40 minutes for chicken, spuds and onions. The beans were quickly blanched in a saucepan. Home made gravy to finish.
  8. I had a toothache one morning about 5 years ago. I went to work and took some panadol beforehand at 6 am. At 9 am, I took some more as the pain was getting worse. By 12 pm the pain was excruciating. I had an abscess in one of my lower rear teeth. I contacted HCF dental and got into an emergency appointment that afternoon. The very caring lady dentist (who was very gentle in her treatment) warned me that if the abscess had burst, the toxins released could have been fatal if they'd got into my system. Not sure if it was just dental talk but I trusted her. I needed root canal attention once
  9. Yep. Still 37.3at mine with a stiff NE'er. Quite cold? From a Pom? Lol. Mt Boyce is the coolest atm at 28.3.
  10. Also, access to the Metro (underground) from this area....
  11. I just sent young WB a text saying the same thing!!!
  12. That's the best part!! Pffftt. Poms.
  13. Sky Sports Football on Twitter: "😦😦😦 Newport County goalkeeper Tom King scored directly from his own enormous goal kick this evening to help his side draw with Cheltenham Town! https://t.co/XDdBmMrF0Q" / Twitter
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