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  1. Mate, from my experience of Newcastle, just get whatever tickets you can get and sit where you want. It's never been any different.
  2. Wow. After all these years, and in this day of technology, how can this be such a **** up.
  3. You could or couldn't print at home?
  4. Kogarah capacity these days is about 20000. But you are right. The time slot was a bastard. Decent crowd I thought.
  5. Geez. How much better was it watching Roar play in an almost packed out stadium, even though the crowd was just under 10000. It sounded so much better and was a much better spectacle on tv than the same crowd would have been at Suncorp. Should they move there permanently and push for a 5-10000 upgrade?
  6. Yes, it is. The southerly last night has helped, although next week is looking dangerous again. Damn those temps!! http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/forecasts/penrith.shtml
  7. Ironically, it's from the forum on ski.com.
  8. Meanwhile, from Port Macquarie yesterday. Hahahaha!!
  9. The Colo fire...... The red line is the Putty Rd.
  10. That Colo fire ain't getting any better. Now starting to form pyrocumulus (the puffy white bit at the top of the smoke plume). Thunderstorm clouds that are generated by the conditions, which form storms that are dry but lightning active, which is even more dangerous.
  11. Yes, there was plenty of smoke here as well yesterday. The NE'er (sea breeze) blew in hard yesterday which blew all the smoke back over the western suburbs. Today, the winds have stayed westerly which has blown the smoke in a more easterly direction towards the coast. Next week again looks nasty and dangerous.
  12. Fair enough. In saying that, burning embers can start new fires up to 30 km's ahead of the main fire, although I suspect that you are not in that line of fire considering todays prevailing winds. This is a big fire. It has been burning for a week in a Wilderness area (Wollemi National Park), where there are few to no residents. However, over the past few days, it has flared up and taken off towards Colo Heights and Colo. The fire is at the mercy of the winds of the day, as it has been almost impossible to fight due to the inhospitable terrain it has been burning in. I can clearly see the plumes of smoke from here in Castle Hill. It indeed looks huge. As Marron has said, don't **** around if you feel under any threat.
  13. Not sure which suburb you live in Goat, but anywhere on the other side of the Hawkesbury north of Wisemans Ferry and St Alban's could be at risk in the coming days. Take care mate.
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