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  1. From memory, and being a Newcastle United fan also, he claimed that we played "sexy football" when he was our manager.
  2. You know I'm just stirring you Wendy.
  3. It's funny how the AFL are pushing for drop in wickets at the SCG, whereas the NRL, where players are probably more at risk of injury, have no problem with the current surface. The AFL can **** right off.
  4. I agree. Last season he was mostly surrounded by shite. Once Duke and Yeboah joined, he seemed to get a new lease of life. I too reckon he would be in a better head space with this new squad. I'd have been more than happy to keep him.
  5. It's going to fight with itself and then rip one of its own claws off. All good.
  6. Young Wanderboy has his birthday next week. On Wednesday night, I ordered a hoodie and the new home kit for his present. It arrived today (via express post), barely 36 hrs after I placed the order. Well done Wanderers merchandise department. Great stuff! And, the club gets the profit.
  7. Don't forget their little foray into the Chinese market. Ground breaking stuff for a professional football league. Lol.
  8. A bit disappointing that we are so far behind last season at the same stage. Last season was our 3rd season at the dreaded hole that is Olympic Park, yet we are almost 2000 behind that, despite the promise of the shiny new stadium, a vastly improved match day experience in Parramatta and an enormously improved squad. I feel as though it will be just like season 1, when, as the success of the team increased, so did the crowds and memberships. Our 2nd coming.
  9. Their billboards - "Never Surrender" Hahahahaha. Looks like their fans have.
  10. Ha, they just announced a crowd of over 19000. What a load of bollocks. Creative accounting continues.
  11. Well, the way this thread has gone this past week, we should have a striker announcement by Tuesday. Edinburgh will see to that with his inspiring numbered posts.
  12. LOL@GWS. SO, after all their bribed publicity this week in the media and all the freebie ticket giveaways, they haven't even gone close to selling out Soulless Stadium. So many empty seats. Happy for the AFL to keep pouring 10's of millions of $$ into a lost cause. They have too much pride and are too arrogant to admit defeat, so I hope they keep flushing the millions down the toilet. When we have a successful season this season, we will smash their attendance figures, and they can suck a big one. Not to mention that the Eels are also on the rise. The west will never be beaten by the vermin.
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