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  1. How so? The AFL invented female sport and introduced male international sport involving foreign teams, into Asia. The organization is absolutely ground breaking in the field of new endeavors. Just ask Eddie and Kochie. They'll tell you.
  2. Wanderboy

    Off Topic Thread 4

    I might be a transport nerd but I'm not a stupid ****er. That dumb arse got knocked over by that train!!
  3. Wanderboy

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Mobility access is brilliant. 30-40 mm max platform gap. None of this stupid London "Mind the Gap" ****!!
  4. Wanderboy

    Off Topic Thread 4

    I believe there is about 23/24 trainsets. Enough to do the initial 5 minute spacing in both directions during the peak. Off-peak services are 10 minutes. After a 6 month settling in period, they are planning on reducing peak services to 4 minutes. They can eventually reduce it to two minutes with extra sets. Also to be noted is the current trains are 6 carriage sets. All the platforms have been designed for 8 carriages, so if and when demand warrants it in the future, they can just add another two carriages to each train. So in reality, current capacity is running at less than half what the system is capable of.
  5. Wanderboy

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Yeh, well that's excellent. Both the Towers and Rouse Hill are excellent alternative shopping destinations to Chatswood and Macquarie Centre. That's 4 brilliant choices in either direction in roughly a 20-25 minute travel cycle.
  6. Wanderboy

    Off Topic Thread 4

  7. Wanderboy

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Just curious (and I'm not stalking - haha) are you walking/bus distance to a station? How does this open up Rouse Hill/Castle Hill shopping options for you? I'm about 10 minutes drive to Castle Towers and 20 minutes to Rouse Hill. Alternatively, I can walk 1 minute to the bus, with about a 15 minute bus trip to the Towers. I probably wouldn't catch a bus to Rouse Hill.
  8. Wanderboy

    Off Topic Thread 4

    I went on the open day and did the same thing. Stood at the front all the way from Tallawong to Chatswood. Very nerdy stuff I know but as Wendy said, amazing feat of engineering - well for this country anyway. It's about time we started catching up to the rest of the world. It's a fantastic system. The one thing I was most impressed about on the open day was the fact that the crowds were enormous, and the system was struggling to deal with crowded platforms, so the nice Fat Controllers back at the operational centre at Tallawong just pushed a few buttons and out came extra trains to deal with the crowds. Imagine the Sydney Trains system having to deal with this? They would call in extra drivers to get extra trains going and they'd all be at the pub or something. What stupid Aussies have to get used to is not rushing towards closing doors. This system is automated. When it decides it's closing its doors and is leaving, it ain't changing its mind. And, you stupid ****ers, there'll be another train shortly. It's not as if you'll have a 30 minute wait. So, just chill the **** out.
  9. Wanderboy

    Server Upgrade

    We're all reasonable bastards Mack. When's it going down? If people know, I'm sure we'll all accept some downtime.
  10. Lol, they are going to investigate themselves. Absolutely certain to be impartial. Not. And looks as though they already have three fall guys. No mention of Heather Reid and her part in all this. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/soccer/ffa-seeks-independent-review-into-stajcic-sacking-from-matildas-20190613-p51xj2.html
  11. Wanderboy

    Radoslaw Majewski

    Great purchase. I hope. Welcome Raddy!!
  12. Wanderboy

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    It already has.
  13. Wanderboy

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    Of course, and everyone knows that, except the ******* FFA. That is why they are so ******* stupid. They just keep digging bigger holes for themselves. I just don't get why the game in this country is run by such imbeciles. I know they are not football people. Seriously, Gallop? Why was he appointed in the first place? The douche bag probably still calls the sport soccer to his friends over a latte at social functions. Is it any wonder the sport in this country has plummeted in popularity at the higher levels. The huge uptake in junior participation has had nothing to do with them. It's a natural progression of sporting demographics, yet Gallop and his cronies have absolutely no idea how to tap into this influx of juniors and convert them to A-League fans. Sorry, I'm wrong. I forgot about Star Wars Round. FMD!! I'm just so angry at the moment at the way our game is being administered. So much potential being frittered away by clowns of the highest order.
  14. Wanderboy

    Women's World Cup - France 2019

    Well, you can blame the FFA for that. Why did they come out with their excuses and Heather Reid's apology on the eve of the World Cup? They were the one's who brought it back into the spotlight. Couldn't they have waited until after? All it has done is destabilize the situation further. The ******* FFA REALLY HAVE NO CLUE.
  15. Wanderboy

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Well, Leeds Do have a bad rep.
  16. Wanderboy

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    I saw on fb today that the Wanderers are asking for volunteers to attend a photo shoot in the new safe standing area.
  17. Wanderboy

    Off Topic Thread 4

    What a ridiculous article. Sorry my friend. Seriously, the media have nothing else to report on than to give oxygen to shite like this?
  18. I posted the following more about the stadium upgrade than where Grand Finals are going to be held. Also, there'll be two MORE teams ripping up the surface at Bankwest. FMD. SCG set to host NRL grand final after ANZ renovation Author Michael ChammasChief Reporter Timestamp Wed 12 Jun 2019, 05:46 PM ANZ Stadium will undergo a facelift after next year's State of Origin series, handing the Sydney Cricket Ground the rights to at least the 2020 NRL grand final during construction. The NRL told club chief executives and chairs at a meeting in Sydney on Wednesday that ANZ Stadium would be out of action after next year's Origin series opener at the Olympic venue. It will leave the Bulldogs and Rabbitohs searching for a new home for the second half of the season, but also the NRL for its major events. It's likely the Bulldogs and Rabbitohs will play the majority of their home games in the first half of the year and are expected to take most of their remaining games to Bankwest Stadium. ANZ Stadium, which will be transformed into a 70-75,000 seat rectangular facility, will be out of action until the start of the 2023 NRL season. The Sydney Cricket Ground will host grand final day in 2020 with the NRL in discussion with the NSW Government about locking in the next two grand finals after that. The new stadium at Moore Park is expected in early 2022. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/06/12/scg-set-to-host-2020-2021-nrl-grand-finals/
  19. Wanderboy

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    And me!!!
  20. Wanderboy

    Football Media Discussion 2

    What time? 7.50 pm? 8.00 pm? 8.10 pm? It's not a big deal, but they've had 6 months to sort this **** out. I'm sure I'll get my tickets, and I'll be at the game. I was just putting it out there that I received the email today. I thought it might help those who didn't.
  21. Wanderboy

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Considering there is no 'Leeds" thread atm, I couldn't think of any where else to put this. Below is a copy of an email from Ticketek re issuing of tickets for the game on 20th July that I received yesterday. "Dear Ticket Holder, Please be advised the print suppression has been extended for this event, with tickets to be distributed via your selected delivery method from Thursday 20 June. Enjoy the show! Regards, Ticketek www.ticketek.com"
  22. Wanderboy

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Cheers guys re the air fryer advice. I think I'll take the plunge. Before my parents moved into a nursing home earlier this year, they had one. Mum used to do really great roast chicken in it.
  23. Wanderboy

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Sad new Erimus. I can only pray and wish the best for him and your family.