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  1. Well then, the game was probably played too far west for the leather patch brigade to jump into their Range Rover's and make the trek. (Warringah vs Sydney Uni) Viva La Westies!!
  2. The Sydney Rugby GF was on at Bankwest today. Crowd looked about 4000, but might have been more. Unlike Eels games and the 1 Wanderers match there, this is rugby, so It's possible that it was more, due to the leather patch side being full (corporates), and the rest of the ground being sparsely populated (plebs).
  3. Not sure how accurate the BBC are, but **** me, the Poms have now organized 4 days of warm, sunny weather. https://www.bbc.com/weather/2644688 And they have the hide to boooo Warner and Smith, when the Poms themselves are using the weather to cheat!!
  4. What's your address? I can go around and check for you. Also, what brand of tv do you have, and is there any expensive jewellery hidden somewhere or a cash stash under the mattress? I can check that it is all safe.
  5. **** it. I'll have to look at other merchandise then.
  6. Really? I was going to order one on-line for my son's birthday. Bummer.
  7. After Marsh, Lillee and Chappell bet on 500-1. Lol.
  8. Enjoy your weekend mate. This is going to be a cracker of a test match. Headingly is a great venue and has provided some fantastic matches in the past. Will be interesting to see what sort of pitch it offers up, but indeed, as usual, the winner of the toss should be in the box seat from day 1.
  9. Is this just a hunch or do you know something we don't?
  10. Spiffing stuff. Not only do I get x-rayed by some buffoon with a wand upon entering the ground, I'll now be picked out by facial recognition cameras while watching the game, and so will my son. I'm there to watch a game of football ffs, not try and bring down Trump, Putin or go and fight for ISIS in Syria.
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself. They have been sooooo incompetent it's embarrassing. No wonder the game has been sliding downhill. The only positive is that Gallop is ******* off. It's all been under his watch. Let's just hope we get a football person in to replace this douche bag.
  12. I know this is a cricket thread, but I have flown to Melbourne before for Wallabies vs All Blacks tests and also British Lions tests. Sensational weekends with mates. Back when rugby was enjoyable to watch. For A-League off season entertainment, I'd much prefer to watch RL and the Eels live on tv any day, and many other sports on tv, like the Tour de France. The Tour is just stunning tv. Anyway, let's hope you are right and the weather is kind at Lords today. Will be a most interesting day's play. It really could go either way, although I'm guessing that too much time has been lost to see a result. Going into the 3rd test with Oz still leading 0 - 1.
  13. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the cricket start again tonight, if it ain't ******* raining again. I've just watched 25 minutes of the Wallabies, and that'll probably do me again since the last time I watched them - about 10 years ago. I gave them a chance to regain my interest. 10 years, and after 25 minutes, I'm probably done for another 10 years. What a truly shite sport, but not nearly as bad as the worst sport in the world - that game from down south.
  14. Which is why I would assume he isn't in the squad anymore. Btw, I agree.
  15. I could imagine that a cow pad would offer more opportunity for reverse swing than sandpaper, although it could be touch and go on that one, and I wouldn't want to be the player that volunteers to load his pockets full of cow ****.
  16. Lol. Harmison's first ball caught by 2nd slip. Now that's a ******* wide!!
  17. ******* English weather!!
  18. lol. I have a hotty for both tbh.
  19. Haha. Nope. Braved the Sydney level cold out in the elements. It's not really that cold tbh, well, not Boro cold anyway. PS. I was freezing, with the hoody pulled over the head. Still, enjoyable though. I'm sad the season is over. I love watching winter football. PS 2. I also love sitting in the stand or standing in the concourse at Gosford vs Mariners in mid summer heat at a Wanderers away game, inhaling the toxic fumes of a few smokies. Life is beautiful.
  20. I'm the same as you. As uncomfortable as the wind was today, I love days like this. Young Wanderboy had an 11 am kick off today for his under 17's match. It was cold and breezy. It was easy to tell that it was snowing on the Blue Mountains, which it was. He then put his hand up to fill in for an All Age match at 1 PM whose team was short of players. It got colder as the day went on, although the sun provided a somewhat pleasant warmth. His 17's Div 1 team (who are coming last) were playing the other Baulko team who are coming 2nd. They had an admirable 2-2 draw, after leading 2-1 at HT. He then handled himself really well against the adults in the AA game. I really couldn't think of anything better on a cold winters day then sitting there for 4-ish hours watching him play. The bacon and egg roll at Ted Horward Reserve at Baulko between matches was the icing on the cake. This probably should be in the WFMB thread instead tbh. And yes Smoggy, those photos were beautiful.
  21. The process was so onerous and convoluted though that they made it almost impossible to challenge any ban. It's great that the clubs are working together with the active support to right the wrongs of the FFA.
  22. Funny you should mention that. I noticed exactly the same thing and pointed it out to WB Jnr. We watched him and as you say, every ball was absolutely pinpoint. I was mightily impressed and knew there and then that we had bought a class act.
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