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  1. 23 minutes ago, lloydy136 said:

    am trying to buy tickets for this and the bay that is normally (i think) the active area (bay11) is greyed out and not accessible. have gone back through my member emails and can't find a member code or anything - anyone had similar issues or can let me know what I am doing wrong?

    Mate, from my experience of Newcastle, just get whatever tickets you can get and sit where you want. It's never been any different.

  2. 18 minutes ago, Potkorok said:

    To be fair that's about all that ground holds and Sunday night 6.30pm is not a great time to be trying to draw a crowd. 

    Kogarah capacity these days is about 20000. But you are right. The time slot was a bastard.

    Decent crowd I thought.

  3. Geez. How much better was it watching Roar play in an almost packed out stadium, even though the crowd was just under 10000.

    It sounded so much better and was a much better spectacle on tv than the same crowd would have been at Suncorp.

    Should they move there permanently and push for a 5-10000 upgrade?

  4. That Colo fire ain't getting any better.

    Now starting to form pyrocumulus (the puffy white bit at the top of the smoke plume). Thunderstorm clouds that are generated by the conditions, which form storms that are dry but lightning active, which is even more dangerous.



  5. 9 minutes ago, Neverbloom said:



    thank you its weird yesterday smoke was a lot more visible but maybe it was just the wind direction or something, the haweksbury is a huge area so until it gets more specific i feel safe......ish :P

    Yes, there was plenty of smoke here as well yesterday. The NE'er (sea breeze) blew in hard yesterday which blew all the smoke back over the western suburbs. Today, the winds have stayed westerly which has blown the smoke in a more easterly direction towards the coast.

    Next week again looks nasty and dangerous. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Neverbloom said:

    thank you i did get an sms from the fire service pretty much saying evacuate now if i live in colo heights and i am looking at the fire




    which pretty much says i expect smoke in my area but its not something i should watch out for yet so i am not too sure,

    If you are in the areas of Glen Davis, Putty Valley, Upper Colo, Webbs Creek, monitor conditions.

    it doesnt even say i should be monitoring conditions all its saying is i should expect smoke so i am confused somewhat maybe i overreacted but i have not gotten a text from emergency services yet and i know its still going fast so its something i am paying close attention to, only about 30 km away so its still too close for comfort but the text i got was really for people of colo heights and not for me somewhat

    Fair enough. In saying that, burning embers can start new fires up to 30 km's ahead of the main fire, although I suspect that you are not in that line of fire considering todays prevailing winds.

    This is a big fire. It has been burning for a week in a Wilderness area (Wollemi National Park), where there are few to no residents. However, over the past few days, it has flared up and taken off towards Colo Heights and Colo. The fire is at the mercy of the winds of the day, as it has been almost impossible to fight due to the inhospitable terrain it has been burning in. I can clearly see the plumes of smoke from here in Castle Hill. It indeed looks huge.

    As Marron has said, don't **** around if you feel under any threat.





  7. 1 hour ago, Smoggy said:

    My son is off to see Gladys at the NSW parliament next week for community work done as volunteer....

    ******* awesome parenting right ******* there....makes up for the times i dropped him as a baby and ****ed his nappy up and ended up with shyte all up his back. Now he is 12 and doing good stuff so must have got something right....

    Yeh, you're bringing him up in Oz, and not Smogsville.

    Best decision you ever made. :P


    Great stuff though. Well done little Smoggy!!

  8. 1 hour ago, StringerBellend said:

    Be positive you Mofos 

    I'm trying to be and will be, but throwing a dart at a dart board with 20 different options would be just as likely to be as accurate as how we may perform tonight.

    Anyway, I'm as excited and positive as I always am before a game. Let's just hope I don't resort to the passive aggression of throwing lounge pillows into orbit, or worse still, at the tv.


  9. 17 minutes ago, marron said:



    Some odd ones, out  of nowhere - The Eastwood. I know there were other suburban ones, just can't remember the names anymore.



    The Family Inn at Rydalmere and The Vicar of Wakefield at Dural. I saw Cold Chisel at the Family, one Friday, and at the Vicar the next, in their early days, within a week.

    The Family was a ******* rocking place in its day.

  10. 31 minutes ago, andypk said:

    Our performances so far this season have told me that Babbel's recruiting has been spot on and I'm more optimistic about this season than I have about any other season.  

     Our need to defend has shown that what we lacked last season, mentality, we now have in bucket loads. We have a great foundation.  Sure, we haven't been great going forward but this is an easy fix with the quality we have. Grinding out hard fought wins and picking up points when you aren't playing well speaks volumes about the character we have in the squad.

    We've played 4 games and conceded only a deflected goal in open play and a penalty.  Along the way we have beaten Victory on their territory and won a derby against last seasons GF winners.  We've also picked up 4 points against Central Coast Mariners and Brisbane who are two improved sides on last season.  I certainly expected us to take all the points against Roar but they showed they are no easy beats and credit to them.  Both these teams will certainly play their part in what is shaping up to be an excellent A-League season.

    My biggest concern right now is the amount of injuries we continue to pick up. Due to injuries MB almost certainly hasn't had his strongest 11 on the training field together, let alone on match day, so I'm certainly not expecting us to hit our stride yet.  I'm stoked we are proving hard to beat and are picking up points.  The rest of it will come.

    Great post, and I reckon that that is what the majority of learned fans currently believe. For those that don't, well, they have their own opinion.


  11. 2 minutes ago, DeeDee said:

    Frustrating. Was really looking forward to enjoying 90 minutes of football. Was just dissapointing to see Brisbane look a more cohesive unit then our selves at home.

    BUT! Once again a point gained, and some incredible fight and scrambling in defence. My thoughts on just the poor performances.

    Yeboah - Simply not enough in attack and on the ball from him. In fairness ive never seen him as a winger but Mo needs to be in the side. Yeboah lacks touch and quality, and it hurts our attack with Meier playing bit part roles.

    Meier - Ineffective but with little chances. Just expecting abit more class in the occasions he does receive the ball. I think he needs to swap with Duke occasionally and take up a wing spot, drag defenders around, get dangerous flick on in different zones.

    Grozos - shits me to peices when i see young lads given a chance and they don’t bust their nut to impress. Not a fan of this kid yet. 

    Duke - im being harsh but he just looked tired and slow on the ball.

    Babbel always speaks about playing with confidence, trying things and not being afraid to fail. Our youngsters still suffer from this. Muller grew very frustrated whilst the likes of Baccus and Tass failed to play in simple 5m early balls to him when he peeled off. These kids need to grow a football brain and step up.


    You can't be a true Wanderers fan if you weren't happy with a draw and have an opinion on our performance. We're TOP OF THE LEAGUE!

    Be prepared for the abuse and ridicule.

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