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  1. I'm curious to know more about this. The highest grossing income sport in the country is Australian Football. Why do they need $285 million of Govt funding? To me it just seems like pork barreling to corrupt Victorians.
  2. And that is the case. If fires are nearby, a fire can start anywhere in the vicinity just from blowing embers. A day like tomorrow needs everyone to be alert and have a plan. Canberra 2003 is the perfect example. That fire had been burning for days, slowly approaching the southern suburbs, and then boom. We have learnt a lot from Black Saturday, 2009 in Victoria. But not enough. This summer has proven that and we will learn more from this. It's why people need to be vigilant. That shocking video I posted the other night just goes to show how volatile a situation can be given the worst conditions.
  3. Yeh, that was the Gospers Mountain fire. It burnt for over 2 months. **** me. It seems to be mostly out now, but there could still be isolated tree stumps still smoldering.. A day like tomorrow and it could start all over again. Not sure where you live but again, be on alert tomorrow and have a plan to leave if necessary. I certainly do. I might be in the middle of suburbia, but I'm surrounded by bush.
  4. Not till after Sunday mate, unfortunately. Tomorrow is going to be a shocker. 46 deg's for Penrith, and then 43 on Sunday. Thankfully, some rain next week which might temper things. Just had an out of control bushfire near my place, which was just about 500 metres from my joint (Castle Hill/Glenhaven). Luckily, about 10 local brigades got it under control pretty quickly. I have a much larger bush reserve behind the houses across the road from me (basically, Fred Catterson Reserve). I'm worried about this tomorrow. This afternoon's blaze was clearly deliberately lit. This summer is just ******* scary.
  5. For football, and I suppose, other things as well.
  6. Wendy, I agree with this statement from SBW that football is for those with money. I have put Wanderboy Jnr through academy football over the years, struggling to pay the exorbitant fees, paying $2500 season after season. He went to China for a Stoke City football camp which cost another $3500 for a week. The average Joe just cannot afford this. I struggle as well to pay for it but I put aside money as much as possible to give him the opportunity. Unfortunately, it's the way it is. Those kids that have rich parents easily get further up the ladder more quickly than those who don't. It's a pathetic model that is holding Australian jnr development back.
  7. Anyway, I'm out now. Young Wanderboy has a Youth League trial match at 4.30pm. Arranged at the last minute....today actually. May or may not go ahead with the following forecast - If it's called off, I'll be back to "In +1". Penrith Forecast: Sunday 2 February Summary Min 26 Max 43 Hot. Showers. Possible storm. Possible rainfall: 5 to 15 mm Chance of any rain: 80% Sydney area Hot. Sunny morning. High (80%) chance of showers developing in the afternoon and evening. The chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. Winds north to northwesterly 15 to 20 km/h shifting cooler south to southeasterly 15 to 25 km/h during the day then becoming light during the evening.
  8. Gosford Forecast. Sunday 2 February Summary Min 26 Max 38 Showers. Possible late storm. Possible rainfall: 2 to 8 mm Chance of any rain: 60% Central Coast area Mostly sunny day. Medium (60%) chance of showers in the afternoon and evening. The chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. Winds northwest to northeasterly 15 to 20 km/h becoming northwesterly 20 to 30 km/h during the morning then shifting cooler south to southeasterly during the day.
  9. So would I. I did it once, sitting with my sisters family and their friends at Allianz for a derby. Never again. What the **** was I thinking?
  10. This is truly frightening. The perfect firestorm. Best to read the description of what happened before watching the video. These fires have been ruthless and at the mercy of the gods. No human intervention can stop this sort of ****.
  11. Yeh, that'll be fun, eh? Add to that driving there, parking a km from the ground, being hassled by over zealous security and an almost guaranteed loss, and it makes for a spiffing afternoon out with my lad. Can't wait!!
  12. It would be nice if we could just start winning games again, so all this shite talk towards each other would end. That's the glass half full Wanderboy coming out in me.
  13. Agree with the ABJ dive. What a piece of turd he is for that effort. In saying that, it pisses me off no end to see the quality of football tonight - from both teams. It's been at least 4 seasons since I've seen the Wanderers play like either side is tonight. I would have been better off going to Bankwest tonight to see Cold Chisel. At least, for a change, I would have seen a decent performance at that stadium.
  14. Yep, got the dust. Skies are quite orange looking. And the smell of smoke abounds.
  15. Fair dinkum, can this summer really get any worse? 3 firefighters lost their lives this afternoon when their C - 130 fire fighting aircraft crashed in the Snowy Mountains. They were volunteers from the USA. It distresses me immensely that so many lives have been affected this summer. Nearly 30 lives lost, and getting close to near 3000 homes lost across all states. Not to mention the devastation to wildlife - over a billion lives lost just there. The wildlife that survived will probably die anyway due to a lack of food and water. I'm feeling so sad tonight. Lost for words.
  16. Why isn't Marcus's farewell video on the club website? Or is it and I can't find it?
  17. I'll be disappointed if it isn't on sale in the merchandise van at the next home game. Along with the cap. Red and black versions of them both.
  18. To be fair, I'm not sure why they left in the first place. Things just didn't work out like they claimed they would. So be it. That is football the world over. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong. We are all Wanderers.
  19. No doubt. And, well done on your performances tonight behind the microphone. Yes, it's loud, but it's professional, and it's actually great to see and hear commentary from actual ground announcers who are fans.
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