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  1. Another paid advertisement. This time just then on 2GB.
  2. Clearly there was no signing announcement today because this thread didn't reach it's posting quota. I'm willing to take part of the blame. Sorry everyone.
  3. Couldn't agree more. This series has been extraordinarily intriguing. I'm very nervous. Weather for this test doesn't look good, although looking back at the previous tests, 3 - 3 1/2 days may very well be enough for a result. I'm glad Smith is back to make sure Paine doesn't make any more captaincy blunders.
  4. Another paid advertisement tonight, this time on MMM's Rush Hour 6 pm sports program with Mark Geyer. They interviewed the Knats captain. That show NEVER talks about AFL - it's predominantly RL and cricket. Funny thing was, they were talking about this weeks semi-final, at the 24000 capacity Spotless, and at the end, they had 5 double passes to give away. For a semi final!! LOL. I wonder how many more freebies they are giving away elsewhere.
  5. Was just watching the ABC News. Another paid advertisement story by the AFL about GWS, and how successful they are and how their crowds (apparently) have been bigger than some of the NRL clubs. Biggest propaganda piece ever. Funny thing was that at the end of the story, they showed some highlights of one of their games and Spotless was virtually empty. I've tried to find the link to the story on their website to post here, but it ain't there.
  6. What/who was it about this week? I'll watch the replay on I-view.
  7. I would just like to add my contribution to our new signing and you can all thank me when it happens. My pleasure. (13)
  8. And probably cooked up a fine magpie curry.
  9. Is that Erimus at the front of the boat with the torn slacks?
  10. I heard he stole a loaf of bread.
  11. Without a doubt. It's a shame our game doesn't have, or spend the funds, to counteract this bile. The only consolation is the hundred's of millions of $$ that the AFL have wasted on their expansion teams, for little to no result. The GC Suns are a joke. GWS have made little footprint into Western Sydney, despite their reasonable success. AFL still paying for media coverage though. There was some story I heard on the radio today about some player signing a (RECORD) 7 year deal for GWS. Never heard of him, nor did I care, but I was amazed at how many times I heard it on different radio stations throughout the day. Clearly a paid advertisement across the media. Expect it to be in the print editions tomorrow morning. **** them, and their propaganda attempts to hijack the sporting market.
  12. I'd put a dollar on that. Well, I would have if I was a gambling man.
  13. You can absolutely guarantee there is some AFL influence in this decision.
  14. Oi! We beat Spurs. We're going to win the League.
  15. Well then, the game was probably played too far west for the leather patch brigade to jump into their Range Rover's and make the trek. (Warringah vs Sydney Uni) Viva La Westies!!
  16. The Sydney Rugby GF was on at Bankwest today. Crowd looked about 4000, but might have been more. Unlike Eels games and the 1 Wanderers match there, this is rugby, so It's possible that it was more, due to the leather patch side being full (corporates), and the rest of the ground being sparsely populated (plebs).
  17. Not sure how accurate the BBC are, but **** me, the Poms have now organized 4 days of warm, sunny weather. https://www.bbc.com/weather/2644688 And they have the hide to boooo Warner and Smith, when the Poms themselves are using the weather to cheat!!
  18. What's your address? I can go around and check for you. Also, what brand of tv do you have, and is there any expensive jewellery hidden somewhere or a cash stash under the mattress? I can check that it is all safe.
  19. **** it. I'll have to look at other merchandise then.
  20. Really? I was going to order one on-line for my son's birthday. Bummer.
  21. After Marsh, Lillee and Chappell bet on 500-1. Lol.
  22. Enjoy your weekend mate. This is going to be a cracker of a test match. Headingly is a great venue and has provided some fantastic matches in the past. Will be interesting to see what sort of pitch it offers up, but indeed, as usual, the winner of the toss should be in the box seat from day 1.
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