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  1. Does ziggy count as a foreign signing? If so, what a waste!
  2. With the signing of Tad, definitely Jurman is gone.. Since Mcgowen and Ziegler are still under contract.. No one would dare take mcgowen, he's been a major liability.
  3. Have 2 spare bronze away wsw section for the derby.. Please inbox if interested. Cheers!
  4. That shirt is on sale.. Will buy in memory of Babbel https://www.myer.com.au/p/ben-sherman-lobster-geo-short-sleve-shirt
  5. Our of the names mentioned who do you think would want to stay though based on how the club is currently run? And how the coaching is run?
  6. Fans know, members know, and Santa knows we need a full clean out. From PL to JT to MB, and the merch van guy sack them all, start from scratch.
  7. Babbel presser.. Sounds like he'd run out of ideas.. https://www.a-league.com.au/video/babbel-xxx-interview-hyundai-a-league?fbclid=IwAR3ekPFdE9bQEt0eWmy7Cw4fMGzrlMpRmr8uINKnpyL9_geYhoH5N6Lk_Q8
  8. It could only be one of two reasons right? We low balled the players or they have no interest of coming here.
  9. Should get sacked now, this allows for the replacement coach to sign the players he wants since the window to sign players next season has opened.
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