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  1. Babbel again in hot water. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/babbel-facing-sanction-for-alleging-anti-wanderers-conspiracy-20191208-p53hxl.html
  2. I'm sure majority of the core rbb left due to JT's poor leadership and attitude.
  3. I think we would have been better off signing that Albanian gypsy instead of a marquee Lamp post who is rusting away on the bench.
  4. Your FM experience has paid off 👏. Make sense, but I doubt babbel will do this.
  5. Could that even happen? It appears Lederer and JT are best mates?
  6. A foreign striker on the bench isn't good.
  7. Not good enough, we can kick and scream about ref and var not going our way, but if we can defend and score goals, we wouldn't be in that position to scrape wins. We need to win convincely and we have yet to do that under the Babbel regime. Bar lopar and Pirmin, don't get me started with his foreigner signings. 🤮 Hmm.. Maybe JT needs to get the sack, JT bringing in Gombau/Babbel have been failures.
  8. Wierd decision was also signing Meier, and Muller to solve our AM woes.
  9. Haha meant to say next 3 games.
  10. Factoring the teams we play in our next 2 games.. If we don't 5 points or higher, I think babbel will get the can.
  11. Lol really? If we lose to Welly, Babbel gets the sack? https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/axe-imminent-for-babbel-as-wanderers-patience-wears-thin
  12. It becomes a babbel issue(poor recruitment) , we should have signed a proper AM to replace Majewski. Jedi, Troisi or other foreign players wouldhave been available. Instead, Babbel effed up with Muller who is a mainly a Winger.. He also effed up with Meier, he's bordering Pio quality.
  13. VAR isnt the issue, it's the refs using it.
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