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  1. https://www.ticketebo.com.au/sydney-united-58-fc/ffa-cup-round-of-16-sydney-united-58fc-vs-western-sydney-wanderers-fc.html Not sure why the club hasn't announced.. But here's the link to purchase tix for the match.
  2. Berisha has just been released by Sanfrecce. Sign him NOW!!! There's our #9. + he has the mentality.
  3. We were suppose to have one 2 seasons ago for the last derby at sfs but the weather was dull and it was monsooning that day.
  4. Does this mean we're no longer getting a marquee striker?
  5. Is this the Friday signing you are talking about?
  6. I guessing official launch of wsw training facility/academy
  7. Juric in his younger years with us was glass.. He missed lots of games due to injury niggles and can no way play 90min. He is damaged goods unfortunately. Riera is the minimum benchmark for the calibre striker we should be getting..
  8. Remember the Antonis injury at the scg due to the poor surface.. Wasn't as bad.
  9. At this rate, a safe option would be Berisha.
  10. Looks like Oriol has found a club.. https://www.elgoldigital.com/extremadura-ud-dinamita-el-mercado-de-laliga123-con-fichaje-de-oriol-riera/
  11. Mack will kill me http://crackstreams.com/boxingstreams/watch-thurman-vs-pacquiao-ppv/
  12. The entire West stand being corporate definitely contributed to the decrease of atmosphere. It's like 30% of the stadium is on mute regardless.
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