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  1. I love Babbel Babbel says it was a problem with both foreign and domestic players no longer at the club, suggesting they were quick to blame others and complain during difficult periods last season. "Selfish players, they are only looking for themselves, they don’t give a f--- about the team. Simple," he said. "Especially when it’s not going well, you can see their true character, it’s always easy to put your finger on someone else." https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/selfish-former-players-lead-to-poor-culture-at-wanderers-babbel-20191011-p52zu0.html
  2. Not sure where to post this but I have 1 spare rbb active rail seating ticket for the match Please pm me if int
  3. 3 midfield replacement options.. Jedinak Troisi or Leroy George
  4. Worst has happened.. Scans have confirmed that Western Sydney's Radoslaw Majewski has ruptured the ACL and MCL ligaments in his knee. He can have it repaired surgically and face at least nine months out or wait up to two months to see if the ligaments repair themselves which us unlikely Need an injury replacement signing asap!
  5. So they pay for a big portion of his salary?
  6. Let's say rado is injured for the season, is the club still obligated to pay the rest of his salary? If so, I doubt the club wlll fork out more money to sign a similar calibre replacement..
  7. With Majewski most likely out for the season.. Looks like we need to sign another AM.
  8. With the way our medical staff have been handling knee injuries in the past, *cough Ziegler* I'm expecting they'll be out for the season.
  9. Former Bundesliga top scorer Alexander Meier reveals why he moved fast to join Wanderers Tom Smithies, Football Editor, The Daily Telegraph September 22, 2019 4:03pm It took German striker Alexander Meier a matter of hours to answer the call of Western Sydney, and now the former Bundesliga Golden Boot winner is ready to play a leading role in a Wanderers revival. Seeking one final challenge or experience near the end of his career, Meier cited the ambition of the club and the quality of the A-League as crucial factors in agreeing to move halfway round the world. Counsel from former Eintracht Frankfurt teammate Pirmin Schwegler and Wanderers coach Markus Babbel sealed the rapid deal, and Meier will train with Schwegler and the rest of his new Western Sydney teammates immediately aiming to hothouse his match fitness ahead of the new season. His interest piqued by watching former Wanderers midfielder Alex Baumjohann in Western Sydney’s colours last season, Meier was visibly impressed with Bankwest Stadium on Sunday, hours after touching down in Australia for the first time. Just a week ago he told German media that he wanted an “interesting” deal to prolong his career, and that was the point at which Babbel’s number appeared on his phone. “I said in Germany that I was waiting, but I only would do something I really stand behind,” he said. “It's going to be a new challenge or new experience, and I think here (in Sydney) it all comes together. “It is a new continent, a new country where I've never been. And for me, most important was the level of the football. That's the main thing — you can have a beautiful city but if the sport is not good or it is not a real challenge then it's no fun. “The sport is the No 1 thing to fit in to my life and that was the case here.” Having spent three-quarters of his career with Frankfurt, Meier might have been forgiven for seeking a wide range of advice before opting for the Wanderers — but Babbel needed an answer. “There was no time!” Meier said. “The coach was calling me and I made the decision in a day. Three days later I got on a plane. “But I did speak to Pirmin, and the coach explained some stuff to me. Pirmin told me how great the club is and how ambitious, and that was important to me. “I knew Markus as a great player — he won the European Championship with Germany. He was a national team player, a Champions League player, he won so many things. “If a guy like that calls you, you feel honoured. We spoke, and then the decision was made in a day. “Now I need to get my fitness up. I was training by myself and with a little team where I am from but fitness is just working hard. Getting to know your teammates comes with time but I think three weeks is fine. “It's difficult to speak about myself, but I think I'm a team player. I'm happy when I score but if I can help with other things, with running or whatever, I will do that. It's not only about scoring, there's so many things a team needs. Everything I can do, I always tried and always will.”
  10. So who are currently the top 10 available strikers from Europe?
  11. So Graham is out... Back to bring in Berisha.
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