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  1. Club should have also sacked JP.
  2. Our of the names mentioned who do you think would want to stay though based on how the club is currently run? And how the coaching is run?
  3. Fans know, members know, and Santa knows we need a full clean out. From PL to JT to MB, and the merch van guy sack them all, start from scratch.
  4. Babbel presser.. Sounds like he'd run out of ideas.. https://www.a-league.com.au/video/babbel-xxx-interview-hyundai-a-league?fbclid=IwAR3ekPFdE9bQEt0eWmy7Cw4fMGzrlMpRmr8uINKnpyL9_geYhoH5N6Lk_Q8
  5. It could only be one of two reasons right? We low balled the players or they have no interest of coming here.
  6. Should get sacked now, this allows for the replacement coach to sign the players he wants since the window to sign players next season has opened.
  7. 100% and the powers that be are.. 😴😴😴😴
  8. End of the day, it starts with whoever is up top to steer the ship. JT and PL.
  9. The reason why we have these 1 year foreign deals is because we sign more dud foreigners than successful ones. The ones we sign multi year deals, majority of them sucked and then the club had to buy them out and waste money.. So far that comes to mind is Borda, Jumpei, Saba. They had multi year deals, and we had to buy them out.
  10. With the way we've performed the past 4 seasons, on and off the pitch, it will be very hard to attract new players and retain the high profile players we have now. Our coaching situation has been a mess, and lots of behind the scenes bickering has been happening.. This is jets and CCM levels..
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