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  1. Please... No, I did not say anything you are implying at all!
  2. Western Sydney Terrace decision to boycott the Derby was due to the obvious, the FFA hosting a Derby on a Sunday night and not having the supporters of the game in their best interest. I am absolutely honoured to be around football loving and like minded supporters in our terrace who love our team and have football in the country and WSW in our hearts! Please do not drag our name into the current issues occurring with the RBB, we are two totally different groups and do not come close to agreeing with the RBB's decisions and actions! Carry on supporting our team, like we will do in the way see fit! Dortmund must of taken a leaf out of our book this morning when they protested by not attending their Monday night game v Ausburg this morning!
  3. Mack, very sad from a forum administrator for a club we all support together to be one sided in arguments. All the best!
  4. Prydz all good mate, everyone is entitled to their opinion like me and my opinion is that your all sheep and blind.
  5. Ummm pretty sure pre registration for drums flags etc is a standard protocol at our home games with standard procedures set in place to do so week in week out without picking up the phone and talking to anyone.
  6. I think you should read my last post and take another stab at answering as to why the club is taking this stance against the RBB.
  7. Hold up, this discussion has nothing to do with WST or anything else. It's about why the club has taken this approach with the RBB. Here is the clubs stance on it taken from CEO John Tsatsimas... "....have cost the club immeasurably – not just in terms of fines, sanctions and corporate partnerships but as an organisation that looks to stand up for Western Sydney, one that is inclusive for all football fans and proud to represent Western Sydney to a global audience." Highlighted words...MAJOR monetary and image damages done to the club!
  8. I must of missed something at the forum then. So the club DO have dialogue with the RBB?
  9. Every other club in the league have taken this stance? Come on man are you sound like CNN and a true Liberal trying to twist a story. Let me tell you why! The club have taken this approach with the RBB because they have NO DIALOGUE with them! After NUMEROUS warnings and attempts to work with them to PREVENT Western Sydney Wanderers getting a bad image from the outside world e.g new and current sponsors, ongoing fines
  10. Mack. Could you explain to me why the club are taking this stance against the RBB?
  11. The RBB (lets say 5-10 people) filled their pockets while the club's pocket suffered. Haha nice one! This is the image that caused sponsors to fall away Whatever works for who?
  12. Thanks brother. I grew up in the Marakana, part of the Delije, in Belgrade in the 80's and 90's, I have a slight idea of how a terrace is coordinated. Funny enough NOTHING how the RBB do. BUT, that is not MY point as I don't expect anything in Australia to come even close to that, my point is you guys are off the cuff, you think your hard core sick **** ultras in Australia... haha this is Australia brother not Europe. As soon as you get that through your heads then maybe you will understand what direction you need to take.
  13. No mate, more like...... 'Could the RBB leadership please stand up' Next second 60 people stand up one after another.
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