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  1. Legionista

    Climate Change & Alternative Energy

    On how much coal is burned? Not likely.
  2. To protect jobs! Because everyone is entitled to a job! Sorry couldnt help myself.
  3. Businesses should not receive subsidies of any kind.
  4. There it is. Right there. Entitled. Last question. Yes it is.
  5. I think its up to the individual to get paid. The onus is on you or me to make sure you or me gets paid a decent living wage. People should be able to work in a safe environment. However, there are some jobs that where danger can be minimised but never totally eliminated and for such jobs they should be compensated and they usually are. Underwater welders are a good example. What they get paid would make your toes curl, but hey, danger money is danger money. The job is dangerous by definition. No one is forcing them to do it.
  6. Do you think governments raising minimum wages and various crippling industrial relations measures such as enforcing penalty rates makes the the moves you are describing more or less attractive?
  7. Youre like a drunk having a punch up with a hand dryer in a seedy toilet in Newtown. A fight about nothing. Not after a libertarian paradise buddy. Keep raging.
  8. I think there is little doubt that given the unlikely event that China would like a slice of this country youd charge to the front line immediately. To bend a knee.
  9. Do you think national defense is a neccesary evil? What the play here? We just cut out spending in this area and China and Indonesia will just leave us alone?