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  1. The shock doctrine. Under the cover of bushfires the climate change evangelists tried to advance the football. The results have been embarrassing.
  2. Questions need to be asked. Asked of the people that claim to champion action on Climate Change. Do you want to tackle this issue? Is your aim to convince anyone? or is your aim to play politics?
  3. Put simply. Socialist solutions to Climate Change just ain’t cutting it. And in the real world if your solutions ain’t cutting it, that’s your problem, not the problem of the person rejecting it. You can have the best idea in the world but if you can’t sell it, it’s dead in the water. All I’m saying is that it’s dead in the water and YOU, yes you , Greta and all you pinko types need to go back and convince people your solution has merit. Good luck with that.
  4. You might have something that needs fixing in your house. You might call in a few tradies to fix the problem. They will provide various solutions at various prices. Just because you reject one tradie with a particuar solution doesn’t mean you dismiss there is a problem.
  5. No, scientists have pointed to the problem, in the field they are experts in. They might point to where we need to be, emissions wise, however, how we get there is not their field of expertise.
  6. Kids can live a little and then talk.
  7. Just because one does not piss themselves in admiration of Labor’s climate policy does not make them a climate denier. Snap out of it.
  8. It’s not working. In fact it has the opposite effect.
  9. When true “believers” get their rant on, they are not convincing anyone.
  10. I think a great start is a little less of two posts up.
  11. If anything farmers are better educated and far more in tune with how important the environment is generally, be it climate change, water policy etc. Most farmers have invested heavily in their operations to make it more environmentally sustainable. Because they are highly informed, they know, that who they voted for in the last 20-30 years would make little if no difference to the problems they are facing now.
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