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  1. This has been a fantastic period for the DNC politically. All I see in that vid is AOC trying to eff it up. Trying to paint the RNC and it’s voters as white supremacists is a losing strategy.
  2. “In their wake are coming a younger generation, unfairly demonised but with enlightened attitudes about race, gender and the environment that put their parents to shame and with an innate grasp of communications and technology that will allow them to circumnavigate failing institutions, form their own alliances across borders and shape their own future.” 😬
  3. A speaker at the event, Gwenda Stanley, told a crowd of more than 500 people that it was time Indigenous Australians were given proper reparations. “A million dollars for each black person,” she said. “Don’t be fooled by the Uluru statement from the arse. Let’s do reparations before treaty. A million dollars for each black person and than we can talk treaty.” https://www.news.com.au/national/australia-day-police-vow-crackdown-on-invasion-day-protests-across-the-country/news-story/7c1abc3c0672086fdeae0c57a6f0fc83 Cost free.
  4. February 29th? That way we sacrifice days?
  5. Yeah got to make it attractive to the rednecks. 🌚
  6. https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/it-costs-us-nothing-australian-of-the-year-says-change-the-date-20210125-p56wn7.html Zero cost.
  7. The list hardly scatches the surface? No doubt. Everyone’s a victim. Too many victims. Too quick to want to become a victim.
  8. Small government doesn’t mean no government. Small compact government strengthens the safety net. What if you’re in your 20-30’s and healthy? Should you be working?
  9. I don't think the government should get involved at all really It should not be picking winners and losers in the economy. I think the rich shouldn't receive tax breaks but the implementation of this becomes very difficult. They'll go elsewhere. Their companies will go and so will the jobs. We are competing for big business and investment in competition with the whole world. Of course the best way to avoid even having to worry about that is to lift yourself up and get out of the system. That's the game. As for what society is and is not obliged to do. Nothing. I totall
  10. Love it. Giving your hard earned money away is exactly what you explain. It's always someone elses money. Always. Then it's ok.
  11. Of course it does. We see it every time you try to punch up to me while I'm looking down at you laughing. Look, maybe that's a little harsh, but, Yes, yes, inequality does exist. Now do I think it is the role of Government to rob the successful to provide equality of outcomes, No. Hell no. If you ever feel you are being too successful and make to much money you are free to write a cheque to the ATO my friend. There is absolutely no doubt, that even the most disadvantaged at this time of history have more opportunity to be successful financially and in other areas
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