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  1. Legionista

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Squad development? Where?
  2. Legionista

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    I just want a manager that can see that Sotirio is a lot of good things except a professional footballer.
  3. Legionista

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    A return of NSL style palace intrigue.
  4. Legionista

    Football Media Discussion 2

    A life time ban for saying the word “monkey”. Madness.
  5. We need time to jel.
  6. Thought the purge of all dem hooligans was the catalyst for football to explode and dominate the Australian sporting scene. Hehe.
  7. Legionista

    Gombau Sacked By Wanderers

    Please not Popa. Please.
  8. Love Santalab to bits but his comments are an attempt to cover up some woeful individual performances from his team mates all season. I don’t care if a shovel with a smiley drawn on it is the manager, some of the individual mistakes and at times disinterested demeanor of a lot of players during large parts of the season was simply unforgivable. A great start to a “philosophy” would be to dispense of the deadwood and journeymen who have been bouncing around the A-league for what seems to be forever. Other clubs should follow suit.
  9. When you’ve had a rotten season those goals go in. No luck.
  10. Legionista

    Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Engaging in moral preening would be a bad idea.
  11. Legionista

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    -thinks of bannergate-
  12. Legionista

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Out come the asthmatics.
  13. Legionista

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    Watchin’ the footy mayyyte.
  14. Legionista

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    “We must hand out long term bans for people that rip flares because it hurts the game and people hate them and will stop going to games.” “We must introduce pyrotechnics because no one is going to games.”
  15. Legionista

    Wanderers Ban Active Support

    My sides. They hurt. Lol.