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  1. That couldn't have been a police chopper that low, I think Bronwyn Bishop must have been in attendance last night.
  2. giggs11

    Vitor Saba

    I think his match day contribution is being assessed harshly from the little amount of game time he has had. Saba seemed to create more goal scoring chances than many of our other players when he was on the field and this in a team lacking in any real forward movement at present. You'd also expect his pass percentage to be lower than others as he is often left trying to play a final ball to an outnumbered striker. For a player that has played less than half the minutes in the season, it seems everyone is blaming him for our current form slump. I'd like to know how many of our goals have been scored while he was on the field and how many chances he has created for our misfiring forward line. I'm sure those 2 key stats wouldn't be too bad. I, like most other Saba defenders, are just saying give the guy a chance and looking at our current playing roster and their performance that is the least he deserves.
  3. giggs11

    Vitor Saba

    Sorry, but the pile on as you describe it isn't because he is some social media maven. The 'pile on' is because as our nominally most creative midfielder, with all the Brazilian heritage of Flamengo, with supposed decent European experience in one of the most significant UEFA member nations, has demonstrated a sad lack of quality, of energy, of awareness, of motivation on the pitch, when he of all our newest acquisitions was most critical to do better. I don't disagree with what you say about others in the squad (though at least Ruka has shown he is full of running and but for the woodwork would be a couple of goals to the good). I also don't find a problem with what you say about there being more to Saba's ills than his attitude or self-promotion. Frankly I couldn't give a tinkers cuss whether he blogs & tweets 24/7 about himself or says SFA. What should be the ultimate determinant of judging him is how he plays and whether he does the job on the pitch he was given as part of the team's tactical make-up. Sadly he is not up to requirements on either criteria, and his recruitment as a pivotal creative midfielder has fallen flat (so far). That's a harsh assessment of Saba. He has hardly been given a fair go to play in a settled line up which is critical for a player in his position. I thought at times when he has played he has looked the man most likely to do something. The guy has technical ability few possess in the league and also strikes me as a confidence player, who given an extended run with solid support around him would show his worth. IF, he's paying for the red against Sydney, that's ridiculous. First half he was probably our best and was at least showing a willingness that has not been very evident from others throughout the season.
  4. giggs11

    Vitor Saba

    I like Bridge as an attacking midfielder and am not sure why he cops the vitriol he does from some. Haliti and Poljak have been deployed at some stage as attacking mids this season when Saba has been available and both lack time on the ball and creativity as shown by Kalmar in that role. For me, all fit and firing, I would like Spira deployed as a DM as I believe he is better in possesion than La Rocca and a lot better going forward. Saba and Bridge in front of him, Ruka left, Castelan right and Juric up front. That 6 I would not swap for any in the a league and that's with Kalmar there as back up, who already looks first team material.
  5. giggs11

    Vitor Saba

    He's copped a lot of flak over this fashion faux pas and I think a lot of it is unwarranted. Every time he has had a club commitment he has been exemplary in his behaviour and very giving of his time. He suited up and was jovial to all fans he met at the CCM game and showed no signs of being a sulk even though, from all accounts, these are the last of his days at our club. His twitter account has been high in praise of this club and us as fans even though he had been going through a rough patch. You trawl a hundred professional footballers accounts and you'd be convinced that most suffer with narcissistic personality disorder. That's kids nowadays..... All the guy wants is game time, which I think, he deserves. I'd be more worried if he was just here collecting money and not that concerned about game time. And really, is Haliti, Poljak or Bridge that much more deserving of a start as our number 10 than Saba??
  6. giggs11

    Vitor Saba

    Look out, the Fashion Police are on patrol.
  7. I still think Milicic has been our biggest loss. Every game he would be on the sideline, clipboard covering his mouth so the lip reading opposition fans didn't get the gist of our next tactical moves. He seemed the most active with all our players, be it pre game, pre sub or post game and Crook just doesn't have that presence. Post Asian Cup, I would love to have him back on board.
  8. I'd be more annoyed if I was a CCM fan. You are ahead of a team on the ladder who is winless and struggling to score, you need a win to boost your finals chances and you are pretty much full strength against a depleted line-up....and you show up and play like that. Slow tempo, stalling tactics, no drive forward. Moss showed what a coward he is there last night, had his chance and bottled it. Positive side for us, Kalmar great on debut. Values possession, can play key passes and provides a goal threat. La Rocca decent at CB, wins headers and can pass out of defence. Actually reminded me a bit of Beauchamp and NTS together. Perkatis stepping up more and more.
  9. David Villa has big shoes to fill. Let's hope he can live up to the legend that was Michael Mifsud.
  10. Bridge will be a different player with someone playing behind him who can help offer something in attack. D'Appuzzo was solid in defence but no Polenz in attack.
  11. Interesting evaluations of those players. I agree on some of your points, but it might be a bit more realistic to compare those players to others in similar positions in the A League. I wouldn't have swapped Polenz for any other RB in the league. True he was a bit below last year but that was an incredible season from him and I can only think he wanted a vastly increased contract to stay which put the hierarchy off. Hersi, maybe a bit the same in terms of money but showed against Sanfrecce what he is still capable of even though he struggled for parts of the season. Ono, for me in terms of a marquee improving the team, was second to none we have seen here. I never really thought he looked to be tiring when he was subbed, especially in the GF. I've stated before I'm more of a fan of Beauchamp and NTS together with Spira as DM. They were the best CB pairing last year by a long way. I won't argue with Mooy and D'Appuzzo. Tyson I also feel a bit sorry for. Maybe our biggest loss will be Ante Milicic. Really flies under the radar on the coaching staff but you can see game day how big an influence he has around the team. I'm eagerly anticipating who will be brought in to fill the void.
  12. We should sign Michael Mifsud.
  13. I think he attempted in the '06 qualifier against Uruguay when he came across to elbow Recoba.
  14. I don't rate Poljak as highly in midfield as I do Beauchamp as a CB. I think the team would be stronger overall if Beachamp and NTS were in the middle with La Rocca and Spira as DM's. Poljak doesn't score enough or create enough goals and I'd rather a more athletic ball player than him to fill that postition.
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