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  1. No one's mentioned it yet, but how important is it to have a quality keeper between the sticks! Lopar was sensational and could well be one of our most valuable players if he stays fit and on the pitch. The strikers and playmakers always get the plaudits but a goalkeeper pulling off a sensational save is just as important as a goal scored.
  2. Man bun replacing a pony tail. What is it with these sheep shaggers??
  3. That's what happens when you don't have a serious goal poacher.
  4. I'm watching it on SportTV with Portuguese commentary and seriously so much better than listening to that flop Slater. No bias and great insights and diagnosis of the match.
  5. Almost. Told him to pull his finger out and finish it off.....
  6. My brother in law's out at the Stadium doing some work today. Here's a short video: https://youtu.be/SBuco1UmF08
  7. I'll be there, kinda forced but it's too long an off season to be missing games now.
  8. Absolutely over this ****. How the **** is that a red card??? Perth away and Wellington away. Two of the shittest games possible.
  9. Scott is balls. Only young but I hope there's a shitload of improvement in him.
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