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  1. Troisi gives me chest pain. Must win game thrown away with shite coaching and selection/formation in defense
  2. Does anyone know whats happening about members being able to attend matches yet. I contacted the club a week and a half ago, and they said an announcement was coming last week? The first home game is in seven days, yet we are non the wiser about this. NRL and AFL continue to have crowd attendance, im mean the stadium is huge, surely we have get a crowd, especially on a Wednesday.
  3. As I said Baccus is ****ED..anyone who disagrees is also ****ED
  4. No value judgments of your own there at all champ..or double standards haha carry on forum guru
  5. Looks like a few people aren't true Wanderers fans after that attendance last night..
  6. Baccas has been awful in the past two weeks..
  7. It usually takes me about 4 hours, via the Commercial, The Collector, Wool Pack and the BBC
  8. Well, they have sorted out the terrorists, now they are moving on the the families....anyway back to the NRL
  9. I have seen recent social media promotions of the new stadium that show clearly a design that when i drive past im not seeing currently..regarding the outside facade. I was under the impression initially that there would be a wrap around LED platform that looks like the image below:
  10. @thefairy : not much of a fan of the exposed steel beams look. I prefer if the facade goes all the way to the roof. maybe @mack has the architectural drawings for the facade. too lazy to look. I have been waiting ever since they completed the concerting to see something more here. The design is minimalist at best, without care of the look, just as long as they pack in the extra corporate areas. having all the stadium exposed like that is just ugly, no finish or class..is this what we are worth in Western Sydney, where if the James Hardie fibro.. I bet the new SFS wont look as
  11. He was highest goal scorer at Rangers as well, so not as ordinary as you say...Lests see how he goes this year at Blacktown..4 goals in game 1 isnt a bad start
  12. Young talent Mani Gonzalas scored 4 goals for Blacktown 2 weeks ago. he was with ESFC youth the year before and was goal scored of the year...he wants nothing more that a shot at the A-league with WSW...A few years ago they went with L. Scott and that was the wrong decision...when this Mani kid was the hero...check hime out
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