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  1. I am hoping for a group with Russia, Peru & Costa Rica, but we will probably get Germany, Spain & Denmark.
  2. I think this weekend could see them coming crashing back to earth against Wellington, especially after a midweek FFA cup game. So far they haven't played outside Sydney. I agree they seem to have a good squad but knowing them they will find a way to miss the top 6 somehow. They can't maintain this form for long. We may struggle against them this year, as they always seem to lift against us, but I am confident we will finish above them.
  3. Yeah they had me confused there for a minute. I remember seeing the replay and they were both clearly offside. But the screenshot is definitely from before the ball is kicked.
  4. Alberto, Dimas, Andreu are only signed for this season, and Nichols and Jamo were signed for 2 years.
  5. Our web site now lists 8 W- league players for this season. Caitlin Cooper Rachael Soutar Chloe O'Brien Ellie Carpenter Linda O'Neil Michelle Carney Helen Petinos Jordan Baker From memory Ellie Carpenter is the only new signing so far.
  6. Gotta put up with the news from AFL first
  7. So, is anyone getting reward points from twitter, apart from the original connection. I have my twitter account connected, but don't get any points for using the #WSW hashtag.
  8. Looks like 5-7 months of Panadeine forte and voltaren.
  9. This week Ins & outs from the FFA have the following: Unavailable: 34.Golgol MEBRAHTU (knee – indefinite), 18.Iacopo La Rocca (injured – 2 weeks), 17.Romeo CASTELEN (injured – 1 week) So La Rocca out for another 2 weeks and Castelen 1 week. It seems like Adeleke has very little time to find a new club.
  10. Tickets purchased Never easy though using that disaster of a ticketing site. Not quite the tickets I wanted but at least I'll be there.
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