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  1. Nope that was Variety night in the hall.
  2. If there are any i'm ****ed. (not really, but some might be in a little trouble... i'm home now but it was getting messy).
  3. Teachers are psrticularly poorly behaved.....
  4. At least all this ash is good for the garden ey.
  5. It doesn't seem to show up in the mornings on the radar.
  6. Haha. Of course it won't be sweet as. But if we do **** all it will definitely not be sweet as, and there will be even less chance of developing any sort of sustainability for the future. We can't control what others do, but we can control what we do. In doing so, we can potentially develop practices and technologies that are viable for other places to adopt, so that they don't have the excuse that it's too hard. For example. If we had listened to the experts, we would not have been able to prevent these fires. However we might have been able to control them better, with better resources. Instead, because you can't admit to climate change, and you can't admit to government having in a role in large scale issues, we have this situation. For example If we had listened to the experts, we mightn't have most of the state ****ed by drought. Drought, yes; but better water management to take the edge off it, and maybe even not have towns that don't have a drop to drink. For example If we had listened to the experts, we might be on the way to developing sustainable energy tech, instead of killing off biodiversity, polluting what little water there is left, both of which is pretty important in having sustainable agriculture. Signing up to targets, and meeting them through effort as opposed to lip service, these things help to encourage better practises. Not bothering because its too hard or it's probably futile leads to maybe a bit of short term gain for some sectors - none of them vital to anything - and longterm pain for most of us.
  7. On one level I am glad to be living up here out of the smoke, mostly. I mean, the air quality is not at its best but it's nothing like down the mountain. Then again it kind of feels a little precarious being surrounded by all the bush....
  8. Wollemi is going up big time
  9. It's actually alright. It's on a Friday night It's been going for 25 years and so it's not just my workplace but other people who have left and gone to new places still come and pull people from there as well so it's not just the same people you work with It's amusing to to see about a hundred drunk teachers running for the train with their roadies and stopping traffic It goes up the mountains line, so it's basically just my trip home; they finish at the Alex and I just go and get the last train up while everyone else has to go back down.
  10. My christmas party is a pub crawl.
  11. Could see the plumes clearly from the riff today. Going up the train you could also see the plumes from Gospers and associated fires super clearly too. Bloody hell. It's only just begun.
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