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  1. It does make sense, from a medical point of view. The best thing we have is vaccination. The whole point of the medical profession is to preserve life, make things safe for patients. If you're going to push things that haven't been tested and refuse to take something which right now is the thing that will make the most amount of people safe, then, yes, it makes a lot of sense that you will not have a job within that industry, particularly in a very litigious society.
  2. Okay - I'm totally happy to entertain the idea that money talks and influences politicians and the decisions they make. This has always been the way. It's weird to me that NOW is the time when all these people are getting angry about it, and, not like 30 years ago when things really started to take off in that department, or that they are only interested in one aspect of it, and like, couldn't give a **** about Porter's million dollar donation or the huge lobbying industry that is now driving our government, not least the role that Murdoch has to play. It seems that people don't think tha
  3. omg if I see that NRMA add one more time..... I want to punch each of the stupid people standing where they broke down in the face. Nearly missed the game? You're standing on the fence you ****wit. DIN WE DARL? SHUT UP Why did you walk away from your car in the middle of the outback you tool? AND THAT IS THE WORST ATTEMPT AT ACTING AN INTERRUPTED SENTENCE I HAVE EVER SEEN
  4. It's always been this way. It was this way for smallpox and polio and TB and whatever else medicine has combated. There would have been doctors vocalising their concerns in their circles at those times, absolutely no doubt. The difference is now that those minority voices actually have MORE of a voice than they ever did. Which is another reason the claims of cover ups and all the rest are so bizarre. Everyone has a megaphone and access to millions of people. And then those millions of non-experts amplify them, often without nuance. And that creates this situation where per
  5. By choice! I choose this man, it's a conscious choice.
  6. I reckon Principals would have a fairly firm idea about the numbers, I'd be surrpised if at that network level they weren't being asked if anyone on their staff was expecting not to be vaxxed. Heard the same from my ,ocal network meeting, it's not something they are going to engage with. Health and Safety. If they are going to push back on some of the health and safety concerns - say, ventilation, numbers on site, that sort of thing - they won't have a leg to stand on if they have been fighting vaccination. It makes sense. And yeah, I asked the question at school and had a very swift and
  7. Yep. The fact that we were told it is is non-negotiable Re: getting double vaxxed, and the union's not said a word - and when I say non-negotiatable, I mean, we have been told we will be dimissed without it - I think they are pretty confident which way the law is going to go on that one.
  8. It appears to apply to employees of the department of education, put it that way.
  9. Yeah, that's not far left. If you believe the government should behave differently, that's not far left.
  10. I recognise that access to the technology and so on will be an issue without doubt. But I've heard some things about going back to school, and I assume that the thinking will be similar statewide, should there be need of ways of checking vaccine status, that that's how it's going to be.
  11. No, I'm talking about how you said the far left and the far right both don't want vaccines - you seemed to be inferring that that's where the test case will come from. You probably weren't, so my bad. Sorry, I know it's a side issue, but this idea that there is a far left having an impact on anything is a pernicious one.
  12. Where is the far left connection...?
  13. Is a passport that hard to administer? my understanding is it will be done through the app, it's all there already pretty much. Scan a qr code and get a tick or a cross.
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