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  1. That apparently is going to be explained in about an hour. Yeah, we're always the last to know. I like the idea that public transport (how I get to work!) is dangerous and needs to be avoided. But school is fine. Like, how's it going to work? If i go to the train and they don't let me on..... what then? Wait in public for an hour till the next one??
  2. Not that I doubt anything that he says about it all, but Fink is so bloody full of himself isn't he. Those first paragraphs - what the hell are they supposed to be for. I did this I did that. I was a sex expert. What the ****? And then he never actually explains anything about why he stopped writing like the headline says.
  3. I guess, like, i don't know, some kind of app on your phone that was tracking the contacts you had with people? Like that?
  4. without. if it's too dry without, it's because it's a **** lamington. which 99% of the lamingtons I have ever eaten have been.
  5. Did you drive big Mercedes SUVs back in the day too goat? haha. Funkadelic are pretty good. Hey that reminds me music thread people the TV show of High Fidelity with Lenny Kravitz' daughter is not too bad, worth checking out. Great soundtrack as well.
  6. How Funky IS Lee Dorsey? (The opening 4 bars launched a million loops)
  7. I agree it's a dumb term to use in any political context. In AFL it's kind of like a hitup in league. Or a shoulder charge. It does happen. If someone is running at you full pelt the best way to lay them out is to lean in with the shoulder, you've got a much better change at knocking them over that way rather than trying to tackle them with your arms. Anyway, if Christensen wants to "shirtfront" china, what does he want to do to the Philipines? Shirt lift, I guess?
  8. Oof. Few big music deaths the last few days. A small one, perhaps, but, man, great voice, funky track. There's a reason her stuff got sampled a lot by later generations.
  9. It's funny how the line has been "we're too small to make a difference" when it comes to climate change. Wonder what's changed their mind! Good news!
  10. ^^^ such a great song.
  11. I hate all that stuff wanderboy. I don't want companies collecting that info. It's not the fact that whichever data agency has it can use it to profile me and push ads at me (although I do hate that), it's the potential for it to be used in the future should things change; should, for instance, a company be compelled to release all of that to, say, I don't know, an agency that could imprison you. Or should the legislation around the access to such data be changed and given retrospective powers. We are not so close to that; our government doesn't do that (unlike others) although Dutton wants to be able to have powers like that, has said so, has floated it, has broken laws to attempt to get such data. So, getting into the habit of downloading their software is not something i'm keen to do. I may not ever have to worry personally about such things but others may, and I don't want to live in a society where anyone should (especially when some signs indicate we almost do!). Is this app the thing to fear? Probably not, but I don't know, because, no code, and no guarantees (except for the promise that there will be, later - not good enough, sorry). But realistically I accept it probably isn't. Only, if I say yes now, it's a step towards the thing that potentially is. We are a success story as far as these things go when it comes to Covid which is great. That has happened without the app. The government wants us all back at work and is telling me it's safe to go without the app. I haven't seen to much from them on the app, maybe someone can correct me - but I haven't seen them say we need to do this to protect frontline workers. If they have said that, well, like I said above, if that's their concern, there is a stack of stuff they could have done when we were on the up and a stack of stuff they could do now which would help just as much as an app which by many accounts doesn't work that well anyway. They're not. And if the app was needed to make it safe, the message would be a lot firmer, wouldn't it? And if they haven't said it, I think it's pretty telling, because it indicates that they think it should be safe without it anyway. Or, it indicates they don't actually give a **** (which their past rhetoric could indicate).
  12. But they haven't released the code. And they haven't guaranteed the legal concerns. And they aren't requesting people do it to protect frontline workers, they are requesting people do it so we can go to the pub. And, above all this, sits a "home affairs" department with a public record of abusing their powers and a public record of desiring to be able to track our movements without any oversight from any body. I agree that the protection of frontline workers is important. That's why the government could be working hard to protect them. With, you know, temperature checks and stuff. whuch isnt happenng despite workers being compelled to go.
  13. I doubt there is much crossover between people who provide lots of data to facebook and elsewhere, downloading apps with dodgy privacy issues, and the people who are not downloading this one. Saying "everyone gives their data away anyway" doesn't really apply.
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