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  1. Tell that to Roger Bannister.
  2. https://www.creativespirits.info/aboriginalculture/people/aboriginal-population-in-australia Of any single region in Australia, western Sydney has the highest concentration of Aboriginal people. According to the census, around 2 million people were living in greater western Sydney in 2006. A little more than 25,000 of them identified as Aboriginal descent.
  3. That's very sweet btw. haha. I had backrow tickets for the leeds game. It is steep, and it's a long way, but the thing is the view is still mint.
  4. This is the way to do it, really. And the beauty of it is that you can with minimal hassle.
  5. Kendrick has had a couple hasn't he? I don't listen to a lot. Of course the hip hop community churns out a fair bit. THread favourites, calling out trump and xenophobia:
  6. Okay a couple of modern ones
  7. Some favourites off the top of my head (would also like to see some modern stuff, it does exist) "1993 mad kids are gettin tense" Sheesh more than a quarter of a century.
  8. Maybe it's because the lion's share of that eras protest musicians are superannuated reactionaries now.
  9. They must be doing something like that. Having said that, a lot of the leaping paddle away stuff was "making safe" as opposed to stopping, and there were at least a couple of occasions where his election to paddle created more trouble for the defense than if he'd tried to just get two hands on it.
  10. I went to some catholic festival thing when I was like 5 at it. We made a tifo. Actually I do remember being really hot sp must have been in the eastern stand
  11. Anyone else hear the santo sam and ed podcast where ed kavalee talked to a journo who talked about how the american samoan goalie was scarred for life and his kids copped **** every day at school? Actually there was that other one with the manager of India who had also managed Sudan - also interesting and relavant. Come on Nepal!
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