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  1. They will have forgotten by next week mate.
  2. We've gone from bread and circuses to beer and skittles to invesment properties and ******* candy crush
  3. marron

    Sydney FC

    Dammit If that shire fc bid had got up there would have been something good out of it at least
  4. It no longer really matters. I genuinely believe that this staffer could have said as much and it would make no ******* difference - she'd stay, approval wouldn't budge. Nobody gives a **** any more.
  5. none whatsoever. I've always said that WSW is the people on the terrace and in the stands; that's what made it great. but it's always galling to see this stuff.
  6. Oh oh really shouldn't get on whosampled
  7. What's the answer fellas..... 1 2 3
  8. Me too. Occasionally us punk kids would have a day out in Coogee which was always fun. I think because there was that bus that went straight from St Peters or somewhere. swimming in our clothes and shouting cases. Articles like that are the Guardian click bait equivalent. It's lucky for me and them comments were switched off haha.
  9. There was an article in the Guardian yesterday decrying the gentrification of the area because essentially there are less trustifarians there these days.
  10. They already do that. It's called "Bondi".
  11. The chassis is not particularly strong, and it seems a miracle that it actually holds together. Supposedly it comes with many customisable features but there seems to be a problem at the factory because many customers report ordering certain features but not receiving them, or receiving completely different add-ons. The unreliable alarm add-on is one particular bug which you will be lucky to avoid, as it goes off for no reason on a regular basis and can be quite difficult to shut down. It apparently only has two gears; first gear is slothful, and second gear is incredibly noisy, and seems to set off the windscreen spray mechanism with abandon.The clutch is wildly unpredictable; good luck changing gear when you actually want to. Overall fuel economy is high but I'm told this gets steadily worse over time, with longtime owners bemoaning its gas-guzzling nature and distinct lack of energy after about the 12 year mark, combined with ignition issues. Some owners of new models have reported that immediately after refuelling there appears to be a bit of a problem with the fuel line and the engine will stutter a bit, expelling petrol out of the tank in small quantities. In general the engine gives off huge amounts of exhaust and requires regular maintenance. Despite all that it's a bit of a chick magnet; taking one of these for a cruise is likely to win you many an admiring glance.
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