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  1. marron

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Or maybe just stay at home, plenty of shade there.
  2. Also, it's not lilke full stadium chants aren't possible, they happen all around the world. That's the reason you want a walk out song! So what if there is a bit of a lag? It just becomes a bit of an echo.
  3. Just whack this on and let the crowd sing these colours over the top.
  4. marron

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Odds on we don't get that because of the security risk.
  5. marron

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Yep. That, plus the other extreme. I don't actually care how wide or thin they are but it's when they are plucked to the max so that they look like they were drawn on by a 5 year old with a texta that's the issue.
  6. marron


    Well I was plumming for musical organs specifically but I guess, reeding the room, our hearts aren't in it.
  7. marron


    you're kidneing right I was just getting ready to pull out all the stops on that topic. all to waste now. guess I'll go and make some lunch, maybe a hammond cheese sandwich.
  8. marron


    Spose it's time I pipe up.
  9. marron

    Nostalgia Thread

    Yeah about 16 I'd say as well but I can't remember where. Could have been anywhere! There was a place on Botany Road - Glenmore? Just down from the Iron Duke, where it could have been. The Duke itself. Or the Townie. Or the Criterion or Chamberlain or Century in the city. The Bristol on Harris St? The Australian on Abercrombie or the Broadway or the Lansdowne. The Oxford, the Sando. The botany view or the Sydney Park, both good candidates. The workers club in Thirroul, or maybe it was Corrimal, I borrowed a wrist band. VB almost certainly at that point although I drank a lot of Old. Two that i remember well with stories though are my mate and I used to go to the Epping on a Friday arvo and try our luck, we usually got in one and a game of pool before getting the boot. I remember that one because the day I turned 18 I went in specifically so I could laugh at the guy but he never came and asked! Also the Globe on King St, the bouncer knew me by sight. They had gigs there. One week I went early to slip the net. So I'm in downstairs at the bar (the gigs were in a room upstairs) and the bouncer rocks up walking through before his shift starts. Me and my mate hunch right over and then as he goes past us we go upstairs quick smart. There's a bloke at the door where you pay. "Who are you guys?" "We're in the band.". "Oh ok no worries". Then we hid in the toilets for an hour.
  10. marron

    Off Topic Thread 4

    In the bin in the packet they came in. That'll keep em guessing for a good long while.
  11. marron

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    I presume this is where you found out about the wombat poo. They do serious work at NASA. (The ability to squeeze out cubes from soft material would actually have huge implications for all sorts of processes I believe )
  12. marron

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Which way Smoggy? I'm guessing not west otherwise you would have been in the other thread complaining about being parked outside my place for a good long while.
  13. Um... should it? Aren't you always saying the yoof of today are too apathetic?
  14. marron

    Unpopular Opinions 2

    Yep. Soy sauce on toast. Just a few drips. I'd like to think it was because of the recession at the time - but I doubt it.