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  1. Speaking of Rayo, after losing 2-1 in the 1st leg, win 2-0 away with 10 men for the 2nd half to earn promotion.
  2. One time the camera spent a bunch of time at half time on me. I think I was wearing a rayo vallecano t-shirt. How much of a nob am I stringer?
  3. if I know stringer his objection is to the broadcast spending more time on someone in the crowd than on showing whatever is happening on the pitch.
  4. Without knowing for sure I would say FCB was describing how socialisation happens for large swathes of the population, and inferring that that process is not good.
  5. Well I, ah, baked the egg on hot water, and then, ah, julienned it from this plate and beganned it with palt and sepper.
  6. Listen, there's being a wuss, and then there's just common sense. I am clearly exercising the latter Wendy. For the benefit of my family and the neighbours in a 1 kilometre radius.
  7. Um that's not a cockatoo that's that gonzo toy I lost when I was five.
  8. can't watch Sydney fc, ever, except for derbies and even then only with reluctance. They piss me off by existing and often win which makes it worse. I wish it were different but there it is
  9. it's bloody cold outside and is now totally dark but my kids are outside playing table tennis and singing the pogues. I'm not sure if this is parenting done right but I'm feeling generally pretty positive.
  10. 20 year old guy doesn't want kids? Shock! It's been around for a while. I certainly have sympathy for it, or understand the logic to a degree anyway. Some types like that are pretty insufferable though in my experience. Not in the proselytizing sense but in the complaining about how society doesn't value their choice not to have kids sense. Cry me a ****en river in your DINK house or on your European cruise. I made my choice and dont complain! You do the same. But those types tend to be at the less philosophical end anyway.
  11. Also, yeah that understanding is really important, not just historically but environmentally, now. Understanding how to look after the ecology of this place is more and more crucial.
  12. Yeah I haven't read it but that is an important thing. I reckon that a) his claims will have been overstated by parts of the media b) the criticisms by historians have been overstated by parts of the media (they have clearly been at pains to stress the line that you just did) and c) certain parts of the media have just made **** up about the book being used in schools.
  13. Actual good reads here looking at different aspects of the actusl debate https://theconversation.com/book-review-farmers-or-hunter-gatherers-the-dark-emu-debate-rigorously-critiques-bruce-pascoes-argument-161877 https://theconversation.com/friday-essay-how-our-new-archaeological-research-investigates-dark-emus-idea-of-aboriginal-agriculture-and-villages-146754
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