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  1. pipes were frozen yesterday morning. And the birdbath, still, at 330pm. that cold air is coming from somewhere....
  2. There was usually a nice pub If I listed the pubs near football grounds I went to we might be here for a bit longer!
  3. I went to Filbert St but I was in the home end above the away section hiding my colours (especially when di canio scored a dodgy pen ) To get a ticket I rang up Leicester, they couldn't believe I was an Australian Leicester fan and were very helpful haha. I couldn't see what you describe because of all the fencing and stuff after the game. Luton was like that, between terraces, underneath the second floor of one, then up metal stairs over a backyard and into the stand. I went to Ninian Park too and don't remember seeing much although I had been warned how dodgy it was. But apart from that.... Brighton, Barnet, and West Ham, that might have been it I think.
  4. Sounds like scomo to me.
  5. Kate Bush's eyes.... gulp
  6. Anybody speaking in bullshit sound bites is not eloquent. I don't think they know what the word means.
  7. Do Brentford even have a ground at the moment?
  8. I know a bloke who went to school with him (north sydney boys). I think he is that classic omni-sport type of person raised on WWoS kind of thing you know. Don't forget, as much as I love Tyler as well, he was the voice you were most likely to hear down here if you tuned into football for world cups and FA cup finals and that was it kind of thing.
  9. The cost of recovery is just because they've got you right where they want you, right?
  10. marron


    The oldies are all hypnotised so they will do what Claude tells them.
  11. Another argument for keeping the border closed.
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