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  1. Yeah.... if you watch his speech he does everything but say it. And he doesn't say "bring zip ties and steal ****". And then you have law enforcement saying no. Can't imagine it will hold up which will suit trump just fine
  2. Corona virus discover in ice cream Hundreds and thousands told to self isolate
  3. Tate 8) lol at harper banging on about redmayne's safe pair of hands and how he normally never makes any mistakes.
  4. Jesus, the state of it..... ... whoever though that hair like that looked good?
  5. Surely we can just do a shifty "which Ziggy? Oh you mean THIS ziggy? No no no. The paperwork was for THIS ziggy."
  6. If they drop him in it though they lose the MAGA votes. You've basically got two wings of the republicans now - the one that will stick to the checks and balances and the one that won't. The first one is now happy to lose the MAGA votes but it will be interesting to see how many of them there are. The others are absolutely fine with taking power any way they can. Both are well aware they haven't had the popular vote for years.
  7. Saw a good article yesterday from 2017 breaking down where trumps votes came from, and how the idea it's all these poor white trash types is flat out wrong.
  8. A more challenging thing to spot symbols that weren't hate symbols isn't it? I suppose the blue line flags are arguably not hate symbols but then they killed some cops, and the failure means that the blue lives matter thing has been dropped now so.
  9. If it didn't last the 4 and a half days beforehand, you wouldn't get the half days like that one where it's all set up. It's afternoons like that where I will still watch every ball; forget those previous days, then I'll tune in and out a few times over that time. But to get to a point like that where anything is possible is great, and, more often than not, you are into the tail batting and will they make it... great stuff.
  10. Too important to the revenue stream I should imagine. I bet all those capitol stormers stand up straight and have tidy rooms though.
  11. Look at all the trumpists boycotting twitter and facebook and stuff too. I was pretty sure boycotting things was very much against free speech.
  12. how much better was football before sponsorship just look at it. anyway.... always enjoyed this banger which used to crop up on the world game from week to week in their little montages
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