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  1. Haha. Me too though. I left home before I learnt to drive, so I missed out on getting to do it without the hours business. Took forever in other peoples cars, and I never had a car until recently, i always lived in the city or close to public transport so didn't bother. Only learnt manual recently as a result too.
  2. I felt guilty when I moved away the first time I didn't renew my membership, what was that, 2 or 3 seasons ago. I wasn't going to be able to get to games or anything so it was money to just support the club or whatever but I couldn't quite justify it, even though I felt a bit disloyal. I feel more and more vindicated all the time.
  3. That one looks and sounds like maybe it was made up here, I'll give you that
  4. Or employing a bare minimum of thought for their fans.
  5. Hypothetically speaking, what would you do, if, say, hundreds of magic mushrooms sprang up in your veggie patch overnight? Asking for a friend.....
  6. Just Elvis Costello's dad
  7. i can live with that if it's still stripey on the back.
  8. But does where's wally go all the way around the back please please please please please please please please please
  9. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo **** that one hits hard.
  10. There is a teacher band. For our last performance we, uh, did the song from school of rock. I was on drums for that one though. But there are a few days through the year when senior kids have a bit of a jam out in the playground, always like to get in when I feel welcome enough. Used to love reading those.
  11. Without fail kids at work always ask me if I'm on bass, can I play that one. It's pretty amazing it's still a thing. There's only so many withering looks I can give. The other one is that white stripes one of course. That one gets a bigger look. and usually the comment "There's no bass in that. So.... No."
  12. Cant understand why the Brisbane tele went bust with quality journalism like that tbh
  13. Going to set it as homework for year ten.
  14. A quick trove search shows that there are no articles in australian newspapers using the words "mullet" and "haircut" or "mullet" and "hair" between 1980 and 1990. I did find this one though, from the 50s: MILK, HAIRCUTS AND FISH PRICES UP TODAY Milk, haircuts and fish rose in price today. Article - Brisbane Telegraph (Qld. : 1948 - 1954)Thursday 1 April 1954 - Page 5
  15. If you can find specific reference that would be awesome. This is a serious matter.
  16. Did you know that the word mullet only started getting used in the 90s? I could have sworn different but can't find anything to the contrary.
  17. Yep, agreed, always enjoyed Douglas Adams. I know it well. I also know the kind of people that will quote it ad nauseum and avoid them where possible (They also tend to say "Ni" a lot. )
  18. Yep it's all different country, so varied. Glenbrook is great. But, heavy mist, heath and then temperate rainforest hiding in the gullies with the ferns and the coachwood and sassafras leading down to turpentine in the passes, that's home to me.
  19. Also, a fair bit of birdlife, including my favourite the rock warbler, they were everywhere. Looks like a robin, hangs upside down from cliffs.
  20. All you animal lovers will be happy to hear I went for a bit of a walk today into an area that had the fires run through, and I have never seen so much native animal ****, of at least 3 or 4 different types as well. Big big lived in holes everywhere as well, at least one I'm pretty sure I was being watched out of.
  21. I've always said that his work 4:33 should be our walkout song.
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