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  1. That got a look of crushing disappointment at life in general from my daughter.
  2. marron


    Contemplated it today as was in Sydney visiting someone. Went Cabramatta instead. Does anyone know a place in Cabramatta or elsewhere where you can get Viet pancakes? We were kind of in a hurry so just went to a first place we found, but I was thinking about it and every time I've been there I've ended up in a place without them on the menu. Whereas Ive eaten in Melbourne in North Richmond tonnes of times and they always have them in any place you go into. What gives with that anyway??
  3. The trouble with preventative measures is you never get to see what happens without them, so they look to some people like they've done nothing. Who knows the ins and outs of the Bluesfest case? Not any of us here. We're not in health (or in that department making the call, anyway). Personally I suspect that had it been some other kind of event a decision may have been different. Here's the thing though. All those people who have lost a large slice of income because of that decision - Liberal policy is bad luck, your decision, free market, you took the risk, survival of the fittest,
  4. Yeah winter is on the way. Air feels different after about yesterday arvo. Crisper. its not just the cold snap, we've had those aplenty. It's coming....
  5. ffs. it's the ****en aleague. I thought at the beginning at least carlo seems to be a "work with what you've got" kind of guy. A wholesale clear out is never going to work especially if you do it EVERY ****EN YEAR. We all have our players who we would gladly see the back of but the reality is in this league there will always be those players. Always. They are unavoidable. We had them when we were top of the continent FFS.
  6. The other thing with those examples is you could see signs. I don't see many signs. At least not good ones. I'm a big believer in giving things time, but our owners will no doubt see fit for a mass exodus regardless of whether Robinson starts to come good.
  7. Watching the replay now and I'm not sure what Fox were trying to say by having it be "GERW v AUS". Did they think we would need help detecting it was not, er, "die mannschaft"? But we don't need help for the Matildas?
  8. Yep. Troisi off. Why don't you stay home ya useless piece of shite.
  9. Commentators on Troisi: Doesn't look to be a man under stress....
  10. Not me, I ****en hate the damn things.
  11. Duke of Ed scheme was/is a terrific achievement. My daughter is keen to begin next year. Can't wait, I think it will be good for her.
  12. Prince Phillip aged 99. Must be gutted he didn't hang on for an extra year so he could get a telegram from the Queen.
  13. It's a combo, with unfair penalties being the least important, actually, screw that. 1 and 3 all the way. The fight from the players, which genuinely looked like at least might be in his plus column early on via his man management or whatever, that doesn't seem to be a thing either.
  14. That was close to what I had originally but I tried to cover both the rubbish build up and nothing crosses of our own attacks AND the weakness when we get attacked ourselves
  15. I know a manager from Wales Whose speeches are good for what ails. But his three at the back Comes undone in attack And the wins happen less than the fails.
  16. "We're Westie Scum So ****in' what...."
  17. At the very least, it's unclear. Yep, he's gone in studs up. Did HE make contact? Did he get the ball? Was he hit? YOU CANNOT TELL. How some out of breath ****er can look at a telly screen on ONE ANGLE and decide all that when we could argue over it inconclusively till the end of time and then overturn what he had already seen with his own eyes is beyond me. If it's clear and obvious the VAR should already have decided anyway. None of it makes any sense.
  18. The smell of the brakes, that's the one that gets me. Very occasionally I get a similar smell somewhere and it takes me right back.
  19. Never forget these people ARE the ******* pharisees, or the money-lenders in the ******* temple.
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