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  1. We all know Alex Hawke wanted his family off to get to Hillsong on time.
  2. So discussing the Prime MInister is currently banned at our dinner table. This is because my kids saw some Peppa Pig thing on youtube and whenever anyone mentions the Prime Minister they say "The Prime MInister said to turn off the fucken water".
  3. Walked out to hanging rock today. **** there are some mental people out there, it was blowing a gale and people were hanging off the damn thing. A bloke died falling off it only a few months back. (What doesn't float my boat is the joke above, just saw how I could have done a better punchline, too late, dammit )
  4. I watched a couple of episodes of STID recently and actually found it pretty ho-hum. A little depressing as well, obviously - both in terms of the amounts of money and the familiarity of the tale and the way the fans are the same as fans everywhere really, I mean, we all kid ourselves don't we. But I didn't find it that interesting to watch, just sort of plodded along, didn't seem like they'd done much, the makers of it I mean. I know that on one level the events are just telling their own story, it's all real, but I like docos to kind of do something with the material, you know, give a little bit of focus to certain aspects in an episode or whatever.
  5. My family got annoyed with each other because no-one could hear each other and work out how to communicate effectively. so much "what?" "no, you need to..." "turn that thing off" "who's that" "I can't see" "grandma can't hear you, speak up" "we need to mute uncle joe" etc etc. So, just like old times.
  6. Re: masks, yeah, I'd happily wear one to the shops...... any idea where I can get one? Katoomba was dead AF yesterday - woolies fairly normal, but, the mood was a bit more intense, it was noticeable. Interesting. Re: the schools thing, I'd like to know more; I mean, are those cases kids who have tested positive who go to those schools, or are they kids who have been going, or what? Can't see the schools closing this week. Attendance is at like 10% across the state anyway. Anyone else seen the suggestion that the reason why the Ruby Princess passengers were just let off was because MP Alex "Hillsong" Hawke's family were on board? Nothing would surprise me less.
  7. Woohoo covid free i'm going out!
  8. **** wedding anniversary like a month ago
  9. My old band used to cover the old sunshine. Sounded a little like this one:
  10. Welcome to straya mate If there' been brown people on board it would have been packed off to chrissie island.
  11. If you haven't been keeping up with that twitter thread above, it just reached its apogee (skip the top rubbish)
  12. Haha. At least now you know what the COVID testing is like. "DO you have COVID?" "No!" "RIght then, good for you! On your way!"
  13. If the wanderers make it through the rapture then the bar for entry has to be pretty ******* low.
  14. Don't forget that time in at work actually contains a lot of fart-arsing around, it's just you don't label it that because you are "at work". Going to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Talking to Loretta about that ongoing issue. Again. Answering stupid questions from that idiot Jorge across the other side of the office. Avoiding Steven because he is a ****.
  15. Need to switch if off Wendy. This could go for another term yet. Get out of your PJS Have a work only spot and make it inaccesible after a certain time. The last thing we need when we get back to working at school is to have created an even higher expectation that we are just available 24/7! Think Tim Bailey! That's what we're going for here!
  16. Mate, when the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT has even made Andrew Bolt and Trump advocate government spending it's probably best to lie low so they don't come for you too, you know.
  17. Best solution I've seen for any company wanting a bailout: No problem - we will give you the tax you paid over the last 5 years and not a cent more. ****s. Short of that - Bailout is dependent on keeping people employed. Sack your staff, forget the ******* cash. Any complaints, talk to the ******* market forces. No customers, no business. I'm sure when there are customers again the market will provide. Isn't that the deal? If it's not you, it will be someone else, and that's COMPETIITION BABY. Don't agree? Nationalisation. If you can't keep yourself afloat, no problem, we'll do it for you.
  18. Imagine - you have to work 5 minutes a day (yeah yeah some prep beforehand but not much, and it's the SAME SCRIPT he's been using all those years too, I think the only thing he's added is the bit of about the drips and drops on rooftops and crops), and he'd be salaried, and a bit famous, but not super famous, definitely not outside the state. The rest of the time he'd be sleeping in, going for a surf every day, making the call about where he wants to broadcast from that day, checking the BOM, doing his **** at 5:55 and then calling it a day. High on life I reckon. (Can you tell I've thought about this? I;ve thought about this. I'd be happy with his job. Why didn't I become a weatherman? ****!)
  19. Mate.... he's been doing that **** for like 25 years. Had you never seen him before?
  20. Watched the ad. It was Netflix ad so I pretty much saw the whole thing. Definitely enough to tell that is was pretty fanciful overall though - lots of drama that wasn't there, even if the overall idea has a semblance of truth.
  21. I've been talking Marxism for 45 minutes, good a start to the day as any.
  22. Yep, makes sense, ta Wendy.
  23. Wendy, I'd be curious to know how you are keeping in contact with kids from that welfare perspective. I'm doing what will basically be a weekly google form with my mob (i'm a YA), where they can indicate if they need someone to reach out to them. Problem is, I can't video chat with them one on one for safety reasons..... not sure what to do about that. It's like, bring a friend to the chat, or do it via email or something, but, it's far from ideal. (happy to chat via messages here if you like)
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