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  1. Watching my trees and waiting..... patiently.... resecuring the nets just in case.... Btw the strike was over the guard -less and supposedly station attendant-less intercity fleet.
  2. Yep that's it. Even sometimes with the ball though, you can see it. Like all those obits and comments are saying, he just loved it. That's what you want.
  3. Wildcat strike on the railways Amazing.
  4. So, that's it then. What's the ******* point.
  5. Some footage of him in warmup - not for some mickey mouse game, but the UEFA cup semi with Napoli
  6. "Our thoughts and prayers are with his dealer at this difficult time".
  7. holy ****en **** RIP Cosmic Kite
  8. Good luck mate Did you get a package or anything?
  9. A sickie and a football game isn't excellent?
  10. Sounds bloody excellent, only just noticed.
  11. Seems all of that stuff about productivity being better and everything when people work from home doesn't apply. I guess buying prostitutes for other businessmen isn't quite the same over zoom.
  12. For those of you who've not seen it (There are more.... )
  13. marron


    It's hard not to think there's a link between there being millions of scientologists who believe that we are vessels for alien spirits and there being millions of people willing to double down on Trump. In both cases the followers get completely ****ed over by the person in power for their own material gain without even realising it - in fact, with the ******* over in many cases being the proof of their faith, and if not that, all rationality and reams of proof of the absurdity of the claims also serving to "prove" the giant conspiracy. I know there's lots of science on why people are prone to latch onto bizarre explanations sometimes, in the face of all evidence, but you have to wonder why it is so prevalent over there.
  14. Wanderboy stabs the kid in the eye "Terribly sorry." Kicks the next kid. "My mistake".
  15. Can more or less recite that thing and I have no memory of why really. First you get down on your knees fiddle with your rosaries bow your head with great respect and genuflect genuflect genuflect
  16. I think the Bathurst Bullet which I sometimes get is like those, and yeah I've caught that to Picton myself although I don't remember what it was like it was years ago. But going up the mountain it shakes like the blazes are is squeaky as hell, I usually regret it Yes of course the red rattlers and the silver ones too, with the doors that just banged open while it was going. Dad used to get a steam train to school from, I guess Liverpool to Granville, that was in the 60s.
  17. Now I am having a memory though of still seeing the green and being surprised maybe on a trip to newcastle although I don't remember when that was.
  18. They were green when I was a kid. Went to purple sometime in the last 10-15 years I think. maybe a bit longer. They are still purple now. I got the XPT a couple of times to different places and yeah will happily confirm. And I reckon the new ones will be less comfy than the XPT.
  19. Um yeah I just did the back of envelope maths and i reckon I've done it twice. Now I'm ****en depressed. Comfy seats that flip. Don't know how I'm going to get any ****en work done on these hard backed things made for 10 minute korean commutes ffs.
  20. I went through some similar stuff re: losing my cool a bit carns, early on. Wish I had the secret, but I think if you are aware of it and things that's the most important part. All good now, can't think of the last time I felt that way (including the remorse after).
  21. Don't forget to hit us up if you want some different ones
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