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  1. What did I see yesterday or the day before with her coming 3rd in something? (my olympics intake is basically turn on the telly when I have time, watch whatever is on, I don't keep up with the news). (although I was just looking up the sport climbing time, Tuesday night I know what I am doing).
  2. Was talking to the cashier at the TAB about this, apparently the rabbit is going to start entering races soon, and there's good odds to be had. She's good for a tip, that cashier. Yep, when I win big, I thank Jenny and the bets.
  3. Not taken that way. Pissed off today, it's just so standard that we are the last to know and so little thought given to what is actually being asked. But it wlll be fine.
  4. Eh, okay. I had mine booked in for up here, I can get it down the mountain I guess, looks like I'll be booking that in now...
  5. Yep, you'd think most Year 12s will be coming back for Trials, not "face to face teaching" that for whatever reason they have decided is more important now than, I don't know what. I can't get booked in for my vaccination before then. I presume they won't be able to vaccinate every single Year 12 kid in locked down LGAs in two weeks (and let's face it that is going to expand). So.... what a cluster **** that will be. I'll be patient zero for the upper mountains, pretty good chance, I reckon.
  6. Most schools have delayed theirs. And as for testing, no, they flagged doing the pathogen thingy that didn't really work in the UK. Agreed about the whole of Sydney lockdown, but if you are letting people out and about regardless it's not a lockdown then either is it.
  7. They haven't told teachers or schools or anyone about this plan, either. FMD. Standard though. Some of my kids will be in areas that are supposed to be totally locked down, others, not. How's that supposed to work? And they want me to hang out with a bunch of young adults going in and out of covid infested areas every day when they won't vaccinate me.
  8. Actually many of the conspiracy theorists believe randos who tell them that it didn't happen.
  9. The bit I dont get is where you can believe a giant conspiracy involving most of the world but not a smaller conspiracy involving youtubers making money off roobs from their subs. Or a smaller one involving actual billioanaires ensuring they don't have to subsidise government and infastructure through taxes.
  10. Yeah, can't say Spain didn't deserve it.
  11. Hey, like I said, pretty sure it was already in what I typed that
  12. oof there it is. I'm on about a 10 second delay, it had probably already happened when I typed that.
  13. bloody hell this will be a victory if we can hang on.
  14. Just saw something that reckons 84 the last big one in Lawson.
  15. Yep, needs to be massive to get Lawson. That hill between Bullaburra and Wenty makes a big difference. I don't know for certain but I remember a massive dump in 88 or 89 that might have got down there, we lived in Wenty and it was thick. In my memory thicker than anything i've got since I moved to BH. But who knows. The biggish one last month I think I caught the train to work in. It would have to be huge to knock them out. Snowed a bit this morning for a light dusting of settled. In truth you get colder days than snow days though. Snow days mean a thick cloud usually and not so
  16. I wish I could be this confident. I'm not at all, tbh.
  17. I'd frame this slightly differently. An idea of the mainstream media is hated and distrusted. Not the mainstream media itself. I'm not sure that many of these global haters could even poinpoint or accurately describe the mainstream media. It's just a convenient bogeyman for them to blame when things go wrong or an excuse to ignore facts ("oh, well, you can't believe anything in the mainstream media!") In my whackjob letter yesterday there were several references to the "MSM (mainstream media))" - crib notes straight from the handbook. But you can guarantee they have been hoovering
  18. Nah it's there. You need to access it online though at the 7Plus site. It took me yesterday morning to figure it out haha. Go to 7plus, sign up for an account if you don't have one. Then click on "Tokyo LIve" or something, I don't think it matters really, just get a video playing. Underneath whatever video you have clicked basically everything that you can stream will appear, which is pretty much all events. It will have a bar underneath showing if it's in progress or not. Egypt Argentina is there, I was just watching it.
  19. It's weird as well how all these freedom loving types are not out protesting refugees being imprisoned for years on end. Or deaths dealt out by the state to indigenous people in custody, too, I mean that should be highly concerning to them.
  20. Yep. BLM protests last year were ripped into by the usual suspects who are now very quiet.
  21. That was in from the moment she got it.
  22. Got a letter drop yesterday with a long rambling letter about the govmint trying to restrict our freedoms in order to kill 50% of us, regular citations of "the internet" with exhortations to "use your computer to find more information" and finishing off by saying that Craig Kelly and George Chistensen are the only politicians left in Austalia who aren't part of the conspiracy.
  23. Was just watching a rowing heat (kids choice) and they went to a ******* ad in the middle if it.
  24. oh wait no now i've found a bit of a wider section. FMD they don't make it easy to navigate their website.
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