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  1. They're running like a business. Because that's the best way to get results. Profit motive. Trickle down. Something something.
  2. marron

    UEFA Nations thingie

    Anyone watching? The Dutch were fun this morning. Germany with all the possession, tonnes of shots, and yet, just huffed and puffed for nothing.... Dutch looked dangerous always on the counter.
  3. marron

    UEFA Nations thingie

    Was going to post a picture of gazza crying but that wasn't a final was it. Have to go to Boro for that. Or wanderers
  4. marron

    UEFA Nations thingie

    Also I'm copping this from you? 88 with van Basten and gullit more or less hooked me on football.
  5. marron

    UEFA Nations thingie

    Didnt get to post this earlier but i had typed in "Screw you doubly if you knew the result "
  6. marron

    AFL Thread 2

    That article is a good balanced look. It touches on it, but they always bang on about the "high marking" - which didn't become part of the game until the late 19th century. Love the quotes at the end about the image making. It's so bang on. The week there's the doco about Goodes, and that's when they sign off on their apology. ****wits.
  7. marron

    Sokkah Twitter

    Recognise the type. Dickhead lost his job because of his delusions, has to support a family and wastes his money on that kind of **** to... impress... who?
  8. The people who are currently having to buy bottled water for everything in those communities should......
  9. marron

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Get thee to a doctory mate.
  10. marron

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Spell out "Racing NSW" for a few bob.
  11. marron

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Mate I gave up on it about the 2nd time. But this is one of those "I don't ask much of you, the kids like it," type deals with the option to stay home that is later revealed to have huge caveats
  12. marron

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Been at vivid an hour and all ive done is queue to see ads for Samsung and Toy Story 4 FMD
  13. marron

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Lol not surprising
  14. marron

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Everyone should note how boro and in have swapped locations and personalities at the same time.....
  15. marron

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Fire? ******* soft. WFMB: left the kids at their friends place last night in our old sydney hood. The dad is an old punk rock stalwart of some repute. On the way to pick up the kids this morning we walk past yesterdays wet cement and see our kids names inscribed in the footpath Meanwhile I am at vivid in a line for ******* ice cream so I'll head over to the other thread. ....
  16. marron

    Off Topic Thread 4

    If you go to the piedmont or the Thai or the Bistro or the fancy place I'd recommend making a booking if you can.
  17. marron

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Yeah it's pretty good. My mrs and her crew drink at the Ivy but it's because they know the people, I'd prefer the Gardners especially for food. The Bistro down the road is a step above again but it's priceyer. Again we know the people so. The golf club has gone through several people - including a "British" restaurant - but the latest lot are pretty good it seems. Then you've got the Thai which is decent, good value. The piedmont is good food but the people are weird and my mrs friend had a run in with them and the kids piano teacher lives next door to them and complains about them so we go to the pizza joint across the railway. Kebab joint is good. There's the snooty place but I've never been there. Avoid the Ho Palace if you want your bowels to function. fish and chips of course but it's far from the best I've had to be honest. I'd go to the pub over it easy.
  18. marron

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Yeah i'M blackheath. We've got all sorts, believe me crystal types are more katoomba-ish but there's a fair few. Definitely crazies.... Let me know if you need anything at any point if you are seriously thinking about it.
  19. marron

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Via popes glen? It's nice down there. I take the kids so we can go to the "beach". @Wendy I'm in my tshirt I'm definitely a visitor these days. Too many people everywhere. I wss born in the mountains, I didn't live there for 30 odd years but I'm home now, ferals and all.
  20. marron

    Off Topic Thread 4

    What walks mate? Pics! I am having a summer holiday in Sydney
  21. Holy crap I finally realised who Amini reminds me of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angry_Kid#/media/File:Angry_Kid_(character).jpg
  22. marron

    Music Thread 3

  23. marron

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    Should have told them it was Tianenmen Square Weekend WFMB - tooheys old in the mist.
  24. marron

    UEFA Nations thingie

    Final = Netherlands v Portugal. Alarm didn't go and then had to go to work. So I only saw the boring bits - a lot of it - and the equalizer. English were playing so deep but didn't look too troubled till then.