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  1. Yeah, he'd be expecting a fare to like North Sydney or the Airport or something. He takes you, gets 5 bucks or whatever, and then he has to go to the back of the line and wait for ages.
  2. So, when were you planning on this trip then Boro.... early september, maybe?
  3. Yep heh. It was snowing consistently from about 7-10 but not enough to really stick around. Hasn't stopped a stream of people coming up though and then stopping on the side of the highway to fling bits of dirty ice at each other and take selfies etc. The weather guy reckons there's maybe a bit more this afternoon but it will need to be massive to settle at this stage I would think.
  4. Ran mine overnight Rice pudding for breakfast.
  5. It's the Sydney types that are the problem mate
  6. I look like a cross between Peter Beardsley and Jaap Stam.
  7. BTW, I did go out yesterday, rode out to Hanging Rock, but it was mental as anything with the wind there. I was so paranoid about falling off a cliff, mostly because of definitely being remembered as a ******* idiot.
  8. Yep. Had great fun until the tourists started showing up. Then went indoors. Just walked through the park which had tiny clumps of ice spread out several metres part. People were still turning in and taking photos and driving through the park (!) like ****wits. Earlier, the mrs had walked through when it was still covered and tourists had destroyed all the stuff we'd made about half an hour before. I hope they all slip off the highway on black ice
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/09/australias-rich-history-to-be-honoured-by-new-ffa-heritage-committee FFA sets up heritage committee
  10. Eh. Animals are boring and we've done them before. (I prefer not to mince my words).
  11. I may or may not have used that quote in similar circumstances (like every night when I go and get an extra log or whatever and it's slightly chilly.) how's the old man doing?
  12. Haha. No snow yet. Little sleet today apparently. Pissed off as there's meant to be high winds tomorrow. I have an appt in the morning so have the day off and then was going to go for a bit of a ramble but don't think I could cop the acrimony if I got hit by a falling branch.
  13. marron

    Music Thread 3

    Middy, cripes that's like a couple of streets away from my inlaws. I'd say you will expect to see them soon but i wouldn't wish it on you.
  14. There's plenty of correlation between most of those things in the developed world. Sad!
  15. So they ditched the community round, or is that now just whenever western united are playing at "home"?
  16. It was franjic with the red card I just read.
  17. "In a first for the FFA cup, this round will be themed "the outback". The WSW v SU58 match will now take place in Cooper's Creek."
  18. We look pretty good. Agree with carns on majewski, he's not alone though, but it's also kind of refreshing to see them having a bit of fun and a lot of the slick stuff sticking. Just need to get the finish happening. I was on my phone so wasn't posting but funny to read btrons comment about getting head over the ball. Verbatim wha t I said in my head. Lopar is terrific.
  19. Or maybe, evening things up so later it doesn't look so bad on paper
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