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  1. Shane Paxton. And the other millions like him on welfare.
  2. Is it the role of government to rob the disadvantaged of outcomes? Now, you might have the view that the role of government is not to rob anyone at all. Which might be fair enough, if you stepped in with that sort of argument when it wasn't about taxing the wealthy. If I'm taxed, why shouldn't the rich be taxed? If it's about rewarding the contribution to the economy, sure, there's an argument to be made there. Unless they are sending profit outside of our country. Unless they are not keeping workers employed, or denying them inflationary wage rises when they get them themselves. Unless they are actually involved in manipulating money for a living as opposed to employing people. Once you turn your back on society, society has no obligation to reward you for anything. I would say that now, in 2020, no, the most disadvantaged in our society do not have the best opportunity they've ever had either, and that's probably true of much of the western world. Get in and earn is simply not as easy as all that. The playing field is not equal from the beginning; get in often simply isn't possible.
  3. Broad sweeping generalisation based on news corp talking points/details, same thing.
  4. first hit mate https://indigenousx.com.au/debunking-33-billion/
  5. Sure. Why on this one? Bash asians, bash muslims, we're all good mate.
  6. Interesting that she's had 20 years of breakfast tv time when she's been allowed to run her mouth and then this is the thing that's tipped it over the edge. I found the housos melbourne stuff pretty bizarre tbh. 500 cops onsite. I can't imagine 500 cops patrolling Kew if there was a cluster there. I get it that it's close quarters and everything but I suspect an apartment block cluster elsewhere would be treated slightly differently.
  7. As I said, headline presented as evidence = confirmation bias. Living space has a huge impact on the way that we live and the structural nature of society. As a Sydneysider, you know this inherently. The harbour/beaches, public transport links (and lack of them), the de-industrialisation of the inner city, all have led to stratification along socio-economic and cultural lines. The article has a little laugh at itself and some of the artistic discourse around architecture, and then looks at the way that suburbia can reinforce some of the social structures that exist around gender.
  8. Pretty good illustration of my point above thanks Legia. My money would be on the percentage of "article read" vs "article cited" being widely disparate.
  9. Which is why people interested in maintaining the old status quo - complete with its own set of values and correct rhetoric that can easily be compared to blind religion - are so keen to talk about such claims. I suspect the majority of alienated people would never have been exposed to a direct claim of white privilege, except ones that have been filtered in this way.
  10. It's an interesting thing when those who prefer the old ways (which were replete with "virtue signalling" and "political correctness" as well, just they weren't named as such or criticised) use a religous metaphor as a criticism.
  11. bach was a rockstar back in the day too :laugh:
  12. Okay okay 1) On Broadway is not by George Benson - he just did a great version which had lots of guitar solo-ing 2) George Benson is a great guitarist, On Broadway is a great riff/tune, so it's not that weird that Angus Young/AC/DC would be into it 3) It's fake, it gets better as it goes on but watch the guitar early, and then the drums later and it's from a channel that does these kind of things apparently
  13. You should know the formula by now, wendy, there's ALWAYS a pun.
  14. Well I tried to move the conversation over there but you need a respect for thread titles, a willingness to bother, and a desire to make your puns obvious and I lack those.
  15. I believe their police force also charges journalists for investigating dodgy **** their military does as well. God help us if that should ever happen here.
  16. I was watching Rage's first every concert the other day, it's on youtube, worth a look. Just at a uni campus in the open at lunchtime or whatever. It opens with an instrumental that they hadn't quite finished yet. And they do a Clash cover.
  17. I got tested today. Pretty confident just a cold but I was sneezing like buggery yesterday so I couldn't rock up to work like that.
  18. Arguable that everything that you are criticising has its roots in the Reagan era.
  19. CHeers Prydz Looks like I'll have to dig out that shoestring style thing with all the characters I made to remind me who the **** they all are again...
  20. Yeah, this is why i'm kind of surprised about the anger at fox or whatever over it. Fox, despite the extension of their coverage to next year, don't give a **** about football. I'd much rather a scenario where Hill has left them and is a gun for hire for football, then one in which Fox pull out of their contract or even go through next year and then ditch us, and Hill is still there relegated to commentating on the cricket or the netball or some ****.
  21. Haha. Yep, we get "who gives a crap".
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