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  1. I'm not convinced that the tabouleh at the meeting was ethically sourced, and am leaving to form my own party. Yours marron, a teensy bit left of the quite a bit left, probably left of centre but not far left (what is far left anyway) faction (but andrew bolt would consider extreme left), especially when it comes to water usage and importation of parsley
  2. Yep, and you were born into this country but not the part of it you might be standing on.
  3. Well, that was actually the aim of that policy essentially. One people, one flag.
  4. One country one people one flag? There has never been such a thing. The closest things that have been created are totalitarian regimes. I find the desire for unity under the state completely at odds with the desire for the state to not do anything for its people, it always confuses me when I come across it.
  5. I think it's important to acknowledge this stuff and don't have a problem with it but I agree that overuse is probably counter-productive. Having talked to indigenous folk about it as well, I think that people carrying it out tend to get wrapped up in "getting it right" and it becomes very formulaic and tokenistic. It doesn't have to be at all, it's really not the point of it. As for the Haka, I always felt the same about the requirement to stand there like dummies and the kind of rules about not doing anything else. I remember once the wallabies did a little warmup and ignored it and got smashed. At the same time the saffers responded to it once and got crucified for being disrespectful. It IS hugely important to the kiwis though for a number of reasons, I don't have an issue with them doing it. And from memory other countries have tried, but they don't have NZs history and so it can't be replicated, it doesn't have the same meaning.
  6. I started making a bass about..... 6 years ago? Still in pieces
  7. It's alright folks I'm the mad bugger for travelling 60k to work.
  8. Yeah, I am ****ed. God knows how long this is going to take to fix, but it's not going to be fun in the meantime.
  9. I had to walk to town today because the tree wasn't going to let me out and got sopping wet of course. I went to Mitre 10 and they were under the blackout too so they met you at the door with a torch. It was like the bloody zombie apocalypse scavenging for gear.
  10. We are going to be approaching more rain in this thing alone than we had all of last year before it's done up here. I'm at one of the highest points basically we just got lashed for 2:days straight. Leaks sideways, no joke. Tree down today across the lane that gives us access to the house. Power out all day only just came on, out yesterday top for quite a while. It's died down a little now but still going. Train line down because of landslides. Since August we've had snow, the garden almost died from drought, fires, dust, now this. It's insane.
  11. Yeah I forgot the bit where there was an earlier verbal thing about them both coming. Still.... if the invite is intentionally just to Mathyou, and he pretends like it's not - I reckon that goes south pretty quick. That's the silly buggers I meant. All the more reason for the straight up phone call. "Mate you said she'd be invited but it kind of looks like she's not - what's the deal?" (No plus 1s at my wedding by the way.... consistency heh ).
  12. I'm of the school that thinks that a wedding is for the couple to do what they want. I totally get why you are pissed Mathyou and I totally understand the reticence of your partner with meeting these people and everything - that's not your or her fault by any means - it's just the way it's panned out, and hey, that has to be respected. But if I'm planning my wedding, I'm not inviting people I don't know. I know that that is the way probably the majority of weddings work (that's another debate altogether I guess), but, yeah. Personally, I would want it to be a celebration with the people I know who are part of my or my partner's life. Inviting someone I have never even met basically wouldn't happen. Having said that, if you were my mate and I was getting married, I would have given you the heads up before just sending the invite. "Mathyou, we're trying to keep this small, we just want people there who we know and are part of our lives - your mrs isn't (yet). We really want to meet her but I don't think the wedding is the time." you know? But I've got no idea though if this is what the deal is, and neither do you. So wIth all respect for Prydz, I think playing silly buggers with it is a first class ticket to pissing people off, to be honest. Forcing people to back down about their own wedding (if it's NOT a mistake, anyway)... yeah. I don't think that's a good idea. Ed's on the money for mine. Give him a ring - find out what's going on.
  13. If it's all like you say, the means to the end is a-ok, which means there is no frigging way she resigns with 99% of the population not giving a ****
  14. One lot want to make money for big business and use taxpayer's money to retain power. One lot want to literally go back to a stone age existence. Which one of these is more credible and supported by evidence? Bored yet?
  15. Former Queensland Policeman in "No Corruption" shocker
  16. Yep. I'm far from a guitarist nut (obviously ) but, he had a tremendously unique style that was clearly influenced by some pretty different sounds with a big fat layer of his own post punk kind of thing. Wilko Johnson, soul, a bit of funk, some reggae... all in there overlaid by that crunching and clashing. So distinctive.
  17. Dyson's are ****. It's all marketing that it's top of the line. They're not. Ours never **** the bed, it just came prestained. You're welcome Smoggy Also - "wouldn't shout if a shark bit him" "redbacks in his pockets"
  18. RIP Andy GIll who was the guitarist with Gang of Four, also produced Red Hot Chilli Peppers. One of my favourite guitar solos of all time
  19. It was shut off further along and at pulpit so still can't see into that end.
  20. Here's mine looking I'm the right direction I'd say an hour or two earlier, just before it started up:
  21. btw that pic is from katoomba, not mine. It wasn't nearly as impressive from here at that point, plus, I coulnd't be arsed climbing the hill again to get a good snap, because it was hoooooooot.
  22. Climbed up hat hill this arvo, round 1 o'clock. Took some snaps of the valley etc from up there and the fire damage. Clear as anything. As I'm coming down there's suddenly a plume by my estimation leura/Wentworth falls sort of area. Nothing on RFS app though. Still nothing 5 hours later. I think it's something (not threatening any homes though - I think they're just calling it part of Erskine Creek which is already at advice... still though, no alerts or whatever).
  23. Weird how conservatives who are all about the good old days when right was right and wrong was wrong and there was none of this in-between stuff and people were much more honourable and these modern pinko types don't know how good they've got it are happy for politicians to just be openly corrupt and then hide.
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