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  1. Adam

    R3 - Smurfs - Sat 21 Oct - SFS

    Pax = 18100 (9am Friday)
  2. Look at the plans. As it's a larger stadium it envelops the pool area almost completely.
  3. GSW = general solid waste. I'm not sure what the A is there for - I've never seen that. It might mean non-putrescible (rotting etc). Also on another note from the docs, Lend Lease has applied to start piling before DA 'approval'. If this happens, it's a massive win in terms of timing. Having worked with them on other big projects, I have no doubt of their ability to deliver before the due date.
  4. All of the appendices (~1500 pages). https://www.dropbox.com/s/el68wvy2q55r52g/Western%20Sydney%20Stadium%20%28Stage%202%20Design%20%26%20Construction%29%20merged.pdf?dl=0 Also: The start and end of our seasons will be an absolute write-off. Yearly re-lay?
  5. Ergh. Grey. Going to combine all of the PDFs and upload here for easier viewing so people can make a better informed submission....
  6. That's my company. We do geotechnical and environmental investigations and we're doing it for Lend Lease right now. We're commiting quite a few resources towards it, so we're doing all we can to not hold things up.
  7. Adam

    Mitch Nichols

    Agree completely. Him and Nico are our best players by far (after Jumpei has tempered slightly since his really good start to the season).
  8. As a wanderers supporter and an engineer, thanks We really do have to pick up the pieces for many architect 'designs'.
  9. Adam

    Grand Final Away Trip - Adelaide - 1st May.

    Can vouch for Matty - a good guy who did the trip with us to Bris. We're driving again but already have 4 people so no room unless we hire a bigger car/van.
  10. Driving down on Saturday and driving back Monday. Full car and good music. Can't wait!
  11. Adam

    Mitch Nichols

    In all of the madness last night, for me the worst moment (and what I thought would be defining - luckily it wasn't) was Mitch going down at the end of regular time with what appeared to be a groin strain. Any word on the severity? For as quiet he may have been in a couple of the later games of the season, he's our best player in my opinion and easily the fittest, and we would definitely miss him next week if it's bad.
  12. Adam


    I was thinking about that recently. I really liked the spinning during the tune of wdysf.
  13. I actually think it helps us. There is almost zero need for any oval stadium other than the SCG now (ignoring the 20/20 marketing games), so hopefully in time they'll just knock it down and do it right. In the mean time they have a lot less clout which gives parramatta stadium a bigger advantage.
  14. Adam

    Merchandise S3

    I just got a S2 jersey (yes, slow!) and would like to put a name on it. What's the best way of doing this? Peter Wynn's? Are the numbers/letters 'official' and do they change each year?