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  1. But looking at the data, more than half the country still voted green, labor or independent. I guess what I'm saying is that around half of the country did not vote for the current mob, or their independent supporters - even after preferences - 48.47% to be exact TPP. Therefore you can't really say that we asked for it! Coz almost half of us certainly didn't!
  2. No less than half of our fellow Australians chose this.....preference deals did the rest
  3. Oh it’s better than that. The CCP are now spruiking their genius at containment and making propaganda to inform the world how well they’ve done. Talk about hubris. If the local branches hadn’t hidden the illnesses and deaths and covered it up in the first place, this might have all been contained in Wuhan to start with. Let’s not forget the bravery and sacrifice of the local medical personnel there who fought to expose the dangers. But sorry getting off topic. #noEPLinchina!
  4. Any news on Kamau's injury? And what about baby Baccus - back this week?
  5. About time Charlesworth pulled the pin on Charlesworth I reckon. Something dramatic needs to happen up there or they should tear up the licence. Just a disgrace. Feel for the supporters especially the members. They don’t deserve such crap
  6. Spectacular finish from Stensness.....thankfully VAR didn’t find a way to rub it out. Lord knows the Coast need everything they can get
  7. So anyone else enduring Fraudsters v Mariners? Coasties are plumbing new depths of hopelessness
  8. Far out Victory that's leaving it late!
  9. Was just thinking exactly the same thing! Not many other options i guess
  10. Oh dear Victory....non-existent defence
  11. What a game! Agree with so many posters about positivity being the main ingredient. So nice to have them in our pocket! There’s only one thing for ESFC to do with Baumjohann. He’s evidently cursed. Remember the story of Jonah and the whale. Take him out to sea and throw him overboard.
  12. The red sauce bottles are at a rather rakish tilt today. Looking at Mariners shots I think they might be mistaking them for the goal mouth...
  13. Geez it’s a worry when Clisby is currently your best on the park....
  14. Far out Miller! Are you trying to get sent off? Yay there’s Retre out
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