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  1. Oh please don't spoil it by mentioning Speed.....
  2. Have to say Atkinson has had a great game. Run his a@$e off
  3. Oh lordy this is starting to sound like a Wanderers thread....
  4. Well after a lonely 60min on the National Teams thread Marron directed me to where the party is actually happening. Come on boys!
  5. So noone watching the Olyroos? 1-0 to us. Playing on the counter. But we could have been up 3-0 with a touch of luck
  6. Yep and they're not sentimental tears of joy....
  7. Ah yeah - bugger - well as well as he did when he was with us then
  8. Well hopefully Ikonomidis has as much success with Popa's new team as the last time they played/coached together...... Victory for 7th!
  9. What an excellent post! As an Australian with Jewish heritage, I struggle with the whole vexed Israeli-Palestinian mess. As do my football-mad kids. In essence, we are against the right-wing nationalists and others who currently hold power in Israel and we support a 2 state solution and freedom for the Palestinians - some of the vision I have seen from there is just horrendous and the people are seemingly without hope. However, I understand that the provocations of Hamas rockets and the antipathy towards even the existence of Israel by many of its near neighbours leads to an often paranoid sta
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