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  1. I know the usual generalisations about Sydney sporting public loving winners etc, but if truth be told, everyone loves a winner - remember 06 World Cup? Even Sam bloody Newman was trying to get in on that! The nation was beholden to the success of the 'roos. This is why it is a bit unfortunate that we had to have 3 years in the wilderness following ACL/premiership/multiple grand finals coz there was serious momentum there from a marketing point of view...
  2. So because I'm lazy and we wanted to watch Chernobyl, I still have my Foxtel Now/Play subscription, although I will be c/o to Kayo sooner or later - so are my viewing habits on Foxtel Now/Play counted on the ratings? Or not coz it too is a streaming service?
  3. Had two guys, one a rusted on Parramatta Eels supporter come in this morning and make positive comments about "wow that goal the Wanderers scored on Friday night" - somehow the good news stories do get out there - the clubs and league need to get better at harnessing that interest. I guess though, by and large, winning helps - and winning with spectacular goals helps more coz it's likely to get replayed again and again (McGree anyone?). Word of mouth is still a great tool and I would think we're likely to seen an increase in interest if the team can keep winning in this vein.
  4. Seriously underwhelmed by them so far....they’d better not rediscover their mojo for next week! Oh and is Barbarouses the most overrated player in the A league?
  5. Slater defending Ninkovic who should have squared it for Le Fondre. Seriously? Should have been 3-1
  6. Btw they had to take Baumjohann off to score
  7. Dammit....Wellington shouldn’t be behind. We’d better be practising our defence against set pieces next week.
  8. The standard of play and, dare I say it, the officiating has been exceptional this weekend. Of course us winning against Victory away may be rose-colouring my tinted glasses but it has been a pleasure to watch much of the action. Eurosnobs can stick their EPL snobbery where the sun don’t shine for all I care.....now if only more people could/would watch it!
  9. Certainly deserved. Can’t believe this is the same Phoenix as last week
  10. I take it you are referring to Herr Fotograf of the Occasional training squad?
  11. Come now Manfred....all this creative and lateral thinking will get you nowhere in this town
  12. Barbarouses going for glory....ha ha ha
  13. Yay VAR didn’t give the Smurfs a penalty! KGR obviously not on duty in the box tonight?
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