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  1. Yeah a win! And a scrappy one at that. Cannot understate the importance of having a proper centre back. Thought Ziegler was excellent tonight. Agree on ABJ he's a cut above the rest. But that's why he's here. Hopefully Riera can find some form asap otherwise maybe he needs to return to Spain coz we need a finisher desperately. Would be a shame coz he has really impressed with his work rate and passion this season. And Matt Simon **** off you dirty ****. Over refs allowing that bull****. Ffs they know what he's like
  2. Potkorok

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    And **** off with your anti-Semitic bull****. Criticise them all you like. I'm with you and fed up with the current direction of the club but remember that Lederer is only one of the owners. Be a bit more creative in your criticism
  3. Great and now because i thumped a door in frustration after second goal my wife and daughter have turned game off and are forcing me to calm down by watching A Muppet Christmas Carol while putting up the Christmas tree. For this hellish experience I also hold the club responsible......
  4. How much longer do we have to put up with this crap? This club is tough to follow....they seem to take delight in testing how much patience their members have. This is a proud footballing region and at the moment we are being played for mugs
  5. Great to see such a turnaround from the team. And credit to the coach after what must have been a very frustrating experience in Penrith
  6. Far out. 2 defensive lapses and 2 goals conceded. Just like watching a derby!
  7. They've got A-league disease at present. All the possession but butchered in the final third/finishing
  8. How good is Caitlin Ford?!?!
  9. Potkorok

    David Squires Cartoons

    It's funny because it's true....with apologies to Homer Simpson
  10. Potkorok

    A-League Round 3 2018/19

    Geez how bad were the Mariners this afternoon? That was just horrible to watch...I'm sure they'll improve by the time we play them though!
  11. Was a very frustrating game to attend. Serious gulf in class between the two teams. As for our number of turnovers....yeah well just a very average night out
  12. True enough. Was behind the goal at the time and was willing her not to go for it but take your point on the defensive mixup
  13. Soooo. Down 0-1 after a bit of a keeper's brain explosion. FC definitely winning midfield but we've just won a couple of free kicks so hopefully.....
  14. Ja voll! Herr Kommandant! Sorry it's the pedant in me....