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  1. Nah the Jack Gibson look in the fur coat has gotta be the go....
  2. My son ran an Instagram page for a little while that showed Markus wearing his fashionable threads along with some colourful commentary. His wife followed the page. Some of the comments were hilarious and she was very gracious when everything fell apart and they had to leave.
  3. Yep - I finally went to NZ after 47 yrs! Crap game but great time with my eldest and the dozen or so diehard WSW supporters at Eden Park. Plus great to see a bit of the spectacular NZ countryside
  4. I hear you brother.....it's crap at work, it's crap at home. Drops out regularly. Sometimes work download speed drops to 1-2Mbps when I'm theoretically paying for 100Mbps - I know it's averaged over the day but geez. I use two different providers but no real difference in service - I think it's the infrastructure that sux - fibre-to-the-node hmph - my old cable was better. Plus of course now our work phones all have to run through the interwebs too - and they die when it does..... Plus I'm in the medical field and we still use faxes quite often coz more secure than email for reports and even with the adaptor they often play up.....grrrrrrrr
  5. Oh man that was an excruciating evening....talk about having absolutely no idea about your core supporter base
  6. So disappointing but not surprising that we have lumped ourselves in with all of the poverty clubs. Once again shown up by Sydney (and City and Victory) who will keep paying their players apparently. We’ve become a joke....come on owners pay the players what they’re worth. Otherwise it’s mediocrity here we come again. Embarrassed to be part of the club today.
  7. Yes but a majority still seem to keep supporting him as a "strong man" style leader. And this in spite of the appalling treatment of dissenters. It's the template for what so many others have started to follow, such as Turkey, Hungary, the Philippines and the USA among others. But it's been going on in Russia for much longer, arguably back to Stalin and with only a brief respite under Gorbachev and Yeltsin.
  8. Well there's a surprise......you can take the president out of the KGB but you can't take the KGB out of the president.. Just astonishing what the Russian people will put up with really over such a long period of history.
  9. They're still salty that despite our rabble of a club they couldn't beat us this season
  10. All I have left is whinging about the officiating in someone else’s grand final.....
  11. Agree, but still struggle a bit to see the Cove there - especially given that it illustrates how poor we've been and how well Sydney have done these last few years.
  12. How we have fallen - the sight of the Cove in the RBB end at our own ground....for shame
  13. So the rumour mill has it that Thomas James has accused Tony Popovic of nepotism in playing his boys over James....a squaddie striker with a chip on his shoulder against Popa....sounds like our type of signing
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