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  1. We were probably next to you mate - I was there with my daughter and another mate - the area around the tree had a good view without the mosh-pit feel of further in - and of course Hektor's running commentary - I really thought he was going to fall out on a few occasions
  2. Stadium looking superb - can't wait for next season - just hope some of the old magic reappears and we regain the ground lost during our years at the SOP wilderness.. Oh and starting a campaign for a tree to be planted near the entrance with a plaque dedicated to Hektik Hektor in memory of watching the ACL triumph at Parramatta square with Hektor up a tree next to us losing his sh#t. Such great memories Anyone know what happended to him? My son reckon's he's in Poland.
  3. Sitting near a young mum and her little bloke....ffs this is their first ever game. Faces painted and everything and this is the drivel we dish up. Hard to encourage them to stick with us
  4. Mate sorry to say i was booing the team......
  5. Well I wish her all the best with that - but the rest of them should still move on, starting with Gallop....
  6. Shouldn't be the only one and shouldn't be temporary - they should all step down.
  7. Is there anything the FFA have touched in the last few years that hasn’t turned to crap? Far out it is just astonishing. The one shining beacon, at least as far as the general public was concerned was the Matildas and now they’ve screwed that up too. Gallop has to go and, quite frankly the newly appointed board should follow. Let FIFA run the show and set up a seperate mob to run the A and W leagues. Even allowing for the corruption-ridden stench that surrounds FIFA it would be difficult to see how they could do a worse job than this lot. Is it any wonder that the Australian public find it so easy to dismiss sokkah when it is administered so badly?
  8. Everyone must realise now that Gallop is/was a plant by the AFL/NRL junta with direct orders to destroy the game - it's the only logical explanation!!! Nothin else makes sense of the debacle of the last few years - even by Australian football standards
  9. Potkorok

    The Refereeing Thread

    Yes but he wasn't playing the other night when i lauded him
  10. Potkorok

    The Refereeing Thread

    Don't worry Wendy. At least you don't invent Wanderers players names that don't exist...unlike yours truly here! Also you inspired me to sully myself by getting a News account so i too could have a rant on the Fox site. I mentioned cancelling my Foxtel subscription as all i use Foxtel Now for is A league and Socceroos....gotta speak Rupert's language
  11. Potkorok

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    I tend to agree that the issue is incompetence on behalf of the officials rather than conscious bias (although on KGJ I’m not so sure...). However, the only thing that really gets me into conspiracy mode is the famous derby victory in which we stopped the Smurfs from going undefeated. Am I going senile, or was there an apology to Sydney FC to the effect of “the officials missed a penalty call and we’re terribly sorry you were defeated” or some such drivel ? Didn’t Annie then feel entirely justified in continuing to claim that they really were still undefeated?
  12. Potkorok

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    And note FFA didn’t get Jake Windon to do the write up coz he is a Wanderers supporter who also manages to write unbiased material coz he’s a good writer
  13. Potkorok

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    Quote of the years contender!
  14. Yep Tate Russell, or "Roberts" as he is known to his close associates, is a real highlight among so many dismal displays by those in the Red and Black this year. Sign him up long term.
  15. Yeah well I reckon that was the last for me.....I can handle the club struggling and the kids being thrown to the wolves but the diabolical officiating just has me beat. I know when you're not playing well you tend to cop more bad decisions. Call it the luck of the draw or whatever but the performances by the match officials this season in destroying whatever spark of life our boys might bring into a game whenever the chips have been down have gone beyond that and have killed far too many games for us. Goodbye SOP you've been awful. See youse at Parra, assuming the club hasn't folded......