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  1. Anyone have a go at Rudan? Whistle “Every breath you take” perhaps? Nice to beat him so soundly!
  2. Yeah but..... The Wanderers of recent months have found ways to make average teams look good, or play them into form. No argument that Western were pretty horrid, but we created plenty, defended well and took our chances. That’s very different to a month ago.
  3. Yeah they are but geez I hate playing teams coming off a loss.....
  4. Ah you forget the Oceania club champions league win when they beat that powerhouse of world club football, AS Magenta of New Caledonia......
  5. The mo can go but keep the ‘fro
  6. Reminds me of the one and only Keith Miller. Ashes tour and he was asked about being under pressure he replied “Pressure? Pressure’s a Messerschmitt up your arse, not playing cricket”
  7. Looked like the officiating was usual peak A league.....just fortunately we weren’t screwed over for once!
  8. Yep sad but true - on the positive side, we just need to do some similar things to them to bring back the glory days - some consistency in a balanced, well recruited squad (ie, as said on here many times before, get the imports right, sign a few experienced Aussies and let our younger/academy kids fill in the rest and a local manager who understands the A-League with all its quirks and peculiarities. Add to that the director of football. And drill our bloody defence!!!!!
  9. So can we have Staj back to Western Sydney please ?
  10. And remember Lederer may be the face of the owners, but there are 2 (or 3?) others - we never hear from them at all - it's not only Mr Lederer endorsing dumb club decisions
  11. Which is ironic given his fondness for breaking legs....
  12. Geez I thought they normally led with what's on special at Woolies/Coles this week.....
  13. Yeah but sadly that's the whole of the A league, not just us - I think for memory we're still second or third on crowd numbers despite the fact that we are so bad - mind you none of them are any good - I don't think anyone is averaging more than about 8000. Very poor.
  14. And for a club owned by several businessmen this isn’t good enough. Translate lack of finals appearances into losses or a tanking share price and any CEO overseeing this club would have been removed by now. Along with his or her inner circle. JT cannot stay if we don’t make the finals this year. I’d certainly argue he should have gone two seasons ago. Add to that CR and possibly some of his assistants, Troisi, Ibini, McGowan, Mutch and Muller. Then sign a big centre back, a proven finisher and get Muscat in as coach. Oh and finally employ a director of football FFS! Anyway my two cents.....
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