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  1. Nup - we've tried German (and Spanish) - time to go local. I wonder if Yoshi is old enough for his football manager's ticket.....
  2. Absolutely - I'm just always disappointed that there aren't more people aware of his genius and the meticulous observations he makes about the local game - it's just quality work - in many ways better researched than most journalists! My wife often catches me chortling on a Friday evening to his latest and coz most of the references are so specific she just thinks I'm mad (not uncommon anyway...) until I point out a couple of recent "peak A-league" actual events - fortunately my oldest kids are both Wanderers and Oz football tragics so they enjoy it whenever I forward it to them. He's an (adopted) national living treasure in my books
  3. Thoroughly enjoyable peak A league. Go the Coast
  4. That 3rd goal was a shocker.....like watching the blokes!
  5. Oh that is a quality effort! Love Lawrie McKinna and the Central Coast endangered bird making a reappearance. And Merrick’s famous emotional response to McGree’s goal
  6. With regard to Meier, agree but surely this comes down to the coach - we’ve signed this fella to do blah and this is what I want you blokes to do to facilitate him.....yet we see nothing like this on the pitch, well rarely anyway. It’s just bizarre at times and reflects poorly on the manager and assistant
  7. So, anyone else see the Bossi article on the big moments in football for the past decade? Domestically his notables are as follows: The rise of the Matildas and the women's game in general - check, the Socceroos qualifying for every world cup and winning the 2015 Asian cup - check, the rise and fall and rise of Ange - check.....and that's it. Then it's off overseas. No mention of the greatest achievement ever by a local club in winning the ACL in 2014, not to mention the premiership win at the first attempt. Now i don't want to live in the past but this is a historical look at the local game over the last decade. Seriously this bloke really doesn't like us much, does he? Twat
  8. I reckon City could have 22 players and still couldn’t score....useless
  9. Slater now dissing ref coz no yellow....prat
  10. Decent crowd. Gotta say Kogarah was a great choice by the Smurfs. Looks great
  11. Eww Baumjohann in Crocs with socks! Figures
  12. Geez Ams that wasn’t a yellow....
  13. Far out City how many chances do you need????
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