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  1. Perhaps they can forget rebuilding the place and just use it for stabling trams.....
  2. Good suggestion - I emailed the club this morning. As I said at the end of my email, looking forward to this gameday experience continuing through the A League season and beyond.
  3. Oh god really? Prob never noticed with Brisbane coz there’s rarely anyone there and the ground is so vast and empty it gets lost. Can’t recall Adelaide but I’ll take your word for it. In any case it needs to go....
  4. Yeah that was my low point of the night! Crikey we’ve rubbed that out of the game in Oz ( we’ll except for Perth ) and here are Eurosnobs bringing it back!
  5. Yep agree Megan. Dunno what was in the air but I saw armed cops doing high fives with little African kids and smiles all round. Plus my son in the RBB said security and cops were friendly and helpful!!! Seriously hoping this continues. Such a change from Olympic Park!
  6. Congrats Erimus - my old man's a Northerner and I don't begrudge the Poms the odd victory - especially when the working regions are contributing the bulk of the players However....that is a terrible way to decide a final - I'm sure the old method was simply whoever had lost the fewest wickets won the game if it was tied. And talk about luck! Throws hitting bats, awful umpiring decision, numerous close calls, weird Super Over rules etc etc....although now hopefully you lot have used up all of it before the Ashes !!
  7. Everything! But agree hope if he signs for us he won’t be in an Audi....no offence to any Vorsprung durch technik aficionados but I subscribe to the old joke about 4 zeros on the grill and one behind the wheel.... course as a western Sydney boy he wasn’t gonna turn down a free set of wheels
  8. And Oz football once again shows how it’s done.....1 step forward, 3 steps backwards, internal division, a few cheap shots, legal action, money wasted, another mediocre performance at international level and meanwhile the geniuses at FFA will be congratulating themselves on their inclusivity and whatnot and voting the chairman in for another term. Honestly you couldn’t make this stuff up. For shame.
  9. Yeah I think I was broadly agreeing with that but felt that the policies were not so much to blame as poor selling of the merits of the policies ( and perhaps just too many for one election campaign) Agree with the Clinton assessment - but also so many disenfranchised white workers turned to Trump because they felt Democrats had abandoned them in the years leading up to the campaign - even a sizeable number of poorer black voters voted for him and these people used to be the Democrats bread and butter supporters - my fear is the Labor party here has been doing the same. Cheers
  10. Happy to agree with that Flytox, however I didn't even mention the issues of climate change, congestion and environmental degradation, governments using high immigration to provide economic growth, rather than productivity increases and business investment, negligible wages growth, the 'gig' economy, casualisation and the opening up of the economy to international competition ( a two-edged sword that one as depends on other countries having genuinely open markets etc ). Also the only reason interest rates are so low is minimal real economic growth, lack of wages growth and very low inflation. I guess what I'm really saying is that I think the taxation system as it stands benefits us older voters moreso than the younger and that is likely to cause resentment and inequality. And that is only one area - poorer older Australians don't benefit much from the system either.
  11. As a traditionally just left-of-centre voter I have to agree with you here - given the disastrous disunity in the coalition ranks only a few months back, it is astonishing that Labor managed to lose this one - definite shades of 1993 and Keating v Hewson, albeit without the birthday cake. Combination of too may policies and too little campaigning. Where I disagree with you is that Labor didn't have sufficient policy agenda - given their recent history of tending to pander to the soft left and identity-politik base in the inner suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne, I was quietly pleased that the announced policies did genuinely seem to be aimed more at the lower and lower-middle class voter (focused tax cuts to low/middle income earners, health and education spending aimed more at need/the bottom 20% and cutting some of the fat given by Howard to the upper middle class (of which, based on income I am one), such as reducing superannuation concessions for those of us who are wealthier, taxing family trusts, cutting CGT and negative gearing and of course, the franking credit fiasco (another Howard sop). While I understand that the franking credit reduction/removal was going to cause some problems for a number of people based on their retirement planning etc, it could have been managed in such a way as to minimise this by not grandfathering the legislation and better information - mind you I do struggle a bit with the whole notion that changes in policy might not have a negative impact on individuals - it happens all the time - ask the genuine unemployed or those struggling on the disability support pension how they are faring after the last 10 years of negative policy!!! There's also the issue of inter-generational conflict as most of those retirees had access to free University education, full employment and cheaper housing, compared to the current younger generation. I am what would be described as a classic Liberal/Conservative fish just waiting to be caught - small business owner, Christian, white, middle-upper middle class, heterosexual and male - yet I despair at the apparent worship of "my kind" by the soft right of Oz politics! I don't need extra help from the government - and it's not because I am some super hard-working bloke who made his own luck - I have been fortunate to work in a growing industry (healthcare), had parents who valued education, got an excellent public school education, was helped a little with house purchasing by parents back in the day and get to live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world.....in short, I have been quite blessed/lucky and I want to give back and be part of a community and society - not be locked in some gated community with other entitled, self made individuals who drive Audi Q9s and Posche Cayennes who think they should be rewarded by the government for their own good fortune - and I know I'm not alone because I have chatted many times with friends and patient and clients who feel the same way - we want a fairer Australia with less income inequality, not more and it's so frustrating that the Labor party has forgotten the working class man/woman (a la the Democrats in the U.S.) in favour of whichever particular noisy lobbying group from the identity-politics band-wagon has grabbed control of their agenda this week - the way they are going, they will win the Inner west of Sydney (until the Greens in NSW reorganise themselves) and bits of Melbourne but lose the rest of the country for good. Rant over....sorry - geez last weekend was a shocker in so many ways
  12. I hear you Wendy.........
  13. So from the accompanying video to the logo launch, it would appear that Smithfield and Fairfield are now in the Macarthur region as they are claiming Harry Kewell and Tony Popovic....and is that footage of the RBB at Campbelltown i can see? I could have sworn i saw my son.....
  14. Oh......FFS.....we really need a face-palm emoji along with the heart and laughter ones...... Good on you for trying to hold the various parties to account - but, as I'm sure you're aware, social media is the place to mouth off incessantly with little regard for the consequences, facts or reason coz there is effective anonymity....hell - our own club Facebook supporters pages should've taught us all that by now
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