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  1. And another good goal from Perth!
  2. What a superb goal from Perth and brilliant refereeing from Faghani! Great use of allowing the advantage.
  3. I had a rant over on the Local Current affairs thread about this - for the Federal Libs it feels like they just see it as another "political" problem to be managed, rather than a social justice issue. Dunno if the other mob would be any better though, given how little has been done to the rate of the dole for the last 30 yrs.
  4. So any comments on the now-legislated $25-00 per week increase in the dole? Talk about Scrooges! Say you are going to do something about the appallingly low rate of the normal (pre-Covid) Jobseeker payment, then drip-feed the media with a "permanent increase", then make it so little that the effect on most of the poor sods who have to claim it will be marginal at best......Of course now they will trot out all the usual things about how the Jobseeker payment isn't a right, how a job is the best form of welfare and how they don't expect many people to be on it for that long. Seriously! Yes there
  5. Bring Strebre out of retirement! Was easily the best of them. And is the Iranian guy still reffing? Coz he’s streets ahead of the current lot
  6. It’s the inconsistency with VAR that is the main issue. The painstaking dissection of the 3rd one about 3 hrs after the incident happened and while the Mariners were waiting to take a free kick, the game having moved on, illustrated all that stinks with VAR. Yes it prob was a penalty, but a “clear and obvious error” from the onfield ref? And if VAR is that pedantic, then why not overturn the 1st one, which imo was def not a penalty?
  7. You cannot say for sure that that didn’t deflect off his foot or head.
  8. What B.S.! How bad is VAR....How could they overturn that ffs????
  9. Monopolistic arrogance at its finest - they're just terrified that the EU etc will follow Australia's lead and their free ride will be over. Will be interesting to see how the US lawmakers respond as well - the anti-trust systems in the US are way more effective than here.
  10. I think he might have been more suited to 1920s Berlin cabaret....
  11. Actually at the ground it was mostly just background noise but we were up the back of our active support and it’s prob worse in their supporter areas
  12. He did it again about 5 min after the goal ffs!
  13. Oh and we schooled the Bulls on active support in that last 20min!
  14. Certainly not wanting to make excuses coz that 1st half was beyond dire....but seriously impressed with the second half response. And this from a team effectively missing 5 starters in Tass (who walked past us in a moon boot before the game - how serious is his injury anyone know?), McGowan, Muller, Duke and presumably Mutch. I reckon we’re looking ok!
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