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  1. I'm now picturing this....with Babbel as Alby his racism replaced by a bad attitude to referees and the angry villagers the media....
  2. Back at hotel after enduring yet another inept performance live. Was good to sit with a few other Wanderers fans, both locals and from Oz. This despite there being no official away bay which meant putting up with some seriously puerile commentary from parts of Phoenix crowd who evidently know as much about the game as they do about quantum computing....what to say about the game? Well it's been said above. We can't finish, then we concede , then we equalise, then we inevitably cop the raw end of a VAR decision. I don't understand enough of the intricacies of the game to comment too much but i was baffled by the formation changes and the subs. I think Meier appears to be the biggest waste of marquee dollars since Pio. He may have been Football god at one stage but it seems that is in the past. Also hard to change my opinion of him when he plays about 30 seconds a game. It's a joke. And it comes down to Babbel and then the board to take responsibility for these kinds of decisions. Now I'm enduring Sydney up 3-0 at half time. Say what you will about them - I'm no fan, but they're doing something right and we are pissing all of the first few years of club history up against the wall and that is very hard to watch.
  3. Btw latest forecast for Auckland is now thunderstorms and poss heavy rain....we got this!
  4. We're gonna get to the ground around 630pm and grab our tix then. PM me if you want to meet us there and we can form a very small away bay
  5. We just had a good Argentinian feed in Ponsonby. It was good and so far we've found Auckland to be ok. Not really the dump other kiwis often say it is.
  6. Yeah I'm here too with the firstborn and haven't bought tix either coz no away bay option. Was just gonna buy at ground. Where are you staying Rueben? Coz there's a bus strike tomorrow apparently but trains ok.
  7. Would that be the Lithgow Shamrocks? Rampaging Roy Slaven won't be happy.....either that they've dumped league for football or that they're last with us.....
  8. 90th.....geez I reckon Babbel would have to go then - although Central Coast would still be 91st.....
  9. So I'm heading across the ditch for this one with my firstborn.....was really looking forward to the game and still am but all this nonsense about sacking the coach and our recent form has taken the gloss off a little - the Wellington forum are all very confident that they have this one in the bag so am looking forward to a good game from our boys to put them back in their place and to restore some confidence! COYW!!!!!
  10. Ok so onwards and upwards.....anyone else heading to the land of the Long White Cloud this weekend? Anyone?......tumbleweeds ?
  11. Fortunately for Adelaide, Wellington are still relying on the finishing skills of the Five Dock Messi and not the real thing
  12. No doubt warming up for their game against us next week
  13. Bloody hell now Wellington playing like Barcelona.....
  14. Nice. Mate you seem to actually enjoy it when we perform badly based on the majority of your posts and now you use a term like that...
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