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  1. Yeah don’t get me started. I had a minor altercation with a AFL type during the week. A Giants supporter. He started trying to justify Soulless government contributions by saying AFL put in $50m which is crap. Then I asked about the joke ground at Blacktown which is barely if at all used by AFL now and council and state govt stumped up millions for it, yet our local hockey club can’t get them to build two field pitches for less than $300,000. He said it is used by Giants yet I’m sure it’s not. The hockey club have to travel to flippin’ Pennant Hills, Kuringai and Ryde coz of Blacktown councils recalcitrance....but if you’re the AFL they’ll bend over backwards.
  2. Changing the topic slightly.....apparently GWS have managed to get wealthy members to stump up for the naming rights for the Soulless Showground. It will be called Giants Stadium. FFS. And they claim to have 27000 members.....seriously....
  3. Potkorok

    David Squires Cartoons

    Just superb. A touch of melancholy at the end. Satire as it should be used - to highlight uncomfortable truths.
  4. Wise counsel as ever Flytox....but stop trying to ruin our fun - this is the Eastern suburbs and the SCG Trust we're talking about here! Any excuse to run a lance through that mob led by Tony Shepherd, especially given the way Alan Jones eg al have cited Hillsborough and tried to hide behind a smokescreen of "safety" issues, rusty supporting beams and flammable seats is always gleefully received!😜
  5. Potkorok

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Ah but as marquee?
  6. Potkorok

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Yeah this. I don't think i can remember many players getting hacked down as often per number of minutes played than this bloke. You have to wonder if some of the injury issues are related to A league refs not protecting the forwards who get that kind of attention....but i guess that ain't gonna change so unsure how ABJ will go in the future for us if we re-sign him.
  7. Potkorok

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Oh come on be fair....he set up Tomi's goal to win the first leg of the ACL final and he also.....um....well ok that's all he ever did that i can recall but that i will never forget😉
  8. Potkorok

    A-league 18/19 Round 21

    Yeah that was some strike! Nice to see Victory copping one like that - teams like Newy normally save those for us!!
  9. Potkorok

    Music Thread 3

    I notice that Stringer has supplied the band name but also you can go on the fbi site and there's a setlist and times played - I've had to do this before when the "hey grandpa" (apologies to Shaun Micallef) millennial DJ forgets or is too busy spruiking the latest experience to be had at one end of King St Newtown or the other..... Still a supporter of fbi - anything that encourages local and live music!
  10. Potkorok

    Music Thread 3

    Ah Mr Kuepper - saw him live a few times in the early 90s on the back of Honey Steels Gold - what an album - still one of my favourites. Unfortunately I was a little young to see the Saints but have their stuff on a playlist too. Thanks for posting!
  11. Potkorok

    A-league 18/19 Round 20

    Defence? What is defence? Still fun for the neutral....geez Central Coast are woeful...
  12. As I think I’ve mentioned on another thread, we know Abraham and his Gran through church. My son has also had a bit to do with him as part of his work in the past using football to help refugee kids from a variety of countries integrate into the Western Sydney community. The family are typical of many South Sudanese who had to leave during the civil war and came to Australia via Kenya. In many ways these guys are emblematic of what Western Sydney can be and I for one am proud of how our often-maligned part of Australia has been able to provide such families with a second chance and a fresh start. The community is not without its problems, but seeing Abraham race up to his mate in the crowd after scoring that goal and us at home screaming at the TV, well I could forgive his poor first touches and occasional wayward passes and just enjoy that moment and what it says about our region and club. That’s not to say he shouldn’t keep working on that first touch though....😎
  13. Yeah but how many games has the reverse been true? Sure we had some luck but geez it was nice to see our conversion rate improve!
  14. Yeah i mean they weren't saints. I believe a few tried to bring smokeys into the ground and fair enough they were denied entry but it's the heavy-handed nonsense in response to things like bad language and then the somewhat amusing sight of numerous cop cars escorting the tram with guys on it back into town that makes it laughable. Reminds me of the Sheriff in a western kicking unwanteds out of town to the city limits🤣
  15. Well my son was one of those who left with the group after a number had already been evicted. But not before cops took his licence details. Apparently an Adelaide fan came up to them and was saluting them Nazi-style and when my son told them to f#*@ off the cops did him for language. Seems they prefer white supremacists over bad language in good old Adelaide.....
  16. You can summarise Andy Harper’s commentary bias last night by looking at his drooling sycophantic praise for that thug Isaias. Such a dirty player but Harps ignores the blatant and cynical ways he cuts players down and then tries to manipulate the ref and just praises his wondrous, fully-imported Spanish goodness. Tosser
  17. Yay! We’re not gonna win the spoon and no relegation for us.....oh hang on a minute
  18. Ugh....even allowing for VAR, KGR and dubious commentary we are still awful. Wayward passes, defensive rabble and poor touches in rare opportunities in front of goal.......oh well. We just got back from watching bloody Sydney beat Perth in the W League so why shouldn’t normal service resume with the A League?
  19. What about Kris Griffith Jones?😆
  20. Yeah he’s gone backwards the last few weeks. I know his touch is less than ideal but his positioning was pretty good. Not tonight
  21. True enough! He still seems to be enjoying every mistake too much though. As for the other bloke....
  22. Yep confirmed all RBB chucked out. Go FFA. We love active support
  23. This!!! Pallazeri just says each players name from time to time and then states the bleeding obvious. Harper just loathes us
  24. No he’s just the worst football commentator in the country. Harper hates us