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  1. Potkorok

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    I tend to agree that the issue is incompetence on behalf of the officials rather than conscious bias (although on KGJ I’m not so sure...). However, the only thing that really gets me into conspiracy mode is the famous derby victory in which we stopped the Smurfs from going undefeated. Am I going senile, or was there an apology to Sydney FC to the effect of “the officials missed a penalty call and we’re terribly sorry you were defeated” or some such drivel ? Didn’t Annie then feel entirely justified in continuing to claim that they really were still undefeated?
  2. Potkorok

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    And note FFA didn’t get Jake Windon to do the write up coz he is a Wanderers supporter who also manages to write unbiased material coz he’s a good writer
  3. Potkorok

    VAR Steals 3 Points For Adelaide

    Quote of the years contender!
  4. Yep Tate Russell, or "Roberts" as he is known to his close associates, is a real highlight among so many dismal displays by those in the Red and Black this year. Sign him up long term.
  5. Yeah well I reckon that was the last for me.....I can handle the club struggling and the kids being thrown to the wolves but the diabolical officiating just has me beat. I know when you're not playing well you tend to cop more bad decisions. Call it the luck of the draw or whatever but the performances by the match officials this season in destroying whatever spark of life our boys might bring into a game whenever the chips have been down have gone beyond that and have killed far too many games for us. Goodbye SOP you've been awful. See youse at Parra, assuming the club hasn't folded......
  6. Oh yeah whoops....Russell....blame the heat
  7. Yeah it's not pretty...but am happy kids are having a dig. But seriously Bonevacia and Sotirio doing my head in. I mean ffs Bonevacia is supposed to be a senior player, a foreign import and he is just awful. Impressed again with Roberts in the main
  8. Potkorok

    Abraham Majok

    I know Abraham's family - his gran goes to our church and we were all off our feet when he scored last night - really thought he'd won it for us......soooo disappointing. Thought he had prob his best game for us so far - still the odd turnover and heavy touch but the finish for that goal was great!
  9. It is a sad indictment on modern Sydney that someone like this can be treated with such unnecessary force. Ok I guess he is deliberately using offensive language in a public place - so why not just take the sign off him? I guess they have to keep the place sanitized so Jimmy Packer’s temple of mammon can be built and not offend wealthy gamblers when they turn up. God forbid anyone be challenged to think...... Too many jobs in this city depend on banking, finance, property, insurance and gambling. I guess it’s not likely to change but the rise of jobs that have little social benefit or actually create social harm can’t help with a cohesive and compassionate society. Ok rant over.....RBB sign #Justice for Danny at next game?
  10. Giannou scores from a corner. 3-0
  11. Final sub. Kruse on for Mabil. 2 min plus stoppages
  12. McClaren off for Giannou. Anyone else think Grant cuts his own hair? Surely he doesn't pay for that? Maybe Arnie does it for him...... BTW Sainsbury another yellow so misses next game..
  13. 15 to go plus stoppages. Still 2-0. Rogic just subbed off for luongo
  14. Palestine holding on with plenty of opportunities for the Roos. Still 2-0
  15. Feel for Jackson Irvine....every time he jumps to contest the aerial ball the ref pings him and says he's using his arms! Perhaps Arnie should have gaff-taped his arms to his sides at half time😂
  16. Half time. 2-0 to the Roos (for Wendy et al😀)
  17. Should have been 3-0 there. Mabil skies one from point blank range
  18. Lovely ball from Ikonomides for Mabil for the second.
  19. Agree wholeheartedly! And what was astonishing last night was how keen he was to whip a card out for just about anything, except Wellington's hacking of our forwards - FFS, what about when Roly was brought down on one sideline, no card then 5 min later he is carded for a less aggressive tackle on the other side of the pitch. Absolutely no consistency at all. And as for the reversal of the penalty call - is the VAR there for "clear and obvious errors" or for flamin' whatever KGJ feels like reviewing......grrrr
  20. Yep - I have written to the minister involved and been told to "suck it up princess"......well in a manner of speaking - in fact he said that I may be interested to know that the Royal Oak isn't heritage listed - which I did know but it doesn't make one iota of difference. The Regent Theatre in George street in the city was heritage listed and was bulldozed in the middle of the night Joh Bjelke-Petersen style anyway....
  21. Yeah a win! And a scrappy one at that. Cannot understate the importance of having a proper centre back. Thought Ziegler was excellent tonight. Agree on ABJ he's a cut above the rest. But that's why he's here. Hopefully Riera can find some form asap otherwise maybe he needs to return to Spain coz we need a finisher desperately. Would be a shame coz he has really impressed with his work rate and passion this season. And Matt Simon **** off you dirty ****. Over refs allowing that bull****. Ffs they know what he's like
  22. Potkorok

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    And **** off with your anti-Semitic bull****. Criticise them all you like. I'm with you and fed up with the current direction of the club but remember that Lederer is only one of the owners. Be a bit more creative in your criticism
  23. Great and now because i thumped a door in frustration after second goal my wife and daughter have turned game off and are forcing me to calm down by watching A Muppet Christmas Carol while putting up the Christmas tree. For this hellish experience I also hold the club responsible......
  24. How much longer do we have to put up with this crap? This club is tough to follow....they seem to take delight in testing how much patience their members have. This is a proud footballing region and at the moment we are being played for mugs
  25. Great to see such a turnaround from the team. And credit to the coach after what must have been a very frustrating experience in Penrith