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  1. Sadly i'm feeling let down, with less than 2 and a bit weeks before the season opener another star departs, No real engagement apart from some half arsed facebook posts from the club , CR, JT and like should be talking the talk walking the walk & building the anticipation for a fabulous season ahead. PS . has Ante still got his boots. COYW .
  2. Ten minutes after we scored only one team was going to win . Simply not good enough im afraid. having reservations on renewing my membership next year .
  3. would gladly return my season ticket with or without a refund , sick of the garbage.
  4. where has the heart and passion gone? need a clean sweep through the joint starting at the top.
  5. I took my wifes cousin last night , hes visiting from the UK , he summed up the performance very simply, statues, no off the ball running and not playing into space. WSW too predictable, play it out wide each time ,no variation. Happy New Year Formites . HOWIE.
  6. i decided against making a food purchase after seeing a young person serving food scrape up chips that had fallen from the containers from the counter and throw them back in the mix , on a positive note, was suitably impressed with the end result from last nights game,onwards and upwards,COYW.
  7. Why didnt Castro get the treatment as soon as he came on ,that is the same treat treatment Baumjohn & Riera have been receiving all season.
  8. Too many players getting knocked off the ball, 3-4 need a good pie , chips and a couple of custard tarts, and put on 5-6 kgs. As i've mentioned before a good defense starts with a loud ( gobby) keeper, that marshals his troupes. Happy with Yeboahs first up performance.
  9. Is the PL statement a script from sitcom Yes Prime minister. The natives are restless ,we better issue a statement of deflection.
  10. When I played some 35 years ago as a defender & centre half the goalkeeper was the gobbiest on the field ,barking out instructions, the captain would encourage the players if their shoulders dropped or missed a tackle, if we didn’t compete for the second ball ,or have a go at 50/50 tackles he’d give us a bollocking. It was called teamwork, we worked for each other, If one our players was getting a little more attention than he deserved no way would the team put with it , the offender would soon be told to pull his head in or suffer the consequences. I saw little or no have a go i
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