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  1. Game Day, COYW ,we are specials 2-1 win
  2. ball to feet scott did ok nix #6 had his measure in the air.like the look of roberts though.
  3. first goal, 5 attackers and nine defenders plus keeper in the area , why no defenders on the posts on the goal line?
  4. if as the Chief indicates the pitch will be be at a lower level than it currently is during construction , i wonder if the water table has been taken into consideration, as when excavations in the Parra cdb have taken place that are in close proximity to the river water siphons through the rock in basement areas of the high rise apartments. COYW
  5. Derby Game at Anz on 15th December a week after the Bon Jovi concert on the 8th Dec , I wonder how the pitch will scrub up?
  6. Howie

    2018 WSW Forum at Club Marconi

    What i did find surprising and can completely understand was in regards to the question on membership numbers, only 13,000 renewals so far, this means some 6,000 have not.
  7. Howie

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Whats the logistics of a fan group from becoming the major sponsor ?
  8. Howie

    FFA lodged "We Sing For Wanderers" trademark

    The acceptance due date is 6th March 2018 from website. can someone explain the reasoning behind this ( FFA registering a trademark )
  9. Oriel left training early Friday with shoulder injury.
  10. Howie

    FFA Cup R16 - Bentleigh Greens - 29 Aug

    have decided to make a mid week trip , airfares not bad and half decent accommodation booked for 2 COYW
  11. Anyone else not able to retrieve tickets, i have to travel today with work and wont have access to a printer after lunchtime today. Cheers Howie
  12. Flights booked , ticket bought , thanks to my brother for allowing me to share accommodation with him . COYW . That was the easy bit, just got to ask the wife if i can go! Cheers Howie.
  13. I don't know if anyone else noticed that all of the Urawa players physique differed greatly to ours , our players looked like greyhounds in comparison to the thicker set opposition. They held the ball up and shielded the ball particularly well , our slighter built guys getting knocked off the ball too easily. May have been a different result had the game been played in 35 degrees. COYW. Cheers Howie
  14. we need a stronger leader on the field with a bit of mongrel, firing the boys up and barking out instructions doing what a good captain does.
  15. Howie

    Football Media Discussion

    next time we play the Victory the ground should play a Fleetwood Mac song when Victory walk out , I think its called "Gypsy" or something like that a great hit from the eighties.