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  1. i decided against making a food purchase after seeing a young person serving food scrape up chips that had fallen from the containers from the counter and throw them back in the mix , on a positive note, was suitably impressed with the end result from last nights game,onwards and upwards,COYW.
  2. Why didnt Castro get the treatment as soon as he came on ,that is the same treat treatment Baumjohn & Riera have been receiving all season.
  3. Too many players getting knocked off the ball, 3-4 need a good pie , chips and a couple of custard tarts, and put on 5-6 kgs. As i've mentioned before a good defense starts with a loud ( gobby) keeper, that marshals his troupes. Happy with Yeboahs first up performance.
  4. Is the PL statement a script from sitcom Yes Prime minister. The natives are restless ,we better issue a statement of deflection.
  5. When I played some 35 years ago as a defender & centre half the goalkeeper was the gobbiest on the field ,barking out instructions, the captain would encourage the players if their shoulders dropped or missed a tackle, if we didn’t compete for the second ball ,or have a go at 50/50 tackles he’d give us a bollocking. It was called teamwork, we worked for each other, If one our players was getting a little more attention than he deserved no way would the team put with it , the offender would soon be told to pull his head in or suffer the consequences. I saw little or no have a go in last nights game,( apart from baby baccus vs bigger baccus moment ) too many out -field players that where flat on their heels with little anticipation. Two goals to City from errors by llorente , out of position for the first and then jumping in for the second, should have been given an on field roasting by Hammell & keeper. Shenkeveld was on his haunches after 20 mins and clearly not 100% last night, so why did we persist in playing wide and not change things up and turn him around and play through him? We need a leader on the pitch , it looked like the whole team played as if they had been given redundancy notices before the game, especially in the first half.
  6. ball to feet scott did ok nix #6 had his measure in the air.like the look of roberts though.
  7. first goal, 5 attackers and nine defenders plus keeper in the area , why no defenders on the posts on the goal line?
  8. if as the Chief indicates the pitch will be be at a lower level than it currently is during construction , i wonder if the water table has been taken into consideration, as when excavations in the Parra cdb have taken place that are in close proximity to the river water siphons through the rock in basement areas of the high rise apartments. COYW
  9. Derby Game at Anz on 15th December a week after the Bon Jovi concert on the 8th Dec , I wonder how the pitch will scrub up?
  10. What i did find surprising and can completely understand was in regards to the question on membership numbers, only 13,000 renewals so far, this means some 6,000 have not.
  11. I Can recall going to Millwall in late 70's watching Grimsby town play and after at the Montague arms pub in New Cross , got smacked a couple of times leaving the ground on the way back to the coach. "Ah the good old days"
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