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  1. Michael

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread

    That Mercury article sums up to: an A-League team in the short term will give Tassie an AFL team in the long term. But doing a bit of research Tasmania, specifically Hobart could be a good option. More football participants than Adelaide. Good FFA Cup presence. Growing NPL presence and young talent. BBL has had success with Hobart Hurricanes (average of 16.6k attendance). North Hobart Oval tipped for Perth Oval style redevelopment. Major city with clear differentiation to any other in Aus. A Hobart club could have equal success as Adelaide United. Or it could go the way of Wellington Phoenix (who aren't that bad, they just need a football specific stadium). Also, if Hobart do get a club, it's name should definitely be Hobart Rangers FC.
  2. Michael

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread

    I know nothing about Tassie, but I've heard they have a pretty big divide between North/South? I wonder how folks from inceston would get along with having a team based in Hobart or vice versa. As long as they don't try to make it a club for all of Tasmania (akin to Sydney FC/Queensland Roar), it should be fine. Base the club in Hobart (for instance), engage with and become part of the local community. Make it Hobart's club and develop an identity around that. Now you've left the door open for a potential (second division) club in Launceston. Same should apply for Townsville/Cairns clubs, rather than a North Qld club.
  3. Very good numbers for Adelaide and Newcastle early in the season. Average from Brisbane and Perth, they should be up there too. City only 54 behind Sydney. Surely a win in the FFA Cup tomorrow will propell them ahead.
  4. Michael

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread

    Next season Roar are setting up shop in the Logan area with new training and admin facilities (the whole club + academy will be in a new $9 complex). It would be ideal if Roar established themselves in the neighbouring Ipswich and Redland areas too. That would also allow a new A-League club to own the north-side of Brisbane.
  5. Michael

    Football Marketing/PR Thread

    SBS just showed a 15 second ad for the AL. No points for guessing what 'new and exciting' player took up most of that time.
  6. Michael

    Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Yep, will be on SBS2, but haven't heard a peep about it
  7. Michael

    Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Just noticed the Wanderers Twitter account past 100k followers. They're the first club to do so. Also the GWS AFL account is following them.
  8. Michael

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread

    When does the next tv deal end? Is it 5 seasons? Gallop did recently say expansion will coincide with the broadcast deal that follows the new one. Regarding location, I think Brisbane and Wollongong should be next (Brisbane needs a derby and Wolves are a safe regional bet). Geelong and Canberra should follow.
  9. Michael

    Film Thread

    I just came back from a screening of Hacksaw Ridge and wow, the last hour is incredible. Probably the most impressive/powerful depiction of war in a film.
  10. Michael

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    The home jersey's grown on me, but why couldn't they use the Pepper logo with a red background??
  11. Michael

    Kerem Bulut

    We all know Bulut has potential to be a prolific striker. If he lives up to that and produces a solid season in the AL and ACL, it will put him in prime position for a national team call up. Just like Juric, Ibini and now Maclaren in recent years. I don't want to think what a poor season would result in.