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  1. Midfield was diabolical during his time. Lustica - Roly - Carrusca Seriously, what the hell is that meant to achieve? You have a system and you have the players. Railroading what you have into your system, is not good managment. The team functioned much better under Foxe. We obviously should have stuck with the ranga. Instead we played Gomball and finished 7th in a painfully average competition.
  2. Whilst Roly has been an absolute disaster in every sense of the word, who in their right mind would play him as a #6?
  3. Anyone who has any faith that this board could sign a better manager than Popa is deluded. Lets be realistic & ease up on the pride. We are genuinely desperate. After the season we've had, I'd have no problem begging and grovelling to get him back.
  4. Hopefully we can cancel the contracts for those utterly average players.
  5. If it were up to me I'd only keep the following senior players: Santa, Ikon (wont happen), Llorente (but we shouldnt really be wasting foreign spots on Left Backs), Hammil, Kearyn Baccus, Riera & Vedran. 7 players. That's dreadful.
  6. Fantastic news!! Just get Popa back in and pretend this never ever happened.
  7. Well I'm done. Have been for a bit. Prob wont be back until Parra. But whatevs.
  8. Like how we juiced the clock in the last 10. Killed the momentum of the game. But we got sloppy in stoppage time for whatever reason. Should never have whipped that corner in for instance. Dimas is just gonna run the joint this year. Commands the ball and uses it so well. Nicholls will run riot in the spaces ahead of him. I really hope Kusukami is a success wide right. I think I would still prefer Sotirio coming on later running at tired defenders. I'd like to see where Lustica fits in all of this. He showed his quality tonight, but he is not suited in the Fathead role. Great game.. from the 40th.
  9. Watson completely miss hit it. Was aiming low left, ball hit his standing foot and bobbled over Redmayne.
  10. I am finally sorted!!! Fly to Melbourne sat arvo. Overnight bus from Melbourne to Adelaide. Then a one-way flight back home. Total cost $600 incl tickets. Not bad considering I left it a bit late.
  11. Dortmund have only played one "bigger/better" team than us all year: Bayern.
  12. It was as if there was some doubt? I don't get it??
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