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  1. That’s me too haha!!! I work in Macquarie Park so did part of the line on my lunch break when the line first opened! I still haven’t done the full trip out to Tallawong though.
  2. Yeah the V-sets used to be the olive green, before changing to the purple colour (fun fact - the colour is called "Bush Plum"!) - around 7 years ago.
  3. Thank you!!! I’m here, I’m here. :D
  4. Oooooh I’m going to like this thread. Hope the conversation stays on track. :D But I’m annoyed the initial video says the Carlo (Carlingford) Line closed in 2019. Because it closed in 2020! (the start of this awful year!)
  5. Well apparently the club are working with the government, towards having the pre-season fixtures open to Members, so that should be interesting. Fingers crossed..!
  6. Disappointing, but not surprising. Pre-season matches are so much more enjoyable / less of a chore than attending actual A-League matches. Especially when they’re at differing venues, plus they’re a great way to support local communities and businesses too. (E.g. Canberra, Cessnock, Maitland, Sefton, Seven Hills)
  7. The Club would've known that Membership numbers would be down this coming season. Even without COVID, They have had since March - to work out a plan, to work WITH Members on an alternative. Disgruntled fans + changes in financial status = not a good combination. Yet they wait until after the renewal window has closed - to say that hey, you CAN for the time-being actually keep your Foundation Member status and your seat, for the $80.00? I feel it's really not good enough - and I feel that club should've done better, and communicated it better also.
  8. Women’s sizings? ✔ In Home *and* Away? ✔ Kid’s sizings? ✔ In Home *and* Away?✔ Adult’s sizings, in a range of sizings (S - 4XL)? ✔ The club and Kappa have worked well together - to provide this large variety of options for fans!!
  9. And also sizings for kids, and either side of the "average" man and woman too please.
  10. @ John Tsatsimas - Ladies' fit kits pretty please...
  11. Looks to be some new merch out. The hoody looks damn nice - plus it has the star! https://wanderersshop.com.au/brande-sports/
  12. Remember the A-League?? #nostalgia
  13. Finally some nice women's merch!! Also available in kid's sizings. https://wanderersshop.com.au/search.php?search_query=salmon&section=product&sort=pricedesc
  14. Potentially in, seeing as our WSW W-League side are playing in their (FIRST EVER!) Finals match the next day in Melbourne also against Melbourne City!!
  15. Sorry - further to my above post, I personally don’t care. But clearly the club do, seeing as they were so adamant on delaying Macarthur’s entry into the A-League by a season. 🤷‍♀️
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