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  1. Apparently CCM have now advised that their correspondence noting $70 was incorrect, and that it will actually be $75 for them too. Victory doing great work!! - with the reduced cost of $60 for early-birds, increasing to $75 after that time.
  2. Compare this with $70 for Central Coast Mariners, and $60 for Melbourne Victory...
  3. Yeah I had issues with this. The club advised that they had sent out SMSes to RBB Members with a code to purchase additional standing RBB tickets. Which in itself is odd, considering in all previous scenarios and seasons, it's been a code via email? I didn't receive it, and several other RBB didn't either. When I reached out to the club, it took them half the week to even give me that code to buy Active Tix which was frustrating. Considering we bought 6 extra active tickets - it would've been much easier to just tell said friends to not bother wasting their $45.00 (!!!)
  4. So we signed him because the location suits him and his work for Optus Sports? That’s how I see it anyway.
  5. So... after months of putting it off, I finally bought this season's Kappa kit in the Ladies cut. And the below reaffirms and shows I was right to have put it off / considered not getting it. This photo is a comparison of: - the Wanderers Nike 2014/2015 Ladies cut Home Jersey - in Size XS (effectively a Size 4-6, aka my size) - the smallest available in women's sizings. - the Wanderers Kappa 2020/2021 Ladies cut Away Jersey - in Size S / Size 10 - the smallest available in women's sizings. A massive, and disappointing, size difference. I'm gutted.
  6. This makes me so sad!! Not gonna lie - that would've made for great viewing if the kids did run onto the pitch and gave each other wedgies!!
  7. 2-all was a fair result! Was good / entertaining to watch - we looked dangerous at times. ]
  8. Wanderers finally have a Maltese player in their A-League team - this is the best!!
  9. Based on previous events, the tickets will be available closer to the event - once they know the Gate Opening Time.
  10. Well this time around it's at "Stadium Australia" So different name, better results maybe...?
  11. I’m not sure on the percentage, but yes capacity was capped. Wanderers members had to log in and redeem a ticket for the match (rather than show our membership card).
  12. A great match - glad I attended! The “Maltese Marta”, Rosie Galea scored both our goals. We looked like scoring and looked dangerous many times on the match. The crowd was 300.
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