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  1. Anyone spot any new merchandise at last night's game? Apparently: New range is being launched at the match and will be online at a later date.
  2. I had no idea it was only Grozos' A-League debut last night!! #NoGrozosNoParty
  3. On the point of the Indigenous jersey, I’d love for it to not just be a “one off” jersey, rather one we play several matches in! The RAP sounds promising and exciting - looking forward to hearing more on this. Edit: (I’d also love for the jersey to be available in ladies sizings, you know, inclusivity)
  4. So I missed the first 20 min of the match - due to racing back from attending a Wedding at Central Coast Stadium!! Luckily we had the blessing from the Bride and Groom to leave the Reception early. 😅😅 Upon walking into the stadium - I was in awe of it all. Seeing so many familiar faces, who used to frequently frequent (?) games at Parra, but were (understandably) scarce at Sydney Olympic Park games. There was a point where in the concourse, I wasn’t able to walk two metres without someone seeing me and saying hi or vice versa! I was in awe of the atmosphere too - walking towards the stadium could easily hear the RBB from over 200m+ away. Walking into the seating (standing areas...) it had that imposing feel that I’ve only ever also felt at Suncorp Stadium! 👌
  5. I wish those other modes were covered! Especially if they're trying to reach out to a larger group of people (which if they're not, they should be). Also, what's the point in having a stadium near the river, without having the ferries included? What's the point in having a stadium near so many major bus routes, without having the buses included?
  6. So WSW and Nike won't cooperate to get Women's jerseys - luckily there's footballing websites looking out for us, LOL! "2019-2020 Western Sydney Wanderers Home Concept Football Shirt - Womens" https://www.uksoccershop.com/p-148540/2019-2020-western-sydney-wanderers-home-concept-football-shirt-womens.html?currency=AUD&gcountry=AU&ovId=25151&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4YX44ZTk5AIViTUrCh3nWAUdEAQYASABEgLxg_D_BwE https://imgur.com/a/dJ5BiMz
  7. What - you would’ve preferred that OTHER team to win?? Yeah nah.
  8. Probably in. Need to get organised though - it’s fast approaching!
  9. FWIW, the GWS player who signed the 7 year deal, is a football fan. He’s the one who does the Dybala mask goal celebration. 👌 Plus he repped the Perth Glory jersey in the GWS changerooms during Grand Final week! 😂🙌
  10. What an absolute slap in the face to Tasmania. :( Oh hey Tasmania, we know you didn't get an A-League side, but here's one of the clubs which DID get an A-League side (in lieu of you), showboating in your state!!!
  11. Bring back Brendon Santalab and Mark Bridge. The above two problems = solved.
  12. 102megan

    Mitch Nichols

    A waste of a signing, or a waste of talent?
  13. Step 1) WDWSF to the Upper RBB tier. (gets the rest of the stadium's attention) Step 2) WDWSF to the Eastern Stand. Step 3) WDWSF to the whole stadium including Southern Stand and Corporates.
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