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  1. And also sizings for kids, and either side of the "average" man and woman too please.
  2. @ John Tsatsimas - Ladies' fit kits pretty please...
  3. Looks to be some new merch out. The hoody looks damn nice - plus it has the star! https://wanderersshop.com.au/brande-sports/
  4. Remember the A-League?? #nostalgia
  5. Finally some nice women's merch!! Also available in kid's sizings. https://wanderersshop.com.au/search.php?search_query=salmon&section=product&sort=pricedesc
  6. Potentially in, seeing as our WSW W-League side are playing in their (FIRST EVER!) Finals match the next day in Melbourne also against Melbourne City!!
  7. Sorry - further to my above post, I personally don’t care. But clearly the club do, seeing as they were so adamant on delaying Macarthur’s entry into the A-League by a season. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Seeing as it's certainly not with on-field results, what are Wanderers doing to reduce the number of fans changing over to supporting (what may be the more convenient and local option for people) Macarthur FC?? And / or walking away from the club / game entirely??
  9. (I’m glad someone mentioned this - you read my mind!!)
  10. Once again, the highlight was off the field - bumping into/ catching up with several of you forumites last night! I have no positive comments about the game itself. Except maybe Grozos’s “almost goal” - but “almost goals” don’t win us games...
  11. “5 Places To Do Cocktails In Ballarat” - Facebook advertising is trying to give me a hint..! https://findingfemme.blogspot.com/2019/12/5-places-to-do-cocktails-in-ballarat.html?m=1
  12. Does anyone know how to get the "Locked" "Adult - Away Team Offer" $22.50 tickets - rather than the "Adult - Away Area - Special Offer" for $24.00 ??
  13. Let’s do that then! How much are HD Go-Pros?? 😄
  14. Ante Covic walking around with the ACL Trophy was pretty damn awesome. 🏆
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