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  1. 2-all was a fair result! Was good / entertaining to watch - we looked dangerous at times. ]
  2. Wanderers finally have a Maltese player in their A-League team - this is the best!!
  3. Based on previous events, the tickets will be available closer to the event - once they know the Gate Opening Time.
  4. Well this time around it's at "Stadium Australia" So different name, better results maybe...?
  5. I’m not sure on the percentage, but yes capacity was capped. Wanderers members had to log in and redeem a ticket for the match (rather than show our membership card).
  6. A great match - glad I attended! The “Maltese Marta”, Rosie Galea scored both our goals. We looked like scoring and looked dangerous many times on the match. The crowd was 300.
  7. The first W-League match at Wanderers Centre Of Football - should be good!
  8. Was great to be back at a live football match. Was great to see friends I haven’t seen for months. (the less said about the game itself, the better!)
  9. The club said via Twitter yesterday, “We will following all current health advice and you'll be able to find that information in our Match Day Guide.” So I guess we’ll have to wait until the WSW Match Day Guide is shared. Hopefully we all get at least a few hours notice... and that the information is clear and unambiguous.
  10. Undefeated in the 2020/2021 A-League season so far - so far, so good. We're gonna win the league!!
  11. It's bizarre the "critiquing" of the RBB's attendance - rather than the Wanderers fanbase as a whole? The RBB isn't for your entertainment... Also - last I checked, there was still pandemic. So you know, people's priorities may have (understandably) changed.
  12. That'll be dependent on whatever is announced as the restrictions - by the government / stadium / club. And who knows when that will be... Restrictions re: having to stay seated / not being allowed to chant / sing, etc.
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