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  1. What an absolute slap in the face to Tasmania. :( Oh hey Tasmania, we know you didn't get an A-League side, but here's one of the clubs which DID get an A-League side (in lieu of you), showboating in your state!!!
  2. Bring back Brendon Santalab and Mark Bridge. The above two problems = solved.
  3. 102megan

    Mitch Nichols

    A waste of a signing, or a waste of talent?
  4. Step 1) WDWSF to the Upper RBB tier. (gets the rest of the stadium's attention) Step 2) WDWSF to the Eastern Stand. Step 3) WDWSF to the whole stadium including Southern Stand and Corporates.
  5. Keep in mind - it's still the off season! I'm sure once the season actually starts back up, there will be more football talk, by more people, in the appropriate threads.
  6. Good!! Because that would've meant not having to endure three seasons at SOP!
  7. Gatty said in Twitter that Simon Hill is fine.
  8. Okay, I NEED the training kit. 🔥🔥🔥
  9. You'd better be back!!! The terrace isn't the same without you!
  10. Yeah, the non-RBB did good! I think it could’ve been slightly better, to start the WDWSF with the upper RBB stands first though. With stadium’s roof, potentially the echo would’ve been loud enough to get other people in the stadium’s (well, the eastern stand) attention before they were asked the question of WDWSF.
  11. I’d like to mention an incident from last night, at our new stadium... My only interaction with a police officer last night, was when I went to the concourse/ back of the bays, to catch up with someone who was sitting and the police officers were standing next to him, so I stood behind, and one of the police officers asked if I wanted him to move so I could see the game! I was treated with respect, and like an actual human being!!
  12. On the RBB - the real teller will be once the actual A-League season starts - not a novelty match like last night’s. I thought the RBB was damn good, considering the circumstances (novelty match, in the off-season, first game in three months, no trumpet)
  13. If you download the BankWest Stadium app, you can redeem a free bottle of water at tomorrow’s game. https://i.imgur.com/N36wsSd.jpg
  14. Most NRL jerseys are $160+. Most A-League jerseys are $110+.
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