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  1. It was definitely ANZAC Day. The same day as the hail on the field, looking like snow. And yeah, the same day a kid got pepper-sprayed by the cops - and meanwhile news articles referred to the cops pepper-spraying fans as it "allegedly" happening.
  2. Appreciate the detailed review @ManfredSchaefer! Was a good read, thank you!!
  3. 102megan

    Brendon Santalab

    So I’m in Perth for work - so sent him a quick message to let him know and see if he’d be free to say hi. He ended up arranging to meet up with me before Perth’s match - and he got me a ticket for the match! He’s a f ucking legend. 🙌🙌🙌
  4. Did you have a part in this??
  5. Sotirio's goal was pure class!! Knew he had it, in him!
  6. Hoping those rumours are true!! Will be great to have another Westie coming back home to us - plus Mitchell Duke's experience in the J-League will help us when we make the next ACL. Edit: Plus GOALS!!!
  7. Looks like Kwame Yeboah has been a Key signing for Wanderers... 🎹 ⚽️
  8. Our W-League side haven't finished higher than, I think 3rd last?! - and that was back in WSW's first season. It's REALLY not good enough.
  9. For someone to contact you using your work information, for a non-work query, isn't right though.
  10. We have ONLY played sh1t at SOP - so you know, moot point!! But yeah, that's not on for him to have contacted you at work, and I hope the club comes out and acknowledges that this is not acceptable! "Fun" times ahead, with the same operations company dealing with Bankwest Stadium.
  11. Zzzzz. Someone wake me up when WSW release A-League jerseys in women’s sizings hey. Edit: Or when fans stop being unfairly and unjustly banned - or actually become able to appeal AND have them overturned.
  12. They specified "all" - when someone else asked the above!
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