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  1. Wrap it up. congrats on those who bet early
  2. Where are we getting the best odds to win the toilet seat?
  3. Told you guys not to worry, it's a great looking kit
  4. Roly looks the goods. Jumpei should be right next to Borda. Not quick enough, not strong enough, not A-league quality. But we knew this last year.
  5. Jersey was $120 I went to get it price checked because I couldn't believe it and yup $120. This could just be JD Sports prices because they had Man UTD kits for $120 when they're normally $100.
  6. The good thing about that jersey was there was no sleeve/back sponsors anywhere. Just NRMA on the front
  7. Definitely closer to the top than the bottom. Darker than last years
  8. Yup I took a crappy photo lighting was a bit weird and I'm not a pro photographer. Plus what's a leaked kit without a blurred side on photo
  9. I took that photo this morning, not shopped
  10. Maybe it isn't this seasons jersey but it sure is priced like one. It falls in line with the Nike template for hooped teams. See USA current jersey. Its more of a darker red, looks very nice in person.
  11. The new jersey is in JD Sports $120 looks similar to the one posted above. I'll upload a photo soon https://m.imgur.com/a/QHPxb
  12. Doesn't Ibini only play well against us? Sounds like Vedran
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