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  1. He's come out and said that VAR missed a vital call that could have drawn the game. 'I know what I saw...' - Sydney's Corica slams late VAR non-call https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/i-know-what-i-saw---sydneys-corica-slams-late-var-non-call-561404 It's tough to be SFC and the very obvious and unfair calls against a great and perfect team!
  2. City fast counter is really going to test us. Nabbout out wide on left will test Wilmerding and Natta. Our midfield will be under pressure as well.
  3. Even Speedie and Slater thought Caceres deserved a 2nd yellow.
  4. I also wonder if Muller was always thinking twice about going near Fenton who took him out last season. I understand he's had some serious effects from being knocked out - especially eyesight. There was a moment Fenton hit him and there was an interaction?? Just wondering.
  5. We really missed Dorrans. Thought Ibini looked lost. Yeboah was solid. We need more fluency and intensity.
  6. These are the sorts of teams - pulled together of desperate players trying to impress or feeling there's nothing to lose - who are dangerous and sometimes lift enormously! Hope they don't and we can bury them.
  7. This is the argument/discussion a mate and I have. He didn't change the motion of the ball or interfere with a players movement so the assumption is he's neutral. Except that his presence in any prominent position (ie in the field of vision - here directly in front of the keeper) at minimum distracts the defenders/keeper. That is often enough.
  8. Afraid I reckon that goal should have been offside. If a player is standing in an off side position, makes a play at the ball or interferes in any way it affects the opposition. Just having a player in your field of vision is distracting.
  9. Twice - one with a header and the other did the hard work, rounded the keeper, slotted into empty net - except Smith was there. He should be doing better.
  10. Vic's played quite deep in defence and spread things out. It seemed we were stretched across midfield and attacking players and struggled to connect. Ibini and Kamau couldn't run with the ball into space and couldn't play their natural game. The goal came from one of few opportunities Ibini had to run into the ball at a retreating defence and he did it well. Our quick outlet transition, running into space was thwarted and we didn't have the personnel to adjust. Baccus had too many fancy little dribbles and lost the ball. Traore kept Tate at bay a fair bit. Our back line were solid. Yeboah
  11. Ninkovic wasn't injured. He just got up and kept going. There was nothing serious in it.
  12. Between Beath and Speed, with crap thrown in from Slater, this is awful TV.
  13. Beath just stopped play for Ninkovic???!! Even had Speed asking questions and saying he's done some strange things tonight. 4th official apparently admitted to Biz that giving SFC a free kick for no reason was actually a mistake. Some dreadful calls.
  14. Yeah but look at which players get them. The only player of significance was Brattan and even Beath would be hard pressed not to give him one for a cynical professional foul.
  15. Speedy also talking up Neuwenhoff as a strong candidate for Olyroos 'out of nowhere'. Again heaping pressure on another kid who has played okay and really only scored one goal. On the back of that Speedy would have him lined up as one of the best... Let the young blokes play and learn.
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