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  1. I understand that the incident with Louis Fenton (?) in the Nix game did a lot of damage to Muller - he has to wear glasses and I doubt he will ever fully recover from being knocked out cold with a serious head injury. He did really well to ocme back but never quite seemed that same player. Perhaps a new place and a new opportunity may help him find his form. I can understand WSW not resigning him - he really struggled and it wasn't just out of position. Some of the simple things you'd expect from his level and quality player didn't happen well.
  2. Still need more attackers and possibly back up DM.
  3. We can't even get on the training pitch at the moment.
  4. Others previously indicated that Mutch seemed a bit on the outer with the team. Did I hear he didn't hang around for the awards night etc but just took off. Wasn't he looking around in the US or somewhere? He obviously didn't impress CR enough to use him as anything more than a bench player - perhaps CR hoped for more? I imagine Mutch sees himself as far more significant. Can't actually see how or why we would keep him based on what he offered - not as a visa player.
  5. I have no idea what is transpiring but a mate, who knows a mate (you know the story except the 2nd mate does have access closer to inner circles...) says they are working very hard on something significant - details to be sorted??!! I just hope that this is something real and emerging and very soon!!
  6. I am hoping - expecting - something interesting. There are murmurings, nothing more, just tantalising murmurings. On SFC and the Duke. Where would they fit him? Is he supposed to compete with Bobo and Alfie, along with Barbarous - and they just resigned Buhagier? Would they consider him a replacement for Ivanovic? Where would the salary space come from? Simply doesn't stack up. Now watch me eat my words!
  7. Actually there were several games that were good to watch. Quite frankly, I'm not as obsessed with the formation as others. The group of die-hards I sit with felt that overall most of our games were an improvement on previous years. There were some dreadful games but also some really good ones.
  8. Agreed but I suspect Dukey may want to try his hand OS whilst he still has much to offer - and good on him if he can get a gig OS. If not, I'd hope we could get and his family!
  9. I'm not convinced we'd have made a 'luvrative offer' for Mutch. He was off the bench mostly, solid and experienced but nothing exceptional. His best days were more promise/potential that never arrived. I'd hope for than what we saw. I'm still expecting some decent signings to come, on top of Hemed, Williams and Najjarine. I dont think Hemed is like for like replacement for Duke or Kamau. Hopefully he will be a significant goal scorer, which we haven't really had. We need another attacker who can run with the ball, work hard and complement Hemed. We need Williams to centre the defenc
  10. Can we expect a change in music and half time entertainment - Elvis can do impressions of Elvis in lieu of not getting on the park.
  11. Keithie your enthusiastic optimism deserted you? Just a couple of weeks ago we were going to be top of the table. CR was going to take charge and make it happen. Have you lost faith? What's going on?
  12. 400k a season is more reasonable. He is a risk. Ikon's a good player but has had some time with injuries. He is also a player who wants to play OS. This may be a way of abiding his time whilst COVID is on before shooting through again? Popa is going very hard and is desperate. He will have a competitive team but, like Ikon, how long will he be around? I think there is a strong element of gamble in Vuc - Popa (could disappear any moment - no secret he's desperate to go to Europe and will take any opportunity); Ikon (good player but will he stay injury free and hang around?); Spirano
  13. I'm hopeful (or mentally ill!!!) that we didn't pursue Ikon further because there is another (better??) option and his price isn't worth it.
  14. I agree that Ikon isn't worth $1.2 million. He's a good young (26) Oz player but he hasn't set the football world on fire. He's played a bit in Europe but didn't break into any top flight leagues and the last 3 years he's been at Perth - played well but also injuries. It is probably a case if him being a known quantity in the A League and one of the better players - not the best. Ninkovic, Davilla, Castro (although now a bit ageing) are/have been better. Sure, he will develop but he will also want to get back OS ASAP because time will be running out. Surely with $1 mill on the t
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