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  1. I disagree with the sentiment that the only media releases are 'big names' who will win us the title. The young blokes coming through are important names - yes it is part of the future where they will ultimately prove themselves. They are part of the team now! Mo Adam played very well and had a significant role in winning the game the other night. The fact that we have so many coming through is both fascinating and quite remarkable - it also dilutes the reality that we have some very good young players who will make a different on the pitch this year. This is a great credit to the staff of the Academy and the coaching staff at various levels, including Babbel.. I think it is newsworthy that this club is producing quality youth who are now ready to come into A League consideration at such a young age. I think it is a different newsworthy release to advertise a big name signing. Yes, they are different but actually this news of the young players stepping up is the really amazing thing because it isn't happening elsewhere. These are the players who will help us win because they are replacing A League journeymen and that is a radical change for us and the league.
  2. Interesting night when last year's 7, 8 and 9 defeated last year's 1, 2 and 3. Whilst everyone is most surprised by SFC going down to BR (yes, a true surprise), the best team all last season went down to the 8th placed team last season in a convincing loss (in terms of the dominance of play after the first 25 minutes or so. We really played well, with more players to come in. Once we settled into the game and our rhythm and confidence, we were the better team, although they had the better and more dangerous front line. Our defence held up very well. We scrambled at times and Lopar is all class and skill (we'd have been 2 goals down in the 1st 20 minutes last year). Elrich recovered very well and changed his game against a player clearly much faster. I do like Elrich! He epitomises Western Sydney and never stops fighting. He is always fighting, trying, working hard and never gives up even when he is absolutely stuffed!! That is what we've missed from the bigger names (eg ABJ). There is a strength, dare I say 'mentality' in the team and a composure that wasn't there for most of last year. They believe and the young fellas are a delight to watch - Babbel has really worked hard in developing them. The backs kept a classy Fornaroli quiet and Castro was frustrated, as was Kilkenny. Much improvement to come over the next couple of months but really good signs!
  3. I reckon Majewski is a better player for u than ABJ ever would be. Watching a bit of SFCvBR last night he wandered, no strutted, around doing very little until the ball came to him. He is good on the ball and can keep it well but cannot defend, chase the ball, win the ball or provide regular incisive passes (hope this doesn't come back to haunt me but based on last night nothing has changed). Radi ran all night and was often chasing the ball, defending and working in with others - not as glamerous but a solid, hardworking player with good skills! ABJ was quoted on the World Game after last night - seems the FFA Cup isn't worth wasting time on according to him> "The 2019-20 draw gives another recruit Alexander Baumjohann a quick opportunity to face his former club Western Sydney Wanderers in an early-season derby at Bankwest Stadium. "I'm very happy and excited that we can play them already in round three and I'm really looking forward to it," Baumjohann said. Sydney were upset 2-0 by Brisbane on Wednesday in the Roar's first competitive game under new coach Robbie Fowler. It was the first time Sydney had fallen in the round of 32, the stage at which A-League clubs enter the competition. Sydney had reached the last three FFA Cup finals but now cannot achieve their annual goal of winning all three domestic trophies. "The FFA Cup is a nice competition for pre-season, but to be honest the most important thing is the league," Baumjohann said."
  4. They do all a lot of the sports (and other production/broadcast) for all the TV providers (Fox, 10, 9, 7). There are a few companies but NEP have the major sport contracts for A League, NRL, Afl at the moment. That's why VAR is trying to emulate NRL bunker... The feed goes into the Redfern studios and processed and then fed to various points for other commentary, VAR, and so on. The main difference is the camera set up for the different sports. The Camera and sound blokes with Foxtel jackets aren't Fox tel. All the crew are NEP. Any Fox will be off ground except for the on-ground commentary team.
  5. Touche - yes, I now see that 'D' is not 'T' - but who is the JD guy? Is he a more reasonable voice?
  6. Where is the suggestion JT put his name to the article?
  7. Actually that wouldn't surprise me. They have marquee places left. They seem to have the front 3rd okay and need strengthening along the back - they were more fragile last year. He would be a very good pick up for them as Wilkinson is not getting any younger - wasn't quite as effective last year as in previous seasons. Hope they don't but wouldn't surprise me.
  8. When you think how successful they have been in the last few seasons you would expect SFC to be filled to the brim every game - I would be extremely disappointed with their supporter base. If they start losing again, which will happen at some time, look at the crowds dwindle to nothing! We managed to keep 7,000 fans despite Soulless/ANZ, the police and seccos, poor seasons, a coach that disappeared on season eve, a coach who was a pretender and playing with half the youth team. What excuse have SFC got? They have been playing at much better local grounds since moving from Moore Pk whilst we endured the very worst grounds possible! I hope our crowds grow this year and don't make a fool of my comments!!
  9. I agree. Last season was largely a disaster (certainly finishing 8th) but we were definitely in many of the games and arguably equal or better than opposition for large parts of the game. Inexperience and an inability to finish out games (and the odd brain explosion...) cost us. I look back and recognise we drew 2x with Perth and led them (and matched them) in the other game. We drew with SFC and looked strong against them in the game Snake went berserk and cost us. With a high proportion of kids and a group of 2nd tier imports, we did very well. As Babbel said, we didn't have the squad that will win silverware so they all went out the door. I will be very interested to see what he can do with a more balanced team, with young blokes who have a year more experience and his own selected imports. Good luck to ABJ. He is a bit of a wanker and I can't help feeling the Smurf image of Bling FC is more in line with his own self image. I suspect he felt he was above our team/club and really didn't have the right mentality to represent Westies. He may shine in Bling FC or he may be proven ordinary in this league. I felt that last year he needed better players around him to be effective - he isn't a player who has the capacity to lift a team like Castro or Ninkovic, Broich or Berisha. He needs good players to be good and we just didn't have that. Roly actually was more effective than ABJ in AM. He will have fast players running onto the ball this year and that may work - all he has to do is pass it into space and hope they can do the rest. He may benefit from the Mullet who will do his share of defence and always be around him to get the ball... He will benefit from O'Neill and Brilliante (if still there) pulling off professional fouls and stopping play in the middle - he won't have to defend as much as regular teams who don't get the rub of the ref's whistle. Still I am happier without him as I don't think we would get anything more with our style and players - we need everyone to work hard and can't afford bludgers.
  10. Fox Sports are either short of news or completely oblivious to reality! Headline: 'Breaking: Sydney pinch star from A-League rivals in ultimate robbery" Lol!!! Part of the non-story says: 'Despite only finishing eighth in the 2018/19 season, Baumjohann had a breakout season in Sydney’s west, notching up 20 appearances and scoring three goals. He arrives in Steve Corica’s new-look squad with an abundance of experience having made almost 100 appearances in the Bundesliga, most notably with Bayern Munich, Schalke 04, Hertha Berlin and Borussia Monchengladbach.' Did he play elsewhere since us because I am trying to remember a 'breakout season'???!!!
  11. We have Zeigler, McGowan and Tass/Elrich. Not sure what other younger boys we have who can add to the central defence. Would probably expect that we might mix it up and be strategic about how we employ our defence - some teams 2 CB's and other 3 at the back - Babbel now has some experienced players in there and should be able to be more tactical.
  12. Where did this come from? Seems to be a very good signing but it sure seems to have been kept quiet!! I wonder if we will play a back three - we have the capacity to do that and utilse Georgevski and whoever as wing backs, with more central attackers?
  13. FTBL suggesting that Jedinak, Juric, Kruse, Rukavytsia, Berisha and Ryan McGowan are all possibles for A League - a couple also have possible options OS but would be interesting to see if one of these are in our sights?
  14. Surely there'll be a few kids in the car park - we can use them. Having not heard of a few of the young fellas this year, we thought they'd be picked up in the car park this year. Although, having heard Craig Johnson's story with Liverpool, he was literally picked up in hte car park washing the players cars and shoes after failing in his trial - he did alright. Maybe this is a better strategy??!
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