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  1. It would possibly suit Rudan and team to not play this week. Would he try and postpone their game to have more time to prepare?
  2. I don't think J O'D had a good run with us since his ACL. He is a good young player and unfortunately was seen as behind Baccus Jr and very similar. He never quite got a go but gave his best. He will be a good pick up for any team and hopefully will get a chance of more game time. I wish him all the best.
  3. To give some credit where it's due, CR and the staff got it right and players did their bit very well. SFC are a solid, stable team who have developed combinations and understanding over several seasons. We're not on the same page as them yet - still a very new team struggling to work out how to play together. They have some very good players - especially Nincovic. We had a plan and played to it. CR was seen pushing Ziggy up the field just before hisctun to cut back for first goal. We kept Inc relatively quiet for much of the game but his quality is always going to come through in importa
  4. Bad, bad, bad defensive performance. So much for all of you ranting about 3 at the back. We're playing the formation everyone here wants and it ain't impressive. Not sure why its Robbo's fault - he ain't out there and the mistakes are pretty basic, largely from people he didn't bring in. 3 basic errors at back and a lack of confidence up front - including Duke who continues to look very flat.
  5. To be somewhat fair, the coach can only do so much. The players are 'supposed' to be good but how many would actually rate in other teams, playing as they are. No-one really stood up tonight and No-one is really standing up across the season. Ziggy mostly good but others - good but not great.
  6. Think that's our season gone. We just aren't good enough. Despite the team on paper, they just aren't good enough or desperate enough.
  7. We've had enough chances. Young has been good and we haven't been clinical.
  8. Not sure what he is really. Brisbane aren't that good. A decent team would be all over them. Says a lot...
  9. Our ball control is very poor. For pros it is awful. First touch goes 5 metres. We don't move to the ball...
  10. Can't see how that's not red??!! Studs up and in! What does a player have to do?
  11. When it aint your night, it aint your night - City have had chances to be 6 ahead and nothing is going to drop. Shooting the way they did against us this would have been a killing.
  12. I'm surprised there hasn't been more said about Nabbout's turning the shoulder into Natta. Whilst I doubt he meant to injure Natta, it was pretty violent and dangerous. That got nothing and an incident where in am still scratching my head to see where the foul was, gets a free that leads to a goal!!???
  13. It was not a pretty game for WSW supporters to watch. We were outplayed across the park by a team with more intensity and desperation. They are also a team that has been in formation for a couple of seasons and without any young blokes. As a team we simply aren't up to their standard yet. We won't be this season because we are a work in progress, much as we would like the progress to already be. There is progress - by and large we are playing better football than for several years. We have a good squad, with depth, but they aren't a fully formed team yet. The young blokes have been a reve
  14. Yeah they played for CCM and survived - and escaped!
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