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  1. And this and SARS (and MERS) are coronaviruses. These are viruses that move from other animal species into humans. Here is a link to a sobering article that predicts more could be on their way because of human activity in destroying habitats and ecosystems where such infected animals have traditionally lived - well beyond human life. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/mar/18/tip-of-the-iceberg-is-our-destruction-of-nature-responsible-for-covid-19-aoe?CMP=share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR1r0GtIn0Jx3SlHtlgUAidjmwEpq3d_lgehhvtbzzhMWT5RF2LMtI9WuIo
  2. Here is a good page to look at each day: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries ALl of our original cases and many of the more recent cases emerged from OS, people coming in from other places and on cruise ships (with people from OS...). Happy Bum (Glad-ass) announced tonight that there are new cases that have arisen from unknown places within NSW - a first. It is suggested that for every case discovered there are possibly 5 other cases. THe risk is that if our new numbers decrease measurably and we relax restrictions, will that just release the virus into the general population again. So, when will it be safe to relax restrictions? A mate who works in health also says 60% herd immunity would be a goal but how do you get there?? A vaccine seems a way off and that is the best option. I don't think things will relax too soon, lest we regress very quickly.
  3. Have I missed something re: Fox? Where has it been said that they have/are pulling out?
  4. I agree that the Feds have been slower on the uptake. Experts (epidemiologists) I have heard suggest that Australia has actually done too little too late. The curve is exponentially growing and continues to go up. The idea is to intentionally flatten that curve but people aren't really taking things seriously and Morrison has only just ramped up the rhetoric. I thought that him not self-isolating after a cabinet meeting with Dutton, who was diagnosed, because he apparently didn't show symptoms then. It is probably likely that people have the virus and are contagious before the infection properly takes hold and symptoms follow. He needs to lead by example and lead with strength but wants to be everyone's friend and is soft. I also recognise that we need a strong balance between health and economic concerns. We can't simply shut everything down because that will result in absolute chaos and probably more deaths from other stuff. It will always be a balance between these two.
  5. Whilst I'm not sure Yeboah absolutely meant it, if you watch replays (not GIF) carefully he definitely moves his foot towards the ball. I think there was an intentional reaction and did enough to deflect the ball over Redmayne. When it comes to some degree of luck, their goal had a touch of that. Yes it was a more deliberate set up through Ninc but the deflection save from Lopar could have gone anywhere but went to ALF - a few centimetres here or there and it doesn't give him such an easy tap in. The group of us watching on were impressed with the boys because we were definitely the better team across the park. Their defence was solid but kept dropping to deep and they relied on having 6-8 behind the ball - always hard to get through. Whilst both our wins against Smurfs came from great crosses, most goals in football come through the centre or from cut backs from byline inside penalty box - Kamau is probably the best proponent of this, although Duke and DG have done okay. We don't have much height up front and so crosses in the air need to be earlier or behind the play giving Duke (doubt there's anyone else) to run through and head between the lines. Thought our back line were solid and we were really the better team. Sydney is definitely Read and Black in 2020!
  6. I heard the head of the AMA the other day (things do change very quickly at the moment so this could be out of date?!). He said that closing schools is a tough one because kids/young people with congregate somewhere - at school if its on or in public places if it isn't. If schools are open then they can contain kids and young people pretty well. The other aspect is that if children are home it puts more strain on other parts of the workforce because parents need to stay home to look after them and, as suggested earlier, many work in the healthcare system. So he said they err on the side of responsibly keeping schools open and containing children, allowing parents to work and monitoring how things go.
  7. On the amusing side, my wife read an AFL comment: "Club bosses seek urgent meeting with GWS Giants boss to try and understand what it means to play before an empty stadium." Sounds like they have a rep for poor crowds across other sports as well.
  8. Based on us v SFC and then tonight, we should be a top 2/3 team. Just as well Cox realised in a nick of time that if he scored we would be pushing for top 6 - wouldn't want that!!
  9. Only 3 minutes stoppage time - clearly they want it over quickly.
  10. I think McGowan copped it in the 'Simon'. Wendy, the ref did let a few go early on and they are making the lost of it. Although it is a very effective SFC tactic only they are a little more subtle and get away with murder until they play in Asia with good refs.
  11. I am still trying to understand how a striker misses an open goal???!!!!! I cannot believe I actually saw that!
  12. If this team is coming second we aren't doing too bad but it also says a lot about the standard of the league. Sadly, watching this, sadly Babbel has a point. Just noticed they're now flashing Noone's name on the screen so Theo doesn't call him Harry.
  13. Theo calls us Western Sydney Wonderers - admittedly I do sometimes wonder, myself, but..!!??
  14. Where right now. Archies has said our wingbacks are impressing. They've both got their games sorted... We will see, but thanks Archie.
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